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Plesw mlum al lf>o c*n:ijl««)n tteak. 
To renew your materieJ calt 
(650) 723-6691 «xt. 3 

Date dirt IP Lant Ubraiy: 



A POPl'LAit 



Diseases of Men, Women and Children, 

**iii rut 

<iTii rLAi> i<i!-iimThi-t< ntH thk tahk <ir Tin hic-k^ am> nii. AivrHATK iiiKiMrtntiti 

n^n TJtEATiTtK 

WijuikU, Iiijiirit'!*, Pomining, Etc., 

— IIV - 


J.I r<- II II nit "t ihr HitTBl lork-Brof PhyR'Tiiii*: Xcihbrrnf Ihr Royil Cvllrjv uf Bunr<'ab>; 

Lin-niliiii' ill Mlilvlfi-ry, il^ndon «nd BillDhBrtli), ^r- Phyvh-lHii In Ihr 

Kndini: ninl llnrkFKln^ fitrpf diiiit?-, 

« nil MTKf AM> AlimTmNAL CMAITKRh llV 


aaH IlJiiH«|ii IlumiHippililc MrdLc^l AxBUdalliiD- 






flhjiM'itnrifi nm ottmn raivd to mmlind vorkii llkv Uw ivobniL 
VQ tlir gruucii] UiAt iW} mutvun^ auiJiJriir ih-^uIiIjuuetn miKl an* 
tkM«(«ir> Janp^vtHus And mUfffvrt villi tb* kgUi&ialo pitrauitn of 
Om toHtiosl prulnvAott. Tbi-on objfvtioiM wj^ «citii«ly KTutit-iLbwL 
la Di'Arly uTv*?T fmuil;. duniwUo drU((»— Cnskir Oil, Kimu«i S«1u. 
Idial^aHjv Siil|«linr, Mftfn<^iH QQiQifil^ AntiMIuton PiIIm, Hr^rstn^ 
*tt tlilonilt UfiiotiaU itl PotAwauui. aivl r^^m [ii»|>Afmticii>t of 
3lf<rw7 ttutlOintaD—ttiv- i^Bapki^r^tL ^utd our til>j«ct iu the iirudifer- 
urn 4jf tiu» UMik in b) tvroraa 4vii)oc4i« lfv«tAobt, by sutMUtutiiv 
nf^wibut Mul niiKic«tii^ rnvwruro* which, whjiv fccotmn}- Lutn- 
ItaM fur rTit mrv guwiTfiil for good. It ift amlaH to Atfcipt to 
>pp | iti— wujilifRr iludUirinK; <« tliit oatitmry, vn dinrnmlr hcqw 
that i-utJi iirArliti'KMO tMh/ iad cmch to bvtp IbfTiy iii Um) follow- 
**<C r*^:*^ 8itD)>)o %tu\ an«iiaplic«itrd «mm — CoUi l^«vvr, 
Dljri^trtifift, f4<L - Qiay nflon b« nm«ted st Iheir oatsrt; Imt whidk. 
if ih^v^Mt, niii\' f<inn tb** nnotniM of HmoiM or mtn fMU) 

A bet wkich ofnemlly jnvtiJiiea the iirrparftlton uf ih>» book b 
Ihv tM«<wilv ^>r iiif«ti&ir» Bft liif pcMiUiw thc» r^fumaauli* of 
iwf^oua nHHhtk^ in locftlibtH wbitrti i-rufimnoiiA] homini|>ftUiKr 
tTBAU&Mit u^ injiccannbl*^ 

Thfi Author WiUim Ui mil A^vciftl nrtmtioa to PutM T uul VL 
w4tirb &n- fli'ifjl**'! to Qiv* cutifttjtfniltou of H v^^riie ,\ia.\ Ih0tff4ii& 
Tb«w Hutji^rU AiT> ff jiriuuir; inij;>urteicv. atA i( iUi- diiwrtkua 
iWffttiD vera ttMifv |^>iKTitJ}jr nuni!<l into effect. ^ frvqncKil nr&r- 
*iitoi>k> ih" p<wlir BM'dicftl portiocw of tli* book would b« l««i 

la miH-]u*ii«L lJil» IkiaA tkruiHclHiiit if mkickHitJj jifiuik^), flivl 


the Author haa ateadily kept in view the important fact that por- 
BonH con;^t books, just as th^y do doctors, in the hope of beings 
cured, ftDd tb&t the be«t book ia that which t^Achee how tht* 
desired cures may be effected. He has great coD£deQC« in the 
principles eDUOciated in the volume; and this conlidence continu- 
ally deepens as^ year after year, hia experience accumulates from 
the daily application of them in the eiercise of his profeewion. 


l/ondon, Ming, f January, 1870. 


Tfa« Editor ht cojxadouH that he c^au add nuthiog to the valiut of 
Dt- Rnddoek'e m&tchleftH hoolcH by an extendi prefuw. Hie 
belief that the Author's popolar writing are uneqnallpd, hoH only 
been strengthened by a more careful examination of them, word 
by word, in the preparation of this volume. If bin addition of 
new chaptern and notm can help the American reader to a better 
undemtanding of diaeaoe and its Homceopathic treatment. 1»> will 
rejoitv greatly. 

He desir«a to acknowledge Iiib indebtednew to Dr, J.H. Kippav 
for valuable DOtes on DiaeaAee of the SIcin, and to Dr, F. H. 
Foster for those on Diseaoea of the Eye and Ear. 

J. K. G. 




H;pFi«ae— O^nnal PUib of Dietarj?— On Gookin^f Animal Food — 
NuD-mtOKloAtjiig B«nngH— Air- -BaDliffht' -Health.r T>w«[Unga 
- KieniBa —Clothing — BkthliiK, _ - - . i-m 



Tb« PnlM -Tempsrfttnre and F«T*r Th«rmonwtBT— Br*alhing — The 

Ton^ne— Pain— The Bkin— The rriae. M-Sl 


Litt of PriDdpal Medicineii'-'FormB, Nim«a and AttcniutJoiiB — 
D o — And Their Rep«titioa^Hedlane Ciwefl — GBnnine Modi- 
dn«, 31 S8 



Cod-LiT«r Oil lev -Wiinii nml (Hher Balhn -W*( Coiuprww-" - 
Foakicr^ -FoineEiUitiiiii- liijpriinii« - Inhnlntion - -Diivrtionit 

for Nnr'iiiv -Klfc-iririi\— Mn-miiijc, ' ■ - :tH M 




Bm&U-Pok — Vftcoinfttlon— Typhus Fever — Tjphoid Ferf r — Beiapsing 
PsT«r— 'Yellow FeT«r— Intermittenl P«Ter A^pe — Simple Con- 
tinaed Parer — Rsmittent Fever-'— BimpLe ChoLfra -^ Anihlia 
Cholera— Diphtheria— Ioiln»niii—ErrHpelnii, - - 67- 113 


Acate Rheumatisin — Mnncnlar Rhemzutlflm — Stiff-NBOk^Lambaigo — 
Hciatioa — Chronic Rheumatism— Acute Coat — Chronic Gout — 
CanoflT — Syphillifi — IjDpnii — Bcrofnla — ficrofoloiu OphthnlmiA 
-SorofaloiiH Disease of Qlaadi — Pulmonary Conanmption— 
Consaiopdnti of BgwelB- MarMmaa — Diabel«« MellilDfi -Dinlw- 
ten liuipidaa — HcurTy — Aatemia, _ - . . 113-1^ 


XDcepbalitu-MeaJnffitifl — Apoplexy — Sna-stroke — ParaLysJA — Tet*- 
mi». Ijoctjflw -Hjdrophohia— Epilepey — Grand M«l— Hypo- 
choudriaoii— Nearalf^a — Nerroafi Bick Hendarhe, - < 13H 137 


BimpJe Ophthalmia — CHtHrrhsl Ophthiilmia — Fornlent Ophthalmia—' 
Purulent OphthAlmin in ltif(mt#--QanorrhtfiHt OphthiftLmia^ 
Ophthalmic Rvrnediex — Iritis -AmHLyopin - Prenervation of 
Si^ht — Bperlnj-Je* — Eye-Bhaden - Eye-Donrhe - AmnurOBin — 
Hpotv Before the Eyen - - GaUTart BlrHbiamiiH, fv^uintinf; 
Myopia. Ni'ar-Hightednebt— InflamniHtinti of EyeLida Stye on 
Kyrlid-'Iuveniouor Eyelid Tai^nH Ophthalmia. 1^7-211 


Eczenm 'Hardened Cerumen— AbHCiwii of ihv Meatiu Aoiit« OtLtin 
Mvdia— Chronic Aural Catarrh — C>tktiB Media Pumlenta — ^]i- 
puTHtivv Di*enitfi of Lahyiinth — Deafness — Bintrt on Aff^rliim* 
of the Eur- DrnfneiP iurt Stapidity. - - JM ^S 



«f lb 6«^ «f ftuell. .... 


OM or Uii |l«w«^ loUQa^lni«nniii*m I'd!**- 1h«Him' Ib- 





of Tooir** — t!lo*r of Tm^fo*— Sar* TVa*! - Oirjj man'* fiv* 
TWmA <j«iii^ — QaBlritt* — Clrtr of Stomv^ - Voai1iiiie«f 
BbaJ— DjRf»|«l«' SpHOi vf tha 8««n4th — V«iU|to— Watet 

IbfuU, n«p4wv— DUnlMW-Oalitf— LwlOaliB-C«D*tip4Utt^ 
IbaonhotAL PUi»~rfvilDi &n»— rf^apBv A^— UOuaaU' 


O w l*! Oj^i «rf llv madder IrrUiiittllij thfta^lj Uk Pm* 



Milk CinHt — Imp«tit(o— Aoiw, Pimp]«fi — Barber'H Jtoh — Ijloei— 
BoiL — Carl>ancJ#- WhiUov, Feton — Com — Uotuflmaid's KaA«- 
Bnnion— Hother'B Mark— Wmn—WHrts— Fnrultio BiBVua of 
Che Skin — Scahieft. Itf h — Btiiifiiiig of liueoU — ^ FoisoiMd 
Wound*, - - - ... 3U-3>t2 


D«for-mitj oT the Spine — Potta^ CDtratnn — Later&l Cnrrature of Uf 
Bpiue — Ucrofaloafi l>uiaHH« of the Hip^oint — Abaoesa — GaDf^Uon 
-GorpalflDoe— Old AgD nml I>pcny — Youth aad A^ — Hoil«a of 
Djing, ,.--,-. Jt8S-4(M 


Aaphyxiq, SalTocatiou — RcatoraCion of Breathing — Connuaion of the 
Bnun^JlBrDD nod ScnLdii - Contimion, Braise — Sprain, Strain- 
Wonnd-^ATTeBt of Hipmorrhai^e — Foreign Bodiee--Fraotaraa — 
Patlgna--PoiHiiii. -. ^^ 40*-4Tr 





Pnlnvij— Funftiou of MeuBtmrttion — Arpenorrhiea— Sopprewion of 
MeuHefl — t^ont}' MeuatmAtion— Irregular Menjilrnation — Vioari- 
uaR Menntraaliiin— Profnae Memitrnaliim^ Painful MsDBtmation 
-Ohant^e iif Life, ^ , , . . 421 4fi2 



l4DcurrhiEH— Infimtilfl I*ncorrhtBH— Chloro*i« -Prcilapaan Cteri — 
InflMmmation of H'omtt — Polypof* of Womb Hjnteria — Spinal 
Irrilalion, .,.-_,, 452-4«i» 



JtAamaffe i^ieriliij Cunwpiion- Mntai-nnl Impress^ii, 4H0 4rt** 




THrtiiiHB TiMilt nil VittfrtiTvih— rvvvp— rAliff -8a>iTft6ott 


l^lnluiaa aI Tint* at lAbor—DlAcn}! LKtiur-'Pt«p«m1kM for 


UiU rrmr- fbcTi^^B^ rrrtr—l'vri^nl Uictt— Kin«nttO« Of 
VHv iifW L»lK>r- C«ft«l|p«lioB nfWr Ltilior— B*l 0««ttDf 1l|» 
- bTolatlov of Wonikr— ft«1iijiti)lvU0p of Woob— Tlw X«a*tKini 
taCaan. .... 

•f tk* i>MM>i Pf c lot hiniw UoUwr— flaaiBd Hgvn fpr 







The Mewlj'boi-u larant— tjtill-bom Infants— WaaUtig andBBtbio^;— 
The Wnrm Both—Clothing— Sleap — Op«n-Air Eierdnv— Fe«d' 
ing, ------- - fi70-47ft 



For tha Fint Bix Muntha— Food for Child Under Fonr Monthi— 
Pood for Child Over Fonr Months— Food from 8ii to TwsIt* . 
Monthn^Food from Twet¥« to Eighteen Hontha- Food from 
Eighleen Months to Two Yeftni, - . - . fi79-6«T 


Tonpie-TlB~Inflmmma(ion of the Month— Canker of the Hopth — 
Bore Throat— ThraaK Bore Month- Diurden of Dentition— De- 
cay of the Teeth-Bimple Vomiting — ChronLo Vomiting- Acnle 
Infimtile Diarrhum- Ohronio Infantile Dioirhfea — InflamiDatJon 
of Bo«ete--Fa)ling of the Bovelfl — Hnptnred NhtpI — Inoon- 
tinenoe of Urine— Retentioix of Urine- WormH. * - ft«7 «tfi 



Croup — WhoopLng'Congh— MampA, ... - Aia-62t 



Aoarlet Fever— Pust-Hcerlatiiin] Dropey- Ueaaleit— Rnbeota, Scarlet 

Kaeh - Chicken -Frti. , . . , . A22-ea€ 



Swellinj^ of lnfiuiti<' BreanlJi- TiK)tli Rnsh. Red Gum—Cbaflns of 

InfnntEi -RinK-voriu. - - . _ . €3G-642 



Fitt«ljAi» — Dropvy of tb« Bruin — Infuntile CoiiTiiliiioDti — BpAsmodte 
Oroiip -- Choraft, Bl. VitonV Dunn — OTebro-SpioAl Pe»ar — 
Hting* of Iqh«<^ . . ^ G4:f GS4 


Cjmn»Ui BIqo DiHua— Grjing — DiMaM of the Hip-Joinl— ApuiR 

Biflda—lAloraJ CurT»tor« of Spine ~Riek«tii«i fiM-B70 



DiflteTT for iufttlkb. - - tTO 

lUtatkn of Food (u TnAtment. «7:e 

CompanliTv Vilim of Aaimal Food* . . > . 078 

Vty^Bbla Food, .-...*« 60:2 


licopw for tfa* Fnpftntkm of Pood for InnUda, • - * <M 




Kitric Add— Phosphoric Acid — Monk "a Hood — Tanar Emetic- 
Honey Boo— Leopard's Bane— WhiU Arsenic— Wild Indigo— 
Deadly NighUbade' — White Bryony — Hidaight Blooming 
Cereit» — Carbonate of Lime — Simnisb Fly — Ve^lable Ctaar- 
cual — Matricary — Feruvinn Bark — BlHck Snake Rooi — Worm 
Seed — Indian Berries — Raw Colfee — Meadow fiaC&on — Bitter 
Cucumber — Copper — Purple Foiglove — Hoond'leaved liuD- 
dew — Bitter-eweet — Iron — Yellow Jeesamine — N Ltro-Gl jeer- 
iDP—Wltch Haiel — Impure Sulphide or Cnlcium -^Golden 
Beul— Henbane — St Ignatius' Bean — Iodine — Cepbslls Ipo- 
caouanhtt — Blue Flag — Blchromaie of Potash ^^ Iodide of 
PolBsaiam — Club Moss — Mercury — Corroflive Sublimate — 
Poison Nut — While Poppy — PhoaphoruB — May Apple, Duck'a 
Fool— Pasque Flower, Wind Flower — QuinJoe — Poleon Oak 
-Savin— Sou too ium— Inky Jnice of the Cuttle Fish — Silei— 
Hoaisied Spimgo — Pink Root -- Brlmslone — White Hello- 
bore, TS3-78e 

Ontward AppllcalEoofl. ..... 187-743 


Indel to ClaULlled Dlseufes and Ibeir Appropriate Mediclnea, 743-755 

Olobuht, 7&7-7atf 





Mnllral H^irfi'm' Ta Uuit brmrvfh of weknet' vhir-h trf«t^ of 

Boii pnT^Kt difY«<]opmv4it ut Uu^ bodv. rfco J u rin g life iix«4 ti^Eor- 

~0«i^ dM«j iMi nintl, Knd iWfllb Piorv dUtnnt. It onibmcns witti 

|AflDi»«w opPfBtUif* ti]Kiii tbo pht^aSml coodkioft of ibdiTidiuift 

aoA cummiutitiiv. whi-tb<T m prvvmndnif thotr BuitAnal gDnd,or^ 

.prmrntiajf tlif ir iIi-tiTiamliou. II nmditlj- ivawnliAlIy in tbi» pm- 

.VB3&Jon of dtt rtk ae bf tbo rf-iaOT«l ^ it« ftVumlitblo cniiM^ mod 

[eonjiqwatly i&volTv* ]<f^>1rttiT« eonm^, that tho Mfety ol tint 

Vteft» Wftf Iw [inj1frti*«1 ftgkiitft tV erroni uf IL0 ttw~ In its 

vWUfll amus Uiit r^na H7^«(ii«» hnpUM mW ttir tbn partwi «iit> 

tim of Uh> mini nml txjdj, **H our kcnnHiHlgio urero duvrtt 

lOV nMjm uf ajtplkaliaa ftdftq^Hte^ in thoaH *m» Uka btuei 

Wag m Id* pvrlnri btontf , w Providraco probably intooiScrd hini' 

l» bv; ill th" >iursinai(xiH proportiorM nfiil ocmf^UfUf bidRaon of 

iU p«rT«, iD wbicb h* OBn)» out of Um h4n<(U of hu MaI^f, in 

«ibiM< tliviiM iiaagK w» sm loSd, Iw won fai tbi> (■n^iiiting rnft'U^'* 


8up1i a oooilltino, If ai^t nlinTHitlili?, 1a, wo fnar, fnr dlrtiuil Rt 
pjm^U Biit U uuL Tullj BtttLoiiiLbk', it is &i luMtC utu- did/ lo 
ftim At tbnt miUfTiuiJHiu of vanitAry p^loeoplurra nWn til] il&evaea 
id tj bt> (MWvcitLHi, net cvmnl Ttuv trork is our oanatnibDtiun 
towJiTiln UuiL tWinblo citiiommatioii; tuui nitliotigli our Icnowl^ 
Mlg« m»1 iiuwifnt «r*h Surouipl^ ant) UioitMl* Milftrii^Eit in 1i«v»fii 
poinlod ooL to ciuugfL* tl^« nbulv anptvi (jf Uiu «arlil ^V'bil<% 
luiwcvcT, we lidTi.- in tbif vUioau pcnutod out tlie mtuji cAuan of 
physical dntcriontioci and dwa*a, aiwl bow thow mty bn AvcnM 
or <>jjitp^nd» tli» w«ll-b0aiig oif indiTidaftls uciJ <xnaipiiiiiriiiw 
XtmpX oAsuintuiUy ilrprcd nn ]idcr>^nii] il&i) iinrlAl iifToru fead mlf- 
iMtUaiiit. *^8aniUry iiA^ii-uwiuixilA in uuuV Ktalrrlid ntfroupil- 
iQ^ will not coeDjwnsate for w^al Uwatt^^ttvxA agaioM bm of 
iDondi^i lor publio Vkriii* iv «Mouti&l to pabho hoaJlk. mhI both 
to uabocua pmponty/* (Pr. O. 1Ft£«d<i.» 

(>nr nlwmrvHlionn <m Hygitmo ar* nMwnairity rpwtridod and 
frm^iutTiliii^ . b^it witbftl hij^lily ii»|>iirtJiul4 ninl ilii'ir ^mi-ral 
tKH^^<'i^ «>iul4 Im friuigbt witk ricli sd^uitat^ It ra^boped 
tluil, &* Ui>« r«»tilt of ibn vdiicAtign of tbv ujomMi % iM>l]d grDtkoJ 
vork may Ui Uul fur Uio pramotdovi ol iho ntAunmX h^Ui- lliv 
mdimcqaU d nedicAl hyi^imo nviy 1» Uiight uml r«-nd<vM] ntirae- 
Um iu «cjiik)l4. luid ^litiuld wA W nf|^trd<«l iin uf \vvm musimit 
tliAa thr- lajk^i;iif^« of mlinol nalkmn, or tlko noardv of aMueol 
birtory. 1%» politic prscs, and luoro o<qv«UUy pQpmlnr modiciU 
worbt, tniiy 10 nogmccit tb« goatmd fc&nwitidgct of thf cttuuw ol 
d i «>i o *« 10 piwvfini nudi (>rxiMting MafT^ring nDd diminjHb 
niiTHinnwiry n^ulv uf btuimi life. 

(Jetkfirttl Flun or IMc^lAry. 

Tbo rood lA tli«* mntlMl miu-t Iv tVfcutHt«d iicoufdiltfe tu U» 
luturv, UajP*, luiU )>rci|rm* of Iho maJady from wbidi bi> ia 
vufliTriug; tlxTiftfiin* livi ilii<i appruiiriali* in Tariima aeitUi and 
duuaw djMiibVN wiU Iki fonnd pmcriUd ut ibo Tarufiu vM^tiooa 
of tbi* «ork in tboir appro|«ia44> plaoM (Soo Port VL > 

In aauilrucUi:^ 4ii>tJui«» Om> foUotribg poinU mmit t>n k^^ in 
riirtit'- - 

Wurk. — B«*idiifi BiaiDlttinlnij tl»«* Ixxly in l;««]tli, fooil ta tba 
BOnm «4 tb« actifv awvjBj oihibi(«d in all work 01 m*i-*iMfa^l 

<nt ooomra imvAt rtniv. 


It fotiovr*^ UK^rvfoTP. that tli* diet miwt tv* tv^riiUud by 
■AvmQl tit wivfc l4i km pr»rfonnAit 
KxriY'tiie* — 'Hiet ijfiiiucliutity for ukia^ iv^TUftr raiffciM* Id iIm^ 

III onlf a limilvU amDual vf (*i.ti«rv«iB ilif»(, &nJ uitirli ta«aU 
wHk tu tfitrpJtiH iiitrogMioiH Ati^fTtxtinfiu, woitJit <?U)g Iho t^^^MiL 
Afff*. - fklilk ami ritniionv^r^ finli^lArjn«M iiWO'1 rtrmi lhi> Mnpkt 
Inod Up tu Uit* oiitth ur lr>tuli Ytar- At fumtA<ci ^*«n of «ife a 
pri n^fQinni wi iniir)i ntitnnipfit no n wonMa, A ffmiriof; rootiy 
wlui ilun* tbn vuD^ ftmuiiai of vorkMUL 4ididl ttUMi, fv«itiitKa 
Eoofl UiAii l]i««lntt«r. UIkq i^rowth aod tMa»«JiftnfrM'u« 
•i lliair tnmiiBura, fi^^l miut tw good in i|itii]ity luul idMUvkB&t 

III < jlUllltJt,! s 

Itl'liviiln^l Oiffim'ncfR.-A -mtklf ]>moa who ««jto Itttk 
tv<rtiiiro4 food ul a t>Hl«v qiiftUty kuJ nxva- lUvor Umn oiw vf 

AuhS*4" 4ff i1i-lioati« |hvhhieim, itKj>i?v^Ilj' of rbfldroa, jtn- oftvQ 
UdUcria, jioiiiUcic- oit wW m bcnaAciaJ to Ibe vyskm or 

riininlf.— In ooM M timn m vuX lAimaU* Ut« food A^ocikl oott- 
bnn >n i»iiCvv« of fiiHy rvii^litniffilH; Imr tti vrurm rhii»t<-* tbtf 
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ivopiirabonM And p ffi j i M >ww<, sod ooljr Art Mcvrdiitf; to 
uul tbi* tnublkin* <if lliit InUhi'H ruid tW »irk njOA, 
g>T«l fjwiH VI KVl««k Mid h|irv]rt|, mewl lirih ttti* bvlihy Mid' 
*bii amJ ato diiiA|>|iuitf«M] iif Uji* Aiitidpaloil flAtiic mnd tiQunUi< 
Gooltiiitf rccnurM Mcur thii^E» Ui«t mipbl |Tr*'v<* itijurioivv 
^ ^ Mtr oyiUlC way p«f»«tliD ftmu Uuit idajt mitL ll tt-ikd*T^ foul 
«ur» pItniMmi to iJie ftvv, nf;i«uAb]«i fai ibo pA)Al«, arul digi^bl* 
hjr tJ»i i<f«nvh tl ftuflfiiA eDQiuirtiTn t^anui, tvJiucu ■ittHnlw 
flljn% oAftulKUv idlnuoMU Aod mulididpH fibniw, tlii» mkiaff Um' 

Tt!E fASULT 1>0CT0B, 

wxlYn^, nt\^ twf^Imilntivl Prfivinii« Noting aDd braking 

mvtom of biuLiii^ ahop» ftud stv-ftka- Tho ir^niitt of tiM food 
aLM> oidH ibgiwUoiL 

In cooldng aoimol food, tbo foUowiof- proooMw m in onJiouj 
tMU: Boiling. RuHxUiig. Broil irtic, Hitkiiig, Frying, Kt^-aiiig, 
Spockkii^c gnusnlljf ttbuot oon'bmrUi of iLn wnigbl b k)st bj lb» 
proorvn; but tbo loM Tuniv with tli^ <|UAlit7 of tlio Kusnt luul tko 
ptocDM omplo^nd. Dr. Lotlioby iwti&uiito* Uw Iom at tli» foUov* 
i^ poraootagM^* 

W*, - . - JO 

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* Lo^L, ... 80 

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A«»n«ff. . . - 39 11 H 

Tb* loiH aHvck priocipoUy frou orftpurntion of wat*r, 
«Muipii of flit and tmuitiVD ^w^ and Um diBtmctivo ftntioo 
hMt Awarding ia Th. Xj^ptij U U ImuiI in boiling, gri«bv4 in 
roaAtn^f, bocftuo ia Uio foruM-r iin^n-M tWv >* no «Tii{iuratnti of 
«»t«r. This Mggurttt ilifll ia tli«* bakiiitf ttiid nsMliog «cxlMinjr 
abonU bo niAdv to prvi^enl tfvo|>ontion. lada^ tbo pnrfpctioo 
of oookfaig it to n4«in jm inudi fl« ponlb!* of tbA ttxvtitofiot 
aknwnl^ of lL» mtal, «im1 ikin b jiDooiii|ibAbtvl tn thv ■lifTnreDt' 
anduMk odvjjtnl 1>j' Mibjixtiutf tW mnU at flni to « atrooi^ 
qoiok 1k«<* wbich ootttnbla Uil- libcvd, oonffolMlMt tli» dbooico at 
tii9 Mtfttcrs Mid thiH dones up tbo pons by whicli ih« ntiuitioiw 
jQtMtf nrrTild utfftpA A 1ow(T KDil liM fft^ndl^ feoiinif b««t will 
tliBO nuffin-; Irir, tbfvnnfu»r, t)u> cvnldiig ^hv im Ihnnifih tlw 
■gffiMU of lb* iMtiitsl motitim <if tiio flmh. CoiiTi^rtnd iiit«> 
v«(wr by ibo bittt, a kiiitl of etvoming tokn plAMt flo IboL nhctJicr 
ift tbo otvo, on tbtt Afitl, or w ILe niidflL of boiling in«t«r, Hw mofet 
i« in nwlUjr omM bjT iu oim tt«uiL Vih-m projiwly pmp 
iwiBoduf buiiiff (Irin! ui>or inaipMl, themMi nill lie full ol 
om loioDv wbicb nil! How fnrtli w liofa gravy at tbo ftrnt ciiL 

Boiling.— For lh» proMM ft lfiix« )oittt U prebrtb)«b 

ox coAKiwi AxnrAL rooa 

o)affiiJiiUim tbna caovM, ilw) iul«nuU jtdw is |>r«>ir«iUHi i-iiK«r 
tnm mmfkti^ itiU> th4> iM^r hy wliicli it is suvTiTiiiuii.*), tut Iron 
bovft diliftod iJid wi>4kf<Dcd by it» ouLraoM lhroiU|;fa thi« ]xim. 
Tbti Mlinf^ nay ihmt M»tf. and tlio mcuuDitfT uf Un^ptacim 
■njr ^ oa tDDvl «0iictiml]y «t a tf<iDpffrmliai* gf ICO lo 170 ilr^-; 

fibv9 t^ Iho nMUil«DACton of <q[w«iir(h bnoL 

4|ltcklT, ami tir/ciim n d<-nv< drii at brut; a titiwiir bunt, at n fnrtiinr 
■]i«tMici» Cnm tbo ftr^ will Urns vhSca. 

'BrolUll^ aboold bfi <loQi> in Ui» MaAe wny. A bnol MmiIe or 
naUOQ «lio|» idiould b« aoci»> qiuddjr <mr n bo* Gm^ tlut ijM 
aatoiAl Jnie» enny ho tv^Aioffd 

Bnkiutf i>^ ImLh ni«4]Miilol njAstJng, bul wkli Ihlfi iliflemmv 
llui it uLm pUce ia & dumber Imu vUcL tlxtv ls iiffUoUy no 
iBCUpa ftir Ui« vulatiJc fiilty Utds whiok an igi«umti?<d Tbsy, 
llHnlotn tmpmifQttU tb» lomt «nd ntoder it ricber ukI «truQj{ar, 
■nd Ihu Hdaptod lor «<Mk djf{«stkn, 

Frjrili:; K f^*^ Uu* buui* rvctMio. ulpji«limittl4iv Nfcaaw Uii* fatty 
mMt^ in vUrb Uxf tnrwt U cxulml |irodnicr« ftti i>«oi*ia nf lb* 
«alaiil<' ttfiilfi; lauviitctT iho £at b oRmi bomk ACtil tk^t* cIiju^t^ 
ID itA dMncfur, aikd rMMlomd fuufuttabln for iA't«liii«. 

SlPWitlff ^ili^Iwoi proona for (lig«v6oa. Tb* mrat nboold 
hft |l>4 or'tfTHl vitb coU WBlAT, tben b«fttMl n|> anil Idp|4 «imaMV- 
tB|t Dot lulUlg, Un ttioraiiKtJy (loott Hitt patriliTo ElMbniab 
•m JUTieiHl UmiQf^ lb* toJid abil Liquid, tdudi ftr» Ibm ftonrad 

coobatL Bctt tuabnl or otbdnH^^, tirioft-«oobtd iiM>at ia v««7 

Soa|w, ltnrtlij«, YAc.—lt bowitrnr. it in ibiHniblp to Mrtnel 
BttlriaiMit *■< that It nay U^ ir*^''^ >Q *> li^*wl fiann, th* iMti 
«faoakl bti fiiMily f4iD|>p4td ^m* nuixwvi, pot inti) «old wat^ir, «ikI aCtor 
mrranriiir for « abort linm, grodtuUly bMitPfl Ia n vitirvf^ng 
bnj^nUarf^ aL wbidi it kbimlil b» k«>)iL fur baJf wi bnur. it broth 
bi mptirviL But if aottp bo wniiu«J tbd bMidag nbuolil go on 
fa boihug pc^til. and Iv; maiziitaiiked tb^rcv i» ordor that thft gel*- 



TBE rAiritr doctob. 

ttM nai ht> cxtntctcd %o noL^iiy tlio ■m>u{i. Boo>« yioU Aba 
g****^*i but rv<{uifiT loQ^ buUintf. It akcnild b« omlnllf 
obtarvud that tbo BUDopd nwiit diould b« jnit into cold waUr 
for h titna, ntvrrc into U^ilin^ ynvUnr nt iot. 

It i% n mitf4» of n*gr^ U) iIekI li'>n' i>:iUiiuiift»ly iLn |«iad|ilo> 
K^ hftftf exprevfod in tJu» wdiou aro diiwKfirdfd, Bvtn \u wanm 
w«41-ukfonQod oirdos ihi»«» «ujt4B laotKotablo iemonmv or Mcinn* 
oar^UMUMV «i to tl» ptoptf nurilu^ of ouokiiijf BtUmnl food, •» 
Hii Ui uUUw it> muMl tmlliaU« rowtttiiaiiU (Soo Piirt \T) 

Xcin* In toxical! Inc Di-rrroKP^. 

VBOB of 'I^IL Owini; I9 iU stiiQlUiittl^ fUkil rMbOTfltlTn lU^kn 
on the lUTvooR uyntmn, tos in vnry AprTtooabto to tr»»»»ltfn» mid 
aoItUiTA, fuul fih'HiM Iw pntfinnvd to nlnoholio f|]Enidiint4 fttttir 
htiyna It isfHjunlljr ><f11c]icknungBiaitlheaLuk(l<Nti); itinerToaa 
efthawtioQ, puticulurlx in hot dluMtoew ur c«:iQ»e4aHit <xi walkiDc: 
ttt t]i« (MOf wpvctuUy wb«ii foUowfld by diort&cM of lin^iUi, it. 
liatt ott^^a prur«id itnViu^-J^- buDoficdBL It oxcito* viU] aduxt^ 
tuid tflioudalMi nHi[)initiuu. Ilioii^h it nuppliut rrrv littkt nitlH^ 
Ihr muLnrmV it ^i^U tbn vunmUiitinn «iid tnuMiormatim ul alb«' 
fboiLi» JucnnueB ctMurfolaou uad octiTky, clMrv and ijuidiciu ihm 
brain, >4itnnlnto4 Uh4k oii«r|rioi^ and Io«k<is tbo dniMxuttoa I0 kIm^ 
Bj iU ]if4il it inuTQA tbfl body wb»n cold, by fimcaatiELg tb» aAlion 
of 1I10 nkln h n»»1)^ k wlti^n hot, and hj' iu B^tiingtmey H n»odi- 
fiMi tbe AitUoii of tlie b'i«><I& 

Tra lilJiiriiiUaL'Aa comiDonly pivj>&r«d. tm » oTivu Ibo coom 
of mncb I' ' ^>artic4iluHy wkva (Lnuik in vaiCOfinv»> qaiuiti- 
tii», or to-.H : , i\'-^At »• a» Ck 3rul«^ mat« Uuu ouci- & day. 
Wbou tv« ivikMB kiM ol ii{>i>clita |ia1|iil9ltou of tbu bnurt, rikMAal 
«iniliMH>mt, ur iili*i*plm.ntiiw^ ulniuimly il^ tiH» tdiookl lip rnUn' 
qnlilMd. T«4 »lt^':iJd itf-v^r In? ^iwtx \o daldmit^rna uitboo^ 
tari^ly dUutod. Tb« coouaoa pncAioo of addi^i; aaumll 4|iiaati^ 
to milk-flad'Wntur bogpotaaroLiilt for it, lending IoiIa tiMt ml an «|{o 
vrheQtlM»narroiaaaDdTattn«larK7T«>iii0niqiiln»noBnrb aiiL 

Tiia tnktm ivitJi aiitinal fuod— "'t^iadiutiAnt," vtiboj' am odkid 
— la loorv liaUtt to iMrudnco todiffoatioii tbaa wli«Ei Uw ni»al 
tOQiivU eUatty of lirdad-attd-buttfir. *rwo or thi«« boars after 
dincHNr,whDadi|CMtirAilia»|NnM4MU«dtov far lobe maahLui«rte«d 






with, Um btUl of Ukln^ nam or tmo taimW f^qgw nf Cm in itfanlt^r 
miubjtfciJun«Uo; liut Un !» lwtLi«r aiLJi^l^L aX IrOljiim. 

Unvn TiM. -l^u^ |crv»*n tr» in Um* mum* U<iif nri Uji< hUdc. tiu( 

lAivrior Mirths t*^*i uiUi ji |ir«^mnit^in tit IViVKi&ri Ui»rt, 

Flavumd l«aa Luto Uvu uipoenl tlann^ «Miitbdnr» u> llio 
■r — tt o wflBPunwi of plaabs but ibtm^li TfiiKUml Mnunrbat warm 
agitwftbb^ tra luii of bi^q^Kv or krwtrr f^nicnJ or ili#4rCif* ykJinl 

/>f>pjfuf^on, -To n»k9 toct, o^pvdiUh; for tbo dTcjvpcie^ 
«liaaU odljr bn ioftmntl in baQiag wftUir thrm tmanbH, lud than 
fiwmO <tf luto a LhiuhI Impirl, *** ttn %o w|MiniU i4 Item ihm 
Imiu^ TbiM pnparpd, it^ in nol ki hkiJy u> coaw flilalMkM; 
bql il fa» Jen ««oiiomlo tfaut Um* <)nllti&rT mvlbotL inucdi awrv toa 

autbtt imnil, for it iaiIv ViitracM tbr AMnti^pi*iJt taniUB, vkibi n1 
tba MDW lioiB if iqiuiLi U» lAa."lxAli iu finwr UkJ U-ndkiftl 
•OkL Tbo wwUr vboiUd oolr boil oike«v inuDAdiiitoljr bfifore linn; 
Itr >»i vJi for bonus, tim b hMiiuitra>M Uia oMt Ui* iNipM ilionld 
In qnilii drj, n» voQ «» bot, wbnn Ut» Imtha v* put into it^ uri 
Uhi ittfiudcm,ns fn'tm* idjitnl, unL ■Ikiwprl la i*tf-i-i-i) lliniii tiiiuoUv 

IWpMbp tb<U n>liiiit li>>* b*«i «ni beU'ii tluu iLih* tbjit JkJlow it 
%t> p<Ma aflr i>wltJj; b»iiea bbu^k oariL«ii««n) c«a|ho4fi «buitl4 not 
bfi tvcd; wbi1«L, gUiod iVLfili'^nTims Ar ponbAlniri, iui» «iiit«li)«j 
Int lvi|>4itlj pntlAlkftl «-ihiY t-vi|»C4 ftrM 1)i<f> lnMt, fur Ui^j 
■wb hm brttt Quui niijr i^htr nmUri^ 

Addiiioit. of J^nvun.^Hw ii±4.« of svcar in u«. frxfwpt in hbdoU 
VWilitiwt *bcm1il Ur iprvn np t<^ poTWui wlw bftv<i n (I'riJ'-ucy to 
tttiBXUA t>3r]~>uli!ttl- AoeardUi>( lo i>iir lattew thm Hatot i-if li«a ia 
iin|irvTwl hy mlMtitntii^ Ufunxi fur rrmuii or fuiUc; poariD^ Lbft 
hot lB« pwr A «&» <if livnmi ml with lim rimi npun ii HmuImi 
Uuig niunf |>iUiitat)lp, lb*- Icmuu-Jutcv inurv t-^Krvtiudlj iJbiy?i Uui 
«ud b OT|NV*UDj vaJiubU at tbom w^vna of thi* yv^^u- kb-n frtal 
kiul Invab Ti0|ei4jO4ihi nro no^ gaiotnUlj to bvt utitniivcL 

Cofl^.— '"'«•• o^ Oojf«e-— Ociflo« in a nJqaJolo b^vifiigB; it ia 
tivi(pnUag wlUxxi^ |3njdaciii|f «tibMB<|iwmt rulUpMN And UiAlwt 
infdaiiCMi in altxtatL et^aXlf UBcfol tu Mk uibilot« let boat aud cold; 
iu tbn ocM tape by tbii *mtvilb of Ui*» iufviMon. in ih^ <itb«r bj ite 


IntJtLi; thn tiiintiifca ufaacii. It iiicrrnani din Mtinn iif tlw Ivwt 
wul ihv fiilnmo of Ibc piJMv tLod fiicilo* Uhi lauooua junabnuwii. 
In fjitij*ii*s primiioo, ttnd iiul«od nador ord;ik«7 dntxQuCnkeM^ 
ouffM w prtittnhie to Bloi>bali« bervvsf^ It is iu«fQl wUen 
w^v froui Ithim] in tln^ ht^t. wlIL dvprir&lioo of f^Mxl It vvfvM- 
umizi^ othttf iiuTinbltuhiut bj Imbmuie^ warte It u dftfn Mfrrioa. 
abln iu tko liMbdaobe uf uervouicuaa aDdexhKuAiDa,or in concn of 
dinrrhfEft cnv;H?<t (ij orervork* vrith too mtwli cnro, A ■trooif 
mfiwion bdpa to ki'up uWuIcd pttriiucui pcwonod hy opkis\ nad to 
allnj' Uio offod* of Ula immodenito mo of wino and fi|'ir1ift. 

CtjffrM tv^JuriimK. — In HuoDn jmrwtm mlTfw pnHliKnt iiliipjitfliw- 
nev^ «kinui|^ viatont rauiUjil «icitfi(u«ntt pnl|jiuik4i. nod ^udi^jM' 
tion. ocifi by mchi ilumld not, tiierctforo, bo lakm as « b«ivngi> 
It i« «l»o K^noowhai JoLUtirci It U movo beftUng ftad MJBiaUt^ 
IfaML too, &D(1 r&ittitt Oit> pitltft*; btit it id betTiw sad uoro o])p n »> 
■in in the atinuscdL 

Cdcvmu — (7ifet of Coeoa. — T|m> \tu^* toMfaiii of fmt lukd bUhi- 
QUDoid mbetUnco rcinrirr* it a m^i^ vnliubio lulkJn of ilii.<« nlJco 
to BtMoctfaofiiiw tbo Anottfr in oondilioiw of <UhilLlr, nnd ^jm- 
tAia^iif it ODikr pvotoogiid or oxomhvo «oMrtion. i)iinc^ uunoim- 
tt ii iDusI uftofttL, u^mhug, probnhlj' muro thno iinjr othor lioTWBffi^ 
to tmniitHiii aa euooUwl »u|>j>ljr o! luiit-n^ji] milL Tlv euul^iui- 
tion oi nooru^uAs propvrtiiB wbicli coctM conUuiw bu ]«d to its 
beiag ootoinovd to milk. Unmbuklt lAtttCft that fiooua ukd mniM 
iMk*! nni luod by tmt-rJon in Soatb Afncft, and that tbo Imr^ 
Junonnt of agmvililD nuimahin#fit In Mmull bulk onaJdn* tbnm to 
mnj fmM\y wraml dnyV mipplMk 

J^fit^Kiffttkm. - To i^nxliy^tt frona oooon tubt oatt of tb^ moai 
wMmoa» nud niUnljoibi of Iw^wvagw, tho BoUovris^ melboi i» 
rMamaeadK] : — For t«o pnivocim tUo of rwmt aib« o uoftO 
t«eea|>f&t kfxl «ualc ifi <»o <^urt of wmtor over oighl; MXt 
moraiiig boU beukly fix- tw boupk. thnu utraui olT uul ow 
dirvcthri^lb boiling milk Ithboald not boi^nruinl. «* it tb«n 
loMd iU flavor. juA aa tf« dootf whin vami«d up ax«tL 

WjiIiT. -"nwo a no bnvDra^ no whoUtrctat^ or, to tb<« unper- 
mtrnJ uwtA, GO n^tn*>bbv na pQivi valctf. It w tho utnral driak of 
man, in bi|^ilj' faTojnt)(^ lo ilif^Mtion, and maj alwajra bti taken ia 



wbun tkini » pwiinl. lt«at«r» iolo tb» oonpomuoo 
tfe* tvmuH *A it» hodj, form* » iine—Mgy put of vIb Wr tte tnr ^ 
u»l |B>rtiiniM mrii imjioflAnt ijaqxnw in Um niiiaud vouikau; m 
lo Ur olBulQkiljr Uidi»pBU8al>te for Ut» lud booUU. WftLor oolvrv 
It inlEi Kwluiuitian wUli oar food ; bad utjcb« tluU w» teko 
aw only iklTorJ oouiwfacneQl by b«>ui|» d««MJTnd m it II 
RcU &« a Twlijcld to oooT^y Uie i&oro «l«ia» ftail kMi iokl mh- 
Tnim tbu itomac*! to Uioir ilovUnaUaa in Hi* bod;. H 
gnw fluidity to lli« blood, LoUlitiif m nusfjcawit), ur ifuiutiua* llie 
nd ^UxUrau fiUinr, nibtinxt), nod aU tbr tatidu* mibotoxiOM 
Wtiifh fAlrr into tlio dtffcroot otntrtarvA; !ar tJ^ wbotc body m 
loRMvl from U» bluod. Not only tbv soft parU cf tJ:^ body, bat 
«Y«i lb* Tory tkonn, rrr tbn iiiiitj>rfnlii o4 whfrh Uiny nm ivittipaHMl, 
km at <iiw Umo dmrifd iii tJ>v cumnil of Iho Idoud, HiKi-^BdM, or 
Md ID »a]nliui, tn wnler. To jviav lioir uM««ilt4l itnbr U for 
tkfl dL-TvlopiDebt and Bi>Lirrt«iiiui«v of tbv ftuiifefti body, w« lusy 
k«<» dMv ttkai A calculfttiw hfta bocc ta»dft wkicli «bows tbftt ft 
haoMD body, wrigliin^ IM IboLf cuTitaimi 111 11k t^f wnLcr. Sib^ 
4 fnci «ag^«tM tbP iMxywily bf nbUunin^ nmUtt pure, luul t^tkiim 
El uspollnl^ by biuuhI slhI iniiiml iugEvdtml& Wb«En pnrti- 
«iible, wftter lor dcoMMAic ixvpowA AhouJd b« fllbfirwl 

Wftlic aiaj Iw obtniivd tolmilily puro ia niia or ni^w ojllccicd 
tn witnliU lotmmhi in tha opon ocHWtry, away from r-r«wd<Hl dmiO- 
tng» uid ocuuinfiulnrinii, «bpn< i^rnnw uv cmrivnlly ^'ng nn 
wliieii trod to ib dutorinrviioii. l^jviog mtcr wtU Iv ^lllDd tbn 
bMl for iln&iivitic «A& ] Him, Mtt^KM, vkd nfiotvvJ water, lUJ 
«afeUia variott MdMttnVM dinolTiM m tlnmx wbirh itoditr tbomt 
Wttkuot (IMflhtlaii or Altntiob. onHUtobtu fur dnukitiff, cr c*v<a 
to bv ttM^I Jn the- |in>jwr«C)ua uf articlM uf divt Eno f<ir 
fOokiiiK ]«ii1iuMB auJ IwLdiiiig, ilm jmn-r tin* waUvin Qui bf«tc<r, 
Hh iBPttt impijvtAul tlibt Uu* riMV'pUidiw lor wci«r — taub and 
dtbfnm — Ovmld b(i om^illy rruinLinnl nn^ tbomm^Jy ch<aba«d 
ftl rv^tar Htt■uui^ MupcK^ly aft^rr a timi- of dmii^t ai>d bvfdm 
t^ apprtiarb of wlni-v. ^Incti ndM^ef i« doo«\ attil ofico 
iodnivd. by idtL^win^ rr4«*nui lo £111 up aflflr tJuvy bftva 
diy ^ ilw wiitrr ia ihrm kv^ U>d qnoatay of MidiaiMit and 
ttb ia oArn ^cry icnnit^ nnd if out oarofaUy vwdi«d out boenctMi 
vtagM vith vT«iy fraOi iaios of mMair, aibd tliQK DipbllMJa, 


TtiK rkuu^r DocTtm. 

^H Xstario Powr, ftnd cUi«r blood diAMMc^ n>ny !>» Mt upL. T^ 

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ol tlxvrt ttvrful iiLitriiiiwiitsi itluiuld th(v>>fnn> li^ kniit in 
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uomn<liAtd> ^i^iaqvtMi&g ^f<lfl of th«i bath will bo OKCitiQui 
thi^f will h^ w> gkMT of PMtrti'iH, hdJ wil>»«nipnt ^1)l|]ifi»«fi nni 
duUnettb «m Mimw. An urmwcuO Mtilitiuu of r«Hih«i^t U> 1^0 
water, na rtccamonadr^ m tliv lu^xt pfuiifrnf b. <MiwiiiUMCflte a 
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a lAOdn to rvnioTn tmffnlftTitLi« in Uw c^ronbrfioo. and by «xd1 
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Tbo t^ujMmturo of bailtt mn^ he thna cUnUM— <iol4t. X3 t4» 
00 (Itv.; rouJ. 60 io T'l U«it; ti-iii|M<rBU^ 75 U> ^ ^%-; t^wifi 
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Td rteo^mnf fully the voiuku oriileaoea of aii iiiikie«Jlky wtAi* 
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MorUil anttUany, U nert^Mnry, IT huworvr, thv •u^irr^I |>uml 
tntorvd to in this clujilvr Iw <:wruliv BtiMlinl, Uik) will ftid 
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of tbii iliMin wp hnvo to tfOftt Tho following uv ODmiwiQ «ad 
wffJI'kiiiuwo dittgnortio <i^iw. 

The Pulse. 

1^ pQjpo w prodnopd pully Uy Ui4> torciblo ^rpilUiOD of b|i 
from thi' Hiwt, tbiTNigb Ui» norU (Ui* ^^let nrtd-nal tninkK udl 
tb^oot' mt<> ihi* ^Ahutuf &rt4«it*4 of tht* Inxly. hy i*Mi.-b cxHiUnctiuD 
<rf Lbe k'fL ^FuUicJc of Utr hv«rt; luui jHuilT hy Uu* iunato 
teftotility of tko «rt«Tial w«Ua. lb etuumctcir will 
bo Bodidod by th* ooikditiofL of ihm favozt, tbo blood T—iolfc 
Uv hicnl itodlL 

la fmtlii^e tlvi \mUks v:nMU gMtkonv dxMld be oboprrcid, so 

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Id vidl«r tbo «ctioa of tbi* bvwt, vUkb woukl Onint tk« 
)ijRt ia vww- ThA pulftO ntty U^ oiAminod in aoy pnit vlwra 
«a «rt*f]r i* Mi cIom to tbo Murfaoe tbnt tl» tlvob oaa bit pLainly 
*Il: Imt in ift^mifil Oi4' mo4 Aiovwiit^nt Uirslitv i« at ihi^vrM. 
VhWn' iiuuutiiii^f tlia jHilv, tbiin< mtutt Iw uu pnvoiu^ #i4*rtHt 
u|itiii Ihn tftBfj iu uiy iNirt of iU fuunu^, lijr tii^iit ulnwos ligit- 
tnrwk cl(v T1k> fiiiuainpf should plnoo Uu^w finjfrni jift JLb<»T* 
Ibv nA<l of tbn tbninh n&d Qio ^ut of Iho irnut, wiUi hi<> tljnmb 
oo tlii> oppcvdta Hi4(^ uoo»U>\v iU>lo to ro^tilnUr tho pivHsiu^i nt 
will liti frnjiMnf*^' nny lhrt4 U^ iniinAum] hy th^ umnrwl* hiuul 
uf a «alcti; im\ its jun-uliAr chnriii^k-rbft^«.>, «» iudicatjii< iif >ttrio«« 
plioHwi of dteiMiBi\ cui only W n)ifjr<^at<<d hy U>v (^ilwcttlv*! htt&d 
nf tiiM iwsliefti twtfi. By thu mv4lunl wi' oiui tteU-oL itn rliytliw, 
it» folrx^vA, 4>r tofUiMM; whMliM- liy (\iiii|>ri*«*uQ it may tie 

ifi|; till.- Iit;^i-r» aUik^t Trucu tbi* aim, or banl, or udaU «uii 

winr, lilu> tbi^ liViratiijnfi of ■ "^iiic; or xEtWrmi^oXt sl/iki&it • 

fi'W U-aIh, uul tbi>a ajifiQtiiDUy 4tupptu^ Tur o(h> <ir t«po bc«fa«j or 

-irb^^ Uii> fiuUnticvM flow into m(^ gUi«r, unmIL ami tlmont 

llmllby PuIh-.— Hiv bvJittlijr puW uu> br ibttt-ribnl us 
[^vuftvm, ci^iwi, iuuii--r8t4:ly fiUI, ntiil iinrtfiUiog nbivly uiul«r tbo 
>k it is «iiut])i;r vid i^uKii^ iii wunckiA bud ebildmi. Ja 
thM (nUiMt brtx^nnn liard, uvift|( to inerMaftd finaiMw or 
dnoipi ill tht3 Afiorijd otmu. Tba sMnigvi ntimhar 
of lw«S»of tbr bnalthy fiidiui in Uh> lDti»it«^ Bt dilTHrviil M^m, b 
A. r-*U-^^ ' At birtb, W'K ^mag Itdmncy. !!£(> to Ifln^ iij tiJld- 
l»^.»i. If; ifr yoolb, i*>; ui odtdL ii|fe, T)^i iu uld oieis ^Tj to 7^1; 
tWfTr|ivtiiitf> 7& to 8UL 

Tbo jiidM U iBtoomcL botr*i'«ir, Ijy tba toUovioK luul ^lUwr 
Ibdft. wldob vbocdd hm ouMdwod i& arfteiBling ili«> dur- 
irlrr uf tlir paliw n* a diotfiiontii^ ««^ It ia hutor i« iLo fMiialtt 
Uk» niabv t>y fmcu nix ti fo4u1«o(i IteiUii; btil this diffpi^soa 
ACoofv «lti<f nbo«t Uh" »it^Ui >^(«r. It m i]wdc«M*tl by 
dolt or ■odltqiuml; tl w ku«^ fn«piifot in tbo inomjiK, «bd 
■ <!> U bHutu r«t4vr iteiifliui; ibnti itittiui;. ntid ftittio^ 
: il in n-tJu^M by culd. tjwp. fabm^N wuit cif food. 
lijr ««taui dmp»f wpucioUy Di^itali*. 


TirR fAMirT mcmn. 

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lanA or ipmimmry i^f^irpwioiL i"H|i^iiUt' '»f iwrvcMiw f>i«r«iMi^ 
TIla mpid piilu\ fofwckUy if ?tnxitE< hilt, iukI Uvt)* if](lk«l(« 

inflnn^xtMtinti <ir f<<vftr: if MncaU uirl rory npad, U jxvtiU to m 

fliiitktof (^nil iMiilttr, in>di»t Untb-n prio n nl iti (bo \mi UMip* 

of KtitJ'rlr f»*v«r, 

Tho jfvkifif; }iuW i«i mnricnl hy n f|mrh «U(I nttlinr fdrrtliK but, 

wnn* (>f hltuil LtJ 1ii*vti it*Ti*rM<il And in iiuliotivo of rlmctsiil] 

Thi* ititi^TEiuUffnit fi:ilru* IB IhiU i\i ffli^rb n pnl«Alk-3D in occnnon- 
pJly uuiittv-J, ntid ii f}>^iu*ntly owiiif* to miuw* olMtniolkMi in tl 
rirmilEtiijtffi m ihn bnart 4ir fac^^ nr InAuminHtjcin ur MrfJ^utiiff 
Ibit bniiii. AjTiplniy. rt\ . ubii in [-ni*** firuirt uf vnivular ilL*-n«il 
of tb^ hrftil; lui-l wticrr llcruiju («' Eutffitts, baa profN>iHlM b^j 
Oi»i|^no oF tb» ini^tm^ Pn)lcni|{«Hl <M«v-«'«ortit)Q, tip-htohiD];, 
witfil <if n>4, itntii'ty, M<^> TiidLT pnnliu^i it In mitmr dwgnion, 
Iiultg^rhin will: lUt"li»CMv may [ir>f1iiiv> \t 

Thitt fidl piilxn uonir*! in giw<ni1 p1<<lujmt ur In tbr« #%rlj' 
of ocitttf d)B(^&v.s y^hiU' ib(* wok piJm*'Qob« int*'^^^'^''^ ^^' 
mad m on^^^toil cvMMliUoa of i\u- makK^ii. 

\Vbi>u tbo |>iUi« n«iM» oonijrmMiodi. It b ui<t to bi* biuil, 
or raKMant: if it b cmiill a« wpH ilh hmtL it ir tutiA ti> N* wjr^-. 

Tfnpenitvrr nnd IIi«t tVT«r TheriiKMWtfr. 

in th» iliof^noBttf mill tntftiux^iLl I'i .h-^r^X'f tnnii tlt4i nv of Um t^m' 
Wl lb0rao«iPI#r. I» nil 4WWH of flhuwi, to r/uiEil tlxi piilM> juid 
tbp n<?iKraUcu» m tiut mure tiupurUat tlitui to nipofniR' t!io hml 
Tbi- ihvniKiQiKi^ ftidti tbo t^ynr^tfth in arririui^ nt drdmtr- mndu- 
«dc<iK «n<l n>brv«f» hiifl of tmidi mKtt-il &uii;«1y, nnd m mnnr omsttfl 
gtvv* bhit arluT'Uitlit' 4b«««jii« vrwi tWo^v Hianu7ti>HHlii* srniptunis 
biiv«> iB«Vi iJiffir App(«nHireL In ti<fi]}K-ra1o rv^on^t Uin luinBal, 
bi^il -if iJw bvmtui body, uX Biu^^b^nxl i«r1* of it* ^urtacA » WJ- 
di^ir^ Fiibr^ or a fa^vr Uditba inon or la«; &ud n p^nii^tc^it 
ftlKm* W 'i <i*i;., or « <l0fV9PmQ bokiwV?^ dof;. K&hr.. «r* 



witLili iLo Linate aIxivi^ gbitnL ftrm n axii|>let« nanunaco 
of U» ftlMntftt i>E oaytbuif: Lu^tMid l<j««l «nd UiiliHf; diAvbttDOf*^ 
but any mtuio ilim^Awo utimtnnillT fik'Tiii>v rh** trmp^i- 
tun* or T'lfn^ bi«t, Dfift tuiuiy <liM'»^ iin* Uiu> imliraU^ 
MOW tjmo bnfcrr Uikj BMdd bn tl<44Vb^ b)^ nujr otlur 


Tb« th«rBiocuotiiir ■finhtit ns to d^afjaoo di>d>ivi4}r 
IfcH ^ w iff K nn iftflnmnutflrT ntui a mo-inflftiinnntnry 4te- 

MUHi; 11 Aim bulpA nn-Ui <M<«TTiia«i llui vanvnrilj' td tJlA 
iulUut&ittliutfi bt iLf» uuiulvr of itfi^TV^ to «tliii;h tlie 
tb«nncB»4«T » nuM<d. Hystm^ H is wirll kDoiR). 
oAvti «autilftt«« EBJUnunsloiy «1imnim; but thj> u<mpera- 
tv» cf hy«tflri(ml p«nMMi> ia oat-nmU ^ImNiH lltfit ot 
p«no[&t rvAlly BnlTmn^ frctti iiiftM&innbciD U ttv^jn 
niMiL A ctov m n^txiniad fif a girl Muppcned U> 1» 
miErvin^ from UiratcriJi utnnlnbnif « tocv^ of iaflnM^ 
■ulioo ol tbo mondjnuiw uT U)« bnuiu 1l]o kj^tfwtenl 
l0fk<lnn^ of tbn pntitmt Iwl (o Ibn ai]iptHiii(«i tbnf tlvm 
Wiw onl^ Ma apfvtrmt iiTRi|ilmn nf iutUBimntiim; ihft 
tkivmumvliT (iel?iDum*<l ihi* fpmaiiBniinm *>( tbehyai|>- 
toBw, for it ebownl ft tMnporalwo of \W'h <W^^« iirovmc 
Uv ootiMl «cwl«ne» ot i^t^ iofluamfttioti, aflArwanlt 

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la Coiwoini)4ic&, tbft th^narmM^n* dfl«v«l* iu voottt ribiMbia 

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avmU. "nil* baiKfftanrie of tlw tbd of Ibr ibmuxiiKv* \a thif roM 

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i<»ak w id^ruyti niAoil trou UU dog., Ui* mtiimI lanpflnt 
^'^S <i^-, or ov(« liigbw, the iMujiomnro inrfrmrinfi in |«i>fKir 
Uooto thvt niM\iy irf tlio 1ab«irrulAr d^fiosit, A jwrnifltrat slafm- 
Imiu iii Um ^ffOMTdl t«iap«nt«ur» of Uiv* bo^y bau uAwi bMa fbuinl 
to Huci fiv Bvr%cff«] uteokft boforc low <>{ weiglib or pb^nonl Mgiu 
iiulic4UiD|t tubord^ iu th« Ituijpt owU bo a|jpfeddt«iL UtfUira aa 
olflrT«tod tooopmittiTu cot uuly iifl'or<lft tia fmtun iikHonDBtkn ■• to 
tbii itiiriff>nA> of PbtbiAiM, Imt Ihfi dnffrm of that nbrmlHin iffubiM 
Un Ui ftvUinaU^ Uu* «>KLnt£ nivl jmj|irm« of tka* dvoaup; fiir A |i«n^ 
toDt riiHi Kbon thai tbo dimuo i> pro^nwiin^, or Ibot tui&Tor»blo 
ocmpbovtioiw arc *fttiii^ in. 

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Bt &n «ftTly Htnf^ Ihn invwiioii of Pnmmaniik. 

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idftrm)iit;iixiiq4uD.itt'li4^t£i]Klfrav(-<xjmpJic^oiu,>iiekaB iaii-olTt^ 

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lhec\u^ tuid tbftt ojiyp1i(«tiouA vi> babU to nriA^ 

In iJl CMW of oouv«loBOrac(\ bo long o* tbci dt^croiMf- of t^capfr- 
■bm prooMtb rvgokriy mn miMsu^d by tb« IbornKUoUr, im 
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TWm nwioxkA miifhi tmlir be cxtcttde^ odiI iUustmtioaui 
umlUptiod of tbft Woo of ibo UiMiDoiiutcr dm an aid to dinsnovit; 
bill bn>HWMl rMOEBieiindi&ic n mn»XL «lnsftbt inv4nuD0cit» witb ik 
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ttl Uiv HMM bonim daQj^ tbroii|fboul tb» diuwM^ iwliu^ At Uw laiiifr 



■id UiD twHtUtUi^. wi> bava oulf npM* tur tbn 

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lb* ttamcwMUr nmlAr tli» tuo^a, bj- thii dde ol Um la«t 
— *'«Mdocii toodi"— «od r«xpi««t ihm {loliMt to tAcm Om 1Jj«^ 

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dMii^tff Ui» iliftphi*^^ £t|>initioii iji iho n^lunl rotum 
(b* ^m1 to iU proponii^uw tinting rmt^ wtiMt i« firodndud I7 tlw 
pnMiarv of l]i«> t it^rial nir, H)i» an^^til of tlii^ [lia|ifarBffi&, ami Uw 

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of l«Mdlitnfr. 

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tsMw of tilio tmig mIxbuKv*; Ailrpntitioit^ i|p|WKiu U\ tlv*^ oti^iuik 
(iLpw oTChlitiocui accn^Mirily ]*«cnu&^ tti* uuounl of UtwQiiiii; 
9nriaioty, funaaUoM of fkUo cvrniLaMit* in Uiv air pft£Mi|f««s <u ■>! 
Kpbtlimi; uid lallitnuiuUi^na&ilKwvlluigof tb(!>1oa*IUortoD|[ti» 
— «U or wbti^ cooJitioiia olwinid tii* tfotriDcu oC idr into Ui* 
1iin|{X ■* <1'"» &l«'> Actinia, whir-li ia A h|wm& of Um* utuenJur ouM 
at llir «ir IhUt, luuL tJitia Cbiu* Dyii|>«»A>b 

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aail Bftit* diM«M«s in rulJitbOQ U> a ^vksiUvCa «**« of Um* polhto 

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satniAun*, iuin1>caliHl, bjr haliLmtimi, villi nnjt fvnwdf ilwiiied-^ 
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n«U> oooMcl^imtiti*!. Witbo^t r»fvrano» to iniLvidual piMiit- 
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For mtx ftdnlt, t%u ilnifB of tha tiiirttvii, «ix paJIttn, or l«o 
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Biul giving oa>n ^pcn&ful for * dow^ Tritnmbon vpoocm mi^ bv 
obtainvU, |I«>ldiE^( about otw i^mto. 

Direertioii.4 for Taking the HnlidnPH.— TiocittrM hbould b« 

dn>|7p«tL into Out bcAtom uf k ffl^*^ ^' boldii^ tltu bottlo ia ad 
crbliqUDtiuuiiJiur, villi U;» liji rmting ngiiitv^ Uib t&kMU of tk« 
himI anrfki^oof tbo ixx-k; Um l>ottl4i vduiuld IbnoliAciui-fnlly llltfi^ 
wbna tbo tinc£iui> niJl Jot^'ml oiiU Jrop from the lower v>1g«) 
tho onrk, Tbo tnmrl MbmiM )>f« cI<miIi tbo Buxtiat> krpt covifmL 
■ad UiA H|x>on qm^ i«t»>KlU nnt t^y k<ft ia ttio uuxliuv^ If tlie 
ini>i]i-riT>o Hjm to lu b^int MHVinnil tlnjrfi, ft new IwUIa, idtti ft !>««, 
nwiijil <tjrL. Bhi«t]t1 bu iu4-tL 

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li»«d wboJoi but jt id bolter, if roiiTeiiiMitt |/> ilv«olvn ibooi in 
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ihm poJnblu unra mny bo dt»o]ml in a HiinnufTil of vvaltf; Bait 
, tekitt^ modkitut, Um i»otidi sboiild h^ hik^vl vrltb watdr, 

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•I a nilfs ATI.-. — 4rcL ri-in^ lu tJw munuii;;. &uJ ul l*-hUinM<; 
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inllpfiL \h^ luxiQKHl fruifi iiWp to tnko tikridi<TfetMv 

IIf-|i«'ritjMl of l>Ai3ic«. -Tli* f7**<iiwikc>' of ilin dnw juiu4 
dif^nroiuod by Ui^ M?Uvi^ of Uk» midndy from whi«b tho 
it Fiiifnriii);;,1hrt tirgflitryof lh»f^'tn|itc'ias nndthnpffoot* 
by Ibtf luHiLrii^ih. In vii.i]>-ii1 *bd <lfia^-iMiiM di?««K« Clin 
OouiK Di]>litlima, ConTiil^ioaut, «4e. — tb<- romedjoa tiuy 
ripontrd i^rrry U^n, fiftoeo, or twvoty Buniltoe; tu \e**i W, 
OMOtt, cwtry twu, tbiw\ or fuar buiir^ la ohronio mftUdica, 
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piling thii txii<d)dtini «lioiild bp iprim Inwi fmqatrfilly, mid nOiu 
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AltrniAUon of Mt'tlir inr^— To mroid tiw ccnfuBioo rantltio^ 
Erom Ruiiag dilTurout r<<riiulk« in oiw pmaohption, and to wovr- 
Uin th* flimplo o0t<-t of <«rb, HoitiAcpatbn do not tnit Mmmnl 
drugn Ii3g«tli«r; bill lii aritie ^I to w co , vlnin tJu» vyuifilauM of 


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fcmlJcMioil, the two nuy be x^von in altcraiitioe): Uiat i)^ i^io iu44i- 
efiiitf uajr 1» foUcnmd br ftiioth«r At onrlain i&torvaU of tiia<>, uid 
in a n|ptJv iinli-r of Etrw^iMn. In Cronj^ for vimmpl^s Aood. 
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fpwr, Acu>u nod Brr, ; olc^ Btti tJ>p ftltfciinte bm of mmlidDce 
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nqsdit ili«<«HiH, IKo ntttli^v ratvly pivsCfibed roixlidtHs ktlirniatv'lj^, 
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AMurrvjpAtLir prariicv b n followa:— No>t H, 4. n, 7, A, 0, 1 1, 19, 
1< }\ 17. Ifi. 2<l 23. ^4. 26, SS. 81, S8. 35, 9^ 88. 80, 41. 43, 
44, VI, IS, 4y, :-u. 

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mbimImv niimbimvi iD tLii ikt aUn-o prinlML S, Q, 7, 8, U, 14. 15, 

»X 'ifi, 31, as. ;i:, aw. 4L 4-% 44. 4iJi r^i. 

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nqvotilf tocootain III < V , . laiitDtioard in ibe Uat 
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Cod-LIrvr Oil. 

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tttliiikltbi iQ dill TnrioiiTt ti^aa of Scrofula — dmiDio 4i»<i1tArgi]i 
trow ihv i>or% vtruiooud 0|jlithahiii», i^filarifctacnl of ihts gf^ad^t 
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■kuvt, in aQ diamiMte whioh rM|utrti bttj' «ubibuicii« ah ftood, mi4 
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ici^ UCtiOD i:- ' T.ubC4*iI, tij tbr ftdilitii^ii of MIi <tlO]n of Ui« 

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in chttakinir «iKAratiua and rfttftiajf Uid totms of tbi> miucalar 
tlnKliifi4 11 vnll Igduwu. 

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actm UiAa in ftuktrai; iImi in tbo mtt^r rfccb of tfw* ftmt* 
C^vntfi of duUlrva wbii hMra ml&EfWi pMvIov lo vooh «Um1«, 
Inn aop<K«iftli«d bMjth, Scroffolk* «<«..— m eftiroair dladmrg* 
fntm Uii> M» and noMt Afi«r Amrint Pi-vnr vid BImhIiv^ ilw 
ubivHtagmof Vhooftiajt-ooiugli; BfrlDi>tfv CIhitm, vtc. am kkMT- 
«l)7 luncfa b«c»fil«d by tlip ftilcBi&Mtmicti of ood-lmr oil 
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diwAjmi, «ijri th«« d*gt«M>Tidifvt dtffnwuw iif th* «ph3, tro «U taon 

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indbrnniiiMtplj. U >■ p>oiiT%Ux inAdmnaibfe tlimnf the pcv* 
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i&BnW^ TImi i^4iwy uf coil4iiBr oil U tii iwbiuw viJuuvtum 
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ScnaA cAoUon U ocvt^vivy to bp AbsM-nvl Iti tbn ndtaiiiiilmlMn 
oil to LiljTiaio DDiPMift or cn*rtalioiuL SiKh oflbcto ^niitmUj 
It tnjKt ilii- ipuiiiiitY iir igmJttv ni ibo <hI u«mI TIh* Urfco 
qw&titT of mi iakMi tu aottk^ «M«« ooouwicks 'ti^ioitJifr of tii9 
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tnlvik drniw, oikvi n dny. If Ibpm Iw <tiT1 
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untnMit; of <iiB« f^anmoh, ood'Uwr ull nvj W tnltodoouil ieto 
tbo ■;«««<» hjr frictk>r>; a <ioo«i44>m4o Muoont uf fri^liaa, m 

Tbo ilian|£iy«vJ>If- cffi^rlji cif uil, nnii lhfl> n-f iaj(tuu>0i» Ml townid 
it. hAve oftca bo» cnnlMl by bfcfior Rbd dbpuliae f^vpvn- 



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to pr«|nf» Ui^ tUf^Mtioo for Um uUtiOplioe] trf Una oil, §ttm U10 
miiu ]fn>bUiia> ta Uu» eur» of Coueumptioo." Pvobabl; tbo belt 
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glolmle. in «b>ch wny il nuijr he frvrullovml wilhuut ta^te A tow 
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pifttt to obviftto loeto uid iiaiiHM io to loko ft |>itick of aalL 
iaiBwdiiil«)jr b«£Dr« aiid nfU-r tbo oil An^ if Uio lUh bo not 
aiif»iiIlAbl«i, ODO or two ti<nH|<iiNifiilB may bo^ivi-c Wilh « Murltnt*. 
tlia uU bvta^ ptMuml iircir iu tbo nljnoiicv of ibo cbild <jt fuUiuiA 



loe w ft valuabls iLtfrtpoQtiO ■fpmi. ui^ ^ nov eoDUoiMly 
botb i&tpmAll; and rxtcmAUj. cbi«lty to chrrk harmorrkftg^ to 
toodtmba iitflaauuAtioa, And to dootbo tbo noeasf bobmUoiw of 
filiriU and oU>«r d]<ordont 

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Mwnt' hMuWbo of thii iftaly hUi^im of ACuto fitmi. it U tooM 
Qwpfill ItiA api>liod ID uoaU pin^v. mcJonn] in a bfautdoror 
lDdiaru1>b«r bni;* in tho form of * onp fitlrd to tho huod 

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OaiMarctf iJi* fltomieluH lut^ domiaining unudl fkiig»i*titB uf ioa 
afaniild bu Uid uu Uw ufHit^U-iaEiL 

In liLdnaisBtkici of Ibo ToiwU tbn Bor«> Umml of 
ft:id cUirr ftciito opocJflo N^vom, and i;t Dif>bth<<nA, ih^ vue of i 
ivUpvrw r^D ukL am<»4« iiiilaaLmiitio7L 1ol> aIki <*bir-k« tiio hvto- 
tioiK of tU» throat, luod m> obvi«tM Crnqtipot pninfnl fiffartu to 
ilF4jtr^ thM roomrw fnim tlin crvplH and foUiclw of tbn totuiln. 
P«ir iImmi piD-poHvi Hiitabl« fioon. frvtiooixtlj ropottod. riwuld 


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^■tfj, « [ii«m nuj' ftLH> b9 iutrodnotxl iiitu tb<k n^rlum, 
^^H To ftlUf local iDlUibDustftuD Grcb«d[ bMiiarrtugeA from tha 
^^Brlan% 100 bcukro uil<i beooII ]MfO«* i^uitld ito vadm^^ iu b 
^^bdte. or tim iutLft mbb«T hi|E, Vihm uup-Uiiul ^td. ibt- Air 
tWrtUd tu tqQoMoJ <^ uf IIm) l«K, vrUtcL alvuolj Uim Iw tiod al 
iU muQlli, on ftft Ukim4<d ourk. m> liui^u and louff te U> hmr Um» 
ligbt pn^nrpuf tb» lwtlll^ Tbi< luif uuij- Uu^ liv mAiln into 
ftkuuBt uij aliftiipv null Utlnd b> lbi> im^i^uliuitipa of Ibii UaJj. 
liClnf/fr.) Otlter iteu» of ico, lis ft Uitfap««atio AifeuU orv eiliQcaAed 
ID Uk> wioas Mcboca of E'ui UL 

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Icdkmiai;. — (JSJ mk*. ncpnci^ m ftvUn («tuaitA; ApvpUay uuJ 
OoDk^iu j^ovoor mlhftfe»fal»|>afao; ndt«i*crd «U9o*nf di«f«Mi 
mXpaam Inntfmwi Im hucIicvm tbi> icmt*«d»Utc |xiwfr of toi 
B^l^ ovwrwbttlm tha pauasu ud eu»fi iho uooo of tb« oofMbbd 
hmn. ll It nlv AilTMiUe to avuM too grMt s Hbook to the 
^jvlum iM aujr caw. 

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if tli>« fttb^ut 1m ft QUkl, b0 AlKnild b* inuikt-nvd up to hiv 

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■bo(U>1 Wp|«v*iloTftrUii» twtli, tlitfciilU pUcod ttpou it and gently 

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Tbe lADpoffttw abould bft fnlly mAJntatod by ftdditkns ol 



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tbcpttiPOtooBknAoDt The tiAili ebouJiI b«*pv«(iiQ« HBTuraooii, 
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T^tty arc t^ddlj o^od to oqnilm tbo tempcntiuv of tbn wboh 
biHl/, to mmUm Ih* oervom tfjctan, to ooolrol Uia iwticiu of Uio 
bout, to pronvittt paff«]iirmliiKit (<» raJta thi> maAeutnj osul i-irimuow 
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tbromt^oiit tboUiii/. In tht* UlU^ iiuiUDDfi a dtiifimpovtiotMto 
4^iua^y of blood in tbo intovtkiJ organs ia roedM t^ ik» viiribe*. 
ttk<l Cnw circulation |«vciiobvL 

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cAifldrao— Oo(tvulhioll^ Sfwrnoilic Croup, Ui«dMt Bcarlniiiift, M4^ 
«bo in 8«srlfttinikl Propay, tu v»ll nn in otli<*r tlropskftl afiWioob 
In the f««<irv ot olaildmi, it t^liiifl ili<» XiorvocM fixciltfliwfit* end ii 
oft^n Mtowid by ralrWiTni* iitvufk 

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nul nttviifl; nk iin> gnund Hunhft^'Hr* u i^-iuiml vtttna heMu for 
forty or firi> iiiimitOT, (mo»« w«^ cmv* or prrrtvibi uiuiy of iho 
wahoaaU iiidi^nt to tbo prnod. by prottolinir frw Mlicvi of tbn 
■loa In Mf^niftuodio vtfwttimcf ihtt nroihnt: tn tU« ]i«0Ui^ of' 
p^iql fintt luilmry oilaili; itt lonay KpaaoKidio ftHi'diuuui nf tbi> 
U>wi*^ - Cii1i<\ i-Ux ; ill rmrl^i* Ti-Uuiti^ DiMbtlt4l^ iSh^bl'n dini««^ 
and itx tlw ^hftCiLttcltoly of litsnnity, U t* olLw of h^-uU Hcmcc. 

to tiHPfl of (lie OAW t»c«)lviniid luuk^ Uv ''vmn 1«Ul" l«it i* 
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oCiajria to Iw i<volvDit, it amy In* HS^^ prodao^ Irwly hy i;TudiiitIlj 
iviDonnnjt mtbu wi&lt-r a md-hai bntk tw pftnm of irat^ Ucriog 
tboliMiioaiiurlwutiuiibloniof oildwAterblioald Iw AJ^iiitfd To 

iior-iiit ivD poor BAxna. 



cb|>[»d in cuM vr&t«r. or a uAjilEiii «nui|[ oul of cuLI wnUf miy btt 
byd on ihn biwL If tu^cnutftrr. iim\ tlv* frft vliuiiJil !■> piii Imo K 
|iui of lorxirmtHT h*:it n(<*T, 0» bt^t ot vblfb Wi<>iUd liWi b«> 

uiiiu&ivl by adding atl*€ a fi-w tuuiaiui^ fatvli liot wklvr. 
r Uk> I «tMl bM pcviqnf^ for tct) or ifi^ttfl Qittiito^ 

bed. Or bo la^y ail ici a i^tullirw ImUi at a l*>ai|H-niititw friwa 7^ 

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I7 lua ttwmrtTit, uiU mt«r i.'vuii.v |>mirM utit tbt bf»il Icr thre« 

f<w miniiUv, after wbkli tbo patkct nboold bo ilriral, and 

Ctan» ahnnU bci taken tiart tbo Mnrlhr^ nf th» «tv«mitt^ val^r la 

kK> QMir tb* >««1 of tbo duur, ft* tl»> fnitent winJd U> >eald«d 

lb« «ti*«iQ wm tUnclfd wiitiiKlJiit4.*ly ii|iod a UiBil^vl |K«iic«i of 

body* Ifid««d, faUJ vcmlU bave oonurrfd tiirooKb oarolisa* 

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I* Htti-^iii' Bdfb. — Til Uiia Imllia «^i-lamf> or a Kaimr 

uDiD UT Iffi) lAipfm uf iTpiritn't.-f-winr. afl«« bning ivt cm 

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tbo tdptd Vftiih or abaJk>fr lialb, \m tiii^ »jnnl benwt. bMii ia 

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Tilt* II»t Fi>Ol-llAth.~liaEiwLttliJjr batam ntim^ Iti bvd Uw 
i aUmkI lie ttiHlr«aML but wU ouvi-red wUb otu^ ur two 
whidi flbovM fUao <X7vi-r Ux^ root^NOb, ao Uut tb«* ftcma 
asf batM vvhHtM to tJia budv f,-#iitfruLT: tbd f<^ uul fArt of liia 
liga abimJil tiiKi U> put in hot mrtcr r**''^ d^g. F. i, iinil ibo ti*in|wr- 
aCttv^ aftrmiLTibi uH^rmn^ by Irtnh aUiliiiiti* 'if hi:* wnu-r fur *i»ii, 
ftttovc. or twriuir muiEttn. «oci:ariliii^ u> \kio j^ji-n^rtli i;f lli<* jAttii-at, 
and omtil fn^ pi-i7ifnnUioai brr^Uoi ncit nn tbf> ta(v\ Ha Uiinid 
Ibw W tapuU; vtkAAiMd with !«»pid wntt-r, rulifod drr, got tslu Ittd, 
and widl imiTrnl vHth HoihMv pRntpimslcvi ntvmld bA fnrthar 
t'T ilrkikiii^ oJd waUM". 
Ilia biA fcji^batli, or tbv luit nUi-balh, la abo OMfnl io raildea 
of thi* tnatiaw darinir iLv fli>w, front t«i|tmtiri^ to rnld 
K nIfMNM the Aiatiaaring wnaaticMii ot tbo jiaUi-cU aud 
Um Tviwii of lb* ftmoikja Heailaicbc, jaJpdtaboOt tfa» 

tiij: fajuit doctoi. 

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Till' Bljmkft Bath.— Thin I^ nu vaay mMhod of indnoifig 
p«ir»pdnitU4L A l>!tuik<4 \tt nmu^ t-mi at but. u'AUir, nnd umififind 
Itmnd Uut pntiuai II<' i- t]ii*rk (xu-kiMl in thnm ur fo^ir tlrj 
UAakddKftiul ollowtd bv rt^powi for UiJrtj- nuDtilw. TlvDOotv- 
ii^i^ tu»j tii^xn bo tnliPb off. th^ «)(irfiivA at tlto bodjr robbMl with 
wvmi towoLi, mid Uw itfatmtmJixlAOoanfortMbl^ia b^d (ris<i«r^ 

TIlB W«t Pack. — A Ulatikel or tpLi)! rijoiilil be «|irf«il ud » 
lU^Unw), nud over it a tkick liiicm felieet* vrall uniiij; uiil of cuU 
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W8tur For tvirthar hlats oq difd BXid tiemrsgw, m* Part VX 

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ii«c*fiil that wo coonot do bvtti<T tluko fliro ihaa to our roadffm 

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other nwmbmof 1L«« fuullj' m it J* practicable ti>£iAw it Krcry- 
thlsjr ttOi abuolutjjT DfyU^d in th» r<x>ia aLonJd bo ncnovi-d A 
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to U^ mttL Tbu «hie«4 idiuA not Im t4ickf«d at tht^ buttoca uor aloni^ 
thA fidl Umgih on th4» toek ibdi> cf th«> fhmus bat abixit fiv» fwt 
may b<^ Ml tm* to Iw pnhad a^ido; thi« vibvct, ho«r»t«ir, moit bo 
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Uot, uib> wUiok ill diBCilLu^-H flbauM Us mooiwL AIL ^1000% 
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fOOEti* uwl iiito thi% nil dolltm^;, HiuiV^Ia, iiI>ih>cii, UvthIii, tic., 

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public miu^ t>o ft* mwdi ivilncbU u povJbAa. All atu^nduiit* 
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during math bnlh, muI tho ixiDTsdanntiit bn U]r«i elUliiv) in frivJi 
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mr E'aIi-^iM hhinili] U* k>*fkl in lJu> ti(>u>^ n1 U^Mt twr» 'ft'iviliM 
Ihr rrt>^ haw sU di^wpf >OAr^ 

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to oooUct W4tii liki* i>st«ont, t I'.tclb'Y with Um* ivuua «&i| nil itM 
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li^oii; liQt ttmrt W tak#«t up. 1>«at«Q in Uxi Of<-n nir, and aJlowml 
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•bnald h^ <WtniTHl; hm whi*n«*vi>r iimirtiinibltf it ilioabl h* 
rauiitnl rrmn Um* Tixnn ni U»n bi^lniitiii^ of Ih^ tlkicn. 

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dopv* «nd wimlows of tbo tocni Hkio^Jd W l»pt o|v<ii im njiMl) a* 
pOMibI* fkjT ft wovk or two: wli«ii liow«« aju ivulatcdL artioliM mAjr 
hi* AxpoAt^d tmi (if diH>rTt. Sndi nrtirliv <if rlntlung, bMlrtingr, flte., 
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dWnltrtnrt: Ibpr f4u>idd tlinii tM> immcdkti^y imd thocDtigUj- 
liiU«l 11i« Udmi^ of bodfi and pillowi* im>«<I br Um^ pntionU 
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fBunnl bf> iVjiw, tlx-.r nbuuld Ijo diwUtn ihI liy An*, mf idiotiM, bi any 
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fAllL*«nng an* Ibo bhihC otfR^teit, tb* vimplAit and Ui^* ehc«pffitT 

n» Oujifirtti* f>u/j<i/n4fiiif — Sii]}i(int«* vrf irnn fiv^ifM-mii), 1^ 
pnofids; wnlvY, 1 j^ailufi. A ^>uv>:^'ul way to pro*i'm< "hK ia to 
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W*d in M>Qan. pnvi«i«, walvr-oltw^, oi^ 

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lyMUff WnJ^. — Tklnlv tiy MUUnjr aeiA tn1il<va[Mio«fid ot 
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It twDjT* (lajh, wluli.^ that i>f TAoouuA to tbn fte^ oE sMoLi, 
only rUdo- Tkvrvfmrv, if rAOCinAtion \» pctftosMd maj Htm 
whiiitt tbo imt thfiMi iIajv. il will huve tiuw to pro(li*w ItA 
imbntug iHjmtr. 

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wbIat; If i|uUJ Of irory potatA atc chowc^ tluiy vliould bo inMi- 
«i*d with A niant* qoAatity uf ooUl wnl«r 

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mad letriAeatwcu For pooctm^, U10 o|>«nitor wiH ffwap 
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ftnt appmntdL 00 the third or foorth d^f 4f1«r the opcmtioOt nt 
which pofiod Uuvn i« a vlijiht dcicrcro of clcTAtioa imd hai\lae« 
fltf tha Bkin kl thA BoMt of thA piBKAnrA, u>d n idi^it twImim 
^aamMMUtlj mrrouftdlng li; on ihe Afth uid Rirth d*^ a <inMn 
qaanlitj of Bqoor b »1ti«wd Inoeoih tii« «pUI«rniK u>d « rwicle 
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jag— ■iog in Mw uAtJ tiio ninlh day, wbi'u .1 id [v<rfn*4jy ikt«l- 

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Ueflnition.— All &cah< specific fioTEQ of f^nr, Inghlf codU- 
SAil n]Lli>ctioiH euntiuiUDx trvtu fuurtiMB bo twcfliir-ocio iIajtb^ 

with A K*tkarKJ« or ooutiutod cModitkm of tb* ialtfllwiti ^^ 
tta torttiiboo of a iDoiAlu»-Ukm or moUMfry mppmrmat, Attd Mi^| 
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Htrocigljr ivwitAaliiiii vrjtti tha ]irtilr»ot«d ttiTwuti.^ ittigD of Ifatto^ 
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uhI »iaii[ig of the eye»; putift] Iom of tho tun <jf tbu lijogue, 
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i» tb« kdkrt indknttoci cf n b«Klium, tL» iMut fdiould l>n 
cxMtad iTwr wiiJi a l<^«t of flu^b* ciiUiaIiocl {3> Tbo wt-t-iMck 
(iw p«i^ 41) i» n TBloablo oMiMims <^p<v-iiLlJ/ varlj in tho diMmy 
■ftd «b(ai ibv ek)D » dry and boi (4) Fixxl or iH^rnri^m nboald 
bi givM iu ivmU qaacUtiiM At rci^ar utJ fTt^inveiL iDtorrAk, 
lodwIioK vMer^ nuUt-^Dd-wstAr. Ua. 1ir«it1>« And btt-f-t^A. It to 
Qitnvnilj inqHirtMit Ihni* fnitu the lir^ ixmriaUiDr-iit alu^tJd b« 
gran rvfs^iUrlT aud {wmstcatly- Tbc Ipiu1ixk!j to dvAtli t> bj 
A*1hff!n: And kocpiui; that in mind, tbo p«titfcit nboiild bo 
faMiw&Uj floppbAd with kdaU qmatrtw i>l vwy luitntkja* food. 
II proOraAJoia. foMa nnd irragnlAr cirFolAtioo, or ontplkAtiooi 
liiJkati' it* wini* (v hraiidj. In i«xii« r— f lu wbidi pRWiiB 
ctiiMiwI'ilj rvfiu* All fuod. or ari> oueble to vwaUow, tif« ia oilea 
iBvad lijr nmtritkioA or MisiulAtiii^ «oomflt& (5^ Qiuvti in hoaqt 
■ImtlA ttlvflng the mta with oxtoo wiool; olcAuUiiAA»i ^^^^^'jj 
th» wbbiA Borf AM> of ihA body [t^pid vAt^] And (^wftilljr dfTiag 
nt bitfA utKto A dnj^; mid uiCi-Ui^iat Aod niarvaiitlitiif w«lduii|t In 
Du doHuv ia cartiiJ nunduff mortt ntoMMUj. 8c« aW tbu binj* 
on nananjc fcnT pali^ubi in Ifai: flaUowiug MfotioUf And tb■^ gonarAl 
imawiT^B deacnbMl in Piwt IL 

rrvvptniirti,— A»di»mfwTiAnt»— rn»h nir, cdOavfit TwtitatlaB, 
■ad rJi^unliDivB ah* of pAnusuunt inpurtADa^ Aft AdtliljooAl 
UBiMuui ftjr Avuiiinif ootLtAfiuo. Init by £iu liu7U»« mt onbntituLm — 
vliite wAnluiisf wilb i)ui«Jc liiBn, VTAAbiiijg tbo iroodwork vnib AOAp 
And itAlvr. ivpAptf^riuK or eobioauniit^ infoctnl rvocuA, cloAimnit 
thi* boKn in mib-r to «birh cihl^dA of ]iwi* hwi U«a AditMl. Aiid 
ihip Uiv ol CaHuUt Aad tu tbi* water «up)u}<«l iu c^jxiuifinie tb* 
lJOtH?ul,— flvp dropi of p<uv ACid to a i^oitft uf niOrr. Witboiit 
ck«AbAM« iind fTAik Atr, vinufcnr, coanphor. And otnur b> CAllod 
prvffvtktirvA im haaIma, And oul r diai^QM noxknu vApon. Fiahcia 
to oUMidAikeB on tbn «jrk «b(mJd ivpocadily Avnut tbA farMtb Add 
tfa* RAbAbdium niach nritm uq tiiauofc dovit (lie liAd elolbaw AA 


rne T\Miht ttocroB. 

tlipm w n-iwcm Tn >M-lurvci t)mt Ihn ]xi1«an nf TypUw b 
tiarowo «IT bv tbo Inn^ luid tbi« »ld&. Tltfr wktiU* oddittlAtkMw 
tnmi llw^M) mrfacw baTo thv ihIut boror« dAwribeil. unci If noil 
lRrp>lr ililiilfd bt" finoAh movittf^ nir iu>» ♦xlr<"m*Jy fOLHnicnaL 
XiirAi« 4jo«M act t« ovcTvorki^l, ilvpnTod of rvi>c*^ in l^wl, ii 
0<f (laitj oot«f-ikior eci«»rc&*P. It tbcre It* artj groouiJ to ftmr «cl 
aUttck of Tyj>bnA. Hyna, uul Bapt_ iix»* pmliitrl^ the bwd protin- 
tivA, vith pitulj of frvoh air wid wboliHxnc food. 

Knlerk tV*er— TyplwW FrTW— Gmlrlc Frier, 

IMIiiifinfi.— FiiiU>nrfi*Trr(H]nAj|rd rromiUtctuAr iHitbLdaginal 
«ffodii Mug orklcni m tiir bovnia) i# n ccaitinibrd. iJitrtitlj tnfiicU 
lout frvcr iMtJDp about t««btr-vigM ^ps olt^n ]oofir<v, with an 
^raptMB of ft fnw rwo i^V>r^ <lol« on tbo ^««t, mbdooDMu oo- bftdc, 
Aiwl BliMtKix) Willi gryMtX fn»b1<^ntf« RbdoinJiiAl pnw (V Unili-miM, 

b«iii|f ^piciuB. li<[iij[i of tt U^^ht-ocfare color, pntnil nud ufteo 

Tbi> ^HjVfl lyphoid Mif^nifiM vImfUritj to l^pboP; bot «ltbi 

which ivwW it ioaporUnl b> W oblo eorij to kUntify ili« turintjj 
«v ittity U* fltlM itpoQ to tir*!. TltOs the ciHif4« of tbj4»« ftqi 
cr» dlflfANDl, nitd ^v^^vt t^miiuy i^^pUntionA of mi v%' 
attune Entasis is !m* ciouti^LXu Ibnit Tvphiu; thv teudon^ir to 
ftital buii» TUTlng, tlw tnmtmeoL paivl bv n^bttixl acutrdiiigl|'| 
atvX liirtbcT. if nut iMrir n-cognleoii |tt'Jciilp ih^v jutmsI iti tLi 
QsauJ i>cc^[Mitiuad at n time whca ro*t in but ^hottli rtrobbrre 
fltrmi^ ftiwl iwMJDrsto tbo profEn^M of tbo ilictmstv For tbv naff 
Tvtxt^iiao of lhdH> li^Tosx ¥n3 hAT«> gir«n in n ubtilar lona itm 
diifpf diRbrfHtcMt cin pngn 'H. 

Oftll3«r.— Tlv jniMin of Eot^nc frrrr, Mfr^rdin^ to Btidd, AitkuUt 
tad oUivnit doe» nd originAl'- in il^otapemi^i^ tAwtps but U 
ttSMmitM by llu> spodflc ipowon <«>ot«iiiod m tbo dwahiutrf*^ frota 
^ bovak of tb«> pvr«}n hiAMorl vrilh tho fi^Trr, br ])«iT«oliitio|f 
tliA *oIl irttn ihA vAU nbiHi fmniftb drioldDg-wslrr, or bjr 
inj^ Ibn sir tlinA;){b ib^fn^ti^v avwim or ivstnT-cAottcbk To 
lijpc4lM«l0 Uvut^oBoo tojikw tbc foUovjog objodioui:-— (1) 

nrmir ncrE»'-TyrHDiii rETCR^^oAjimiic /eveh. 78 

■n>iaAiijfnotHwhi«li dio« tbat KnUvie Poror oA«a kn*yt from bad 
dniw^ itMluiwailwit of taiy tnuudBMon brvta Ui« sncL Hm 
dngxr iiriwM «h««i tbn «lnun hfirom«A ebolw^l nps ao tint, tbe 
•nn^ «4ttfpiDtn» mnd fnnaoutB, aud lL«> trftnnuiAnou of tb» ponOQ 
lo A duluioa It Uitp«id«id or AJtiAtcd (2) Tbvir* Hr« iittsiivoitf 
Inrttncin nf TfrfiritifiTrr [if]iiiriii4;in Ikiwm hiiTiaf^ no ooaamnfU' 
cuk» bjr drain wnJ; ncj oCfa«r dwoUiog. (3) Tlipre la na «*idiCM 
Ck&l tkr* Biixibi dl Aitude Anvr jim oif «rii a vfrub-nt nature as 
kw Wci itfatvd 11t« aUtnMlaalA un Uto sick ai« rtn^ly allacM. 
(Dta. Parbs sad Wikoa BoiwithMandiajf rrminUin that Uk^rv ia 
aliotMUafc «vitlE«)eo of tba ctiMaM boutt; tm cootrMlod) (-t) Tbo 
CaH Umt Ui«> jo^if^uoM ol thit diiMAM Sa S&lliMac^d bf tAiDpoi^^ 
la ci'ii-iMiil In tliB idatt that it diipnnil* on a ipt^fio pniM«i alifrivBd 
irom Urn aick; ba4 u i«adily aoeaiminl fir on tka dappoicittoa lka& 
Iha potfou k jpaicratod lij fenacotalioft Oir d«ocuapMUoci. 

It » wiDHmBary faoro to dbcna* tina qUMtion whothor tlia 
m 111 Eatflrii- ft^w u tKiifltlaiaa gvnaolad anmv by Hm 
dancflafv«<Uliai of amva^matfaEr, or wliieUier cmry c^w of (hia 
Itrar «n« Ua ori^n Ut an «uo(«mmx-dc«or«diNl and far-vaodac^ 
fat K«Vk wUch La^ ^xtud an witnuvyv by Mvao afcnd tsr ol>viaai 
ovani; likto tiio titfwiir or coaapool «bK:li b to fona U)« ludiai o4 
•^thm fkoboa, Tha poQnt In th4 nittdmUj fawtkaJ (alUiotigb lUf^f i 
tor eidbnuaiivi* ilisoiaaiHm in llua woA Thm «|ikvtkin 
lliat iiin4i oma'ma ns 14 l^iii^bo' of iinnnrnsl ohj«ia ot spoatano- 
<Katl7 ^euirmtLsJ hj thfs puUwcvDM (rf iitrva^h tbut tbo pJtMxi ul 

it««K Im^nr !■ |>r*>pa^ted bj aavag<A aod ti^ aawaga ualj, hjr ita 
mrtw-lMft aod gamaia ncuaostiomi bonw to om In nir, nr W tboaft 
lAai* |iaTlkla« dnmlrod in "^ad poOoling oui dnukui^-iratitt^ 
miat tb* iHMon ia tbaa coorajfld ^ vv ngrml, and iWi^fora OH 
ftUb) aota-vr is the UBcnniti- Icr aluniaatiiijc tlM |ioiiioa from o«r 
•tr, oof wat«ir, ami oor milk. 

Tb« dikr «otim>t of w«1f<r pnllnlian, tbim, am Um UiX\nmbt^: — 
(1^ fi«rftiaa ««llfi whivh mr* aujtplra] with mMtitr ftllvtvij 
«av^oolB or ikdjacrnt cbardiranK tba aitrat** of tba fuil 
to^ to Ibo vat»r 4ncci~i4iT« n|«ri(UTi|; aod fionutal <iualiU<«; (3) 
MOtMi^aff of dnaking watvr riEUvnawith thA»oil ppo.orlba 
bf a valar^pifw^ «bk-1i altm iwrvwi aa aa air iikjift Inr «hlpb 
tba mfmer gavaa riw intUk and an* tUvulvfU by. the waifr vUeb 



im ttn* abuuL to i\iiak-, (3) Uie poUuUon «>f tlia air of our ti 
hy Ht'wnce produda throuffh opeoux£» doJnsiveJj " trepprd,'* boi 
ivhidi iKior ihtir fliuMMi plovrljr into cur dtubbors, vrhidi. bj Uw 
nnJMitiaa of tho Ktaioiphoi«v ■'t wioUir Mpt^i^llj^, vuck tbum is 
with grvftt idroiL Extra flm* nod lighU in tho wintiir uimiMMi, 
vbm outwr door* kiuI wuidown nr» cbixnd, fi:inn n nott of pmafV 
iM^eDtug tb(» pTMstLTo iipou th« wotar-trapa or tfaa hooaft^dniii^ 
ood bring Dp th» pvvdnoto of docoiDpontioa frcm tiw w«rim. W» 
too readil/ tak« for granted that tbo im}M &r« sirttght uid do 
OOt &Uow tbe gaM« to ttwl in^i^M ti^ i~>ijr ApArtnii intn- 

HjUi|)li)DlH. — tljf«0 ouiy 1ri» di^jj«l tulo (I) Uioau ij< ihA 

MOowoD, &ud (S) thoM of tbo tiureo v«4<Uy |>«rio(b. 

UolOM iLo poiiaofl is vc^y <ioiieKitntod, tbon ia a fiMiwl 
inmbsUoQ. vuTicg from Bfiven U> fourteen di^/H, afl«r ^hich tho 
diM^Afw mlb ia b]ow]v rai] inMdiointjr, Tbo pAliiijl (hvooma 
luigiiid Aud bdispOMvl to cx^rtloai is obiUy amI uuwillm^ to 
3mvi> U)d &rc; Ihi* bucJc a^Jimi and tiic lufft trctabUti tlio appptit* 
fmik, nod tlivro atu i»tvn tiaoMU bad •iclcfii<««; ILio tocigoa U >tUitc^ 
tbo brtalh utfTHUvivo, &iul ufttiu Itic UuxMiL in fturr^ iW binroU «js 
gimp^ilLT r*Uxnl; iht* ptiW iit quickL-uud. nod tlio iilawp ^Nlarbnl 
Iboi« avaiptoiiui ffFMhiaU)^ tDOrouiii^ ikr potiptxt ban prdml^ 
rigon, vwxymdod by bdnlttcQed ttrapontliut^ avvvrc hoftdftcfao^ and 
•neb muscular dubolit)- that ho t«kM to hi« iMd Tbia w ih9 
Kcnwdnn. Tbtt LVKin«> »f the (t-*vr uuy miw bn dividMl tnto 

Jlinri nVdl.— Tbo pinmsDMii fty ro piog w an, — lairrlfti oxdt^ 
BHOit oad tuvrrou* oppr<Muii. indndioi; n liooukdibg |>0^\ LHJ per 
iikkiiitfi, gr*«t hmc^ of fildti, thirM, nod olvimrDd tnvnUl facuiliw; 
lli0 ]i«l)Mit mituot giv« a nohMiHit iuiM:rtint at liiiu'wifa roupbiiu 
€d little «V3i^ b» hood, ftiid b Qffiudiy iolihc^iu at m^^liL Tha 
aUonwo «<klar|:Mv u reooniiot on p«rr«iMk<a, and tlniro is ittuhsT' 
una orrT4>n piiin On lln» ptvwims o«poriallv in ibf* rij^ht ifit 
fimOt ttdar tJM Ifmniuotinn ^if Uio tunnll iQl4«dni^ vhere a 
gmgUiig mnnatioa w 04ivrir<l In ikw &Ui^n» txi ponHHiu^^ 
bom Lijir ittmuf uf tlw f^iudnc tiuda. 

SeoufttJ H'«0j^ — Dobtlitr uid f*iDftciMion bMom» viay 
tb» uiMd«« mutiny ad «otl u tl» tat; tbn rmno i« MMMtf 
buftvjr, buuig ^aadod vitb nroft from wiwUiig uf Uio nicragiiUMd 



1 1 

Dorinir Ibe WooDd week tbcn i« nlfo faoqncutij diurba*, 
wWefei geftfrmOj fnueaw to fir*^ ox, or oreQ mora eranuitkiiM ia 
tvmtj.fcmr liaurii Ttiv spinAiR rhnrnrl'trfi nf (hn PtmnuitioEM nrn 
lb* foUotn&g:— Floidit^i p&le ochiv ur^lrab color; uckljr potdd 
«>dar; ^fanasoe gf Ulv; uhI a floomlobt tMxiv of diirinttgraMi 
glude of Uk« //nfM. Thift dvbrw may be ditwivend by wmMe^ 
tlM» dlicfangML It it dao worth Do<iM thst often before a patknt 
tnkwi lt> hU bftU or ldo*Mie» of thm bomh v<Oi iii. tlio Aseae kt* 
ol a Ugbi'Ocbm Odlor, «Dd ftiraiafa Ike moe4 mnrkBd of tho ouly 
sign of £ntonc icrvr, 

Tkird lIWi;— Tb« dvtiili^ end «Ki*diiliocL booocoo vxtnitws Ui» 
pMieot tton «3Cie&ded oo bie teck, flokuig lowirde Ui«i foot of th* 
bed, vhhoat makJDg en tittan tn ehnn^ or prpeiffe hie poidtlOft. 
TlntfB IB a btigbi end puikiHh flitfJi uf ibv cbn-ks. ittu<^b (rfroigly 
coaUttda wttlt Ili« mrrcnimUD^f inU^ skiii; aunlis uxur on tbo 
ttmooiu xwrobrftDo of tb^ uoatli anii bpd; tie toojfuo in drr and 
fanmn, or rrd aud f(U»>d, u&d ofteu mcgb mid vtiff, bke old 
Itfetbar; Ui* Qhn<i U fm|ni-rt]y mtjiinm) fnxD iiukctitm of the 
bbdder; Uin taxm pAM witbirat ouatni. tbtt toMlottN icUri from 
biqfkbi', Ceeblv oo(itr«ctioiu of tbo iuomIm; tbe imUcoI pidsB 
tmatlj at lli« bed-cMbent or Kru]w (U bUck epoltf. lib> tii« oq 
lli« wteiE (t>i*i'<<4V tK>^i(oiif4v)» vh&efa *|>p«*r belor« his «ycei be 
deaf, DO Ioniser knom bin frie&dfl, n&d on raoofwij wiU 
UttUor tm ri<znf<ai1jnuiri* iil niijibt^ tluit bee Ht tliU time 
^flc iif TwJ, ttfld ia ^ |>robjibiIttv hifi intnlkiobu] ponrerewilt bo 
tBi|iiunKl for eottM tisio oftcET cofliralcitomicc. 

la (be n*jcnqr of blAl cmmh, dMtb oocim ebool the ood of 
lb* thin] VMtk; end )t u e noCiiblie ttat that there egnme to be ik» 
ndetkiQ b«4«*vci tb«> gMti«*r)i| nymj^ncm fuid tbn nltimato tm<u^ 
nnikritiif the dieeesc uon of grvet iu>e«ttaiitlj' ftad ptv^iluiitj . 

The Ernption.— ProantheMTmth to t]» foari««oih day, Uw 
AareHJvirtio ampboa f[MH>mlly b<^nA to abour Haelf, cbi«Sy on 
IIm ln Ti mfl HDid ofit^rfhiuBr >a th* torm of laia-aotaod doti^ 
vUeh m bw in tnuober, nmnd, raw!jr vjpretod, uid inenafibly 
fads into tiv nntund ban of ILp itomnndi&i; iLkiiL TLi* qnjintitj 
<4 Iho imIi boo(9 no proportion to tb« »«<Trrity of Ibe dieMia 
l^ie enoeeeffv* d«Jv eruption, dlMpp««ni]g on prrenm^ «Mb 
•pot omtinoing vUble for thnn* or four dajv only, ie peooliar lo^ 



US rmj 

Ukil absoloWj diagnostic of, Ty|i|ko4d i&nr.^ is^bm.) Tb» 
vaxip ot iba* i-niptiuii ia mn-l^- fiJljr iijijdi&uvi-. but hi 
crop*, <»ri>o <if not man tbiui two or Uirv^it vpniit mviii rccspTi? oU 
doiUit AUbLruifh th(^ r<w<- <xiIor«xl raMb u iMrvtff »i<?« wtUi in uay 

btibi^ m1>le lo defpct « wn^t^k upoc OccmdocuJI^r, uUo, 
miiiuU* i^HieW Apii«ar, lui»kin;{ lik^ dropH t>f inivAt (AmiAm^na' 

IViiipinttnri'. Tho infonuati^u affonJix) bj tbn 
thf»tnciiiiM<>r in tht* dirifjnoeuii of Eiitcric frTt*- in vory tnpoilwi 
Ici all ihry tunttu vpoctJic fvvur* Utci u<eai)unttum U flbsiofowll/ 
nadwHl; in ihi^, nlnvatitm in gmdnnl, vhiUi in nuvi titbnm it b 
nbrupt. Dumi^ tW finft tiareo a lunr Jnjra nv Iiavo Kmtaiij 
tukj «3mi|4<imA to indicate th^ tnvnaloa of n> mhijua a iluiaMd 
oxfff>t Ui# gndiul olt^vntjon of Umi irf^mi-vrntnrty; but if, oa Uw 
fourth i>r fittb day, t^« nnxuuQm tMBp^intnr^ aUuu^ duriikf 
tbe l.wMiiv-fDtir limiro b«> aot 10S^& or 104 iloff- tb*« di 
moBi |ir<j4>uli!t iiol Eutt^'ic fcver. Anil, fiutlii-r, if uu iHc &ni 
MOmid (bh<r tbiT ixiuxamim U-iu|>pr4iun^ nvi^iLni tiU 4k<i|C>» 
diKUfw lA MMOO ctiKT ncuto forrr, on th^ tmnponuiu^ ootr gn^KL- 
n}]y atUiUin Bi%eU ■ cU^^rvwm Kutorii? forar, Al tbti AomnihixattiootT 
tht* il(B)^iHiM i^ difllcLilIf ii^Afimncb na iht* cimnu^iewit^ki null itoM 
ttai tiauoll^ aitpMir U-rtuv Uie hiiUi, mnueliuiiw iiolitll tlit^ twi^fUi. 
day of Uit^> dutvei Abd. ii»l««Mi. iu cIhUUmi, ouibul ttoooiimtfv ba 
obKTTffial ftfi7tf4W«i, T«mp(viitiin- i» «1m>iui itiip<;Tt«at 
in tho |mi|CtiL>iiK Tfaiu vm havit grviu vartaiioaA iii Ili« Iimo 
tain) iu (jiti'rio f^vur. bviiiff low tii Uii< tu'i-iiinf^, mid aUmmnn 
lUBximuij ilivrn* ia tbv inuuiuif. Ttiti ^iqIih" Uu<wi dmrtanll 
mi Umi i-nd xd Uw tfioaad wook. tbo uon> b^FoijibbJv i ■ Uil< ftUiifilLt 
ftbd tU(* nborUr iriU bo iU dnralion. If ihe Uim|v«ii£tirv 
MnsMU'mblv ib Uui ibuming, utvn though tbt» vwuiu^ riMt 
coiuid«nb)e, tbp pnjgn*^^ b« fATonbin. On tbi* oibor 1 
tbiNild Uid Ir^mpontiirv tbiiiu^ tli« iwouad w«>k rwnAui oucitio 
o«»1jr bijfh. w iBuy |irvdi<«tA » aivrtn^ aud pvnloii^Dd atf tt cfc; 
A^iuu, |)rubAUx Ute JirH indiotUon of impro^MKia iti <:«uu o^H 
pofuaLvnL olovntwiQ ot lbi» tonjiMfrmliuv in A dMitiuA in ihp uuvmji^^V 
tompcwtiim. Wbr-u such a cUcliu* oooan, ajk^mII/ H \i. bi 
n^jntttod uu unliMHjwiat dnji^rvfui tlMOifh tiip nujunimn toai|ieni* 



TElU'lU(Al-rii£ CTCLB. 



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thftt till' 'flVPT hju liAgTtn to nbnta It in I^la % mAiAnx hi' in 
toaipenUnre taay b« ootuwqiuiot on ZKnnbcoft ^ad lLx3axaihMgii>~- 
probf-bly tbo Inttor whcro it IaIm* plooo traddoolxt but, oMiAUjt 
other ^m|)toDa« wonld iodioal^ «tiah na ooourrvootk tJaUk* 
l^pbo^ tbd cU>(<hrt«i in> t«to{3«r*tnra \b gvoarHlIv grulaftL 
(SMt T^tmpralitrv CtutrtM, llgh. 4 ninl R, pp. 79 sod 61.) 

M<m1 pntobi^ in Ui<» i>vfn, durat; the HparabuQ of the gjbutid* 
tiijioghr, nud iit&7 U) citlm- cuinUary or frooi tho op«iniikir ol • 
lacgo Toiw*l- Tho diiM^hiirg« uf blood muy bo ho gP>M •« to b« 
ImmctdiAtftly Mnl bv iiunkmittg, or it nuijrtn nminuJj^ fmtAl, hf 
eiihauelin^f the g^auviLt «o thai he haa oo power to beu ay a^fttiBit 
th« fonv b ito rabMqnMit ccurae. Socaetiinei^ vrillK>ut %ny 
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•aoddMJy bl«Dch«d and dJ«H In & Rwoon. I& rooh a cuw a /'O'f- 
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f««xi]kr to a particvitnr locality or eouotry. Tbo oi^tinft caoa^ 
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grovrnd, known by tha t#nii inHtiiriii i>r mamb-tniaiimjL FatigiiPi 
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to ai«bt^air. aa4 prwioiM aUaekv of A^tMs an pradiapoaian 


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by fnt>r-(li>i**H ul Qiiitiint*— (]i<> Diirab-Aifm- Ivd^jn- relivniil G 

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ftiroiilpil; tti'itt ^\it\ng i^ ^^aiullng in a frnrTMit nf %\r. 

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BjifB^jtA, bnrtiM hnvUluag, Dnlimia, ^e, Uttd of th» ■ jiu ] 4tm a 

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IhimliuiL^-'niU fever IjwU rmn cn^ to IliTee d^rv, cr longw. 

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In iLa |)t«kCiino«« of lyphiu* l'[u<umi)iLiu,. Ariit«> IUi<>(iniAllfliik^ eta 
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qoaoUtiMi of PipMuAe poiooiv, u of finimc or lyphiu poUom; 
Aiolftl or bodily Utigon or •xei4«iDmt; or Any ttmunauaoaa 
iriiM «borle iJw w^rroon i7i«#«n. U nuy tho be aModal^wl wllb 
rario» local or fimotlDral dfatnri«tE)n«, m bruMfiMl or gwrlria 
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ly. tbifl reoiMl}* will be mpidly oflectital; If it bv tlw prvcnr- 
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friMu fan) mncb li^flit, biPAU ooitKS cotupuiy. tuo manv ur bio tki 
b«d-cu\«niit£s 0^ crvrytluii^ IUmIj to coom omtmnvnt or pnw 
vaat «ilaA|x Id tJuk amrlj ttaga of tho fwcr, tliB adoptjoa of tbo 
bnt (oot-l«tii, dvMnhnd p. 4», or ibo ttvit-|*nk ifL M>, oTtm 
ra>Uiin« Uw «q«Qibrium ul tb« ^olffm, vr, at lc«at, luMUns Uiv 
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uiUMsty of tbu fcrtcr, wJiicb ia inaluhm>\ lutil diAnur^^^acwl 
pMft intooiitj of HavSnclu^ tbi» puo d^rtiug with % ntvm 
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Aaturfauicv of Qw lit-fir, nud frvtjiBnutly rnllawiiCB* at Ow 
XL* tDftUicbttot local icrtf^ of warn ctiiMUw m mmUy of 

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Ak tUack may 00010 oa floddMiljr, ur Iw gradiulljr BMumiiaitiffd 

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faj Lba wottl ^nmnnory <diilU. Tbp hut '<«|!l^ cv period 
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at Ui* ^pJgRtitriuQu and [miii ia ttw n^pott ot xhm livvr 

anxxafiuuiBunt; vrben A1m<m •jvapuoaB «re vcty Duvkadl or tiMid 
ii l*UAf|-y or CoflUt 4 w««ro form of tb^dtfMMnogr bo«xpecMll 
tfaatv U w\»'j maMiuiM VuuiUojC ^ ootorkn, UlioiH, or Umdf 
nWtfiL Tfav )>4roKAyni toif tniiiuU* Cm from «ix or «i««n lo 
thirtjr^u ur ^j-«^l bounL Iittbilitj 1u nliwf« b tucut «xia* 
iteiL Tbo Unit fuMBrixUioii 13 Um Imicvet; buS eisDfinlljr altar 
t»«tvo or HXti*«i hoata Uw ftjrmptooii TcmL Tbtt dnmik/^ 
|h# mratokta U hb ^rarkoiu «* Uutt of tbo bo4 »Ug^; Ui4» vacooi 
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lk» fcv&iv i iM( *J t> whitfft it i% obljr paKtiUI}' K> m Um) Luier. 

Tmatmeal* — Tki> Ai^ uni uxM imnmUia^ o()>ioi of b«M- 
k to iviicioii tlw fuaT« mad tn^iMttycy ot wt^nii] wUud 
dming tlkv panA^ocL UIiIJ^h-) Tbu. to Uw lxHnnK>|iatb, u «(lttU, 
ta pn— Tibiae A«txittaiti ; *bJ tbiM^h thai ntoadjr hov tw 
iMlat^i to th<t LiLoul |.iuwj«i iE*«ll, it i* cap«bla of *gacLiag '^Ui* 
fip4 aiul ib<»l UunuHtiot*- ubjort of tivatmnot.'' 

EiiiUiUM-of TrMtnu-ut.— 

1. Prmttmory Sf u^r. ^<J*4il, Cuupb. ^ebUl«>* 

IL iifd Si^tge. A«eia ami BM 

& ^rf ftt ju^aJ £bi0K.^l|j«CL (jfMtnediKturiMaov); Aapt ur An^ 
(^rphotd oofulition;; Hjoo. or B^U. {Ikd'Uriofii}; CoA 4d«9fili 

Oji. or Hbua. tOocoo. ur Mlufioti; PbiM. (JaundlnvV; AiS«' 
Arif.-Nlt, or V^rat ivxcvMuwr Xvtoiiut^ or Uock v uouL trie). 



tfUiUble to ItftiuilUrut FvrvTi 

SUnplfl CboJi^rft— Spor«dk niokra. 

Doflllithiti- — A diMStttto wompvxitfd by votsiltng mud parf^iD^, 
the djt<'li&r)^ Lvlog bHi^u ldi«tingti3idiing it fh»n malt^mit 
Cholttnu in which thu dindmif^ luv mit bflion), and whidi. tt 
Qjtcbr«kML tntty bo followed by Cm«fk« in Um* bIuuuc^ and buweU 
oud ooUapaOb It oocxm from oc<wiioaioJ avnMVi uid in «iDj|V <■* 
Mtttof^ euM; htfcw* tt i« oidltvl tiporihdici 

8ainDiii>r l>InjThrMi. by which U idmsI th« DiarrtUBS |ir«f»laai 
in anUimu and jei but uvAtLer geoiandlyi in of Uio tmum cfamraoUvv 
and rHjuinM 4amil&r tntatakectL 

Epitome of Trf'AtnK'nU— Oompli. (dalLi); Iprc, nR. Coloo. 
(«Oforo icnpuifi; or Cr^mp*); Cbio* faiiDplu diwrhcvtio oviwiialioii* 
with gTi]ii[^); Vrriii--!ilh (i4iHlib*ti iind rioJi-nt Rttacki of Vonhiof 
■nd VRbirr Pikrrluni, vwa with CYnutf-i luid ndU[w<); Ii4« Vtv^ 
0)Uiou« mtjtiottit with «olkky [)aiaf>); At«. or Acvn. fcv>lta|i«eV 

For farther dKiub ho S«ciJo& on "* Di&rrbcBiu^ f rum whkh it 
Itt dtfCm^uidlMvl b\' hMC^ ik>t « locvJ bot & gvotfol diwaiift 

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In tbU diMAfts which nm#bi the dTufts uf Uib old 
HwBc<op*thy hiM wnn horilliMit nod luidyuic triiunpha 

l>tllllitian. -U«lnniAQl <JMn\ a miMoiUje ^at^a^ (ofLOD 
tfpidwbrL, i^t^iio^t^l tbrau^ IJm> Air. aud conunniikBbln frotn 
Dni» ponuL L) aDuthiT« 14 tMdull^ ii^hi*n\l in \iy prvmonibsry p^ti- 
hwn Dttrrbmi. luid aocuitiptuuud by midxlni jmntrfttkuk, 
dirrin«i, •pofiw of the txnrttla ood lin^ faiulneva, profdn 
(lio^wiUr) rjT bloody dri&o ditfchari^ Vomiting, bandog 
■I ttiA ifajnach, C4>ldiwv«i And duapoiw of ih» wltoU nvrfkot uf thv 
hoijf, odd toE)giM> nTtil hrvntii, tinijni^iirhaMA thinj, f^Mm mpid 
pttb^ tfitroiM- nv4livAU»v«, ^ifij)r*i>«4<iil If^tftlljiiEx. ttlbuuuDDOH tir 
— p p n— od mttii'; blmroMQ of Uii^ bodj, muiIdcq and ftpi«IU&2 
CDontaiuun, iwcoliar odor fhxu tlu^ bodj, ooQapM^ and ILiudiy — 

Cum.— Putholo^iiU iLn« net j-ot Bfpiwil lut lo Ih* MCArt dktr 



After of thA maUriftt mor^ bot am TUki&iiDuiu in rvgnrjing tlw 
diwottM tm m iuu>i wnini» utu^ la Iiuliu mid utbnr Am«U« tvaah- 
triii^ ii ift wprcUUy poddra «i>d fatal ln*uiKin« of iIm'^ UkiA^ 
]4m* in two, tivDO, four, or nkoro hcma, am mxlmu^y ooBanoa, 
Tb« «fp«rutfiaa|(tiimldarugFaffiD«rTiiiiUAici«uicf <^ l4MAbi« 
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th«L tfa» ]Da)4 pofntmodiiinfni bTonblo lo ita f^vwd biv iNTn*rt3i-, 
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fofianl iluMttM, HhL HCippl^ th* poot>Jt* mtli wbukMOka food aad 
pm* waMr. tn «^ readnr JoofientiTft th^ powetful ag«Doid» bf 

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iBltfTikK din«tl V th^Snt tfjntpkmw of CboWa — DiArrbo*, cbiUi' 
n irm. ukd ■pMBiodi« pftiiu itt tiu obdooua^ttio Tio^joed. U i« 
flOMi ioflCEMl to can IH* dH » ofl inoBaeduitAly in tliai aug*^ 
9Km&d Uift dlMHW bfftv umd) adnuuMvl Irtfiw tbo law of Cwn|ilt, 

jfcMMttfvM. — [>r. Hnai>«l fo«ft4 th» rvakudy faoioently tiaeful, 
Ariag lb* first inTBCKum of th« iliaM**^ iit rontonns the pttbse ftod 
mminj: tb* vita] iw^tiOQ KWMnlly. 11m Ix.. or atmn^ tintattv^ 
ifcrmttl bi gi*<*i- Oar trwu t^ptfrimai with Afliu-. ilorin^ th* 
rirtAmi V of 1840'", wbro wi» pr««CTifc«d il in »e^ri4ml ofe»c« of 
KurbcTft With jjCTMkt pftin-ia tbo bowpl^ <r»UbiiM0 of tbti bod}', 
And WbdAvurooB Kppaftruxus ftUly confirmk tb« fdroipjii^ iiato^ 

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imMimioii. like Ut4 «3nnpbjcn briuf icon owvkvd thao the pro- 
fwnwm of Ui« dwduw™- A 'K^™' ''vny tlkul]r lo oity tnitiirtga- 

l''tfn«Cmab — Em««ink r^naitiii^ ar»l DiarrhrM^ with Cnrnpi^ 

W^^ AcP W WOrjr MraniL — AWolat*- nmt ut tbf> iwnLiiilwtsL |)urtutT\ 
^^bvKi Ui« w7 coumeooeBi0Dt of Um Piarrbfloi^ A bop^nl aod 
I dkMffol rtaitt of ndwl ihoiikl W fo<t«r«d; a prwwittBwnlof itatli 
I faring Mi*i^qr»hlft. 

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kwd ■hIm' nay be ptvn frMljj iku fuod, ikiMh l«v icimnlaot*; 





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adrim hu biMVi j^i^rtn, nnd ittiociU \>v luto^ttM on Uw carUtft 

Hh* Uuwio UuriM Iv well nirtHl, n(p«oiallj tbo ^wpin]; ttpoB^ 

BlCBbs wfak^ bhioold be krfC (^Tf Vld dodJi, 

All cAtvia ftr»D£ from ili>eay<d rnumol or nd;«iUhJ« satalanQMi 
OQIffat to 1v^ fC^ rUl of: iNi[:MM|i»oiillr, ^vtspooli and dttnt bubs 
rfloiUd bn dii«Dr<d Ai:i, anil wntcr<rf|uii|ji iknd itrmtui sutd* inrftoA. 
Duifaifi^ctanU nbciiilil f» liliernlly iimhI, 

All t-KpoMiv to eoM aod wci diould be KTOidi-H. nnd oo w> 
Amount qhoidd any o&« riL in ^iip <rk4liMi pvtk^Uarly ia liip' 
aboM vul vtodui^c*' Okre tilioald b» Ikktm to svoM obitti or 
^oddo); l>rrt|>iTiitjuii, Clolhiiig ttip4 bifr MiAe^Mit to iBpap tb» 
baly in n ccnuf rtable mnd iiTwn UnnpRrabm. 

alr«4ioii]d b«i cidtiTnhHl; mW m^fulnrily m tli« p«rio^ ol n iwat 
ftnd TofrMbmociU lUinfit}' ol tnind ftoil Into boium ^ "tld b* 

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bshiL Krtvy rrrto dhixild. biiwrvvitr* bit mnrv ihrnm tinlmirilf 
cvtfnl to aU&ui frc^m nur Ariicl& ot food (irii«ch«r A&lmal «r 
vi^;<iUbU) wfairli mar havo diftordcm) hitt difrrattoa tipou fonsfir 
oMMduow, w> niattnr bow mlritioiia tfid di^iMt£blft 1o Iba i^vnar- 
alJtT» nivl to ATS-iM fill mrinnpff nt i« i r «w in nntJn^ and ib'iiilaii^- 

Raw vi^i^irUlblm, ttivir aufl nitripe fktdlja, rnrianiK-r^ >*lBdis 
pickka, HCv. ebosld aut b» idlowed. 

Wbojprorm* vinfttM of ripe fmitfs wbtf4b«r in Uuxr n^urml cr 
dMbnl >t■U^ Btfd v^f^abM |>tain]jr noAMI, toay be talcvo fa 
■ndarattno, by iboM with whom tii«7 agrve. 



DpflllitinrL— A »pccilk\ ouutA^uiu, a&iI AuawLtim ti|riil«tiilo 

falood. vul ta wfaU^ Uwiiv tK omdntion of Ijrap^ on tfa» lu;in|7 of 
^Mi fnmilK Cmvw** »id iip|wr part of tliA AlrjMMa^f^, nr, uen^ 
«k»k4ll}'t (<ii »B alinflf^I [lorliriii of Uu* akin, aUvndKl vrUb icvonnl 
pavitlfttkMaki uid f!uuii>cii£im n^cuftrkahVe D«rroUB ]4iiviioid«Ojl 

A« Jnst dMn^MNl. it ia u blood diat^ar. num^esU&f loral di*- 
ttDBtir* i/mfitotiw^ IL vciuhl bu incuircci in tbMif^r, Uimfotwy 
•ad BftlgUt bad to ^nrtf vmvn In tTVAUueul. if the ooauiCiluUi;<i&I 

ftboKt tbo UmjaL tuul no CouocnfmUii^ tlw oUcotion on tbo 
[lamTH iMBrtirf., mUxo* Uion aAUo&pt&ff to oopo witli tiiio wholo 
Sjr|ii|>totiiv--D]plitbi>riji U fUrUibln itit^ two gIjmmim, ftmpU 
h1 aniiijiiJiuC. lu ihn Mmjilo rahitti, )iii|i|iil/ tlii» ii:h>d. rucnnnnu 

i«h] >^i|B:l>t dilllAdty <ir »<wjdlA«ha^, or pHtii m tbv UifxiAt, 
'fcnrndog akia, ptljiA in tho limbn, ^iir., kM iA ri>»MliJy ^nnl l^ .hmi 
or ncnt of Um rolkjwtn;; raniKUoH. ThTitli^uiit [>i{^btLunn is 
««Auml in witli -u-msn- fuw*^ nKunk TutuiUng. or |iiirgisig« >i>dJmi 
ffn««i [iro94mt*ua uid r^wt U ' tfinmu , Anxiona oaatttwwnoty vie, 
puiatibt; to tomo orprwWUmtiif disAftu?. under wbldi tbo »j«tirfti 
i« UbonTiif. Tbo mkin b bot, tli« fiiiH» lluibod, tbo tbrofet «on^ 
■ml lJi>> motxiot m^tahnm^ \Tri^ln^; tlia tooidlH uw ■voUmi, 
iAcI |p>T 'IT vbit«> imtrliMA of d<<fii(v4t ii]kiti'iu' un thi^w, ^[udl ai 
find, btit j[mliiAtly mlai^c^;. m> Pvit out- |KUeb iMrgn Inio 
ajD(>UiiT. fumiiif ft Mm* DDiTCSLtiTmiM' ill Ui<> ibniM, rpodmng *wil- 
lovi&K apfl Mint hrwiiUuui; dJflkitlt In flom' c«m«, tli# Mm 
tli UB tff m o btt» Iwi^ti d-^^K^I, utiA ntisv i*Ttjvtnn Mfiwi>^ f^t^^tnl^ 
iMUbrU iLU i-VATl iixrufil Lif till.* tJinwL Tbv *-xuiUlivni 

of Dif>btlicra lOAj W dii^iQifniBbnt from «l Ak>Ufb by it* iHuiljf 
:, hy Uk- r&rililv vitb wbidi A ovi oftm bo dc<»cliiNl« 
Irj tb<> mtliMv Uiiu t-viioBod brti^ v^V bQ4 aoi oImv^CmL 
Thf twlmt mttshnuie luobi lilne dirtj «R»>b-lmtbi>r; niul Iwtvw-n it 
■^ lb* trtu^ mombmiifr on odkuaJT^ bJumty <li>cbftr]E9 ctxudMp 
ia|i«rtin4E to tbo p«ti«fit'a htv^lb ■ bmhI repoUre odor. 1W 
gload* ot tki» omJc wv dv«yit onUrfftd. MCWCiaMi pftiu U fdt in 



ihv 4«r, nckd Ibore lit RUC4jndiy BtiDrkeM uf Uio ufK^ki Ui» mAunaw- 
tiou b liablu t<) oxUnd rapUU}-, in ooiu«qi)cnco of tbn «u«ktititutjrj 
of thi< lining roivDtffwin at Uut Uiruut with tlin bhjuIIi, Dom*, wind- 
|Hpi\ mwX (Tfrai tii0 ftir-tubM of tL^ ]nn|^ If Hm diM«M i>rogni«b 
Ui« |tatj<»nt p4MtA« inio a Mtijior, mul Uir cU^Iculi^ of mrnlliTmig 
or brooihiog Iticfoomvs ti]] thn faUo nact&briiDi* U fcrabljr ojacivd, 
cr tli« iMiij^ct tlioA frL'ii) hufftVAtion, the c^udatfuQ blocUnic up 
tbe air-iiibw; or, nor^ frviiiiiontly. hi? ^inlw fhim eiluiuitii 
tuoulAr U) Uiat a buM T td in Enleric: tcvtrr- 

|ituiir<'n>iiE< Synptonis, — IficrvuM^i taior of Ui« biT«tii, * 

qnkk, fpt^bl^*, or rory aJow pubc, ponistcnt VomitiTi^; djiowntwt* 
ni<d Dt'UHtuu: Uootting frooi Iho tK»«; octaiiMdoa of tLa din^^g* Id 

incTvoito ttf tm)]vnitiim. 

i)iii;nii>His, DipbUitvia dtffi*m fnqn Croup \u t^^vni (Kuula:' 
1. Th^ro If- A }irvinii>nitor7 ill&c«w witliortt pretuL>nilory ix>«^ 2. 
Tho looal inHuntnatlon b«g^Q4 In thi> pliu^iuc iiutMul oT 
tnolwiL. &]tiioiigb it miiy sfU'rwuriU h|inqtd Lu Uia fhsora. fifM^iba-^ 
gU!^ tuid duktiwnpln (i1lie;i; Uii* nvpimUir; tncL ^ 11 >iUM;la» 
adoll* M vvill jLi chiljJmcL f It in AU4TmIcrl «itL cxUiium* 
4spr*«noii of Jitivu^j^ njkd in ndnH* i^ nminlly fntAl br A^UtfOiu, 
but id d)Eldr»n «om«ttiinM hy wphyxm^ U^rotigh otwtmoboci at th* 
lAiyruL f^, T>iphltif>nji ja itifldngniahHl T^^- n fnW mranbnUM] 
vliilu teiiiiiciouA vLBiid oiucua cuvtrm the buuiku uivtnbnav 

K>umo haw thon^t tbftt Diptitbrrin vftia uuJj ScuHK Iwor' 
vitbottl tat oruption; but, ftlU^oTi^h tliutv m ivomu au«Lo(ci' U.-tvo«fti 
tbcMP disNUH^ frirthiir invntti^timi biw ttfa^nrn tluit iWjr Km 
difiliijri MiTi^oiiv Irk DLjihibi-nn. th« fimir i» fnm tLr fin4 
Uj ii>4li>.'nic l>i>^ wliil'^l Mh^ii A condilJQii in nn •xocptiou 
Scfirlnliai. An iktbvk of Scftrlotiiko ooitfiir* no fri^mptioo tnm 
■nbaoqaoni l>i|ibtki>na, tiu^l ri<v t^rrwi. Thti nfUf-nCoctA o4 
Drpbtiwria uv of & lurrm* ni-rvo*i>i Hianui^r; thoM^ iif 
juvtJn* niitftiifff in tbv LidoL-ju ur Uiv cLvnL 

Ca^M* and llodf of E^pagatlon.— Iinpiu« a»r, from ii 
loot ilrftiDA^ Itviog too ucv inikniirQ-di^puuU. ctltttt^titor' 
or «hor«> wuiftl HubiCADcm am tn n d«t4t of dtfOonupootioQ. 
txjvuaaeJf oconri w &a epidomic, «iu1 n aolitiuy ciuw mAj prov« a 

afscial tKDicATtoen^ 


Hx ^vMdiog thu ducoMv Th* MiTtfity of ih» nUmek ft«ii» 
'io dsfwftd H naikh oa tho boohli of tLo poticoi m on Ui« diV' 

SpqneliP-.— Aft^ a lUnvt poriod of oonTrntowoeooi a few tMaju 
ooo ur (wo iri*«^ etqiwhft sn Apt lo ariws BuaU; of did- 
imwmtioci. nryifig troua «l«lectir« luonoika puwc in 
or Bure Bcto ol moMlM, to k ddoto or l«a> pcHeoUf de£ji«d 
Ijnbi Ndrv«a aboot th« throftU tho «eet of IIm loeal naai- 
of tbo (liM«Hc an i»pc*d&U7 liftblu to ua^cr, uuudng 
tj vC s«»Uowiiig, Uuanwark*^ rtn Tbu itaoHi &l&niurkg im 
of jMOTOOA power of tbe booi^ vith f«frblcdioH» of AotioDf or, 
Mcbwo* oftHi, ooKiplrto ocmtttitxL Bni nTOoirvirj frDn tbo 
mtqi^rln ui ix4 iiUTmiDNtC though it in i-otwrnll^ pr^oa. 

TrmtJiiifiit — Siien-UI InJu-atioiw. — Bgitadtmaa. — Wld 
nilihltjr rmofWi and ittorf* >wTi>rp oww uAmi jvnld luider 

roeonsiendfl ■ frwr ivwjft to iho ud of UeII, but myy 
propt-rij bUiK tlut if dfH?idi*J impnflnamii htm nut nMilied 
vitkm forij^'Vigbt hatin of ODumwaeing itH ua^ or if tin* Hjnu]>^ 
yiadd nt firnt tD tlin tiitundy, but aaiia niUinv tbi«« U tu 
Ivuda^' in prTw<T<tniij; with rL 

A*!vL-Mw. U^lviuuit i>]pbtlMvii, witli foul, fftvyvh nioon- 
tiou <4 lb4> Uijnit, f>v6d br«iiitb, M«d groal g«>i>Mrftl proAmtioik 
iHmMljr fihiki]l<1 1m iiwiI in a low <lktatku, In fr^^TUkntly. 
doHHi; uul loT«tljr m a p«iiillo tlu tfaroftL uriui agugio^ 

JVin'.fod.— This ivonMly hu prorod of ffmst valiw in Uis 
^ aiul ithixJi) bo nUtQiuuturvd iw Mom ob «nf dipbthoritio 
H» oUmttaI in th»tUrtnt» or itvrvltiii^ of tb» fjlvudii of 
niv-k DiiBrtilt airiUawiiig, juun in. aad «wiilli])ff iif, Uut 
jfVj itlKid*, u>d ifothd Hiro tbroal, iodjarto Uik rvowdy. 
Ite 1> or 2k tHtiLtntign i» tbo iiroQj[tb oa wfakli wo plaoo tlw 
nliauatiu that diigawn 
ITtfii P^roioiig. — Iffaligtiiait Dipbtbnria, with «ixtMiiiiv#iiWo]liftg 
ibv tlimftt «jid DTTVH^ gljuHb; (■wmlo'mMnhtBlkJiM dvporil, 
Ij or cumpMrljr covering iiu» luicc*; ob«truc&Kl nraUow- 
r. A th&ibor maeo-piuoha^dKHbui^frouUwiioaQiigeeoratMg 
parts; tbkk, oUtmctad ipaotk, and Twy odNoaiva tirtalk 




mpidly tiod Borolj rMnovo tho uffvnaiv^T udcr oE tH» d 
btv4ith oa ihcf Pcrnuuif^ttiiAU^ lii Uim rc«]i«c^ Uu> CblorM« 

K--Pi'TUUi^-, iC-Cbiii. ililutff CvbofiiA Aail. uliuviil bn ommI ttv 
« gviglo or wmIi ia Umi ul&clal pAiln; ur odMuuifiU^rvd 
itifaiUolia*!, or Um i^iny prodofor. 

itej><MUi ohJ P/tj/toiac^^ — Both tlww* rmiadini v* Ntraagl 
rBOoiiim««idnd in Diphtliora; tho fcnour bm a mocv sptfcifle 
Ti4ifttkmiiftup Willi th» hlcud-poiiBitv ajii] tlw Inttfir wrih Uuk Iom] 

^LraeniOJniK ifl iho \wi «Uf:w of tW disMWfi, in of 
fiBhKv pulirtibtrtT wbeo Ike ivoirfTtftua «l strifietli M 
iMvlnl. ijr in i(i^M8^; nben tfaerw Are: ffldema, imtriri odor 
Uw Ihrijut itud air'paMAffCH, &nd toiuciotia fcHiil ilinr4iarx« fmnt 
tin tuuu£ UtfTinlmuiu ot titc iKntrilib 

jtmnum-t'orb, ia okf a TdnAblo rvnedjr in t&Atifuukl tmt^ 
and BMjr l« iidnuii)«tar«l ftkoniLtnly «iUi Ajk. 

(A Tnmuiu^tit of l>if4)tb«rin Uuit Iua bcifni MiMnHfnllj- admlai*- 
ttfnnl ttt tli0 fln4 inrfMinn of th^i cUivimp, k an foUmn: 

Take liij f^nuQA of |iHniiau^uoftti^ of PobMiuu &■■) mil villi 
om tjon/ra of cold valer. Aa mdh &» diAHolT^iJ. ^fi*^/ ^"^ * '^C 
or ppoaita to lh« wKitiab plMv* iu Uup loiuik, auit othar pttrtM Uiot 
hftva ihn diplitlinilio uiMnbrauA Do tbia vart f;i-aUr, tmt 
tihPfm^hljr, UTUTf Uiraii himr* octil tmli'v: tlim livt fnqoMtltf 
tmtil nrlL If tho Ujfiguo ia not eofilwl «lut<s tAko twontj djopi 
oi iho tjndnro of PliTlokoA to four oonocn of oold waUr — gm » 
U— poonJnl cfwry four bocm.^ 

LiM-ul Trviilin(*at.— lo th» w a nan x no wna n t, a lar^, ihsrk. bot 
poohto abould bn appliHl amimd tbn thfoat; bat in ndvumnd 
swve tahtm cabntiAl itpplkalkitia vu inaduiisaiblcs aa Ui^' raihar 
iteul tokicnaao Uw* ord-rma and mfvod tbe ditoaafc Tfai* insd* 
of Uio UjToiii may h» MJMxa*d uriUi tbo vapor of vatar and Aoatta 
ftotd (a wuMt'fflaiifal of ilivog vlaagar to a y^i of ntevt. 

fDiirii^f Ibo aarly ria^cn of thtfi tfiaf-an^ a gu^ia of tJnctiuvi cf 
HaiMuaeUa dihitod with oaii>baU water ta koo(3; mbbiim 1^ 
' timttt silflrBally vritb OnwKiHnr or Gbincliorailad oil and triiHtaj 
it op with oottgn-wool, will oltaa aid in diapurnng thn aat<p» 




Aft«r til* i>ftudAtinn h|>pi>«r«, fLtul* AJmIioI Applied to Une 
loU by ificMintt of li Ul oJ eoiuxt mtdxantoA uwi bel'l in n 

pvibnng, will j»<1p tiJ ttoMolTr- Utn iwioiliranh 
j A ifitfjiVi nf Nod ■Accfaor^zi'^ I'hr^ik nfiil i« (vxcrltoctt. 

' lAciao MiL ot>< r^rt to turpbtf |i«rt# wnlrr, ii»^ hir «|jrayuig 

tiiv llwDVI <>vi>ry two boom ban kIao ba«ta foouil a ffonj itaMhiit 

of tli*n«uliracM] 
^^ A ^mf abottted «ni1 fcMkl bili« mMobraiK* I0 li&blit lo n^uCiet 
^^k I7rttait«<)uci<lan]>, auil becioB mcli Milttuto mwl dvodonsm 
^^p Ak'MttT., K-IVorBkUks,, Qtjrcvctaet Ac; Acctk ooil ««peeiAltr 
PKBiabi C«rlxil>fl Xnd^ »• of tb» gnatwl t^Itk^ 

cspMbad Id ««w UfL% tDauQodi «a ihtt (Ummur ukI Cnb* nMrabnsw 
oIIki BEtflodilowii tho tnKbnft to iho brocicki. brfxxkd tb# nodi ol 
tht* QptfvtMd. It LH oulv pp-ittxfluble in offn^iiM. 

Warm Vnpnr. Tbo Urnp«idiin» of tbo rooot *biKUd bf> iMUW 
Wnod ftt A4 <1«^. Fahr , ud tb^ «teioB[ilMv« ma^ iboM by Use 
m/mm frvm m boUtvi tnih m Um^ Hfwni <9aib4AiiiJv UiiUn^ on tlie 
Ar« Sad) au afimnpfaara i» «mIx »c<v«d hj funotus « bnl 
witb bloivkeu oT«r tli* bad. ukl Ibeu bfiagiiic « ptp» to «oawqr 
tbf Mattm voilor it 

{Id yvnr auTDCv <*«*«» of DiphUurk, DtpUboritie Ooop Mid 
MMoliraiMiatK Onap, ibn tL«it of llta tspur of ■hck»d Ihait k« of 
gmU vnl(u\ li ttbo<:tlid W ur^d «itb groAt ow» Aod olwij* nodir 
tkr mt\Krrtmn *it m pby^cMu. 

Tb« uu^JW'iEixl IkQ^Hbookl UtpiU in t wMb4ab and Ould wfttv 

pi>nn<<l ovNT K uitUl it «t4iflnM. WhMi Uuk j^tpjiniaa »t millboa- 

tion mfiT tti, liold Um cliilJ iitiir tin* fiunw a fmr miniianii at k 

thnn ontH mwifv^ TbJH iibjuLl bo nf|ma|Hl at dudi iakwT^lii «i 

«n«u ijwitfgary', to fuct Ui« air o< Uw room riwukl 1w fiUeJ with 

^HWorm BitlhSrf— TbBM ot nttuLbla wiceMonaa. Tha ikin fa 
^^Bl and dry, th« tirinA In atutt vopprwand, tha bowola eoidlmdy 
P^Btil U11V tlio pottOD ia mL«iiu>d Ui tb» ■.thUoil Wirm Latiim, «ul 
tim fr«» U0» ol coUJ walrr aa a barefsi^ oFt^^ r w ton > U10 Ikuua- 
UtK» t't tha nfcin, tliA buwoks and tbo bladder. 

To-. U nxmtiAf; cooor, coMtooUjr mrki«f( moMlk piaoM of !•» 
lo aOay Hi H abo itfbrdA nnoftxt to tbu pa:kait by 



«1)arking Iho M«rction of tbu oiactti^ nnd, w o dilunoA, fiivon 
•oliuu of iha kidiunn. 

Die(, etr.— From tho vtry commpacnaf'al of Um ii l « O it< ib» 
vbvaiji^h of tli>-> pntif^nt taunt bo ^«J[ RwUiiiKO hj iLoanAhnMOtt 
ftud hc" morit bv urgod to imnUciV it ID qitto of Ibu fiaio wtufili it 
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sugar; Iwtf'tvft slj^'trlly Uiiokvnvd veiili Urn rin* or jwftd-lmrUj; 
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Implkvtion of thn hnltig of tfaitncH*mxd uiijvr purtof ILa throat, 
birtiiig from tvar to «ri^bt dnvii. Don nttsck In tvjt pnwvrmtiw 
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towiaad w«t«f or baHc7-w«ln' will be «lutol)l^ Fur 
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PierrticMB, DjavtO^^tj, Ef^tipilM, aDd a low fora of Afthntk. 



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Errtipcloat, »oED(*Cic>4*n nEtonc!ing into tic ti*Ban bcnirotb. will 

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t^nX'imixj tyi»|iT^imH of Iiifluinmnt'ify f"ViT. arroraiMiniHl i.»r ful- 
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now ii<««r tli« aui^lv of liio eye. 

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of U)i* 1ji« or fifigor iaUm, altfnvd lono of vom^ cv CoogUi •tiL 

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k^rith unrii W( iJuugiv Uiui tine |iliki|EnKttuu)i; Uut Hlii^]miUo 
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occur* in aft npiHgtiik ox rfvtnni** furoi. Htvi cil4tft| o/ iaflnuk' 
r-nalkm w iwi of no moph iaporUnw aa d h^t^li a^fcrmf of bAood- 
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madrtfi l0»«nU Uia Irftin, with DvUritm^ l«CbBr;g7, or tvitCEbteft. 
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J*vJaaiilkt, if tk» diaov^kw fkvm ^wk}f bo« n» pot 
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DOnfl «iittnictrT whon f^iv^h patohos nppear u otikcfv duoliiw; 

Lor^al Mi^HAiii'4'a. — The nftioral fuuAioiiB ot \bo fltia 
be promotM. tttA cnm/^nm tit Air, or fnpamro to ifr^ai v&htUnw 
of tmnf>«>mturc\ i^tnnlNl n^&iiMt In iniM foniifi of llw distWMk 
Qcyoxbrxnal applicntioEiB £(rt*rvi|uim1i wvt cxjmprvsntn, vautuucitiw 
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to kw^ out llm aiT If tb^rv U mudi «edamat ntnlnraUr pvw««ui* 
■bonkl b« EiuuntttiDM by tbe appliflntkm of woUailjiMtod bioi- 
dttga. If Builtor f-jnna, lurniioiM ar» ftCixinUIy ao«o«wy 
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JiAA t^vlk Ev<uiuuji-ml4id to circiunfanribfi lli9 affrclvil jxut i^iUi 
pMOft of omvlici or a cAouJ'«-hair p<«icU dipp«*d in lodioo. nSe* 
it U iMtftftiHi pr»T»otA tluk Hj>rnnd of Out ornptioit A 1o410Q of 
Ac-CbHkJ ana 5Ii1k (^tt-i. itv ad O]^ givm Brrva^ rdaf. Sub- 
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of, or paialint? with. VciraiVir. wa oaa i4njcicly rMOuuaood. 

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"W* vhI Cfvn viae or Umiilj, SolwiqivaUT', a dkOD^e of Air» 


OEKiatAl^ DISEASES (CovnvmL 

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DHbliUoiL. — A «]pi>ci^ r^hnlp diHirdtfr, «o«oEap«Qa«j bj 
mflHUtaiuinn of ihn whitJ> tlhnioi tiivnuVs — ligiosMlta,. 
■fti«i«UiA of tPoiluius n|KioPiirnHn4, ftiMnn\ «4a ^-MifroaDd' 
ing Ui* Jointow <d «lucb wwq^ nrv iLdTdctMl oiuultaDeotiBl)', or ia 
Tbtt loottl ByinptonM uy^ Tory «mtio; tki^ fikm of tbo 
fwrt ia covmd wiUi a oofiioQi^ wmr, *iit^j |>fnpinit»()rt, 
*f**"*'"»g bftia »niil: KuA ikm Mood bnt a brf^ uxciiift of fibriiM^ 

Siil> v^it/* KbeumntiMii ia tlie uiu» affectiuti Id a modiflMt fonii. 

8]mploms.--Aou1« Khf-muAtiMk 10 VMiAlly ttfthcfMl in Witk 
bfariW AitartoiKni. fotlowftd bf tbn lonl nUftr^k of iaflanuMtkn 
of iIm 01«wib oUnctwM afaont arw (ir imn* of Ib^ lugw Jodnto — 
t^ nbouUitt, ■Ibnv, knacv ankJo. Uii> fihnjMVi>» oaroing of lb» 
^vw of tiw botft. tbfh porionrduJ me, «*& Expoved jauito 
«|^Mr la btft Aont pmnu lo attefibi Ihin Ukm* tlMt «nft ootmtd, 
Ibn laVf^ mora fr^toiMiiJ}' tbjui tii^ ■i&iill*r ittid tii* muU )criiit» 
of tliift lUilidtf iiv«>t frvir|t]^n|1y Ihiin tlimw iif tbn fnrt. t^iminmi 
or i<lniwii» tDjuml Juiiiirr hrv imiicuUrly Ikble lo «oflVfr Tbi* 
l*lmloam<bboao4U<i imwiW Uv* lues] ioAftBumtUun odo 
tiM> dAjn; noKkatkttM tb* leeDflml aod lot«l ^riDptovw dmqt 
Iv, wbilft te o4bft» tho inllinQiiMtion of Ui» joiaU 
lb* tnbnltfi (onditioii- Tlu* mff«f**id joinla kt* ■mlbitt, 
MonxiMlpd bx n mffi-oiorad bUiMb, ood uatolj puOM; 
piin ■ B nor* oosvUU ijiofviom tbin Awalbiig; aod «wttUii^ Umb 
Hw fain bM auiv d^ f g f wft of iaMkatty. is gtatsnUj 



laK ruaLY iwciob. 

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o^l^t, nn<) in all cniw* U kiexvnKd Itj pnwinrvs *w 
Ufvc^ uf tb« i£M<dicul bUeiuluiL or uune, ur Une «vigl)l iif iLw bad' 

U A vri!ixv iri uni^- poetiui', fruoi wbicli bo numot ov dor*' Dirt nan^ 
Hi* tkiD in hoU but co^i^nvl with a (poor oSudmivu «wit«i, «ad u 
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nltidU^h uiuiiUiiidi'd \rf immodinlii inlanf, jut* NaCnrn'n modA of 
rlinun ALion ; fi>r Ui<* painit nn^ liIwa^ n^grDTiit«iiL witl tJM* 
tioDftl *ymptiHU» uiUwdfi'^ if ihfj b4>cotia* mipiir««*od. 

ClUy VtM4i th« peropirAtioDA loi» tJiair pKHlliHT «nDT 

tKftt th*»y bepnmc* nwl^w* Thi* lU^ne in flnrti* R!v^iixftii»m U 
usouty, ullfftu n-HUiLbliiig {KirtttT iri tvjlur. of HiKh spH^tfic i^milr, 
ftod dpposiU. cm ooolkui. ilMrp-coJcrtni (■^liimtitB of onitn. Hit 
pnlw i» ruund &iut full, vunntix hvnt W tli^. to t^JU <1«|(-^ th« 
tca^QD loodod viUx a yullowinh-wbiio mtteiu: ilio tii»d fcs bal 
pJi^btJjr itfTtv^tiid- Ttw ii2<tiAt rilmfnon <if HirtuUdxi ur DiUthvn 
djjitiu^iLiTJiMi iu3iit4i KUnumotimii from Umi poatiao^ lb<wn^ 
IqUo^o Ihirst i« a coiniDoa fv^turei, tiko ii|*|>et>t« >a ^atii 
tbn djgfvtiro ftmctiona Atd tiQrii>iuilr tmpMtvd 

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itsr«pi4 aoMdMOe an aCLOtLf-r, tJii» altvrDAtioL iMwinriuf nuujr 
tAn»e» dunag on nttoclL Bnc du> moet «enotu aavtwlaau » Cram 
tJw )aiiti-fftriwtiii«« to tht^ p<>nimrdinm or tho ifttvt^h of tlw boait. 
TUs eumptloBttoB oisy bt^ rajjMlnl in vi>r>' n^vHnt mtAclo^ tti 
jroung pnnocw, in vonen of li-iwr tbua id meD, in ptttivtila wIh> 
b&w bMD proirkiDBjy wufJcuck«<i n.nd in pcmo&s trcmblMl vitll 
imtabnlitx or i'&lpil»tion of tbo boafl 

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r«tpoQ; aUo tlkoM )■ t«j>ikniMB bHvf^^a and niidfff the rib*, and 
tbMv B«^ b« FftlpitnUoa or iir«f;tilBr Aotion oC Ibft JhuuI n« 
pfafiM rigw) cf PanciuilitJA mA^ 1)«» dftt«<tAid bj tb» Atatbotmrp^ 
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BfUatttmno- — FT»f|G4rDt <Io««a at uicht for aL«<>pJeMDcocL 
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with vftU-r, KKBaiucininjf U m mpmtoro of 90 dn^., grwlanUj 

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Stiir<Dndc LmntdifFn, mml Sriatiun. Hwolar Bhiamiutirai ii 
Mmnif Mmm^nUd hf mdiuw^ nmUiag, or otbo- oxunuJ 


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V^U, hard, and dvallpix. HkP Ipv* ntuvnpc to turn Uia ripck In 
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damji wvcUmt): B«J1, twith taahng lai>doa>ing p«k»> F«r othtr 


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oft«D to tiio I^^amoaU of th<.* itacnuu, Lho poio bnofc aKifrftval^d 
by fnavcnuc^ut [>f tin* l>AOk, fcntl by pruMOreL 

Tn'Hltnt'llL -- RhMa Tot. — I^umhngD tntm g«4ting w«t; 
ioanAi*i> of poiiui iltmog fi^hnms mi uj^l^ on llnL ntofing Uv» 
Affected port, or oa firid ^^f-tliitg ti]> in tb» momii^i Hfidity^ 
abrutiki Ltuubegu 

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b«cn IcJiinvV ftH hv ovf^.lifttn^. n sprnlm or a blow. 

^rcmVium. — Ili.*i.-^iiL Klu^umatum uf lli« ItUobAr mwicW, nn 
APtOGlAW vitlk i&JTirj, 

Vimicifuga.— An excellent macMlj id mort castA, puticoljvljr 
tJw Mciktjc opivra w at td] AffiJctuL 

PAir^oitMytt. — Kicrodotin^ pniim unggiuatJiig rasul toAuS' 

JnL'Torl — Acute pftin on luoTemeul, indDcuK DMBCtt* tioU 
jftawpardd^ooA, and oocftdioD^l orsmpi 


TW'flnition. — IttMnuoftlic laflatDiuAlioa of tiie ftpoikHirut«c |ki1» 
of tfaf^ ffliit^ moAClM, AooompAikiMl hy (^rtduflUr i&L-rraaiQic uul 
intiTQBO ufbiflff. ^arvae«^ or diutini; pttiok nUaudinfc Crom tht 
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p«Liii, vhich is itsimUy wL«<rp n nerrtt btueh pMMA throtigli » 
fancU, or out of a bony ckhaI, or 1m «np«irtoaUyv 

Tn*aUlient. — Annn. (rvntnt iaflnnkmAlArT- 04<-it4«M<lit in tt» 
iivi»>a1mbUi)» OoIuo, Am; BJiih iiud (rictiua. (Skumi. Pliyt& 
(cAirmioh SuplL. Sri^., I^ik For otUr renedice b«v nodv 
"Imjn1i«c<^'' rrivtion miM bc< Judjcioualy nand. otbrrwiM oJUa- 
uatioa oC tb^ n^Qnlovinw nMy bo Mi up. 

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ranody iw ndmiubibin'd in)«>rnaUy, or vtrw noiidii oljw oil. mbfanl 




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wmiUi mv ijf £Tfi«l bu|X(ttuttcv. Tb^ a^ftlicniiiici raf Ut^ commoo 
fUt iron of Ui(« lATuubj, a« hot •■ cnn bn bonk«, with JUiiibri 
laiiwavii Ui« ifa'n and mm, Ik rprv Tvltiiil>lft In tiiunt«f^ 
DulhiDg b fn livttAatKWoii^ly bmeiflciftl at Btriip[iliig th«i 1«ek 
b»m Um* ]«mfl of Qio "maL" njntutln, i& hjvvv tW oTirrU|i unch 
otber. wHh i?4rip« of vlbMiv^-pUrtflr, or wra pUstfir. A p«d of 
OiBiiktiJ flc of uiihipttcliv<l eoUon vucJ wnpjMcl ooom tbt k>ii», 
twtt iW afcici, i> Tur^ comrorli&jK. XS'tiMv f«rwckft ttu fvrj UaU* 
to LamliNgo &on nUglit ifxpnium ti> cmiIiI or daiii|ih wQuixig ft 
Altadn of Mik TfMUkd tfao wftiid isi an Mconllont pnynnliTVb Q«iMroii^ 
ikUlnliTf< dkt I* dodjnlik^ Lemooi'jttie^ ta a KraMol And 

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■ulim Ia B|>t to 1j» njdiromulnl wtlh Ui^ puinfal mivcaUr «f««- 1 
Ikn* Iblkrtmg |it\]loii^^ or <*ictMiTe eiprlion, or ihth tlie aoriH 
OflMi or ictiffkuw whk^ cwnu- duriiitc iviotalMOf^Exw bxim ttsj ton^ 
iUoov^ or co0oaii|Hmy K^<n«ni] dt-bility. T1im» AffvctaDOfl kr» 
gMMoUir boCtiir htiur tbu r«>jvDW» of Uio otgbt. hot itxrwuM with 
MlgiM: And Urn jmn in tliD itir«rt«d pArt U mttigni'd bf ra^Axiiif 
or «n|^vrtiD^ it 

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of Tincnui iuinU 

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At ciiVr tboM tl i« » c*pimi^ nnmtiintknAl ftffMJcm^ rntDki|r en 
fl{Uit« iadif|AnJ<ut]\ ist tmj ji^prioii? AtlacL II ia gsoenJlj tatj 
oMitnn^ pnxie to rvcHj-, ailJ w vtieiA w^ji^ &t nigbL In Itn* 
tbn AiTi^HMt lisJw iMa tlie<r |>owm- of nkfiiuo, auJ Iaia^iiaaa 
nvolUi tbo bu.** joiAl M&g ofU*a A0««t^; iM/m^iiuMA tkuro h 
tnAdAAkin nf tli* miisrlm; mmntitDH jwrronn^nt ooDtrArtioii of a 
Vat, or bonj ^ffi^rw of tii«» jiiiiit TlM>r^ if» hoi Htll* Mnlo 
4bardir, &o pen|iinUiQti, Aud !« awvOiu^ tbac i& MiaU Bluni- 


TH yiiutt Ducruit, 

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pvptio JTmptootf, oftva ftMOCtAt^ i^itli it. Are i^'mu? 
fltitmn, BTuI \\ii\t* lirifw of a fiiiv cud be «<i|wi^«<rl till iHwj un 

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lUUt* Tt>jr. Wb«!U th'> »h(Mithtf o( tvndoDak motfclw, *Ac., wt 
duotty ftSect^; tbn pa:ni 1h>Iu{( vroTvo Juntig roit at ni^rt in 
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ounriiiii'd lOirrcUi^ Crv«<jkiiig wriuAtunm Tuav ulivg Iw pnmuL 
In rlwiiuuitio JaaK-itm ^imc<rjUlj, lUitia i» oCtun oumtiTVk 

pau&« down tW cnlf oJ tJit^ li^; Khinin^ r^ aiT«lliAg^ vttth lu«t 
nnd dr]tTiM4i of t^io ptaVt; j>eiTi4 ftg^vnteil b/ iDoCloa lodi^va. 

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iaofi>«i})rcUllj ndfkpt^ to ICbctucbtusQi of tho nluKildor, uul 
tho Inr^ jodnU gt^nnmli^, whf«i th«ro i« tio rigidity, 
nf Ikoi biinrt, T)th dAgrcUoa AXiJ A«iiBfr of un^ah; aiad dnrit^ 
felihli* (libturlKUicv. 

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nvml i^f Um glwidnlni vitmctunni; afTnTtJon of pmovlMiaii, 
ej'plulitic coiajtlicditutuL 

Dulcttmant, - ^ JUi«>ui»tiwa from otpanuNi to dvniN witti 
codeouUoua fiwelUngis noiiaowbnt r^Ut^Tod bj n*t 

t^ljtatilto. ^Viben Ui^ ki^iw, ;Likkl^, or irmUtp ih afriMtod; ackd 
vbeu tbiTv ATO fiifpl!Ti« rTi0iiiiiftli« |i«Jrw in TfuiouA pntH of tba 
bodf ; 4^fit<r[ttII^ 111 r^'iuftlttt nitli nrAUl^- (iwiuiL 

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tha «id«i oIm ufr«c4iotiii of Ut^ luArt fnjia Kbfuiiiitio 
ITandmikg rbotuuAtbim U aW inUiiii tlu> i\>f^ of Cimie. 

J'Ayf<iIaor<r-- Vpry iiM^ful it) cbmiiii? irwi** with atiff Jotdti^ uid 
cnvu liMi of the OMf of Ibe limli UImui tbo prriwtin] 4x>T*iriiig k 
impbntadt Plo^t^x is e4f^xkglJ indiciibicL 

Arnica. — Stiflnan In Ube largo joiotfi; U«nikg pain in Uwi 
kdaD, with iirickinjt; nuiMitloiiii tts it tbi- part^ wen tnniMiU; 
RbovitttatiiiiD ittwucUtHl with a [irovioui LnjiiT7 

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mwliuiir uid rtiffim, MntmHwi^ of Imdoua, fJ^ooIiiic Aud 

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ai if Hid«d in iIih bniM <v >]DDlJi nad wv UbfTwvd by viumU^ 
■ikd Hi itif-bti tbero «/« also ckiJK 4iul piroftivt por»ptraUo&, 
wiiifib iki not ffiro roliel 
^iphur^ — EithOT botfbro or ttUr Um obovs roAodiM, «■ ia 
ur tu oomplMA th0 etirm. It ift «cp««MMf nMfaJ la 
froei bnrmlitBT^ Utint, or kMorlAlM) witk iiniptiao& 

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■nd gofeid igcBttwt ttaoaplMrio di»ii|(QiL Xhu Cuut sbaald b» 
|in3Ur4ad from mU And dftmp^ Wot oumpwM*, covond inlh 
dry ttuiB(^ ofW tlit* MI«rWd jointH. nn* alvuy» UN*ftiL RouKtiBiei 
wttOD bftlktt. wp««l]j of Mli^vaUv, npor. w lio4-ajtr, uv moat 

IjMUy, tk» At«i ilioald b* t^aj of dtfcwUon. b> KWdo m otUtt 
OBMMMknd lif diafvdATi cif tbo "faw***** Bmit 'ftnd fltRXkg wiam 
■hnrilil bo «mid*d. OuH'hror dl Hhoold ba ^tvol 

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fMtfOftjvttw At liMt^r or Jtbort'v uitorrftU, f^twrMtcraAd hy ttOQ 
«M|)1Mii«4iTip inJIitnnuitkiQ, vith oooftdsrvblo f9 A am$ of oart«a 
Jointo — rhioHj «4 th» luinrU luul IM, and, vnpwnmUjr m IW flnit 
atttrfc, f^ Utt* ij^rvftl Um — with mmv ot nrio sri^l in tlw IjJocmL 
TW diiH«Mn id ipvmdly kuivtbtjirTi nad &u albu^k i» oliaihjv 
■nffodabid vrith tWuigecDiHlt of tl)« tb|fi?ntiw tmd uthcx oixUiA 

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bf *a *ieiMro dpbAoch, or oroff-fMigiw, impairing tt)» digMrtJoa* 
itn ttMMi ovmnnixlr nimirMitMiiifi an bcKir nr tvn nfe^v taidiiigfat, 
wfavQ ladigiviUrii frtJiQ a >>upppror l»Ui dLRiiir «mi'«« at itn acnaa 
Ordiiaahlj a patsral retiTM (o rmt iu hifl aocDstooMd tiDBlUit bat 
ar«ab» farljF ta lli« aoraiaic with nrwav paim chM^j la tba 
mottfir^i-phalaagaaJ tointof tbo Kraat loa; whi^ oa «duauaatkn 
ia fkiaad nd, but, awulltm, utd mj ntquiiatjily Inukr UhL tlia aw*a 



ft h/iAvy foocfiJl in Um room (iiiihm ktmI diBComfort TIm Viitv 
prootMklinf; from Ihf^ to? b«cuscv turgid fritb1>k>od,ttudMUTUQiiLled 
villi fivnv CT ]«■« <iidfEaA Ou tl>o fijvi aion««ioaof tfai« pain 
llii>r«> iH f(i>mink]E_r co\i\ tAi'tvrinj^, ii1iir*h ^pmctitAllj aabuditt &> Ua* 
imnuKTiWH'Tt, luii] in folUiwod l)f njrmpUiRUitin firrt^r. Thi»|iftti«ot 
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)M)fi|ar» to |H>Alnr«s Aodifi^ ao wlint At loo^, If wtitrtU 
|irMAiiMoDK CLFo tiil»>a. nnd Urn fcnt )»^ In • hcviaaritft] poMiBv^ 
Ihn |in1ikA anlMljIf^ \n tht* tmtSy pATt of ilw flAj-, bdt itt itvpTiin^ Mb 
I'liuvrbHLiuD Lukn (jltt(.v, nvitlub |ifi>EHlfi iltiriii^ umbt uf Uic nifllL 

Bail cmbaidt-H tkfp^n tovmnii moruiag. vhen vlevp, vitli mntli 
poftpimtioiQ, takat iiJj«oc\ Somo4iiDo« th* ptutm ramit m> MiddwJjf 
thtit th« pRtifoit sttributA* tli* roliAf to hi« bftm^ at loit fomd 
an fix^T pcwtnn*^ Tb^ xuno wriPN flf iirmpiloutti n«iu% in a baa 
v«Tere fnf ni, for tonw ilnyii Hutl aighlii* varying noBifcfefsbljr in 
difftM^ut oaaw. aad bfn^ ^rtatly infinoEKwd bjr tlw tiaft tiu e ol 
AtlopttHt; aud thuci the attack jtAmrndXt, oot torHuiri toroDcs 1^^ 
or aficr m Cnt attA^k, p«itapa for tfan« j<oan. Aftor lli« lafaa 
of y«im, limroTorf tbo iiit44TalH b«4wi>ufi tbo nitaftka ara liabU to 
diiTklmGH, unlit ihm palimit c^n Mianwlj vnwr mlcmljUci upon hHj 
(nw. Tliv< jutntn of tli«* finj^nrn iknd tom bcootii«i mlari^ 
dwicig&iiixi.'d bf d^pmt^ witbin and wilhoat tbo a^oorial r^arit;. 
ol a vhito MkUM matter, «oiQiiuniIy callod "ebalkuCooos,'* bnl 
natlr oral* of aoda. 

It TA Out Tifwutiunian, 4*Tt»n in ii fii^t attack ol Otntt« for bgtil 
gTHkt toon tiJ bf* iuipUoatiHl. ffroL-niUx all«*ruatff]jr, iho ia£aiiMua- 
tioD rapidly subakbo^ m awt fjint to oiipt^nr in U10 <4b««', buU- 
•ooMiti&km amiitoaaoMly, In many iimtjincoHt nJUr find attAcfav- 
otbar Jo&Bla— 4ha u^tep, tbp aiUdi\ tb^ bof^ or lb« k&M — «» ^ 
tfootad at tha mow How; in rwr (vtspA, nom*k )<'4ntA of tbo 

Hiiiiplonix Preceding an Attack.— FlatulcDoc, Hr^rtbtifft,' 
Aodity, related or oofUBnod bowoln, and otbnr diaordro 
dijtHtioiL In aomo |tati«ota lb* finxtion of brMtbiuf> ia imj 
enL^^i, %yT tb« li^vr d«raaged; in otiwn tb« borvoiu ip«t«n 
invoivn]. with FnJpitaiion; ot tbani may \m aHenistfub ni tbi -^ 
■riaaiy aacmtkn, or a crsmpj cuuditku of tbo juiucW Bttdi ^ 

kto , 


oorr Ain> ihivkatuji — DtrrcECTfcEn. 


bloML wUeb ft)iray» «z£*l« prior to Um ilevuloipcun^t uf ■ guaL^r 
l i TuajMiL Hboold mty orgui or fanctioa bo epodblL)^ ioi|)lic«MI, 

Dirr mam cTa nrnnurx Gout avd RmrvArmi, 


KL-1b Iha cutwT *UBGk& Ilia 
All ioiviii u« afM**!!, Uh m*l4^ 
^ ]-NBl W 1W ffH«l !•• bctog 

a — B«nb oenn boFar* pvbvrtr, 
9^d fvttMUt/ »«< till fKca tMrtj- 

3. U »w< fnqooil la mvn'tkttA 

■Iter tte f thOii of lb ■■■■■■■■ii 

4. -tiUoriM U» ] 


Ib Uw nUrttal ftu. utt lhi« topi of 
St> b eoiift»ail lo tho UmiwrkU 

?. -OoDifrallj oonm la U» jjwj, 
■ad onn twIlM, 


4, t> lb b< of th» poor, ll» 

C b M tflgUlf iHMdlUrj. 


b kevot «Ho<i*lwt vlik rbtk- 

T,-1d ^tefc At ftbvnaUfm hw 
wM dBc ndeaming b«lw« in lu 

K^^&boaipBUiBi appttUT to |ifv- 
t«Jl ift dl diumtoi. uhI Uia l^m 
alM «D «b<4Bttoa« dba«^ 

tfm, ««|wH«llv thju t<vm of K Hhk-Jt fst^m tJio pnvlnflinn of «n 
■inMiini tttnoiiiil ijf nciiUt^, mad lAudtug lo llv Uiful ubilit^ &iWI 
dftpoihkA ol tli« tirato of flodft b ihft tiasnM. Daring bi:i oUaok 
of pNit, nne ftriil U Mtd U> ho abwot friioi lli«t oiiuis tbi> kidney* 
BOl wavtiA|{ li; bcckou it coUocU &d xh^ blood« uul mny fa* 

unnftwl m tiM nmiiit aft^r thi- additioa ot a t3tll» Bjdrucbluric 

Bmpop nnd (■tinal* liivumucfa iutftMne* in «xeatiiig ft pi ^ i y m 



of Qont Fir%t altArkit are nMwl eonmoo In apri&g; us 

ftfUt IL« lApv« uf a loofi tJiDo, A lit IDA/ oooar at uiy mmoo, ud 
at nwst irrfrffolar iuti^srvnK 

Tlt'li1tD4?Dl. VoMu^um. — Thin mttftdy lx«m a honxKOpMlhla, 
mUtioniflbip Uiihyai^ onA m hnt iidmtni>4orvd in oiini|4mtivi4] 
Ifei^, Aiii) frMj(iAiitl7,TvjiMvt'>i1 <lnM», tut fo1lov4; Twrcity 
of tlv -ftroDg tincture lu u tuiub1<»rful uf wflti^, giTUii; & deenert-' 
tpoofaftkj ^TPry t»«]t)-. tkiH?, or abty mioutotft sn^urdkif to Ibe 
toLMinit* of xlif poiii. oticl uiitU it tfuLbHlMi. CokbioiUD '» ft itniS 
mini Ik-1L in tti> nc-vr aud in tLv old w*b(xj of madldltlk "VlUi tliit 
dillvni4irvy UmL «U tbu fi^uul ufti«^ at ihti rmiiv^j im* Bmirvd bf 
Ibo ffiiall doom of ika foniwr, Tithont any of ihm uijonr Umt Urgi 
dotM of tfao Iktto' ootadL 

AcftfSSOrj' MeuSUl-4^&— I>ii7ii^ mi MmJc td QoDtf tli9 aff««iikd 
Uttb fdionU bii numd, w an to fnvor tbn tn^ Tvtarn of btood to 
the Iwttrt; ilie ap^Urjition <if Jlniiiii*U wnui^ oot ot liot inU«T, Im4 
trv&d aud^ n«t4^r [K>iiltice«, &fttfr ifumM-Uiju lu hoi waUr* odma do 
good; ur tiko Ao»tic Acid loiioD, bvforff ntfcraracinded, m&t Im 
nswd. In Kmtio aUackn Uto patutut pfaovtld b« n9Btfi«44^ to 
fannacooui diet — ofrovroot, upiocA, Bago. bm«dt oCc — Hid. oulk; 
vruAT, or tr«rt-am!-wqtpr, ad IiititunL Ah Uip fnhrilit it^|ilo>m 
(lv<Jiu», h luure gvii<<n>i» di(4 uinjr I* ^rvduall; aDo^mI; at the 
aamB time ibe fati^nt nbouM nHUiai> daily modctato oaWC-door 
cocfvriw an eariy a« bi> in alih^ 

ppcvi^iiiiTe Trpfttnwnt-— ist ^ irwj-f^fioMn Mw.— Thia 

abonld inolndD boUi aianial juul Tv^'iAhlit fi>jd, hn ndnptnl in 
quality and ijuaatity to tbd ability ot iho riomacb W di^-nt, and 
■t tba WD«T tuoa fnminh «niB«loQt noumfaaucit oat of whkh 
pmo blood ^n bo foncod. Hcio*^ vrHiing, and oodflub; auittoB, 
l«od»r )>o«f, towlf and gam^ may b« nUuL Salmocit ^^ P^rt^ 
efawHO, and hi^yAMuoQed diobea ara oosnitable^ Thtt ouo- 
amspUaii uf auioial fixnl Bbtiuld Iw cuubrnUp, aad auidity |{nardad 
Vgaitutt by avuidiog i^itry, £rv<isy m twiciM-uokvd tnaat, raw 
TCQlriaUn^ lugbly vrasoiwd food, and anytliiii£ Lkdy b> load th# 
|Miti«Qt to Mt nwf^ tliaii ia nCricdr Dod«nt«k Tbo vinoa noat 
likaJy to injan* atvt port, ahnrry, nrKl madnira. If wina b» takao 
at all, good darvlf frw frosi »Q^ar and acidity, is baaL Wboo 



is ouct of 1^ fluet likely tMiwr w to cbock iU fotw<» 
ai» »i o|WB « >*t bul t^ ftncmMt %nA <4iiP«« vhnafk hwath luu 
faM<t vadb imfMUnt nvty tio allovrod a nnall rjnnotll^ of rtlnU' 
lnkl% oDcdi mi i£ki pvticiil&r rinmunnlanMw of Mich f*m «nca to 

2nd ^4>a/My *lr*fi<»if 0/ fA^ .%'n. -*Hu0 riumld bo pranoted 
b^ baUtt&St vvto tflotbih^, crinb lowt^U, bfltta'braitwv, «Ce^ for 
ipurli <iiiifiHiinliHfiiin mcttor i« fot rid cl in tfaU RunuiAr. Frio- 
tioQ Qttf tbA vliiili^ HnrfnfA i>r tli0 UKly U fittjniiinljr lanful wIimi 
■w*!'^** cttiuiui bv* Ukviu. Tlw jAliMit rliouM br> wc41 nibb*d 
-wiAh m Aoslfr-brtk^, or wttli tbu buid^ twm a tUj- 

8nL ^'wHf //i^if^— A lifoof iodolMio^ abottkl tw «stiuiig*d 
for otw of artiTity ui<l tucfnltHMi. ExurtxM^ but MT«m or 
MilmavtiDf-, shcntlil hn 1ak«»h nynbirly. WoLkinf;. *o ka l<) Mraro 
Ml almotlanott uf trv^li air, uufit r%tv U* cuuMilcmJ tbv Uai 
•pvriHs iKii it may \m coojoioM witb ridiiijt ^VillioQt mtfSdfiEit 
varfnM. ^-rcibtkLty w^trj gUht luttuiufv vtU b* uuavHiliait Cariy 
«nd rvfpUr bnvnt >bnnti1 H* udnpCAiV nnd wvnr* or pt^ongn] 
■hiciiIaI a|^imUkin niMJJnl Tn uyma rnMmt, rwinoTSl to a vrann 
au(t irj nliiuaic during vinM' and bprin^ luajr van! off anLaO' 
qnnai attacks 

iliroMlc GouU 

iM'flnfttuii. — A pprn^tml cunfttinlional Affbctiofi. ctianvtiir- 
iaed ty aUildim avA ■w«lli&2 <^ Tuiuda )uiiita, vilk ik-pu«itii uf 
nmii* (if Hwla. 

Sj1Q|lt«aU.— Tkn dapOHil* tn tbo j^^lHooitflitJato Ui»fLii4ia' 
piinhinfr ^^sturu; drruiuc MiflitMB utd awlUii^ of vmruiai jointly 
with pArn, am mrviidi-rrd mm. etimm at Chmnbt fUununatiAa Tli* 
fnyisal cobJiliijii i>t iL» ChaDtatooo depualla Ia Uiat of a lti|uij, 
twdnvrd man cr 1»«« ofmlM^i^nt frvm tbo f«M0Do» of ad^vilBr 
«r^i4Ak; aa tin- fliiliJ |urt i« alMurlMMl, Uio oJUKaatctifo boQaciicia 
cmwar, oiul at iMt a (hihJ oonmtion i« prodiuwd Hhmi Xhn 
«ffiiak)o la ecafliMMl to iht* rartiUgn^, dnlnaa n-rj ninatwn, tkn 
tntvrr 10 Um Aohihtf of th» Joint m coaifvniinlj nligbi; lint 
wlir<o ih*< UcamAQfo ara iofiltntod, tib^j^ tm m»4i rigid, a&il tli« 
1^5 uf Uia fiaria U oocwiquMtJ; ii«b-rf«Tvd «itk If a bonia htf 


TRR rAUlM iHxrroft. 

oooarmtot* ol duLikHloaM U net ooMlAai, Inu vrboa w£««iui 
depflftUn <ia ocriir m nnf pit^ai, mi |«WbIo <L4KtbC Mn ^hI «a lo 
Uif> OAiura of ihi» e»ta^ fur* 4h Lbe il(»pctolio& nf urftlv irf audi 
Uw Uaaues occura only in Qoat, iU proaeiuw eoQiytiito 

onrtd tt powcsfol utdomo^ in diminfahiftg Uie iiab'acat<» ioflMo- 
iBat«oo in tiUirtiadiim ccmm* 

fynaptocDii I'lwi for wbuli Uu» fviiK<dr i« *ttil«d- 

ooobHl loague; puu iocmvo afW «at*&^^ gouty iiwilfv. 

A'ur r<nnMvr,- -3uf><acnUi aUoola brought on or aggr^raUvl hf 
iadul;;i-nr.' ill wui«^ |]:'QV)r ^appcw, UT ktij diMi«f& CooaCipfttiofu 

Trealuent of Uoutjr D^iKHiitA. — Iliu foUowiiiic 
nwtliul Dr. UroftdbcQt box foiUMlof^vtoAl ;— Wrvp tho iMDda 
litwa iM Aottiukl dhppiiijf with wator, vorm or eoli, niid oncloM 
tbom in a vntoorprtjof bog nil rtighL ThU vorv f^|>oMliljr nrmmi 
iQflimmnUiry Htiffnou, ond. 1itrJi» \vy litUn, tho mnrMJomi cl 
niste ol fuda •oftvit, liwfDButly diMpjii.iu[iu^ t^nli/^jr. Dr. 
Orotdbml hoA. in otb^' coma, ^ipli^ alb^Uiu* MiJutioa^ 
Wikr noJiilat^ witli Nitric Aoi<V to o&o baaJ, wlii;« w«t«r 
bu b«Ofi a|ipUo(t to t1i« olbor, ami La* come U> ih<^ oo^icluidon 
waCBT ifl tJ>e igisal in ttw {^rooiui uf riMAova]. Cf^ta- uf anla 
Molijble iii ft MiiUdi*»L 4iuiutiij of water Wbi<u <]Oc>n U^iiaKi 
nmniiil tli9 )jiuia it is t^fttfn'Vaacolar, and i^t roodilj^ makmi 
thmu^h lL«) blood, but « atwr Uii&ff «bw»bnl by Ui<» iddja ft fl^gta 
H* wJcttioD. and whm duaolTvd it U cwniHl awajr. 


» inflaiQ- 


iu<i1 hf 




iM'fllllTioM^ — A diiptvl or ((Tuwtli uf ouO'Diufcro amDii 
tondM lo pprvad vy^^wSjvXj lij inlilUvtiuo uiUi Uw nomuindi 
ilnctwiM, tf^ in tliocouTM of tb* ijiDphatiffl o! tk« pari aff^ito^ 
to ropfodaett >tM>U in rMootu piiH« of lb* body, iiTMp«eliv» of tfan 



laWbd, simI to |kK»eMd to ■***— Hii god u]|iBi><^ «xfaftu»- 

VnrirlifiL — T1i«n> urfi nr-wnJ wMiot dF Ciiioar, bat Hat 
jjnndpa] arv ScLrrbum. MtduUnfr, MoUuoti«, E|ulh«^l Hid 
IMtnwl Tbtf fii^ twot» bx tor Ibo iwwl freqaeoL 

OQit DSiBtui HaUosuvt axj> Nooi-MujEuujrT Tntonk 
or cttDOeroue Uudovb differ from noa-uulifiQ&iii tik 

I.^AM of eO— UtBliOMJ OClVlB, 


Am ftol nrtOfUUWd bj mny 
a4 Htiriri tftan Mao « 

itf feDd*rwi 

4.— Ar* *1l«»d*d wiOi ••*«» pun. 


ftMnrtL te til* tftv* V oiWt 
tf nti*i>«i«l, and prove ba«l 


lH-^ng»ai* 14 KAD* toad •>»« 
of frovtb- 

'2.-Xt* UmH*d I9 ft c^fi, Md 
eftxwQt Iftndfl th* »*ttfl^ortBf 

A-— Hin ui Bcirttrtaim pttio^ of 
iftiiJc tUiaaiiBr;. 

■tHoa Nt twm4 la dWMl hH* «f 

8.— UV iiapkir or obvlfvai Ibo 
NuAion oT |M> npo«i *U«h Ibaf 
proa*. ImI ■•eh inpaaTiiMiijia fiouB 
vtioD ttift Inmon *n iT m o— di 

7.- If •fM^onUf rvDia>v«4 do sot 
Mivni *Uiflr in ib« bum or is anf 

rnnfilftlUi<»u ftiiit Tulip^iiu— C«Qo«r in in tb« Hlnotel 
eiswtiUitiDiAl- It}' iLh wa iibvn li»T a apdvinl onnttitntlOGil 
oxiJItkn piwRJw Uh> fumiaiiuii iif & lucal (.iiui.-vriim grunlli. li 

TW MMawjQii CttdKXM laaf bn imloopd bj oimmw mvntai pns- 



aim uu^M 

wvtb looi of BonriikmAiit, ajud Uia AUMMOft coebnua 

gnvtnvt ^>d; rrnr if vrn rnn lightKii tbi» prcMnL-n frntn Umi 1?mi£i 
Aod tliD booii, pracribe rM und oliaoif^ aihI coirtxt tbfi ludi^fev- 
tion by our reuMdlcak we lumy probably avL<tt ih^ ■l^vloi^meni tff 
tb'^ o(Lchf>ii>. But whcEL tbu cach«>xift ci3f(te» a tnlLni; cwcu« tmaff 
act fl«i iin 6«dt3iT)t; & f^)] KUia<\ or dirvot duMurbftoco of Uio &▼«■ 
amy fii Lh«! (]iiu«A-Ni ia UjaI k'muI, or k blow niny Jcft4VTiuii* Ui« 
ginvrth t>f CaiiOAT ui thm \avtwL Whfvi one* A tJw> cftnotr-gru^ 
<^Ki>i^ th* opfNxtiuulj fcpt: curaLivtk bvatm^at ha* probiUjJy 
ftltton^^h inncL cooyb«i <ioa« to naitj^ate puik« improTo htfalUi, Ubd 
ptMlong Jiln. 

TrratllK^llt, — Thot iT44itiu<^rt «uuioC li» oommeciMd too Mtlj, 
for ciirv tuvT'jIviv i}ii« Jiit<tfiur|iaii itr pLimitiatiuii uf the morliid 
Utidieucy. Mr'tiodii-r or not tliiTru in «tiy n^EOiHly kuunm vrhrdi n 
Cipobloof Ui», Ua dinpntcd point. Mahj vmintfd r«&iodM» Latt 
dJnppoiQtod thofv who tnudixt in thovo, wtilo othtin baw ArImI 
In KUDO nuimii though fhoy v«»r« nupfnl m ntbcviL W* out Ac««rt. 

Buffehii^ tttt(ni<Uiit uu Lhif ixiulnJy may Ih> gristly nKpTialHl. nrvJ 
lif» proloufnL by tJiQ TiH of ottT rMfiodittH i^too wb«fk ii U inapoft' 
ulilo U> cPfvct u cvrc 

Arttrni'mm. - - Id zuny «i«m id oct owe prattiM im tiaw 
wiUiitiHnd Uiii priut!n» rtdno of ifa[<* rpiu(t<ly, m ditfunnt dUvdiia^ 
tioDft, pmottvingly winunUUiriil* bj il* cntiwn^ amii of tb» 
irrovth, find tlw f^n^ukl dMpcinqoii of oiUkofrroaji«tiUf|f«nMil»^ 
tfae«4> «UM b&Ti&j; bM«L nurlud by tbi^ wr^vm* paia and Ib^^ 
geiund cadk^xLt of Iiim Cancvr. Ho TUilitj of tUa drag i« 
oltMi unprawttd by tbv nwloralion find noafailetiaiicv ot 
putii-iirK gi-tii-ni] biHtUlL Xdh in low diliiliiMifl ve bave fi 

HjfftrofiM htM bttm manh f'OctolM^ nttd ia undoabitMllT 
irtMtt tb« C«ti«fr irtvolviM tb» gImndN or tbo nt»m& W« OM 
boUi loMtiftlly ft»d nt>'mAl)T, 

Oomimm. — Sobrfaiu uf tb^ lirpsnl, folkmng m loral iajtvy. 

OarhQ AnimMliM h» tfAKtevl mocb iuprorraivBt ia tii» 
cfaajKra of CtoovTp tod ha« aIbo ToWv«d tbo domuot «Mfffte 





Aunan. — C«ucc«xium nlTivtiuQ iff Uwi boufvi. 
Ac^tnitunL- Tbn ^rtiu*r in & rotmit cniw of Cftoonr, of tmy 
pol cbonci^r, ta^ud Umi Ma-ki£ ti&clnn> i>f JUoil oC mocv 
Lhifi uj oth«*r KmMKi;. Ita paw«ir in nUioriD^ tb» ftpAi*- 
iOjf nflM;i|^ vf Ua<» i«ti«n£ vrwi striking; oivci wIm-h 0|utiiit, 

Diucli-fMcMled hlfoAiiig, nlc^ It wiM i;iif<n at first m Iwirdrop 
4oaiM of tbo atroa|{ tinntnpo, imd j£mduAJJy uu^roMvd till two <v 

tblWI lirvfH COlUil tu Uliou. 

haiMli of Dr. (^mafoiel, 

Anrnuor^' 3U'Ji?(arr^— Ii> ulc^xnied oiDMTonN tomom tbo 

' ttmy tw ifTTinHy dinnninfawinaii ti>tf pabupt'^and flM«nUttt'it 

L |injiixj(i><t, liT flolntknia of Gvlnlw Aeiit^ luvd InntlJ/, v>d 

*|jffiL-*til Llirtiiif;li Uw ixtom lif Utn T*itfmy-|«n>rl4ia'r;«]«ottidlnt«nttl 

111 ' t'ielI umt of O^rlKi Ve<gMal>il«ft ac GImtouoL. Chnram] 

E >■ .no mtAlnii^, Cb1onil« of Toco^ in ftmall ctrTM^k oar 

tK>wrWr mtty ho nyrinkY^l pn*r optru Mjni«h iwJ oovarod wiUt r ir«4 

|wn Oivotm^lAof Tuutiii «tkd QkiMroloof Cftrbdlio Aekl, 

vAr fti" tinnfnl ftir abrrioe O&ocor Priuliljr -ground CalTn> u « 

f>|krnilht- MiU'iUn'SL— Co*itw<<<d wilh CttoMr, Uw ooaid«r- 
lUio.k '>f cttirpnbon Iry 014^ Jciiifo i« Linportiuii, utiil na ppdniott an 
U> tim dHAirmbIt>Uf«t imn ualjr bi MTtvi-d nt bj Uia i^jlnm m*d 

^ »-.,,». I.., f*,,^ ,j pEiffa cttse. Lifo b lUiiliiubUHlly M)tiw4iiuafl 
NT r^noiid of n cnnc4-roi&4 tniDoTi Aiid hIUioii^Ii U 

nvvda, t);o i^firviilvHi ia DuW qftitu |«inlniit, OAtJ UkK 

.-, ih[£» iiMid(> to tift> rnAy tis <mo of oocofart And ii ' nf illlirM^ 

|» mlacj 1t>^ rlurwo Uint tii* taiDor tony twt Im Cwxrr, tmt a 

TinfltL vLiidk >*ii:i«*vij iitij*ljt tnirvi. Ou this (jUiiiT 

H _:... v i *,'i lUv tOBii^ cojonot ifo^vQ ihjQ ir«v OBOorruui 

^iat m )iali«ttt cn«r niiilt lutckr Ih^ opcntioA— indnfidt 

1-ik tnMD opanUioii* for ttiaum Uixt sfWmrdi 

r. iBnJjgnAiiL Exoiiirm with Vtrjd nnir^tTiMd baa 

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TVBltitiim.— A ^i^K^ific ulocx <ir chAocm, pcodnoed 
CQUtajfioiLi j^-ucr&liy from iiDporo ^xiul ronnoction, vhwfa 
tbc blood ofid iuilaoM «iooc«iin> e^^l* ^' morbid plwaaowiUi 
lor ftn iadoAotto pmod ^^ 

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i .Sr<vadnry ^>pAi/M. — Ao.-NiL, E-'tlvdriod. M«rc., K.'OhJir., 

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ordered dcotjtion, icfattttil*- ConvuJt&oiu, and iieiUe Hfdrrytiihihw 

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USideaoy. But tha fuUowiog n^y b# bolli ivwUipcm^ cad 
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harill/ bo 0Tvr»-tnt*nl , — 

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dttmg and slpopuki^ rocnu^ w « toqnrat nnd [xrtmi firriNig 
oaOM Of totiorciilBr diMaM, 4ti iiuIeHl ought b« intervct from tb» 
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or aiiuli^t luid )>niv fiir. tho i&holtlion cf m«obnf»<T&l or pnitKucjcK 
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bodr (hmij^ Inixjr.nnd tlir iuleiu|3mmti% &ud i^inM-qunit ]irm«l)r, 
of tbom nij^H^'d in than, Oot^door oooii{i«tiointi ta^ ta^mh \m» 
likily to prodncv Bcrofuloiia or taboroidotiH diM«w thaii ifacw 

A^fiUclmi M]|iply. or nn Lmpriop^ir qmalitjr nS food, may 
a« a» excitibf; niiMn tiUhuugb imftmbly t<> ii U«4 
«ftQAm «Uvod>- |Kjtnt«d <mt 

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tebiiF^ kiS >nd«od, of dkottw iu fi«D*rRi, Uw ia It* 
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infinitMXitt of aoi) ukI cIiiuaIis Um diJtoWM paoMl 
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Ills poii^ tluki hKT» to b» bKo^t vukdnr «o[uud«rstkm bdflnci* m 
oo«n» of tmUDHil can b* pnidmtljr <WidMl upoa Tbn Uv«t- 
ai Ipfoenlljr l«lkn«^ oAro rv^itiiriiiff to W Doauinuftd fcv 
or v*»n for ^cwii 
a. TA' T^bnvNifir Duardtff. — A do«0 of on>A of Uio foj&owmf^ 
may bn gmm ouiok or Iw»n> daily, ah laofftiug a Iato^ 
lAflitmicp ovpr Uw mrh^ji. Ah il U <iftj>n dtwimhlo to 
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Tbv mm nwhiL trannliM atd— Cb]&.C Solpk, lod^ Fon-^ Pbm, 
Ai^« and Utra 

OaJlffirMT— Id wvU odiipCcd to thoM ooctffittitaocka in wliidt th-a 
and aMimiUtioa of food doos oot Uaid to Uio fonnAtioa 
good blood and bn^ltliy UfADw; thMik m an iBipowmbod, or, 
CM Uio oAliMT hniHl, n amil, ■i>fi, arid ynW a)ip<MirnB»». no4wf|li. 
rfwidiA^ Uiat n niiflk-iL-id wi|f]i1y uf f^ul fuod b Lokeii. Il ia 
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Ikaiiou^ fur tJuB rvmitdy aro— a vruit of Omicioa* of tlio baw% 
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ts^m Id ould aad iliua|K ami. ixi fuaiain, Uu fruqaifot aod \vtuiam 

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bahin^or paraloat dineliarjp* thjoi tbu «ua; 
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ttittCTWiB diachargT^ t<£ 

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rfiiwt, ilrj inni^ti, |>am or aoranOH uf Uio cliwrt, abartoo» of bnaUh, 
tndMHf^ 1o diairluan or p^ntptratkm, and g«ciaral faahlonaM of 

AnmitMM^ — Thai ia oua ol tJtP oaort Unpvrtam naaudali 

^■1^ TUK riMthx Jncrou. ^^^H 

<JWN in Bcrofnk, wtut^ SM^ty U TOiy uviEiMi, and Uw p«ti3l 

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Frrr.-lod. —1b ^r i;rvat viUiio ia tho AOi^tiik^ latpcrmruticd, Hod 

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r«>itL<lf>nii^ bw»Ui>v<[Ei^ ciiffioult; iwuifuJ inr«Utcig of tlio iiarotitl 
uttl oUmt ^flAds; BtCL 

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&caM-L(«ii OUinbuM; acro^oLLt ii5u:tiuu-t i>C tLi? bocun. It ebo^ 
IbUow Cftia, wpi>cUU>- in tliiw^tnA of i\w iionm, 

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'roduMtt, ftfid ib» jninjt voitir> Rt tiigltl in tvKl, yinnirDliitly wbn 
Ibe glitwU <>f IIlc ni-t'k »n' Hwi^llrn iuaI jmiufixl. uud I}m<*>< itni 
olniUKiUB a(Ti*clioii» uf Uw vyvti; ro|ritx>B nblir«; tlbntjrttahll 
tflvUs and fminnni and tmhe^ltJix lopkins stooW 

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ItQOoniiOWU iodimlionj nf Iho nbiruft, undrzir akin, oit. 

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of 1]f>' L'l''*-; ^M^ll| \\r^ <»ki^i; «'iiLui;i.'d inw«ot«rip ^UuiK uul 
leiHUa- nlxkjniiit; iiu»naU^ a^^j>f*ar4ik^N<f «viUi liMt£Q A cUn^jio 
UiorriMM. friauuiutorx of «uuimuu]i4joo of Uw boifdiw i» well mot 
by till* n<cnhl\\ 

fi. Thr IiNiif/i'Mtion. — Tii <inW to oaiti^l tbn 4l«inulpnHiDti nf 
Uw digvAtirn trw!l — «r)ucU lintit nn iBi|H>rt4int Ivpwing op II10 
dn«do|iaii-Dt tjJ tbo tnbttrcaUr pnxtiRpg«itioii —cboiot un; b» 
Bttd« froQi ill* foUowiiif; flhurt lt*t of noiMHltn*: 

A«if yamtea^ — IndigvatMW vilh flntolotic*, liMnbaRi, Mid 
oruotatioiUk uul C*>Tidlip4tioi^ lyr iiro^Kr nrlion of Ui* liuw*K 
It b >twci&Uy iudiBsUd m |iaci»rcitf* t%t djuk oniiijilt^tiuu, FoJKrw 
■Ida, vf wwlmtnrj Labibs u« wluj BodW muiii froui lumU) fjvtift* 

C>ir<vif«rvi rnrfr.^Jn ftdditka <o thi> indiOAtion» iMfor* pomlvd 
not, tkM TWinnly i^ n>ai>ful in olMlioMn ftcid «iianiiuii» nnl trnrftl 


acRoroLors oi-htrj^i-mia. 137 

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iBediiinn *ill Ui of liUl^ qm uoImb bjCMiuc riiJe» are AtricUj 

air - l^m> (n«li Mif » roq«iivd ndgbt whI tUj. ScroMotui 

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Prcwntion. - Tbo prerootiaiii of ^txnmon» diMtao 
BOt tloTM in iha hygiooic or modioli trvatnMBt of tbo 
hoiL pHnkvilj; in thv conveiitm of th» hiilubi «ni! im|iffiTUi^ lh> 
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froia pftTt of tbo gloto of tbe «70 — oonurviDg Iib young {Mmoctf 
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pani«d by o^«n which lunrk lh« btrofiUoitB uoocAJinlio*! — 
finlar^^moul of Ui<^ alMorbont gUrKlb about Ibe ttMb* sora can, a 
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Ibv viciting duuins lu**^ — rx|ii>4inT lo bright liffbt^ void, initsiio^ 
'TSpcn, iW4tloei of clDanliiic«% etc 

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wU^ Ui!rc-.-Cor. U prwcribML 

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Iba ccaummccBiiml of the tbHoaao, but reqciraa to ba foUowad by 
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wbid) nrlu- Iroin Iha acrufulOiiiH ca<TlH<ua 

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pabUow up Co a o'cUin point; aft«fwanb InflnganiatiiOtt, pain, 
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wrnnd in luftM, a inarkAil »nd, rrvuptvilly, pniinl)c«iuit diwra 
rdQain& la odi«v eaa«» bow»ivr, tlw glaod rKuaiiia oalargvdi 
wiUxKtt prucoftUoff to HiippurotiOA. Thi» glnnda inoai oocaBionJf 
«ff««l«4 nnt tixw in Um oick, iukd«r Uw ji«, Uid ftxilkv^r, ttid 
tba Inf^itinL Tbo lAMitmim U luiiaUf ooo&onl lo abililnui and 

B^. Uifp. 11, 8iL AJauw^cucu{rruB,(>uiilli^ IbfaociiaUoa. «4^ 
IL Vhronie Bntaro^meriL Jod, Ultc loii, K- Hydriod., 
Anuni«i.-lliir. (indamlud), PUytA, Cal&-<X, Sulplu Kouriimug 
dkt; Aod-linv- nil, ptirn air, runligbit, wStb thv gannrml traalauaii 
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lnQ|p arv dmtnijMl ti/ Iba caM\/uM ilp|p>iM>raiiua cf morbid 
4 > p o ri ta tabircl»^ p oag nwa k a CT dationa. ate — and WMMognMat 



Palliolos:;.— Thi*ufttUTvotiiLbfirc!iI»i«atat«d in Ui«8Mtk>» OD 
"8cri>rQliL" Tbv frvqacnt mHnifiMatiim ol tfai* vcrofttloiu or 

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•p|wv Mi «Dy mgo, hilt inoHt fnH|iinUJ}' botwuoD twoty nad thirty, 
T1t4> Hii>-r^ympCona ui> lrDpnir«4 4igwtioi> — %om of iif^Mitito, rMl 
ur furn.-it luugiWt Uun»L uuitsttt, toiniUitg; aud, iu nm* mm^ 
OmelnilifU; munfor Icn cimick. chicdy in the xaomm^. LoarMiMvB 
or v««kiiDV of Toico; intyiUur pmiw ia tlw ch^al; dv^pooft 
ou tlight osorlion: ^Urbi-litr. limgu^, and pnlpdtatiob; ptmwt^oUjr 
«ay»b)mtiHl palw; ttnigfatcQM ti^ti4«mtt]n>; nifbl «w«iflto; mid 

T1m» |£Ujq0 ahould bo 4>xiuaiiwd u> detect a rvd lino ucil Uav 
Uwth; w»d Uio n;iib> to wb*.*Tv<» if tbt'y ftw curwd domiwArdi 
lit their oiida{&UMVt naibi); for I-jUi Uumo ai^ oumntou in IlitluaU 
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v!ivrtiim; tbi^ nqiortonuion itt onHlly Knudl in qniuUiiy, and 
cu4iKi«Lit of nj]>y or glairy oiciru*i; tliA oongfa uiay r^ntiiiao tcr 
nuMLlliif witJioiit Aggravottim or th^ KuiwrToniinn of any othv 
bytiifdjjiiL 111 a uiurv atlraiKipd nUt^is <\(Uffb n<iii^ drinag iho 
duvT Abud va]K-<^tdly afttT eL^t oxt'rti^u. U-iug cati:iud br Ifao 
noomatj ftir fftftUujf nd of Lb^ iiiiUau&fltory iirodivU and dip' 
intAgralMt lun^ tUau^v nlJcL thi.ou L-t^pn tu afiouimUnla Tba 
ncugnitiiici of tbin difTmnLt viirii^iy uf nongh b iv«iMunr Id 
ordnr to prmnobv fcr ibi cim* and Ev4i«tf^ m ncnv^ei* ^iiitoil to ona 
OcmdJIioti wn> Htadmi^blA in tli« ofJt^r. Tbo m^n* i^xutaioA of ft 
oongbi f>tr fv, bj no iumuw provm tbnt <!^niiinnpt*oti i> pvMnt, 
na it may Mifw from dk««Mw of otbitr organ thao tlut Inng*; 
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of prpftnup^ nnd not Uu* wrtiul »tlva*iat of xho <liiaAH^ U>Mnifun\ 
d«4tfnnUMQ« the ilogtvr* of tlii> |iattmii':i duiUi-m. A to^voroil jn«pl- 
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and iU«o moro dh&ici>roiiE% in in^Uvidmila who havn bonn |ir«rk«Mu]y 
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of Tlinuik Tlkv iiritv^ dvpontv pmI tirick>4lu»t or |ituk w^liuuntv 
noMiriiiig of thm amt<w of aod^ wkd amuoiuft; tfa» doa i» dnoBV* 





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the thicl(«ttvaf fUiil tocrrMo ta mtoiUoniy which il titwlc«)poM. 
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Uw di^iriku^ of I*tithi«iji will Iw nwotfuitfi-^ bv tbo fitct that 
don^ th* fcrnwtb of Uifaotdo b Ih* Iuqs«. or ia fAjr utcab oC 
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appi'tJl*; dry or lioL ukin: uiutll And c^iiick ))nl»?>; OUl 

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«cklaiv««Drat or ALrD|>h,v — dianliaia from macflntisic 
inaliUitT U> di|^«t tmi ; Iftz7i4:4«l or tnoheat symiitdiaA. 

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MDaoNtiaiL BWr i* rvquiral tn Tnuwt onn for tix* n>it«tiJ 

lNiJ«aJifla.^ Thin <hTi£ in adapted to tiiai forai of 
la vhick lat, an important axuiiibacQt of a iaist\1 diet, ia ' 
aad la aot takau vitbont taoro or Ism dsnuig»io«it of Iha man 

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soptx^m vtr itt nicicraTat«d uu l^iaf; iluvn. 

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ipcaild barct by Um aOort; atitobiob l^una in ih» aidaa^ 
Iba btvatli: dj^ioAa 

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il ipT Wii Mi (if t<j>inih At& Is raluablit i« nil kUi|^ of tb» clkiiw^ 

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dtMl (7ai|44m# vo — hoeiwx ro>ivbt or wrak Toioii boOov 
Coogfa, with ra|M»)b)rttiafi of maaiu, Meu^iioM of bloo4; cJj*^' 
fp|ioriniJjr on Ijnng down: oi^t mtwtfl; p^o ofwr tbn 

' iSMlfJkur, Vnlunlil** for U>r ciHiKiitulioin] eooJilioa; alflo «« «i 
iataveoimikt roniMiT throughout iho dtso«s& 

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nwHiinrtil BdmlBfttnEkn during tk» vfaicj» eoarsft of lli» iTrtmw 
ifl AtteidMl wHJi tb4^ bvNt mmltn. It » cvfHicially mtnaliU in 
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nrb^ia FtipiciAD* i)f tii« old pdwod wttd iormmfy aocnvtoiDfid, 
Bfiid in BMD J OMW juv ■!> *Ull, 1o OIK* ^Ic-plctofy HkdtunEmi- Il^vcUvw, 
cttp|«Df{-glRnti^ vtc ' to dimiiUKh Ineol CoQfgotldani — hnL ihanlm 
lu Hu<(Mv«i|wthT, ill Anooilv vn havn n mmnrly whu^ nnMwiim ihvi 
|nir|»B«* U4Uq' UiMi Uio UboM or Um ]e«dt, wiUtuuL the cata^ 

tmvb^ «Qefa rara«di«i as lodibv, KmvotiN AniEuio^ Br^oola. Hju** 
iiywiiip, BaiUAmn*. Ip«nii*iBmha, Holplmvocii Afid. ote^ iupwdaU^ 
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i^Mhrf h^Uf^Bl^d An-^>irt3oL into tho l«Dg« throi^h th» 
thcnoo poriHeL 

In'iirral Unuiirr^ — To^aatrtbv m ii*bu] Ihv icvwrnJ tiMf 
Beot of aiMKn|)ti*« potkaito vraf« to wntv a treobHt on hyvMOi^) 
«p AaU Ui««to» dqIj nocitioo rptwhI «( th* notft iuipwUut 
potato, a^l n-ii-r Ibn mttkr to thn 8t«tkMi un '■ ScrofolL'* 

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good Hkilk, fifcgn mw or beattm vp wilh a IJUle nllk; mikd. If tb> 
paljMit idbAxwfilKlt5itsiiOTi,maii>d«r«t«ft]li>wuK«-cf b««r, wiM^ 
or mm and tnilk. EV>rk Uioul^l Ivk avoiibid; dIno vfial* M» Mt 
hftririg w^atw; iiantry; ami nit AitjclM UiAl |[ivi> rW to ErrtUilillit^ 
oE Iha vUmwoU. uatmra. imoUlioDs. ur uuy ollivr njinptoiav of 

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tipportiiitt otiit; ftiid if jirofn^lj tulixJiJiAvrml nrny bo utpftctod to 
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fbitiKi tTrmun ot g^nt valvo o^ a iinlj«titni4>-, tbon^ it >« ifltorioc 
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opoonM of nold, Htroof^ hlfu-k tf*. mnr Im miKOil vilh K. 

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Wgorocto CubncoWB eircii1ftiioi»; ike extrecaHW O^iimnMy tjin 
bft k4>|it wumx lo otniat^ CVrikffiMboa in Uw cbnt or abdomen 
nuuMtl ahould bv wtirn IhHh iii huruiim- und wfintior; in tbu fonair 
M DMitnUlMa any variation of tvifipMnui^ ftitd prowQia avddM 
nnolinfr t^f fviiiumtiim tit thf> |v«ii^itniAion: in thf* Iiit£««' U 
Eirnvontfl I'Mwof tht* vital iranikth nf Uio bndjr. In wiotr, tb« 
udUHiou of n chamow knUM^r tohI may b4> wuru otat Um flaouL 
Th« Dotiou tbat deJicita cJut^ron suit bn hardwod 1>^ bJibiutaOf 
oxpOROg tbnn to ntoiOKpbi'nc changiw, whoD but inporfftcU^ oUd, 
b wrooeouA in all csN^i ftod in Uin iimtentw of dklldran ot t«bv 
culona pn?dij|iovti'ji]i ofl4>& k<ndvt h) tbe vtotkI r»<ti]bi 

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naini^ bilbkiK i^ g9ti&nl\y bMi«4kUl; vn^a wa-hothinf; tamy b« 
ofUn roooinDu<DdnL Bill on uo aftronnl idionld tH4> paU^nt liatba 
wbvia eshunitlMl by faliHiu\ or wIk-h lliv UhIj- oi twolitijf afbv 
ponipjratkHL Mbi-u *ea bathing U not admiaadblo, tfpoQipn^tbf 
«lkMt And bade with woAat to wbkb aoa^att kaa boett addad. ««■ 
gHwndlT bc> bonitf and oajoyed: mnd wbmi it m foUowiid bf 
gattfrai gk^w, it ia a must valvabln nid in promcitiag tim i 
dnoMoii. t'lukr all cimMwUuincw, vignrvm friclicxi 
knaadlatol; fbUow tbo batlu n» rvaction ia tboa recid««<l 

iplat^ in c«M» in wkteh pabosta an prvmit««l from takii^ 

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Eriotioci hy uwtoof b«Ui-abdoU or dtth-sloran u Ui» 
i»pMiMd)Jn. 6*tkuk|( mivA bo itigMrtUHl om Uijitnotm if 
«fUr m bnt-t immmaoo tlM> «artMii> no&ftiitfi e<>ld, inunls uid pttb^ 
in if)<ii« <^ iki» iLi« of t^iMfl tridftocL In vocfa O MW , mtn) xaH- 
tallm V* ranJEsipiiiulrd. 

4. KjKrriM. — Nvxi to dii^ (b» iinj«4jma«l «x«k«w of tL» 
ttkd Iiiii0> in tlto poTo opm ur is of ili-< pt^Luet iEBpori' 
If iwnibJ^ tfiEAnnso idkottld b« «o takon ■■ to hoi>g «ll tko 
iDto vaodi>Tiita kod MgtttPttbki m4£uii, nnd witli tbi* bulj in 
pCHtmv>^ Wjklkin^ tkimvbw fvmcrvvi ihmm omnilitiana to 
a QrvtsiA (fjct«at; but ndiii^ on boTM-bftck bm Un ftdtiuiU|f« oT 
pwiuiltiEiit tfa« p«U«nl Vy tir«tttW u Ifi^- finoiknl of fnmfa «^, vfaile 
ii dam bo% oocMuc) buiif m ot icnst JiActilty of brMUtmif. Kov 

vmrmfitig to thu pvliont'ii drubictK But AKrvHAtTo flaoitiou. mtlur 
41? thi* RUod <ir boilj, idiunld 1w Jivuid>>d, bimL ail iDl«r**c foMMVil 
iu Hut wnodar* Ukd bmiUicw of i»tar«> — dM> ^mrdeti, Ui« fuiu, ttue 
aonUala rtiki* iind Ui** river. 

pTPTentivf TrwilBH'nr— Th*m to ui ftOM^dnit raodibim of 

^tefwimnal t? liulif^^iLiui], fttrnxJ tuii^rutf, fniliij^ Ajipntiifv 
dUabt U> Ut5 IdikU 111 fo«l, pftUor. luid l«v oi irtrrfi^cilL TlUi^ 
tta jotoflffd cn t ■AJNTvt, in fbo moid iupoarumt for tmtciwDt; aod 
Ikac tHVICDMtf i&dviilm th^ pT«Bcri)>C3oii of raw^dMs, fVwh air, Jisd 
hmttlij nf3Pn|iiitkvi for ioapr^vin^ the nutrition of tlM pclicttt In 
rli^'rt. \hf Mftrif nilo|ition of nil Uvao gca«m] iDOMnrwi whidi Iiaw 

lii ooodouoo. kU ^xocesM must be nroidfyL vficUus in wiinev 
tkf< |ilra»iUM of lJi4> UliU, »XA«iitf% or Jn tbn i^ntiflulion of wi^ 
pM^OQ vfdok ovor-<lioialslM tli» mi&d or tbo bodf, Bureium 
ami i uirfk gtoal |«maibi Mhuold ihA bn ftllo«»d ta di» axutot of 
jadn ri pg nvfitaj xx boditj fntitctii-, but aliould Iw lud iwdo m 

««rljr ib Um dAjr m fkunibl^ w>4 ivliil^ UuXT M MuOdtfOt itnogtJi 

i^mtininif tc partwt tb* p«tivot U> t^iit:^^ in hMltlir «uffcaae> 

Ta^h I«B«iili^rlirtt- ronsttiRplion uf tbc Bowel* — 

IlelllirintL— A grciwlh ai inberdi^ \n Vcm inwntirip (tuKK 
di DJuliqfUB cbiui|{«B wiuiUr Ui Uhm) in tfao lung*. «t«l i« «bu 




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Mioiaatod wiUi Hbo pbiwuMaaofc of acwiiali. Vwitm 

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ki Uio dnnU) of Ui^ j^tiest from inftbiUtv lo ivfiur Ibe wMt< «f 

nxvc |{«DDr4lljv ml&ulicjn of Ihe bowuU. wUli xuibeoltliy, tatid 
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Um» fi»tiuot dmwa hu 1<^ op lovartk tbo ftlidoinAK il Uta bum 
tinw bii in fprmvh witl ituliiqnod to nctivhj', Tbar» ia tko fwlp 
and ilabht nkin: wixkiiu tmd agnl ffCpiWMUic; innrdifin}!* fir fltfol 
■ppaiita TItM i^roooM of Bboarptkni b^ooiao* vUflpouili-J, t<o iLat^ 
tbc qunnlily of uutri&ioot oddnl to U» blood M inoil^uste 
|iBe)Uir«aDeGtH of th^ spitimi; Hcctie f«Ti0r w^ m, viUt ol 
DiurboM, e^iimnno thir>t,r««ctl«MiiisMt uid «lM^tU«»oM»; eh* 
TnAlt*^ luitil lhi> (l«*fpif« of Hiiiacutiau twoumm ^tUVBne, limim IIm 
ti^-m fa^«« (u> m^ Awar I ; uid ibb p«ii«fil <li«^ ia luuBi Cttvca. 
fnKn rhctaoJ fftOTTDlkxi, Jf, bowPw«-, trvolminl v* roMrtod to 
bt^rv tlKi glood* «n> irropU'tblT iluorf^vnuu^iL Uw pMkcil aloitl; 

TrT^N tin 1*1)1, — Thn rpvnfdiM m|iiiR«l in UiiAjdlntiun a/v tlw 
■Buw to l]iut»*> reoooiuoctdt^ in tine SoclMO on Bacfolii. fl«p««iaUT 
Jod.. -Vn, Cftk C. nnd t^olpk 

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dloBflM^ howi^wr, in ptii ftitHoiiii, thst il slMMld oidj bs ranfldfd lo 

AcresHrir^ Xmilft- — *I1m tood td»iUd b« noiftrvLms mad 
■«(cpl<\ frmh mHiU fToitir milk, Ivcf-t^o. itodft««lcT or bni»- 
waCHT with tnilk, uii ood bvor ooL ^S'ftrtn okAhintf, incltidiui^ * 
inaol b«ndAg« nround rb» abdonoct. lo ^t^anrd kgniiut tlw vkUa^ 
tadtfw ai Uit' vmtbffT. Hm aim tba Aonwiry irMtflxuit of 

llUbrles HelHIiid. 

ni'ftliirion,— A ci>dbf»tic, ooodrtitatioiiftl dii««M>, 
fcj' nil oxnui^iTn di««litrgn of p>l0^ vwwrt, iwd hnftvy ttnDt^ 

SyiiipTnm^ -MataiM^ «xcemm dvbUitr nod procTMnrr rniA^ 
Ciai»uD< r<sl iifid fiftennsl toof^^ <iilatg«d pftpjllt* eiivviiDr&]- 
lltev ictvtiMi ihinU frw|iR*4il EoMurition; voneioQA apip«iilC«. and 

otABCTKH irELLrrva— imnpcs. 


•faciuliuiv (Jry mid biml; Ibc akm U liAnb luiil itr.v; kiuI tbo 
taMtfa bM Q preultAT mD'fl] Uk« dikntom BqiIb. or Carbiii>dH, 
— ^Tliait of tbn Ir^ «ti\> aotnrtiiMfi ncoonpsn^ tho (tiM*Hw. In 
«d*miw^ ■*&K**<^ MttDo low futm of lung lidtnmm^UoD, or I'hUiUu, 
«t« not inrmiivAt cvimplk^lfianiL Hw iiwitubb thint un&nier- 
rv|4«d1; uirtunDg Ibv ]«tiivnl, in m kiK^lT f^bimiotAnto mnf^oui 
IW leaiii«rftUii« l» alttiovl miiforaDtjr b<*kiw tiu» ftonul, r«r«ly 
in dvf-. Fnbt.t And curaotiiiw^ Mag rut kne m M ik^ff. or Oo do^ 

^m Uwperttnra^ fnstcftd of twicg raiiuwl. U gifnwraUir M<n tli» 

to tmm f^Ut (o twcoty «r i^Ten thirty pints fltaily, bkhiaiiiif 
fir««|W(il caLU lo noktoriUi ilny Btid uifihu ftod ivodnnnj^ bothum 
■bd InJfaunjDAtioQ <»f tha ttrMhriL thirty pualM of iirm» f)f dw 
«|M(lAn tfTKTttj uT l<M4k, whicb m nlxnH tbn bf^rM, ONiUuna 
iiMtfl/ tuor potuhls of «u£ftr. In & f*>w na^totb* jitttioato uAcn 
pw • qOMilitj of oufi«r e<{UiiJ is woifht to tfaai of tfa(*ir onm 

DUWik Tf!i^V,--Pi>1vitic tmiiiv w of a ^mlu «mw'Oo1oT. ha« & 
U>a «Ruill uf RppU, buy. or milk, k of ha|^ i^iodfip gravity 
4 1 ^1^ to J ^^^>. iumI i? inmvd in Iftrira qui£ititiu«. Wktvxt tbvre 
«f» •jcopmw 4iichnn^ i4 nriors mpocriAlly if w wo ri rtff d witJi Uw 
•faon vymptaODM, m <>xiuiutiatk]D of tbo nrino Hbanb] b^ madn* 
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prartk«d &• IVmovrX aii4 t* w foDorii -Rslf ItU a twM&bn 
vilb Ibfi nfiae to be ttxamiiuni A&il mM aLuut tin> ilrD|A of a 
of MilpliAlv of ooppcT to moip it ttUf^tiy Hmu Aod tiim 
•f Itqtior |>otAMtt «cMJCij;b to door ii, by r« UiMolvioir Uw 
|tfpdplti1* «bi<^ it At ftrvt prodoonL L«4 it bm] up one* ovvr A 
JiAtiM, nail tf tbnTB bn "OgArf tbnrw will A|ifipnr a nvkiinb-lvmtii 
pfijiiiitA cif tW HDb-ooud* of fiopiKrr. bat it tbffw br no nOffiMt a 
fwrlyilAbi of Ujick oxide of oopp-^, 

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p ro ^tf» isAj baT* Mrim fVottl MWto imifBAl 9ttkA^ of iHH, «ad 
laanlf Uttajtanxy. BvAMdn AadiArgM of nrto* niAy nUo orovr 
to HpiUiriA. DiabalM Imtptdnn, imd utbw duunlAOft. Tho nwAb 



oblAiiii'ti tiwn its purity, whidi tnrws truia l^J^u to tOlO | 
U|>wanl«, Eicxori]inj£ to tbc qtuiatily of sngni it oofttiuML Wl 
frvcv Uto nnnoiuvtor (poKo H^} «tjuid» aboro IHJlfl^ W9 tnay 
ecoicluda UiAt suicnr m pPD«anL 

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h lAq^jr ujcronrtH), hiiL it ij- t^iUmr nn^ colorlem, of knr vpMttl 
gnvity (HX*:i tu IWT^, Aad is ilevoid vt aogur mid ftH^^mtw. 
TUn4; n ib^ hotr^ itkin; Btut ui«iiUl vuJ pbjmcftl ^nafconw no 

Cmm.— ^ dafiaot iu tho hiuctiori of di^aAion, ao tbit coffir, 
which (iitfcbt Ui hu nvmlaltli* fir tbit mAinUmMKM ct tbn Iwdj, 
fiDtor* tbft blood amd Ivatim it aciin »EtcJiJuii^!«l. &nd w di«:Lu^(«l 
Ui tbo ttjinA And luvo vro n^fi^r nnt nutxvly to mi£4r whicli ta 
tttbpii n* Bodi into tbo moaUir but u> UiaI wbicli in tormod otU of 
ii» aUanh AkntftiUMl jn foixt by th** n^ii-jn of tb* uitirft. 

TlVittin<*l1t — l>*ndill^ Indii^nliifUH- - Ir^fan i'h'mjdtffri^ 
evM.— TbiH iBnliciiMi. iritb aUvnttaQ ta djBpvplio ojntiJtoou, 
gRMraUy reboveov ai>d wA mifn^qwrutlj AimsH Tb« s{ioci4l 
iqm|i|omft caOioff lor it nns frr>^iu*rit urifinjE to umuUv \ia.hi la 
Ui9 loinn. omuiifttioD, nnd pri^tmticm; it im }>art>ciiUrt)^ ToJaalibi 
in rjifww nf A nnrv'jRA nrigjt;, Iffuorclint' im|i(mT«niMit mtiiM^ 
both ill ffuii^rul bt^hli lUiU m llit» ruu^liuiA of ILp oriiMi In ocm 
OBd^ iTfntrtnl, "at lbi< tnul ofLlw f:>iirtL tnx'k tbi? sf>, |fn v«i 
|1)I1% uul UHirr vBfi Ji-w aii^^ar by ubout vui*-fuurtlL AfU-J' thn 
U|M0 of foin- nkontbs ih*^ p«UMit wiw p^rTi^tlir vroIL" \\v lum 
Emnd tbnt ffimit liiHMtfil fbtkivii tram tbi< nJnunJatmlian of Om 
ncunly in tbn Ix dilutiun, wwind tiuim a day, 

|7rfii»iiiiv« .ViA'-Thif modinink hiw MUDrdiDra ihcitikI #Ac»> 
«HDM. Dr ConMiU liAH tnmiihvd nii vilb ibtflfrrE4iQ£ dfjcailA ctf 
WTDr«] bod QftK«« 4mni4 by tt Dr. fiotUoil ban niw r»iK)r1*«l ta 
tM n «w fn wttWi, niMbv rma.-Nit., Aft.-PhoA., u»1 hmn biMmto 
imlnid of iTTiiiiiary Imod, It^ uniiir ««s rrddoix) iu fmir JiHAilb* 
io i|Uautiiy Fnxu fuui' i^uartf to ihtw jjiats, nud ib «|v ^. frvm 
I^IH to IHV25, Th» atTMiKtb Mmcd witb gn«t niptditr, ti^ 
ffpomvl boaJtfar tip{)«>dinnie» mtn raitairML ^ikI iWn< wtm m^ 
raUpMT- Tho tjancrf icivm dsUul* uf b rtvml <i]ri< by llnuL >rx 
Uu Ttixutktj 18tb. 1874, 1-0 gr. m ^rsa ib wnti^ tbioc t&miv « 



Any, and frooi tlut dsie t^ndually nitiMl ui ]-!l ^. A itmIc 
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all owing to dinuUJo indcmunei <«■ to najr oodconno riiiinw> %i 
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Enreph«titiH-3leiiiii^iti« Iiiflnmniittion of iho Ilr&ln. 

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Ui^ Bmin or of JM Sl^sobiniiMM; thD tera bMUff tisod only vIhq 
tt ik iia|K-4botii»hl« to <UagtiOM tho prcdi* eeat of ihit liUUuna^ 
tkML "Mtuuii^itbi"&ij^aiJlM lullamoiaiH« of IW Mifnfiranm 
fhn fanuD. By ''luU&miuutiiui uf Lbu Brftiii *" ia i&c&aL ii 
tiiCKl of tW Ijraaa-nubstjuuv. wiUi ur witbooU ioifiUoatitiCi of 
MMuliniiMW^ osnoUj partial, tad in mhay oaMn dcrpnMlOfit o» 
lOQsi isjuTT or forftigQ dopwit 

W» can nn}jr nUto }wr%t tl;^ nrrlitijuy jtjMnpUkiiw wbl^Ji lu^ man* 
or fM0 oomiuoQ to Uiii viuii>uM iiiil&iuiiuitLoDi^ i>f tiin limin «itl ib 

bo of w-rrioo iuiid«4r oifWiDBtaaoo* ia wliiob « pbjBidiUk'fl bid u 

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In tbo hotb\ irriuHlitr, HkH<|i1nwnMw. iind gKinnU tralMpixii 
But UMuU; tbe ditfefiM mmiilvtrto ilM'lf al ODoe -Uitve h* 
brem^t tomeh H»adjfte1wt Vouuuu^ Coiufti|>atioiu gr^wmj m^i 
ii«v boik uf tho ekia unil Uio ■«DM*--«i^liU bvfamt*. «ic. 
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pAtiunl 4Jiitc4m nt ibo tnnleluUjw ur Ouf mr, ihv jniplln dili 
«tid comi/ttct, and bncumo iuM.-u.-vililif to li^^it; Lliuro ib gtiwUag 
lb* tMtL, roQiai^of tb» band, imd nvm^oAuui^. TLo rvMiufrntioo' 
is InVfnUu; «mio u roUiimli tlx> bom>U nn* kUU <v)iMli| 
and tb» alidoRMiu wny booocibt* rotivted. Mmaciibv twii 
Anili1hi>Tl[|^ flpip or Punl^a Arifwori^nii, wiib tlLr^n^ly 
and Oilapua aitd CuuM s«i tcu ^' Tbi? ptipila an? witttlf liiUbnJ^ 
miij »m uiMfDNblo to ligbt, tbo oircs btdf oppn. tbv fan «mk iUtd 
^Mtiy, luul tbd nkiii cnld und oluDUiyi tJwi i^bitiCti^n rri&k, tb» 
KhDa aud ta«c« pM involnotJiHIy, ni^l tbo imUv booaexm* laom 
llvqiuot ibma baikxo, but kruUI, tkruody, aiul iii;>riuaQtiibln; ib« 
fanatklng (■ nt^-rtuniiLs aiul ibo itotieoi bL laA di>a iu a MaM of 

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omftri) tbo oGciUmeot and DotiniMi ilm no! no tBarkoii b(*i11i«r 
doM tbff poU* ria* aHotv iU uptidaI rt«nd«nii ioilo*^, it fr» 
qiMotij' t^ below it Afid i» t^tj urngular, Th«m m aUo lodo 
rii^litv gS oon or i^on tiulvi, wliicb Sa floooe«i1«<l by |tMnaaiwal 

CuiHM^ — AiB0ti|{=4. tLtf pm^dajiosiDg caonv ar^ afB. sU. (bo 
>bn— of alcobotic Imiivoti, vao^wiTc tcrivr, nod mpnt&l work. 

TIm «idli&g eoiuna ATc^ blom tw iJw bc«d, fftlbs otc^; nitd, ill 
boi eoontrioA, fti|icMir«< to tlui mu. Tbo tQdd«n r^trwMikiti of 
«a •n3|iUcia 4x1 ihn nmlp liu hnnn loiowD to hn toUkymd hj a<«mi* 

Biiapli? MpniniptU mar docqt bcfcvt* UrtU, «od ia oontniact in 
MMT-Um iJiiuU> but is moro mu atUT two jvon of agir^ lfa» 
■ipi b» tmw <> nxtotv and forty^fiT* w itsxt most liable; ihm' 
di—ajn ftWf aocuTh in Hw piopnrtion of tLiwi bi&Imi to on# 

be ma<U bj Ouoipnriiig tb<> tvo diM«M« am d<«ohbod; from 
I>«iUntUB Trvtw^iA it may hi« r«>rof^xi>d hj tbo AbMaic>» of H««d- 
«<fa« in Uid Luttvr AfftvLou, uid lbi» jirvvjou* birtorj' of Uw> 
partmr, vrkjch ^*ii»il-iI1j^ ti-ilii a long xhirf of insdiKjdliviK'* fn 
KnUiie fvn>r th/tif in li."^ nt^dndMs bat a zuun- frv«jct«tit |iuW\ 
X>viinbir4^ iilHiu«itir.4l t«ndornm^ and nfUir Ibv fifth d^y tlw 
p>«-uljftr ^/vptkJik of Uukl diixwo, 

TrmllU^tit. — **Tbe tnwtmMt of kiU» Uviiagitk la coUy 
HtDCUAfoJ ttlwu irnij>&u^Ml ri-Q' i-arlr m thv ^t^Ma^ mid c«m«^ 
ont viUi ixnirgy." Tbi< [niiidpo] tKnwdifn orr^Aoiiii., IVIl, and 
Bf7^ur Anv altcruAtvly witb Aoun., if ihm dii««w mkM«i ffooi 
io)tU7 %t> tlv hri'ftd. Uyom Opi» V«dr.-Vir., amI iHixr maodM 
Biay M>«^'-tt;it«« ba roqolrod: for tbrir indaoatigiw mv Saotion on 

Ara-wanrv UeiL^iiroH.— Tbi* hair ehcmld ba HbaTuI v eni 
ftixl tbv «itr«niiti» kopi iranik. Outbs vmuifi o«Qt ol boi 
snd T Vf* tf«»d ■* aoon a* thfy boAomA cold, allay tka inAam- 
aod «fttiu tbo dfiLhara. <^iim4 u UujioTlniit, aiwl vtitrn 
i» photO|ibohia tbn moBi AhjRild hn dvtenMl Bonf l»<i. 
Mnaig tiRitlv^ milk anil-««jdia.wM#<r. Uit itu MJkl fuul, t>1hm1il Im 
^vta. Cold vaUr or ulW si84')r Uqmili UMj he tneij ^mik 


TN(? rftlllLT IKKTOIL 

Dtntion w roig o d during Tooaragy, 


TVfiniMfm-— A wmdition rfmrncOTiiftd by tbo «ljfn|rt liMit 
imim or Ii-w 4V>Tiiptnti*, r)f rcitMiriuiunaM, from «xtf«nuat>o« a( 

Apoplt'Ej' ii- lli^ iiKMt frKjii'T'Oit^ nnd roounU in Uio raptitrvi 
VMHf>l. an<l i>xlrAvn>iAlLan of Mood in Uia ti]it>itAnrn of tbft 

dni* (Uid its dtfr«3opiD«!Enl inoat mpid, 

Modi^ of Attack imd Wnriiln£:«> -Apypioiy toAy^n^m 
todduuly i>r i^r^iuilly. TJki pbtiocit may Uj vuddonly atmcft— 
faning, lit ooro Iwroft of niotMHi md ajfiiwim»nai«iL Snffi i 

ApoplfTxy i* Ljiilj4?4i*y| hy vi«lJ-ii;Arki.Hl |m*izioiiJtjoa^ V'tii<:li 
cbicdyt H(*af1Jtrii4S ipdili&cva, jiutJculArir on (ftovf4A^i ful 
«ad pnUntioa of tbij bloud vo<«cb of tiu^ bMkl; EpinUsitfL 
Hmmrwrtuigo: ii!<ivpiiiM»r witli bra*j cr oioni^ broa 
ImunatLt hUtMlntHM, ci>ttiiidi*nil)]n dilTi-n-ncv in tlw BUvt irf 
paiid*. dvaTnrvs ov uoIm* in U10 <Mr>L atonvatvy li.w« of 
noMMuw^ nith or without iqdi^tinetooM of )f|NM*cii or in 
ttlki&g; |Ua1ii?a, mot^ fiUv, Movtt tlio 03^4; TfK&itin^, ntuubwMi, 
ortin^ting in Ilu> lMn4l or fM; tlbRl««dy gitlc; petrtiAl Pnnil 
#omi*liiar*i iiinilvltig Uw* nou'vlt^ of Ux- fatv, Miit»'uJiii>-> th>M* 
aBtnb; lb» i^^eot li«rou>ra c>juia:<i«vw aad drovnoDMB 
iiiar<«»o« to iJtrfi'H Coouu TbU io called Inj£rtm>vv«ii Apoptaf, 
bMomi \hht ajrta\'AotaA booooK* vroiM* i^rftdixully. nnd u for ttofp 
<w iom thiui tk pmnjuy ctuKi, bt«>itM wo haro <*vidoaco that iW 
raiuit of titfi KTm|>Uimii u hUU in nfinmtioiv >uul Ij-v'jiaiuf vtHa • 
c«*t> i»aliiit,tff Li*ttfitrrli*i;ic« nifd tbv bcftin ItAJ^ uu Ji-r^'oii*- »rvnaft 
iod petmuuwnl diani^'H. On tliA otb'Y brttiil n iviraAry t^i^ 
be ft ooDfwtlvo irvrivlj, aod tlu> cunditftoti Bmy |i«m off wiU 
ttif ]Wffi&anwtly IbJoHoqa rtmtxM. 

Svill]it<iiu4 Ilitrtiis: a Kit,— 'nu*«w ¥wy «cncin]lQg bi tb« •«* 
>imI uButibt tif tlw baexuunbagt\ And VQ ttOfurtisiM «u T^ifw* UiaI 
fiTobnl lunnoRfatig* qui ogJj bo navpoQio^ I'nio in tbe hr^ 

•miTOMi* — CAV9K& 


gliliiha— , ftintiMftv miOfc]i«a«, libomic V^i Momwdod hj mmn 
fMrtion, laaj oolj b« prMoot In tL^ oarljr «tag» of an in^- 
W^tlit oaM% hnftcv* Um |mtii«it 1vcividi« Amutow, tiifv^ h g^^^ 
df|»«iMci in tbr cj/culiitjon ttoMo tbn «liodL Co tlw* iierruw 
i^tlcai; iht •nrtaco ifl fH^ pal<s &n<l dmuny, «ikd tbu |xi1a9 
hqavot, small and wc«L Aji<^mii «>cicD» vn, tho ptiW tiooomflft 
Mlf ftloa. Aad IaIiovim) (jimibmi iikiwlr tiikIit Ih^ liti^nt); Umi 
Mtrfjvw WW, HQiBfitUDm pn<i*rnnlanil1v hw uiJ |>«ir«|iiriii|f : Uia 
fOiutlnisuoe Ilu » pecnli«r bJoMUvl RifwAnuioe, nnd ia ufUrn 

iltKoOf^ ono or buth ma^ U* ooianctcd; ttw bToaUuns w a^rwia- 
ron* fn>m Pirtljil* vd thft Mfi [nl«t«; tbo arino U Tot4UEiad b^xn 

Onfl or n^vrtal ikf tli«> aUiti* Mjii^iitomih zhmj, liOTMnv, oocnr w 
Um convqimicr uf IciJi^Tetion. Voiiiiti:i|f uhI HeftJache ar» 
wow tiBpuvtant ■■ indicalionit wIk^q Ihoj Mieaci oq 0ii(ldf>B]jr 
itUhotil any obrioiu «iitiMs uid no4 on flrti rudnf^ in tho monijug; 
■ml ihti n^mititi^ ur ^orbt at Tomiriuf^. im miiiinTiixl bsjoiul 
t^ cmi^jriagof tbo eduiftftcb; if tlmv Ajmptiiaifi am ■Modaloft 
«iib d«e<iD<v«laco <4 tbr* Arlmm, nod jUbaroioiuU, «9 oii^ 
oo q * ** Ibo <^f>t4XKft of doln of b]oi>d io tiio hvtiiiL 

Pr«^!H|M>4ili<k11. -U) A^^ Atb'f fifty, A]v)|il(Kiy u on« of 
ihm CHvl fnsjni-nl r^imt^ <>f rLtmib. Thin Ar^i*! i*nt ui mtifti 
En»i lliv jvmn tjf u umq^h lifi\ oe fit>ii3 a Uul oouKliliition and 
ftiimi ilc|iniTntiiWL luil uftroi prvw-nt in oorty lifv^ After tb^ 
widdk fHvrioil of lifW tbir i-iiy-ilUn-^ b^Hxm*' ifD|;4iT«d, arid, ad A 
ttiCUM)V)*lkMV thi* wiskt cxxii^wImL ^ Tho ci^M-bnil taitrim niao 
sr«i oft«i d>H«ipnl: UiK Iiniirt boA uTlon An)iurHl ut aha/wmal 
powitf, dhHog tiw lilnid wilh grvni Tiudnon, olid vtUi oa 

iMr fmf*iin(v 00 impair«4 thnt ih*f hlo^ » oalj i&itKTft<^tr 
tf^yeDotMl; Olid b1! Ikov oini c»i»wh df Coof^wtkiat and of toa- 
dfofy to ripinn* of iTir< vompI« of tli*> bruin (^fi^^V ^?> Intmi' 
|«v«iio% nfMtfiivi' <>iiiiug iM* drinkfng, iitiooiitroUpil pofMoii^ 
pnfiua oIkmI (hi> iieok, too dov meDlal labor, or otli«r baUt* 
of tiff* tut lr*d to r^^r^bml <;oiic«tiioiu (H) DMioe affMlinff 
Ifav boart, kidii«ya, or bloodTOMak of tfaa facyn, Mpprawtd 
HanmrtialfU nr ti>E<iiaM. 




Apoplexy Not Oft^n Siiddmlv Fatal.— A |>opaUr 
h> minitt i>il4*i;l nliuntl Xty tliA |>r»'p«nn«i, i« miTPf^t 
viffOMou of Uood in Uii> brtlu u a Cnxiiuat owiM uf sucVIa 
cUatk la HtoriM and tboiUncal tvprAsvutaUotia Vae tL^rmaim^ 
u» modo to dii^ euddonly of Afiopk^xj; m nuwvpftpcn^ 
ilocoutlU arc* oft«n ^'ivmi of ^luUlou diralli^ AtU-ibutuJ 
Tliu UHumoii onur Lki alB» beou fuiU-nul bjr >iiuilhi*r. n\ 
CtJuaaoGt naaAy, Uiai jJiamoiiA vi'Jl u e^iort tbic<-k anak iumI trcl 
fbcc (m» meat Uohk? 1o Ajnptcxj* It U tnur that mid) pviKuw 
«ftf>o die «nddiMOf , Irat tbo nuddoimcvs of tlu> Urath w i^ieanlljr 
doo 1o bunrt diuiuiK A nuo vritJi a nd fnco Uu tw mom Uixid 
in hU liAJii tliiU) )iJirri1w>T tritli n f-nln fan»; atiH it blood In powd 
out itito tLo braiu it ifi Ucnnw \h*^ dii^aMid bJoud-ncind ouuU 
DO Ujoeer avort tb^ Cotn] miMlut*! It la, IUoei, a penon wiUi 
diaott«d art«ne« in whom Ap.'|>Ji>xy i:^ likclir to oocur, and tkii 
EBay «xiitt jfl tboM wbu aaT> puJu and tkii^ and Jmvv ioA^ m<}>^ 
Dr. ^Vilktt bUUw tliat ha* outs.' kiu<w a gwiU«iiiiLn «1io tiAd radi kh 
atnwtlinanJj ntl Em» tLnt nuoib yi>iiu;g bifindji diBlikml Um wXk 
ti» wUwiU with bis), I«b4 lur aliooM die of Al>^|'U<^. 
lf««itJcnUMit nha^ £aoo w of a docply pixTpIu b«i% d>«d of 
di(K«iBL\ " Altliotif^b ovrtibrml HeCAJurrLA^ci^ ■ocovlimM 
rapid])'. It diVH not kill inflUinUj, x* ni]iCtirt* or tLa aorta. 

CailA^s. - Th^ nuln catuw of Apopt^-iy in dL«i?oMi of bk»^" 
TTM^M; IkMico tbc incrm^Q^ U«bility to it with adTaDcln^ a^ 
Tb^ gnidnAl do^ttt^ralion or ooaficatioo of artMi<Hi docuttooi lO 
old ago r«idi>m tlit^ iiv<l*^r, nnd Bfi iho Mood is fcff«ei) od tbm 
bj tbu afrilijui ijf Uii* hxiirtf Uit>v pv« way. Hftinnnlia^ withla 
thftcnuituii ui MKueliiuv^ ai(ise«l hy lL» burBting of Am^mrutu 
tnvolno^ tbo arlvrkv of th» braai. Thf> idMi tliAt iacroiurd 
pitii r ti on Ibv' blood vMuula oF tJie bniu, aa dono^ oxcrtkia « 
rapid atomatt^nt of ih*^ bmly, i^ ftn ongiiuiifiK «aiifi< of Apo| < -^; 
Islonimvrt; tluftvi mtiAt Ui ftotual diigi*iK<mtiaa nt tLn Brt-frrtv 
Lhi* jtruirvw jnnjlKtlil^ of )<**»» boforo thny caii iptft wity. TW 
prnlinjuniif Ganae of Apoiilosy w ^iMnJ bodily nmoaodpawfc 
wlu«h may ba mptviallr dao to gniAttlar diivcbw of tbo Ibdikvy, 
[ly|H>rtropby ol On* li^ft Tv^ixiHclfl of tb»> hrait. Apopl«a; 
alimst aInyH tlirt lorul (-xpr^viHiiiit of a ^wnd iijatftJtiitMl 
fuh]r4t; IwnoB il i- cIamrI m a cocuAiUUiooal diaeucL 

DtAOXOeOi — TUfiAT aiEXT, 


iir;tl; «i H^Tfm^ iff ftlvS5^ iitt^tiilrd b j OonTOl- 

uoctf and mucfa froUulig nt Uic moaili; c^ti^ito&B vhirb do not 

oorar IB Apof){«xj- tu flitfjxigbUiJDg it f^>Tn Intoii^^tkm or 

p]i*TgfHg witb opiimt. tbo baaUtfj O&d elitnunHtiuir^ oT Ui& 

IMrtiflot nnwvl br cmuudcdvd. In bi? iikidjr to biro bci.<ci dnuiiujf f 

Li tbtfo m»X ^^"^^ ^ fapnte i& ili* brtvith? JIha hv bfW» Um- 

%td <r ia vij 6Maail¥m hkt>W u> Imv^i IimI hin U> •waUo* 

r Jl l« flrocB Mcfa eilciuaiaaiMvA, ootmiilprvd in «0Qfwdlini 

tb» Mitdv* hUtnrr of thn okm\ tkiu it* mn«t nukp ciitr 

Uw cuulitiiKi K't Qi« bnuu, a$p«iallv in Um ndiUKvd 

IKoiafiUy rv«ufn>^'^ Afn^Un^ from aleoliobo or i\hj«obo 

foim ib« difrtTcu«t» iu U>o imnmfiaiA m^unraa 

wMiM bn lalum ill tlio ocio or Uin <.<li*ir Ciai^ All I'trioti^ 

tbv aUjuuacU ptuujj. nuifbt rvtumtr iu iLif uuu C4uw vluU if 

vnflorrd lo rrnuuii. loi^t Imd to #«nD«u< or »mt faU rmahn; 

It lA otivKwvly f&r hAXmt to miftttkw dninlmm«M for 
i|ik«} Uuii A|>ojilox}' fur ilracik»iiiifMBi, anil wboa uij om is 
ikv|ily iuMAwbb bo bIajuU btf cauvfuU^ AlU'udi^d tkaihx 
thrw^oa of « Budioftl muiu Err-n if dctitt cottlJ i*ot 
pcmbljr bo an-ttod, ii u cAd that o humau Lvui^ >Lo«kl dk* of 
4Mr«bnd Unmorrhag^ in a |>jt>o» onll. Cmlar Aujr dmmtftiiac«B, 
Uno^ on aaaioifriouai jiiTrua tiivdm wv aan, lur btr lun; bu id 
bum a mttbiiiAtioti of couw^ n tinuik^ci ***^n may buiir bid 
h» blood rwola niptnrr^i {•r n blcm i4k tbo lt44td; or a «hiiBk«ii 
'^I^Moh tmay «iocDe«d44 wiUi tL«* hn^ikifiK' up nf bi« uutft i l ll 

^^^n«lm»*iit l>"u(liii:r iiidi«"aii'iti*, -A^^^Mirmn.— A full, 
rapid, Kiitl »<Uia^;; J'uIm*; dtj^, Li>i An;. T^ii« i^-uuhIjt i?t buiUble 
fur tW pnuoiuUvry lymptOtttf, itad for an ttdual aUack, ami 1ii4b 
imiiwHtfitrfy and ruooti^ljr ti tuftultelj »u|>?noF to tW aMnwtioo 
oC tMfi, tixtiMo, or IwMi^ OG&OM of Uood; indaod, w&eMctioa 
baa bMm |iron>d tiy Htnii.^in t;i lumiaAo ibo zuurtaLt^'. 

BtiBadonMUi, — Hcd, nwo!lni faci% tlituUnog uf tbv hlniiil iiiiiii 
«aov^iUm EDoruD'^iKtA of Uk> fnc^ or Ibobai dilntioti nf Ui«* pnpilai 
leva of vpiitfeii, «U])]iniaAioa or iatioJuiaai^ ^Iwdiv^ <A iihii«, ale 



Opium. ^TlTOv^aoHi, Stupor, or proteanil G^na: 
imigoUr 1in«lliUi^-; hlnntnl fni-i^ Hlti|ad Mod \n9aiU*i 
bo]f'i>pe<i corral, ooutn^tt^ pnpilN cold «qttf«tiutim. 

StUD FomiVio. Coi^-o«tivo oonditiociii of Uto bnia fuTon'^ 

b^ n^iHlj unlefvt nctivo f«ihr]k» npapt^iKM ^t for Aecnt. ^^| 
T, ^ [tartkttlarlv vnhuiM** fnr pntk-tjl^ who liave«|)eat r Md«MAi7 
Ufi\ and unhUgnl in rick dit-l, uiuc. He 

Phpvj>horu« — TliiH remodv retiuxlv or oorrocts Ifc© cnlewm 
dcf^oufTnUon of (be ftrt«niJ blood v«Miil»t vlucb wo bAvi& tftdtod 
to 1» Ui« gn4t cniu* of tho <Ui»iukl It maj Im givon wiica mcih 
II chnii^Ti in HiupiHTUHt wicl tdK> dnring mcnvnry fmu a fit rrf 

AclmiiUHtnitiou. Punn^ b pftroxjrvaw <hm or tvo <b<of« 
Uii? tintfinro in & ttMupoOTiTQl of waUtt, or oq a fmiOl pine 
ngftr, vtwy flItMiQ or (liurty Euiuotw; ia thrMlefi^d Afiop 
a iluwi i>vi>ry hQEir: hm t^<^ fijiti]>Tciu:ji uv KiibKidii^ ovii>tir thm 
MX liutav 

AiYi'ssoriM liiirinff a Pi(. 1- Tf poinbtcv th* 

AooJd bo iii^mi'iLinlHy coniVTtHi to a large niHtftBUvlvWnBft 
cold &ir ran fr^-dlv i*ijr<nJaU^ aroanfi him, 2. Tfcii> iH^k#«v*biir<l, uiJ 
bttiMUtjUM of ^v«?iTy kitif). to.MeniHl. Bnd tfao pnlii-nt placvd ta a 
wufin ImL -Ailti Uir If^Acl uif-Hlt-niti^y i^Itv^L It- U'annlli idkuaU 
b? iLp|>linl t<i Lb{> extrc<imtin» and VkxitUv dotJi* wrtiQi; out ol boi 
wnl<TT, Awl rrnttvrcj lut noon im tboy Ixxxiniii^ ooU, to tbta brAdi 
nod A HtDiiiitinD to tlt«< <>pi|;ruMiiaL 4, At the mta» tnnn. aa^ of 
thp ftf(tfpmci;liafw<1 ni>«Hti«dn^ Khi»ld be givpu. cfat»4f AiVOL, 

Aftrr A Kit. Hbonld tbo pAtirat rceoYOT from tlxH EU i^nal 
■nd BnnviiiUtn;* <^uo most be obwrv^ to [Trev^nt HnotlM' attack 
Thf dipt fthould bA Itgbl, bmt nonrb4ii»f;; tnilb, hgbt pndtliagf^ 
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^E [Mfittitinn.— A I'mljr^ of «U Uw funciiotm of tkft bnui^ 
occvnri^ ««Uwr ^ntiiwilly or »uddnUj, •idltd bj ti**!^ bobw- 
limf following vxpoeoro to Uio diroct niyH uf the* niOi |9«rtkifr- 
haly vbm to best b BliM tb« immre of tigbt um! ooaitablf 

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Ooi^Mliaci ol tiia ^}*«: frrq^^ot dMtto to nuotKrftU^i Syncope 
taQov*, 4Bd i8<kfl<.>ci uurlnctljr UUl; or luAMiPiibQlitr had tltaU>- 
vmrn IwMitbing omir, viUi or wiihout C>4HiviilfdruiA. hi hoUi 
T«n«4ioa Uu> iiMrtialilj^ U liigb. aihI Uid*xftmplHl C<Ai|,'V«tMJCi of tbit 
liu^ b tbe moet couuijuu murbiJ oocidhioo foooJ alUr dnftUk 

Causes — Bn*iki UiD ilinct ?(ri?rl uC heoAt tbtt blifnio odoo*' 
4|tiniit uQ Dofitiauod jibrA^r«l «*iurti'Xi m a. he«lAd filiiio«pftun^ 
«aatbAAi*d vitb hrwirhin^ vitifttnl air incrowdiid mportiDviit*, or 
nlf lirA nttiH^Hi'*, pTalu»|iucbmi ta no aU«ek. 

TntiUfii'llL If tliorfib»Di>oufiniJuoii8, Uw paUMiL aliDiiJd Ui 
qoioU/ »txip[iMl pljwwd iu ui ecii^jr l>aUi-tiil>t ukl Baffusod tnv 
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dU^ Cafti|>lL vlioulil bo iubolivL nnd giivci ua imgnr. A 
taMpuonfol 4jf tnu^y '>nj).valnr ibnlf of mch) may bv pv"& 
kartwiiL M'bkii tbn lUo^i^r ia ontr, Aoou- iiiAy 1« gi^vu I'vwy t«o 
■ unu tnfc If tb«o bo cofftTolakmat tb« p«tuflU abooltl Ijv pUcvid 

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u rnlta<^l to IfS dug. Caimpk *Ad Aooo, majr bo givoa iw 



Sd U» ci*iM»r -^^Aft. UiJl- ift to b0 prcfctr^ to.lmti. if fbr c^jwb* " 
gtnriofi ntitt f^tit^oing. 

S[H.rtiil Iiiilk-JiHoiuL'-'^toflMrfAM. — V«rv ■mmm htmrj iiul 
thj<>b1>in^ jiiuD In 1L« Leaf], puriictilarlx hL tbe bade; or buJiIax 

B*-IX<>fSonmx, - XioitnX diuiniMB, or M^Ufta faUinif ilovm m if 
from Ai>opl^''xy; iyhIucw* of Uio f«Mi. ^M 

Cnmphar. — OtmiI du|imu(ion ot tbo paliw, imd pulp fnoci. irf^^ 

AiulLnl faces ae30u1crtLti>l piil.-v. etc^ 

Xbo cflccte may tiMmlir Ut met by Bi>Ll,, UfDCb, or Oku* 
AevMSOfJ' UeanS.— It » tu^w guucnllr oipood Uuit 

bj llw laaoet, vUtch m f^ir jr^ftm tine* Vft» tbo oftkodui motiicd, 
ood (Mn-MMKl toboBtumglf *iadioue4"hafl beoo ftboJUwtiond 
ttMt br cvkl dMbefai> or ootd oomproMM oooKantly appKvd 

nnjtiliii^ udJik* jiramora oo tfa^ max of U^vi ii«ck- Flao&«l 
lo|««veiit cbillf^ Spininitniikin^ ffaould 1w disoootinavd, 
imdoObiodly fwdi^MnM to atladGfc 

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Pftralirto— P«raJytl(^ Stroke. 

iVflnltlon-— FarAlyvix^orl'iilHt', i4HA>n>^Eiv^»n it^iffliick 
Ion of motirvi, tu n v«riJibl«t i-xti-fii^ nviHiciAli^i iHiii (tiinmii 
Ijnbi or DfAiknl cord, frotD injiuy to, or pituscirQ npan, a onm- 
tniik, or itoa tJw Adion cf n i^tinon, 

Ibme fl» Buny «lifTrT«-ut innoM of Vanij%im, itoaio of w 
iritL their eliH'f o&fiiMi»t ft» an follovn:^ 

H«iDlp1i>iiia k ibnt fom of Pimlyid* En «hf>h rmn Ui^rml 
of llifl body M affii.'ti'd frtim lUuwac vt ihv uj^jKittto tmir i*F 
bn^Q, tbo f«trlA gt-n^«11r involwd betoiE tbv* nppor aoil J 
nIftNfiitiea, tbo mniidcii of mTtrrntimr, luid tbu hsuscIm of 
lodo of tbfr tonffiw, iDd tbo pitmt » ^aid to ban* b«] 
"paandTtlc *i1rolnv'" 

neftkiplif^A Rtay 1w Tny parttfii M wbpn tt nflVctit lb» 
ocilf< oaonajf drupjiin^i; ut tbu upfurr eyeliJ, lo whi'-jj lii' 

neumii— LocEJxv. 


Tht» ccoditioo h (^lUocI FIohia. Tbo oyo ia aLi» nn^ 
tiiDMi fnmiHl oniiranb or i&w3utl!i {ft(|uiDtiag> from n BimiUr 

TV clu«f C4UISIV are — cervboral Qmnurtbago (ApO|ilf3ijr)» 
obstrwrtjon of the btood vtMMtLi ot Uw bniii, aDd c^jfUDnquant 
MTttbnl N)A«<un|t *ni* ffftMnl patbology U)4 InotiiMni 4r« 

Pmplo^B i« a funu of PamlTidii. Dxim or km eouipM«^ of tW 
Jom hnJf of ttw liodv. Ju wbidi Uxi I«vn *i^ |ivrrbap« ttU> Uw 
recttun ukd bladdrr, uv jiaplmlod. U w cftow^d by d iww o of 
the flf>[&ftl mnrrow, or of )t« iDoishrasw«, or of tbo Txvtobfffl^ noUiai 
Ite mtrrow it tithor p ro Mw d apon or ^bcvgrniBtti It m&y aW 
mi Etna iif Uu» ijmplcHVBi ol diniDi^ oorvbral t1>w»4^ 

PataljiUB ia a lixnl Pftnly^s of Uip poriicj timra mrfV 

Miif; igmto inrUifwivicttl of diwp^i of Uu» Ivmin, tnd tA |irob- 
diiA to swllirig <iS tbn invrntitig BioinliniDa of thp bcmen 
ixim* f>in(iT]gV0i, or frnni 11li» pnhi«nn''>f i*ci1iiri^l 
Of liitttnuUin expoflutwf a watuj fuiiv tottfvld 
^kwi|^ SnoiriilDW il ia dtia 1o iptnrtla of tuEoura Al Uiif Iioot oC 

TbftfMtWtt an* drawn ttp to the Opfmvitn ndo: b«it tlierv i.i 
Mlill HMMtdlilj nf tb> itkui vf Uiv duwk. and Uiu mi^cln nf 
mvticvlinti art 

OtbfV ftstnvi or rttratjviit nnj be* aoimd: (3vci4)nJ T&niljm tr 
PbtaIj^ of tbf> JaittJi>?; WftftiTij^ FaUj; LocDanotur Atttvr (TabM 
I>M«Ii#f: ItlimAiU* l^Mnlj^iHi raUr fporo I^Hul MprnijT. op 
Albtf puivKw; or fimn A|vri|ir diiw«v% nn X^^th^nw V^mlp^. 
liliitlt^iif Tivjiliut'lit.— 1. FttcioiPoniiirWfc— BMy^-CaifcLf 
ttrt^ h^\U A<va. 

fjmer^l P^j7^tiffU.—yboa- (from d^^iipivtjoti); Bafy^-CkHv 

old |#n>D«B); Mi-n~ CiV.. Con*-, Coni,; PhttoK (vrish wWEtingK 

H^Mifh^^ft — Xsi. y~, Am. iMpwaaUy nf thn luft nilH)^ 

7- *- th^ Upper Kjfflid tPiomsX^^KM^ Spt^, BaH 

& KJtciinrahV Pdf-n/yn*, — Rhoi, AriL, Aooo., ftcilptL 



7. I'aratjfsttr of J^'iintt^nL Upi^ IiaL, Cnp-iL, An* 
AuoeHfiiirj' MeJilu,— L Ekwtridl/ or g^lTioim, Joiicioiulj 
yHdr nfUff tho iirnto inllAniEnAlor^ «vTni)f<-*n>^ haT«> »inMd«d, 
fB 4S*tli of ^Tioi value. 2, Tlio culrt rif^trfi*', li^lhJng wiUi milt 
witor, or. U tlw i-MiUocit be e«paLte or ihv vfTorU »<« bftthiu^ 
pfouuto tfaft imUiUoa of Uto Ajn:iiJ toarroR. Ji, 

;jro vfaeo tho [>atiuut u cfvjmbto of it, ptUHivo 
DcA — Biof gnMd ntilitjr in OT^Ttonring nuutcalkr r^dil^, mid 
ig tli» ftmiHitdm ijf pLntl>?i4l liiulat, 4. WAlIduviTti]><1 Crif-, 
'ttoiui anJ »tuitupwiii^ I'.'Ejl) U> ubiUU* Ih^ iujurioas reBulia til 
eoi4iQii«d pg^Mnmr Irom lying ou iL4> piunUjiwO |iiut& 

TetJumn— Lockjaw. 

nulATf moaoltti, ifi^vr^ or i^Attial, olU^aiuitiii^ itilb 

or loA coaD|>]cit4% ariainc trcaa nit oxciUd nUtd of tb* 
coard aad iDMlitlJa oblongKtn. 

CilllHi^ — TvtiiAnfi mnjr b« idkfpntbic) — front boou^ 41SQ>d«r 
lilcwd or auiTOiTi? >^v>4mii- ht tnvnUkfttEr, frrnn « woond whJdi 
pruiti)a« lucrnl ulv>^l-i itnULiiJiu, Tbe eiUiUL'tiija uf u IucjCIi bu 
ConW tliU iJiEtFOBn in tii> itutikor^n owa eijwnt'itotv li majr occur 
«U nfToBi bat in ]>nXftidj iuo«l ootmcoa iii Ibu ^ottiifb uul la^ftn 
oioco liubiu to it tbiui fi.Ku:iloit. SixkUtt atmosphcm chofiga* 
■mocm to liAm romidorHblo iiiHaivux* in [irodudng Uio dixaniML 
SynipfaiiiJ^^Tbvrv n^y Iw |iroixM)tuUu>~ iDdicntioos of an 
Mub u loiur, or mohv of imp^odinc iUqjcvt, or n dj^turUd 
ol Ibo digONtiv^ crgAfiBk Bat tho uiuKtj^tnknhlo AjmpCoaM 
»coii appear, soin^ljr, i&itbilUy to o|K*n tho xnoaxb fullr (Xorkjawftj 
oxprvM^m mf lliA cnimt<>n]uiiM>> nnnrrLtfiMl or AiM fti 
4Virii*?TV of tivtv luuulb Wiu^ ilnvo u[f {rumB 
Vkheci Cnirlj oci t£i. tli« Bj^sbw of tbo ToliU]tv7 iiivk«dfv nn* 
!• tMtfl vioUdit diArvM", wiUi mncb iklLi, iu;d iiArtiiJ r<-[mniofl^' 
fwni in of tli>t IdoJ wbicU att^-iuU ordinary CYiini|) tn ^ 
UK of tbo Ip^ «Qr! in lUTtoIIy m-ry mwnx Tbo tin«Uung 
1)1* loud Mtd iwhljui^; if Uin atuhdra of tbo tnml mv iiffprtvi] 
U>dy » folvd lorwxlA U'<if/rtMfAotoNMii>, or i>a«lnip^ 
ffipiMoionu$)t or W p«rF^oUy npd d^nie Spnnn), lUco n (it<««* ii 



Tbo iBind cautmtu» duttr; auJ nben ilvalU fuuim. ii u 
mdwiutioD cocm^iiiBXit on Um faw|iuuagr ^t the tctuuo 

K]iiT<>mr of TrrACnieDt, — l- idiopathic r«i<ntM. — Adoo. 
lau i'i[io*iiri-j; CTi-Titt- or CUl {from mvnuft- 
L TVuiuwi/ic rdtfiiML'— Km V. (or SinrchtuA), Aaa^, BdL, 
'IlTilrcicy., Ant 

Ttua rviar-ly i*|ioiiId bo giv«a tn a luv Jilatiam wl iitintnii^iflr^l 
ikVMQ- frw tidfivtiM u 000ft M the Arst indlcaUoQ* ara luAlesd 

1 1 > H r<i|i h o M t^— Et a t)f p-t, 
lUlUiilL.— A diMWHi multitt^ trviit iht* bile tit a rabiil dog, 

of irhioU MTfit i!«tcro fKiDr^Aoti-Jii about tbo Uirunii 

Einu; 0nUovrtid by i>xlkaaitioa, DuUnuiUk Mud ilgatb- 

Sym|>t<>iu^ or RAbJ4*8 in the Uug. — Aeoonliii^ to Y<Nutl» 
lL«* fftHiwt &ri> niiUrniMMi, nuJ biM|iu«t itlull4»|^ of 1>OitW: loM 
oT appfCiUii bi|ifH.Q^ his owQ toino; di]>i>o«it*(iQ to UdE coJ4 
MtrtoM, U> «at htrvwii^ ^xrirotiwQiiiUtKW mMtior, fti»(l oUi« rubtilvli, 
and i|{lilimg ibaiL bin jian^ at Uw curtuav of lua moillli. A ivs^ 
«arij mill cvinr-Uuit vjmptum is cblukgv of vuice. rrtoj »aDid 
tfiumi bt^DiC moTf! or tco» «b«Qie«ici 

Tbst ifuomit of frrodtf tvic«; auic^ «bow oxtromo foodiUMi; 
vfajlir othiica bftrit luul ni>b ia tbir flD:l iif tlvir i-hAin to tnH^ ui 
iSBB^iDcij Ium; ur. if khBKN nud onl, tMlin^ t'lvty oa» iLu^ BtfvL 
Tlitfv i* no <ln«4 of WKtrr, im in homvi Imn^ bill, oa tlio 
^ont rmr y, IT**^ tiiitnl ; lu^d tfao Mlim iMOaOM* viMbdt wmd ^herm 
to Ibo aKmik In. tjio lust irtagwi of tli» cJiiiaoB tfaft ^jw* bwocM 
doU; tl» biml b^ iui<l nfliTwnnlt tJi« noac^ai of tb* Jaw, an 
|«nJjrcftI; ouil Ibt* AuiuiAl iIm nlvMi^ixl tti fitmi fuur |o hU ibiji^ 
Ccaanun rrrtfv an^ Uist nu Ji^ in bjuI wbicli niU lop imlrr. tbnt 
tW abiBubi Odlj* gu taad ia tko tk^f tUj% ocid that tbL< foiaak* dcf 
i* not iii^tl* to tb<» diM*!^ Mtisduij^ i« i>r bttlu nait Tliiniuliwi 
am mtM (IkOgtvxnti^ ar>«l HbiiiOi) bt* kilW ^ifT, 
ISymfiUMnA in llAti.*-TbDau arcr uol lukftiAut^d till a iisiud 


tus rAirtLT doctoa. 

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ftft^n* ivmTiiT;^ tlio iofi^otJoii, viiririns from a fow wMlu to <nH 
two yivin; tlio vniumt bjiiit^^ fffobofal; bmilivl. nn^ (lif* 
pnvRutin^ tvt tf^tDLrluMv appoftnitfo Twit4^luD|f aiiii IlcUi 
KMiMBtioiu nri> nowiHimcii fHt in Hif* vioDity vf tb»woa&d 
to An bOilcIl t>oinriiint« tbi*n* in ittifncnK nr tmnfaliM*, of 
Ptkv; or tho voitnd mnj' 1>a rr^ ftju! iiwollon; tbM^ i« sn 
tir<<-l ff«'Ufig of citiHAhiM*^ mh\ tmxtt^y, with ffiililiiiawL, 
iitfltd. aud a gen«ml fwttuK ot beiui- unwelL tli^ 
tpm^f'Umut uv wruijtvd by Mr. Enobwi tuidcr thnrc boadti; 
awtio^ f M ^^ fpO0BiaBo AflMion of t^A mtuelen of tba 
and cbosi; tbn tAt of nwnllovi&g oonuDonly pnatjit|p con 
makm tho jititinrii nfmiil Ui m|ir«t tbi> iiUAmjii: 1ifvur» tho bnmr 
of hi? Iif|uj4k vEucb i> 0u rtTisArkAl^t" • fwttiuv of the d iwig i 
%t> ivttt^iw^ d(%pr^ <'' MdMl-Uilv of tiw «ttTiw« ^ tii^body 
nMiDt«l iif^t&tkin ftud b^mirt wfaiob fiv()Bi>iilJj mwk Um 
throngtkOQL To tb«A(> HyraptoriiH W<ni thav ^dd «qctrv«nfl thJiTNt; tbft' 
■ uur o d on uf o rmiurkiil)!^ Tfhritl Milivii, Ili4t ofli:^rt to avallirv 
tthieli lnii<H cm the conrnkiTv fita; CgoT«Wocia iaiCTMuiDg kn, 
trt^xicttcy iixi nol«aio»t lipa Hud cbovlo) boomoiiks livid, and 
fa^xImiUy (fiiinrini;; tiU, aI b^iftti^ one Gl lute Iook «cioa|(b lo 

4*ausi'.-'A bit* fmm mn nnfnijil nlfvwly nUnciwl with 
CluR- txfLifiat*ui<>iLt wuuc i4 fr*Hli wftt'Tr, unvLoViM^iiBt foodi 
tuBv buw MMibc iufitH*iici> iQ dov<>Uipini; tlM^ nofihidy, 

Tiviitnit'iit.- iJumodiAU^l^t ttftvr II iwvuoQ bu b«>eD Uttm by 
MW|H>o('«<l niinnfll, tiM wmmd KttovJd b^ mrtEed wHh alL tbi> fm« 
tlu» potftiinl. i50a Aumnftnd, mi ■« to narij»nif>ft UtNulint^ bdiI th« 
raukOTMl of ^U*n frum ibti biu«« port; aud if 1m k^ Uai niuob 
RUnnnl or tAkunwia^ nodlilf' iu do it bimwJf. a ffinad tlioabi do 
It fof hitxLf A lijpitim' b<4wiM*ci tho vrottod and thA bmt woiiid 
bIw prwoQt Um Bbaorptioa of poiaon toto tho wyvUam. Am 


bnwlr**! «Dd itn^'ibrH blum. maWtiji ib» ehjiaov of «Mn|i« amtrij ■• lhr« 

Ihr t>o^«> *'<'^ (i^ mow in «OttliMt ttilh uj ibbr*d*i or iHharTiM iBpMj 
iBCt ■DrfMV u( il»B mvuUi Off olliar t«not tl» bodj- 

KPttEwr— nre- 


tekm t'> itinctro avftv pocUoR loodtcd by Uie ftoiinftl 
and to iiMain « vImio niw imrfli«aL Tbo wcmnd ronct lium b» 
irvilvd lij 4 «Uiiii>u iif whTtn vmtiT aaiI AfU^nmrlii frvi»lv Hjraignd 

llniif^lii'M. Tbrr chief an> - BoDiKisiukJi, Slnmobima, Mbd 
SaU*Q«riit Lfti^rifloni* Tfaow> lu^Klidn-M bra od do iuwobidI Io 
«DpftTvt>4A tli9 ky«l inc«ik« ]vii4t pmnl^d ovt, but Mik to bo luwl m 
additloml jwiTMitiTw, or at {mllijUirtHL 

A/4adonJUL — A«ranliii£iii UuliDituiuin, thii* in tint iulbl inwv 
Iv<PTv«Uv«; uttA orftftmlj tM> o41iM ilmg luw tbo power of niiua- 
laliit^ UrJropJiobia to tii* Miau> aadauL SovonI vnry iiita>ricf4(&jt 
cm^m of gwiaiiii» Rftlvd*, «ai^ to hnix* b^n inxr^d b^ tla« <3ni^ 
wa qootdd in HiMnpd's "HmU*rm Mo(li<*n" 

A^M^irto.— lb Uio " Nv>w RmpOtm," Dt, ITjik- jvofm tliAi 
thift drug luM cwwnd tm-row d«raugeo)eDla iimilv to tbcMO of 
BjdfvplMUa, wuldt««iinnf8of «ureol tli»di*MM by ttuvnatidf. 

Dr. Mu^ mi^ipMt* tlM> T<irki>ai Bstb nt liOdvg. to 170 d«g.; 
wltli dnif) i k iM of Kft)ft Tri|L Z Dr. Bnlfltuu ruoaautundi 
tlio va|jurbadi. 

PlvratlliiitL-^Aft«r it p^noai haai hotn bittrn bj ft «vapr«t«d 
dof^t th« «ai»i«l Hhonld OQ eii> aecoanl bo kUkd* for uArt aU U 
laaj turn otvt thiU it vaa doc ronlljr mad. Bj aHatting it up Kod 
ttDn«lii|f ft to Uvo, tlw Dan'm«Iigt:*nt (*Jurvldrrof tbi> «lTrc4ian 
h* k^r«rlAin»4l. aiktl tlu'> jifttiml's nind ivUffivd of a mort 
fi*4r, lliAL QuifLi utbnnriu bftw tovvMBbod bim te 

Kp)h>vH7--PalliiiG:-Sickti«**ifi— Pitt. 

Il^'ttnitioil, -JToddea niid ojia(il^U> )o« of OPMdo TO Mm And 
LbOitT. villi i|>Mmoilio cvxitn^tiutui of Uw mw»do% ImHi^ 
two, i^ tiuvit Enimtlm, rn^omn^ witlmol^an; tjr|i«Gil rvgU' 
Urilja Rod fia{k>w«Kl br ^ihaii^kxi anal drpp efec^ Tbu ilHiniio 
ttuftbomii^ iLbtumii Ui^f Inaiuu b lUiJUkuwii; but tbt-t>= t* a hi|E^ 
pniMliOitj UaI Uit^ JU^viuiJ^ ^ionpofa wl tlw L«Mn of tiv Unia 
m tbtf pttTtD f^1ak wbirk iUa lufiUiaaiml of tba notur WWM 

T1i« Aum K|iilr|jtira.'-I&Uiema}or^5ijf cdMM«tbDi««moB&- 



thai ' 

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often oolar«d by bU>od; lh« cy«« qniTor nod roll iboat, or mtm Axb4 
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parfoctly in a fow muuitoo; mjoui rof^ain coii9CH>ii9jjrt« umI Uub 

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f of U>r Fruur^L Uut tljMv t>« aIhj » oiiUW fism ul ihn ilbt«aw 
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mir' dJ>] U>H ''yromf" nfUii alUrnuiliv oc Umt 1«iihv ^jwh into 

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Ihir phja«caJ ttiid muml cucidiliiia Qft-n*pi.'alnk wvuru ftlueka 
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B>itB»>rT, im|Kur U]« iutAlloetaal Iwmltii.^, and. in «oibu intdattpai^ 
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mml fn^jiumt |x*rird in from Uio iwcxitKl to thi> CMiUi J^at, <lur3ii^ 
ivliirb thi< |H*niWM*iU tn4li vro t^uL 

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tbp irrit^tiix- of vonii*- -^^ii-^tfikllj- t4eDilk^uii*ri-«tntBl irfv»i^i 
or iiU|f{ii>^«Lioii, r«|)«lli^ i<ni|i1iuiL4— t-fjio^'iAlIv ltio«> about 
bfnd^afid tlivi Mi^t 4>f vihur i>[ii]i*pli<ta,&ti-< jdw nxciiin^ tmuBn^ 

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pat tnck iuto hU moutfc, and n cort or linen fd &zfd U4 
faii» R>i>1iur twUi; La nbonkl h<« lfti<l <m > oondi or ra^, bvnh air 
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wki«ii iL»uaIlr ti>]luWiJ without dihlurbAJiCA 

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Dfflnition. — A ttiQrtK»ii*il JiK.inl*r -jf tW u^noo* 
ilteid^ with riAifi^mtod klv^^ <jr dcpn»B«d foolincH, txtl 
o«t nctnij diKirdrr oS ihtt iDtHI«*rt. 

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groQEid, Clirt Aiibjwt ()f uvmn iinnnin! diH^iuBv And i« ofli*ti IuobInI 
wiUi Um <1ivfiJ of iiifluiiiy or of ckwtb rn.<ijDi'Ltt>% aI fl»t tk^ 
pati^^ut oooMdirri tuiOMtf drfpop^jr from UiO ft*^ thai Ui ¥ 
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llnin h» n>mp\skiiM of a i-iuLwiiij; or Itriniirj^ [Uiiii. of miMHiiiiwi ii 
tbtf pit ot Uie vhAOJidi, ur of kkjw •vrioua diMrOfl^. H« Iw* pvi> 
hopo of gvttiog rid of ^i* vudadj, And Ktnoof; ttixkt, notv^ 
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■tttctioo M&g dlr*d«d to piirdcttlnT orgntf, fuuctwoAl tUctudi- 

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diorbcw; iTmpMflu wlueli teod to ooofirai tii* b«li«ir UiAt or^inaio 

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bubt ol icAUiitjr, or otbiir tfisvo uamKUt diMUmw, ttuij l>a |(m«v- 
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ilufiwoilBateh Snvm ttliocks of n moral or tMuuticMul tislurv m^ 
gin rim to the aMlady< Tbu |>ali««at'a iMmplamto nuj* lbOweTer« 
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or tbo &ii«enibl« ftiul Imoii ■Ki'iirjti;^ bibtte uf an idl« lifv. 

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driBBA offiioeiatiHl vitb ^jluciiciuii of tbi> linr, tivitabdlity, mm! 
fnifti&i(» d^lu!■hiutl- 

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ol \U^ or b uijailiU trfuknci'; rcUgioiut raeUndtelyi luuwuMb 
•mmhiuruuait toUoiUMw, and uidi«pontiuo to ooormftitoiL 

Anm^mtm.— Hbtondkoly, witb dobUily^ abto for Uu» ImniB^ 
pwiv* Miiai^lBM^ ftwn|4ained ol, 

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' ^ - F^tiua, Ibii iviiJjwt of tho Niix Vobik lecnpmiiMaL 

^^'b6n> Uin di^J^vrtion t& ratuu^l by dicraogMDOOto a£ 

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[ition of ^H 

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Ai»it farii, rvmrHng In tmmtjmms "t rpgiilur or4fWgdI»r fnt«rvmb; 
id racmt cwutt Uie {>^<nIa of tiili-^rmittMuu ftiv njru|kbnitirvlv fiw 
from aqfferiufri buL iu rhrunic cm^'r^t tnarv or !««» |>t*rBU(ti*])t 
p«iti and misciuef oomr, tiom aumo uorbid «OMlitiaa 
nATTT* of ciinfiitioD* proiuCMl ty a local, or nor* 
gttivriil, nlTrf^tioa 

Varii-lit»i. — TKf dtiof mficT^al SV'uraltfiai on.* Uin Viilltxncc; 
(I) Fada) Konra!gia— th* brauchns of Ui** fifth pnir of ii«rm an 
iW Mat of l^<> |jaJi^ ncT oek^ or in niro ciimv, aSl tlims of iIn 
ditiHOna lonj bo iAvolvwl; il it Mtn^onU rpcojp&nd tw T^- 
dfffdatmnjt^ and laom fiwiaMiUy nffprtH wnnum than tnriL \il 
Rmucnniakt Bffigrim, or Bitnr-Ague — ibr iM^ot of |>ain Ja uu una 
Atlr of Ihn bead, jnat aboT^ th<> t>r«!Utw. <^) rritnrvMtalNmnlfia, 
or Pl^^irodTnia -oft^n ^wKaattd viUi an «>niptjon of dtutenrJ 
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abl«-i tho vi^TifTv form i-yfOmiUj' ooeda mi pmJiJectlv, Aiui in ul a 
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jaaM of aftrr & f»v |«t»xvMii^ i>r it amy |irnrHt lor moAy iloy* or 
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tmc Hi&nifti>r. 

NVnntli^n ilii'I Hrn^i Hair* — Tlv hiur miilivriFaw wa nwiahl a 
ciuiii)*«w bmW Uiv* iikilcjKUv <if Nt^tiniUfin. Dr. Auflti* iioUhI 
in a ym w of hair oh Ui* fiani^ nd^ in olovno iaflanr^* oiit of 
twnoly: ciPM-n of tli^Mt wiiro «uim« of Nniralf^ ot tb* Oi]>UtlMliato 
dmiiion of ttn* Afrh iif^rri^; tn fik»r of th(-M> rv^M Oi-*r» urim nmy- 
n^ i<f |«ri of till" tMp'flirjvr un tJiA nftirtj^l tiulA Tbi* muih< 
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■iCtiMlljr tncrra-inir 4lari>M& and for «o»* timo niUr. an wot* 
|Hr«syi«a. tb» bair mibaoqatfaUj rotvrniaf^ «ion or !«•> to Hi 
aAtoral oolor. 



CtnSiPSb — TlkM« may he homdJUfX, mcudituliorAt, nr 
Nv^tTftlniu is dBUitcU^v buTHliUiry, ocmfriog lu laitioulor 
ukd tii>p«4haic iu anooovtivi^ ^^oiuntMiiiiL It >4 woU known, aWx 
UiAi Mph iMTumljcio fMaili«« ftf^ UoM^ to tho hmto proioanJ 
ddrui^aniociLi of t^o luwona gyt^Lm^ rftr«ijva«, £|iil«p«y, Hjrfo^ 
cbomdrioAttt, luiil «v«a HaAMuAf^flf tl»(*brtitt mod XiM&nlt^ -indi 
osliog flooM ooogeuital itoperfirtlucu Ui tbe fon&Btkfi ot tW 
Mne»<»Ua «a(t IiIjvd^ Ttua evnos to bo prvivd hy Ui« foci tlni 
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Bfii &»oro Uton twu or tbit^o will cipcnucioD aajr fJ9iir«ij(ia( atiil 
UwM will probuUy bo Totiud to IwltMi^ to a ooanUgifl fmmily. 

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dvpreMiiq; infliwncM, vrhaUicr uoctAl or pbjaici^ as ni^bt- 
nvteluDg^ ftl««p]oflKkgn, onzinty, iBMifici«i>i EMarbbiDapIt cr 
▼ioJt^iiourtioDi JuKoorrbo^ niHi oonMiqiient cM^lit^r; affpoljotti 
Qt Ui# aliDBQaUry or uriDArr or^faiOMi ««p08iuri» to wh end foU — 
to iCtoOfT Mil] Ci>ld v^ikK whirJi aivt hvqnebt eutUfoa o£ iiriMkm 
to Ibo atiinul nurv^nu tiyvtuca; it gouty, ifaeuialio or sypliililk 
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woai«<L Tho amiKt of tbia ks Ib&i mon luv bvtt^r fitjircAad. 
boUi iMdmvUj' Aad urtiticialW, rrnm tb« 4T9«<!ta of i^poaoru^ adJ 
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4ir anj jvoiveilun U> tiu* taoK Ttii> tiL^> of pmhi iku Uim cut. 
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IoJoHm; Uuoora, n«ip<«i&lly C«aoer; tpionla of b(aM> prOMlkg oo 
Ibo kom> (lui ocMnotAl oooM of fjb^iol Nonnlgu); aurions tM^b 
or «taaD|M. Ev«ft Xtanlgih froso injvy i« «ggr*v«tiMl by 
tmpftiniiiBiit of Uio couBUtutiofi&l vifor. 




itmrnt. — In w^ay miw thi« nuint b* buOi IocmJ uid 
^BumU. Tbe lb>4 iadude» Ibe dtrtorUon, luiiJ if ptMblv tiu 
t^BOtoL ol OUT nourem of loc«i irnUtioa of thr* mo«^ dlhof M 
ite csiKui or la A&y put of il0 ccnuiw. Th* BMObd itkcltuW* Hi* 
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to dw tnntcuail nmy 1^ fr*UM<nr<] frum tfai* miin^ fin-, m IIm«» 
mm variows it oaniwrt U* EaiM^rtMl ibnt uijr nugle drag, or uy 

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or (lutii^ tvett bill IamvuihI diiriug <nvirciB»; i^H.Tflll.v fir^t oocaan 
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tiM bMd, tl>o tyvr vwX tb» «fti. Tinv v» |p!i»ir«lJr •octftaM 
wUi liiiv Komi of Ntiundffui, L>nittfliT» nMtlraui^idi, KUffojiili cai) 
irritaUDtjr, n gnu«Bl viIimwImI or d«bcliUli<J eundititxi, vmU 
|Hihp_ culd mtntmtMB, oto liilltiiKunk iBAlAria, onvvori:, or, 

wr Mt«k«H of tba Hcmlp; wnnehing |ial&« nl rO(H of 
nnw, hnttom nf Ofblu, In 1h<> <wr or ti>eth; viviil ««#■!; •cmivh. 
loTji ilinhiwi. aai i MM^ roMiiii^ khiI i^toci mmUuiiE of biJe; 
vfaaaBAiiii or utkriUo B«fiikEr«aiB. iQl^rccvUd pain from ihUlitjr. 
Corv44i>at}Ofn doM not precludiv Ath. 

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wtiriifh"^ with tli# nuvt marki^d mnww in n*nrm)gip aiboticxu. 
thr' hoaunt^tlijc Inw. imlml, Iwdii on to 4>i|incTL tlut it wiKild 
tn «0» lot inHDiJKjfTiito dom of Atmhuc caqm tme NeunU^U. 
p««aD« wbo hnn iittomflMl to poiKin tbnawlft* «ith it am Mid 
to Imw mtStmitd ricrutaaida^ imiom kkog tb« coawt» of tho MrvM. 

PJho^iterwK— In nannilgiii fram di*bllJiAti>cl emvUticiu of llw 
UT T LKM i •T^tviLk UuB rvumly » ^[Uml ur orfin Hnpnriur in Arvnu^ 
lyidnllj vhea dnft to ucoIaI overwork, or if MHodotrd wilh 

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Um |iBfttf AM wvi*ns n^ttr in poroxyimiH. «rv wove 

diflit: nnil mn aocoupftiun) lij coogmtiuit in iht* W«d, Utngi^ 


THE rAHiLV DOcroi. 

Belktdatma. — Bonuog, cnofnui^ oBbtang; bvting, tancii 
ud ftiQ^i^ pahm, or Uoobbitig JQUnaiAtont pua\ 
or both cboeks fliuhad. tavA eonctian* svr^lcti; oy«» nd ttvl 
waUriogi pAin nrouo^j tbt" orbit, witb twitcLiag <■! tbo maicl«L 
•OOHtimes MULioD nnd icJlsmmalion <if tbe c^bftllfl^ WDciti*^- 
fWM lo Kigbt Bful fioiuid; lllnsioiift of bL^t b£h) DoittM in tfao vuv; 
OongMtivo (luil dynjc^itic't hisvWlif; ll;Tubbiii2 iwia Jii Uip htm/L 
MDio of imdiil4Uo& m the fun-bcfui, frontAl kn^JodiP, worM* <«i 

th«> L»Ad. TtC'dotUoarwnx. lilMomAtic N^undgio. Omufl 
NfftinU^A, with crxwHog, ^ping jioiti, miir^ tl]ir«t ntd vomhio^ 
^>ilv]Aiform Noniol^iL Noarttlgia of Um fifth pnir, and Hewi' 
cwiu, av Uw tvietln diiefl^ canblo hf Bali In lacMt 
tlw appeanwoe of bbi» pationi fttrooely ooQtnuU with 
dworibed tuder An., tli» BolL habit bcd&(E plMl»ari& 

SpiQPtUt. — Nt^itr«)gic lidaiUcbo mtd faDuBflic, mpM^iAlJy 
^10 wyv is jiffoctivl; rndiatm|[ in •'vory dimciian; ilortiiii; 
Cmm front to UkJc; comin;; and iC^i^e imildrfUr; runoini; Frixii 
gffim nod jum»; twit«hi&^ ol fbcifel muMkic; djr^>oa>B| fuU|ntMkn 
of boAft, adJ i0w>p]«e8&M8; wone ia oold« damp w«Mh0t >^ 
from toncfa ami nvitioo. 

OifMu ur ^mri^-r. — NuuralgiA Uom &uUan«, ur fixun luttft of 
blood or cAhcr EuumAi tfnitk Brow-A^uu from tboM eanm 
cooio« within thi^ r<iui£v «f thm rcnuodj. 

JUk« Tfjiv.- Cbionio Eioifttic% oiq^'Mf if ■Modstod vUi 
BhannMti«i, iitilTkicii^ «kd hunoMv; Uu* jnumi are «unn on 
txnt noTing thu ulTiviitd [Hut. and at iiighL 

Or-f«emiuift. Of tiUl^ ptf-rrion in poro N«ar«l|^a, biti nf>6d 
In nlUying JUir-rmm imtatiaii uii muMniittr twitching. Hisa 
onoin vilh diiKtiiemd vi^on, din or ddablot thind for %lds 
dtfxUMM; ieini-«n{un-; imrinbeHjr. Amtff mynl^A fmm Ina^ 
oDtitiQunl oxRrtiuuL Not mUiAmI to FfcMinxlTQia. 

CVjJTira. — Uaaucrftiiii\ ruaain^ ixi in the morning tnd Iwcitii- iJ 
day; iiMTMMd b^ajLti-dhb, wAkofuIn«w, and naowMu NaumJf^ 
of lovor jaw. MoK^iiL UouUl wxk vsoilM fttin. 8«o alM 
9«ctioci on "Tootfavluv" 

JtformriBiJL— ^luorsltfiaof the laoo and huad; pain pruoo*dBa|t 
from UiUuui vf thv i«l>it, wiih hoom oI ooldnvaa round iha ^i 

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oeoviioaM hy <aa%mM teML See ileo f^wrtirxt on 

CimkicafHQo^ — Orvriaa tx ntoriae N««in^ffiik NvunUjcift of 

PuiKMtiiitL - Smunl^Ji of otoniKv vitb boojuig-dovD paLa; 
wpmnoAa |«iDa m lovnr p4Ft of Ui* nbclomoa^ loothsrliit of 
pn^naal wudimi; tooUurbt- fiom onUl, inlli pua oter Uii* wbola 

•nddrtUj to ttocMch ottasmi; uauhia &iu! f ur*tani& 

f^iirafniML — X«imlgim uf odo aido of facu nxl bc*d, viUk 
•ffiMttovof iejrioUlwvw in tho pnrt «fl(frtjiil; NMinlgiAof flftli 
|Mirt rt«UiiDg paiu id tb« brom»; doil acluag P*UA iranw hj 
AMTamitli ukd olodo conlracttoa of cnoMdM. EuAcoirf^a, as if 

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rigid udu; pain ia mtixUluy nsfpou, ^th cliiUiiKm id Uw miniii^ 
loUownl bj be«t fUil ponvpinitioa ia tLti oif^bt v^ahanv*. «u^ 
iacihMtkxi to Uo down; pttu ajg^roifKl at iu|^U gndanllf 
inerettiiJkie sad anbeiduiff. 

Eternal Ap|^ll«Hi(HI». — Wb«n tbe pftin it fnEttwimlj- 
and dun niA jinld pmispUj to iutnnud nmnJsw^ ui 
loliou toAjr Ui triML aud ia ofWo qnloklj mooowfuL IL 
hy mdditig abotit « doviD drop* of tiw vtrooj^ tiuctnrfi 
ilcm>Tttim to fow ljd>lo<|H»a»fdI ol mtor. nad uav Im ft|tj>U«d 
oroold, M ftyand mont agK*«iilil» t^ tbfl paiMat, by laooim of 
t«D or l&nwi fuliK (it liivniL Or B«iIL majr lio used m Uia «Han 
n^jT. FaiiUiiiK Uie ou<m» of iho uum from tlm nMt^ or wbRm 
tL» MTTP aai<vBo» frum tbo d^vp fascia. viUi lh« pitn> tiodori^ of 
Abol cff Hdi iA ofUra vtmi uum pffumpt in tbi aeboa. Uiidcr 
^»g in a» oankim Ibaj^ nrv cold an bcmicBojaiUnc Durtmow far Nf>(i> 
fMlgia. [Tlin njifdieatuvi of wiU^ia hoUiiig ««4 vith SptHia of 
Caniidtor* ur Uiii (X>U4>[i alolll^ will ofu-ti ^i^v ^n«l ivlk^t J 
GhSorotom liuiawat i^ also n<oaujuiadnl « ji local nniK<J>, 
AKCeasory M4411&— Thf* O^-^t ia an imgiortAiii |iart of Uu 
IrvatiDtfil* ltd ahondd bo &< tmtntiw attd abaodant aa tlw 
cnUHliMi cf tbo dlgntiva cffg^ftJi will [mndt It ia m^MiaUf 


THC PAUiLv ixxrmR, 

luooHuj ihAi BAifOtl faia akoold foUr {aTfif^y Into tlwi i1I«t, 
auy Bivrnion to thum cm tii« pni of Uiu patu^n, or inalxl^ 
iligitHl tbi>iB. fJiould Ihi nvifm(iniii; wvll'ilinad*^ iiAirta uf Uii* 
ikatiui> w EHtBrlf qIviijv socooMfiU* Tlio pvticvtlnr furm of fat 
m not imporiaDt, muI that rorwly it>a; l>o milopt^ which <vu ba 
tuvl tolotnttfd. Cod-livior <nl, hutU^, cr*afti, cor fivmi oliv* 
sboold be tM^ in <^UKnrtitUn aa Ivg^ ■<" tb« dlg^Oiva org&tw 
tear, "tu foioe wt/ or uchi^r, fat i&aitL lunlonlibedl; In 
to Uie outrilicQ of tbti DerrooA ejvtooa if ii ia to b? iuftiotttiu«d 
iU orgttuic iabugntj, nindo M is oti9 of Ui«< mwl jwpgrt%aU 
aottbo aoitimportttii1« of iUi ors^uic m^nxL^ui*.*' 

Protoettoii from <v>td W ouotliar ImjiJitaTic olomont in tba 
tx«iitnii*al- Eipnuni Ui Ji oaltU ilioup alimupht^:^ wrUi imoS^ 
«icQt dothiofl;. often fict* im au oxciting cnna:} of Kt^ivnUi^in, ju>d 
iboald bo aTot4«^^l> an prrty mcumTDCW of liin difiMu« 0*aiU lo 
davolop the* «oiiriittitio£ul cttck«xi«, and to sUvogtbvu tU buld oa 
tho ii^tttAin, Watm clothark^ incLaiting dtonoL i* ■ piHit pn)- 
tection from oliDospliffdo diaageE^ nw) a^iJi) bn iidn|i«ni \iy ill 
nwnndgio patieotA DiUhini^ indadiiv Mlt-waU-r botlw. aftooglng 
foUoMtvl hy frictioii, or tbo mampnlBtiooff ol a olmtr AknutxMvri 
■Dodncftto anU n^olar onL-of^iloor oxoraiM aulEebWil to ftivis 
nittritiotk without oatvdng fatijpii^ i> idiaiigo of air, ttvl «aaDfr- 
tinuM wititv r.hnn^ nf liAbibi, nm onrntwry to iamm a tvtm. 
Xasllj, Roit M Du lEupmrlaul iKtu ift th« euro uf HwusJgiai 
«>pM(iaU/ iu th« COCK' uf hanl-worki&g aoil omtaxed pttAODli^ 

TfenreitH Hlck'Ueadache. 

DoflnitioiL— An uffuoitoi^ iuarkL<J by Uoadachts diilako 
or indiffoPMuHt Ich food* auJ froquontly naiisc!* aitd 
dno lo Mrolml uixhttMion or iJiocj-ocraBV, TaUior tJiaa 

Tbo dimngifikMit rrfnmfil to Ik not i^iaiply tliat ilcvenlwt »^ a 
UlioiM atba^ ur th(< Hfnulocho foUovii^ a too haary dixuinr, e* 
tfaa taldng of too mo^ii wiuo or ffpirita; for tJiia timy ooour in 
poraon froca aocb iadal;«oiiiOM; nor lliat n*^ting fivta tha 
tion of Hocnn ijiMHal artK^ln r>f i)i4>l wbiofi oo^ ilisagma 
partifTnUr px^oaa; Wt to llnndacbo from nivrov oraaaa. 

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mram^Mi^ in tL* hMd, tbrobhtu^ of Ui« t^impbra, nnd nttqi«fyiog 
cr A^anirinf^. il<*opTy N^at«^ H««AarhA, oflMi liniJiM t'> vvw fipot 

imamail br iDwrotnixiL iui>«^ ntmti^ litfbt nod ft&j kio^ of 
ttnlil pMOfMioa Hm? giwtrrf} symptoaM— dammj montli, 
aaor«sia> naaion a&d vcit&iting, or ^noTmlly rotdiiiift- ^ar» mo- 
cvmIvt mtlivT tfiAQ prituAiy, hnvitig no nvenMvy cotmoodon vitli 

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io diMuiffwh Uu« iiff<«lion Eroso Umm ftcoto ^MftaoA of wJlidh 

IDS AJba;niiiiiriji, InlUmmttott of lUti bnin, A]^laiy*««A 

iCWUM* — PraoU^iotftnf;. — A. |iNeQliar iuvtoub umitmmmmtu 

b fiftiai kiivmliW^ anil now in fkuuilJnL Tbr tvnj ciuirv^ 

llm d»ifp m iko piUiiKii'« iditjvpnenaijt bud tm^ ba 

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ftUu tmbMklUif oontpatkicui, wway-gMni. nuiUriji, Iha ccaploy- 
immt of vMuic in mKU-jujienv to- iu &rtid« of drmt. rdlfix 
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room mith A aiiNlnoil Itghl, mwl l>» Iwnpt fwrm *t«T Idrnl of 
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Hood In w«i«airy; tt \otwt nnljr tbn idlglttnt iMMm4uivuit< — milk- 
«Qd<Ui&«'Vftlvri |»Uiri K)U|i, 4'tCL — oliuQld be given; copBum 
dmceblit of boi wntor tnJfiv i<arly oA»a miti^ftt* tJr bborb^ 

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«xcii4> tl<* t*^^'.^'"'^ °*^^ ^"^ nvoittod, anil Ibo totv nf Uia si>o«tJ 
health iiii|irovoiL For (hln Uia ki>:)nl<hTp» nnil tact at \ha ybyu- 
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ingly PiUMptifaU to Xh/a iiUadti^ uiid wv Lut^ ktio^ti iH*nA3 
pstwo^ ^mjar compWo innminit^ From ILm Atcv'ln 1>y ftlAiwIonlaf 
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of ont'ol'tkiiir nxmulkiii, ni«d tltc i^wttU Lj^imuc lui-tL'Ui^ 
poiototJ out ill tlic" fiM duptor of thu vork, vill pn^v^l ornuu 
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ehanjtv of oa«iip«ti>o& «wb«^ tAd dkutto a» daoomv}- lo btMt 



aoa vttlk&g or lionfrlMck ooniao taken daily. 



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of ifc btfnagu bodj itx Uta oyv in irudi caaw BomatunaB hum uui 

(^AllftM^ - K3q>Q>Br* of thm #pM to dlHEt, ABUfa^ ilBpm ^T, «old 

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objn^*, ' -r HnQ>ii oUiiv InMl ownwA 

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ndEHtia^ from tUo in^^ Thu ilindiAri^ i> AonarHiniiH alfux^dtot* 
bat ]«iii lo llun iu Uw puniJrct fornk; it i* ol^o ttii^tlr eoot*- 
ffitraH. ni<tn^ ut* Ut«« «o nrcnnlhv^ ta Uii* ndinlirtRrf of |i«ia Klobalai 
III Ihu dittclitu){f^ TlitT muiiL lujirla^ fj^i|itoai» iiiu--rf*li]>«A|a^^^ 

lo tbo im^ur dintecUoa of Ui« vhmcLs, vbicb iliMnrW tlie p«tt 
■hOObutioUlj^, jtki4 hn divi or ft if migtit 

CftDMVk — TwrifviitiKW «r tMnprmtoTd, MMtfl^ ffiut Dorlh- 
eutieHy wiiidis cjM &tii] dsiDji, ■<«]>>*^ftl1f draugbta cf txild nir. 

Tn^atnirill. Aeon-. R^l. Etiphr., Murc. fr™ '^Lnndti 

Afi^^'SSOry M<*ail<— Kt|M.»«iit' to ourrvuta ot oold and 
air iiJioQld \n* hroidod. and If tLo inMiih4*r U inelMDMtl 
Mi liUnck, Um' |Kitimt vboiild luniua m a room of tinifi 
tcmpi-raturo. A pw«c» of lint* vrotUd in tqiid or cold vibv. » 
nmy be moei ii|;T«Miblo to U^ pfttif*nl. AliouJd h^ Inid otct tlv 
vy*t uul <»v(!iv<i) witli oP oik, on r<4mikg lo l^«<L If iho ]id« m 
■gglntioalod in iko mcmin;*. th«»jr nbovUd on no OM^iTuit b> 
opnni^ vttbiMit lintt hetim niuisIvaMl wHb tvfild wntfr or mlHti} 
but Any ffnnuninic tr^^ctb^ mn/ br> p^n^^GtM Ijt iVMUkriiiK tlkn 
«! m^l with A btUo ould-^raun or uJiTe-oil, or tjr ooviTiii^ 
with moutt lioi and oil-viUu m jtwt rsooacMndMl Av loaf 
ti>0 eyes rraialii B^nnitiv- ilioj nuij b^poobrti^n^)- itliutt hlitKcr 
nnclMMvilorMi gt»w««: ih^T* •hornhl b« lued inth eilnufta OKnk*^ 
Ijon; cnivrilnl rujiotk or air ptMonffd hj tobaoeo^MDOfc* or tthv 
imptiritMia, nhould be av-^dtd Tbo food «hoald bo idaiplfl^ 
noarnhin^ mad dicMbtite. 

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olvctinAlf^ or |inJmnt/«d, Bumi* fiiB gruiiut; DiMiUinl valor. rm^Bl 
uiuuM Twu ur Xhn^ ibo^n ar« tu bo dropfiHl miu tbv i>jit Uuo^bm 
tioMMi & daj; Ihk will tmum no pain or divcomfurt whotcrwr, 
OD the coiifniry will proro wry gmintal •od ooolittg to 
iiiflasii?d iuUfx]Q« MvCueA 

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rimrLsrr orirrn^tviA. 


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Uw tttte M tfad pniviOTudj meatioDocI cmul 

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wboM bitthh u bi4ow tlio fkv««pt vUndftrdt cad wbo iro obligfj 
UittM tli»ir*fo« lor long runtinQn) luid flctf work. In tboBeoMM 

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Id Um prupcatioa oC t«o gninB of «Uw<r auMadov to Uic pvat of 

Iq AddillOD to tbo r«tuMUM nmtkmaik Aov^ AhnrAnm jinon. 
icmn, I^iU, luid Suljii. am rDCuaisurtuluL] 

Pivvniliif MiMli^ — Vtnoaa proJiipoBcd to Opfathnlnua 
■iKMiJd Ktianl ttcruiud all iwodkiM oipamo dnriD£ Ui» prvTBkoe* 
tjf Bartivlj mud aorth-wa rt afly wimLl Id r««dixift writiitg, or 
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ffcwn, mhi^n tlw ligiil » gTowuig lifSght**-. Thm 1»bitii aboald, 
Ibanlun. be mtJj osd ra^ar; Ih^ bixofifiiRal iodncODe of G<ll<o^ 
■a lAkQuld bo nfoluij UkoQ adTaai4c« ot 

Fumleiit UphtliaUnb. 

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ebff»(hi4 Mill br ^nn^-.'tjtrabl^ -tMTWlioct uf EitH'^Ji-t aivl |'»t. vlwJi 
tatn^lo with tbi» tiicuH 

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ibt^A itf t<illi#r cwturiul or slrmnous Dphthnlnuo. Tho tit^Uu^ 

wonHrii ttrvt iicp«nm>(«d ato BOtiEi foilowod bj Muto pftinsv 

wUHl 9VUnd Uimi^b tha Ofatt to tho touplM ftttd bndn ita^lf; 

Ul» llow of Xt'mt9 in «i1iwignl inui apmfttut «u*rviiiiD of pun, lb* 

Ud» am i»iii)Lli-i]. And lli«w U idiiiwt u>Ut lop« of twob. Hmtv 

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pttte, boiftkiu.«tA 

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^V^tatkiD of (vtmI in Um vf^m. mftasiruia of MiwuUh, SouloiiD^ 
tKuil1-1ioi,«<CL; alM)i'i3(W*micaui(l«pidt<tiiM iaAiicuio».(Uicioirdia|[ 
^ofMbffr of pOMuc* in ill dniiwd, dirtjr, badJj-vcctiUtod, and 
li^nflhiinHj HjtMiil dwUiiiipL 

X|7|itiau or ooatagioaa OpfatbabnU mht m whtai poufUo are 



crrnrilAl i^^bfT In iltthv haHlftlioiut, ntul wn« fiiivt linragtit iobt 
BugJjkiBl frufu EgT'pL by BritiiJi Uuupii, vm\y in Ikn P'™^^ 
ocDttu^ : htsQco iu OJUii«^ It efirnad »o ■jmtnu^Uvi^t', Iboi ail«f l^| 
NapoIiH>[i]i> w&n tli>f*luDd iJ<iDi> biid inorr* Ihnii fiYo tJMKiviEkd 
bUftd mnUidiul ftolditrni to providn for. rbvni w% tiofnTvTt 
num^ lomi iiiflnvQiMM vhidi mndvir tlio rtinmiHei pQitenJc in phew 

cf clMU)liii«««, are potent <3iii«ml It m t««7 ooanmoD auxMtf 
Xri«h poor, 

Tpeaitiin^iit — ZifXL, Af^ Nit., Hop, a., Mwo., Ac^-Nit, 
Bnlpb , uktl flnnng ch<k Ini^jniMimfrvy tOAgfs Aroo. Tbr ftrvt 
may Im uao] lucidly ni wvU om inlmuilly' 

AfrVi^^try )1^^]v^ ^Xctid'irnler ooupncMa* and Jkoa. 
pMiil^r tht ik«oof ImwIm^ vUoUy ti a n uo wwaff y . If but ocko if 
i« aJt«t£-d, Iba otbor aho^d l»» iHUuUf^ av a pneaUlkituff 
aaasTUA Tltf* vtrtrtcvt el'anltiirtHt U alwi m'icn— arv, 

(Tlliti U oiiv of Uio inu^ Eiimiiilnhio diiu'flMVk of tbo iijv tiafi 
Uu» fifaymiriaii in «Tcr onUcd t]|N>n u> tn^it. It i« IdfUy acBucjml 
Uial a f^tUod nnm> fihould bo <4apl<iy<?d, for th«> <<y9 aoada tlnnl 
oottCmaL AUimt-uQ uigbl and day, lli« ditviiui;^ ta to b» gMj 
vipwl awuy M fH>d nH li wwmnnlatoft. anJ tbi* may ho fmuy tm 
IviL nr liftnMi uuaatm; iliiuUI bilfi ul nuft tn-t licivm an* Uai 
ftda|iird &jr thk |mrpoa«^ aad Uupy nboold bo bunuxl imioDdliMi 
ahor iHiitf> A tfoJutioD cf nitnd4< td BiKvr vf Ibo tftr^oxtb uf iw 
grqia to otta ooDfw of waMr diould b« n«^ ata ofMi q4 ixu& :» 
four honiM if tb» dtmttX) in f«ivnn» and Uto di«cfaafi^ m^^iowt; lao 
or tliro» dnip« afv U) bfk dro|i]>«d iDto Uw vyit jwt afl^r olramaif 

li aim lanjr be iie w MBa r y to uae krtioua cf aluut 9ul|iliat« of ii>' 
<iT Bul|4iatv of Dof ipor. 

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bo aj>f>][4id dofing tbo latarvab of iiidiig the lotioaik 

Omai car* ib tu ba taken If uidy vntt 0y»* b alTiwtjtd thai lb* 
otbcr diMri Dot bvoom^ so: a cantfnUy applied buidaf;* alTunlp ^ 
boat protfctioa. Tbo Eaiui> C4ir<- in to bi> fvtwTTnl by tli* aU^a^^ 
auU and all wbu onau iu conlaiTt with iIm pntiotit, Ibo diutonP 
Mng mwt Timb'Dt and oapabU* of prrdnr^.ni^ Uw mort nulc' 
fiimt uf tliiH diwv in Ibi* nyo of ai^ uciu tliui ;t aboold 
ftalal^ oouia ia cvmact witk^J 

ptucusaiT onnjiALMiA of iNPAiaik 


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(fodacv- ft lituiUr dkMM> -bf Ibu um» ui ftuvmoQ of towob, 
bwdM* «IA, ft&d «T«a tMT te4tiit«suii4l pttitMk* id lb» uf— th«» 
kvallhj 4ioaU t>« Mpantod from th* 4iaraH*d. Bnd ««i^ iwr«oA 
am Ilk otm luwel* •jnugit, i>4/t 

R0 Purulent OpIitUnliiiU of UraiiK 

Symptoms. — The *ycUds lirwran? nd mul twolien at ihnr 
vM^^iH. and mnf i;aiiui39<l toev^ihrrr Jiuiu^ ^l«f>; a dbdittrgt* ia rwt 
ftp, vliidi boinf; rcfnoticii, Ux* tt^>itjTiiiir,jift b vMtn to Iw tfiroIlcG, 
unl H) vMttoUr on (o roMmblo crinxw Tvtw4; tlw ootrana loob 
■(Dall«r Umn natnnU nitfl »* H fmnk iti t1u> Imttnen iif n pit TbA 
UiMit la rmOw adiI Iv^wHiiIl Hin iinnpioinii luunllj »t io na 
tbv ffooooU or tJdrtl daj ofl^r tenH, dtUouf^h occuioMUy not for 

Centra.- T!mi bvk^ ooannfi U ^nntjkrt In tbd ^i^&ftl pa»agiv 

liulh, wilh l«aoofTlikf«l itr i^v-v^orrlKml tlWIivKA Povihly 

ma/ Ir MUUKmi of tU* r^^ra fjxxa n^'glvct uf oJiNUilniNf!!; 

11** of alnMHf MA|N ur pxpasnrtt- of 11m cttv to a too Iniebt 

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or Ht^MT, villi c£ili1 iVKxifiTMsirv iiicl n fm|nf^t cnrrrfnt mnnvnl 

of tiif Dv^rtriiou villi ft Hkft iifK«£vi And U^pid vntiv. f?) Srrtn 

<nv9. - ^'A rollyriom of Are-XlL, cxio fpiuu (■> i^ (uiic^ of 

irvtpq-, i« iD'Jif^otpd whrni ifat^ 'liccbhr^ b opploiv ftHid wlioU; 

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vaxWnlt/i'lMniMl fruu tli* iliM^vps iwirf> a iIbt In n ffw tlft^ 

if thxt ynttomi dbfiLnrg* i^Hl oimliTtihv^ kihL o^wcJaIIj if tlin 

bftsp upon tlip iivfkr^ of l^f^ c<im«4 iniJkatQa a eampli- 

tn UtU JitMiioiit ft HuJntion of timnt lo fiw jfnu** of 

JLr|f''Nli CO tlio otinoe aIkiuM tw |MiiQtui] with a liriMli it[Kei thi^ 

I liJft. itiil imlIH.^U*lll<l; waahini utf aitli ti*f>if) Kuliv, iv 

17 tLf ii|i|4(r«l«jti ol a DuliEtiun of ajqiui»q nit Mud 

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ftfl*r ft dcifc^ a|i(ilk<ii>iniL II ami oat bn oftMH rof^oftlMl 1 

kftvtft nulKHUi^ML fftitli to Uw LM«ia;o|MUtieity, to to t>pf«li, of m 



Holulioii of Af;;-XiL for tbat <JurfVr*-<l >tatd/ Uir^fXKkjJ 



Ftvri'Uv m |irof4dtf jvvnUnit tiiattcv. 

nnplci^iMt JtuJMnouAly, mid tbo ivutd Jivliciou^f mMim gntf 
dcflJ iti thk CKHianvtiun; for. pruLahJjTt of aU thn waandfaw vrcr 
dmiwfd for Uu» <7i^ Arg-^NIt him, tjj Jt«i injndickMU 
dahttg Um Inst tbiity jmltn <iui>n Uie |;rvAU«l injury. 
«DBprMMe tttiotild b» flmpUjjvd to Jonwi tLo trritetjoa 
diatdf aftorwardii aul I pr^tfir iw inUnuil ratnedMi ■fin* 
Id Uie cuiumouci-'BUffiL M(*7c. wliien Uii?i diHC^rigQ ia {irofiiM^ *>! 
Ite aLLOTaaUun ol Ahl wiUi Uija miiitid^' if tbi) cuniua b lUovftliil 
It is iHlriaablp m thiii, u^ nrcll as nil oUuf foisu of 00QJaQctjt;tiv 
wbcn thoro in Ulceration ol tbo earnfn. to biiiii]atfi> Uid fire doMtf 
■o A* to ptvtvnt mil frictioa botwoon tlv lils imd tbo vIcMitad 
OOniM] Eiitfncp." {Dr. jUigflL'} 

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evhmd oppUoMiou m rvqtJinsl 6t &11 bf«i>cU« 11m> om of t#pfJ 
V«Lar to <d(«iiB9 Um mffectvd nurfscei; but if propw troatEQiml l> 
not QrnniBra^tfcl MU'Ijr, tU(i t-jroci u« ufltMi iii danpr ul baQ|( 
tnMtmftll)' itijurml or divtru^-ml^ Huh duBuiwB tntn^ lb* n^ 
£rw]Q4*fit c«ik99 of bliodikeM amung Ibo poor. 

I'rrvcrnlion. CI«caiL]&ffw of thonwtljor b<ifDf« biith,ni<' 
tli« cbiUI afttr biitJi, T]m diMAM u ooato^poii*, mtd atn t^a^ 
hti tnV^n to pri>i«nt ll^> i7iikU«r from tho iofnnt'K i>jr«i4 awj*'— ^'^^J 
ccauiii|{ ia routAtt with ihi* rjnw uf citbi*r obildrMi, or m 
gtVKu-ap penH»iti« It al«> vpiva^U bj mfeotku. taul m 
prof«it7»ttxl tlmniich tbo lur of n b««Uj-TtatiUtMl fljiortoHAl 
ottit iiifiuit to ofiotlMr. Al tlio miim tUniv * "ititibla t4iB| 
■koiold bo uoaubtaitd with ffood TecitiUliaia, ud paro air 
eaaTaciDdnd Willi oukl kit, or a drmugUt 

fioiiorrliirjil Oplilhalmia. 

Tbk viiM from tho ftOOiJBP t *l aniaci of ipoutfTlKMl 
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tbow ttiuiu^ from orrT'tLciwv of Cjmnioew 

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tioo of Uko pupil 

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SpfiTJi'Mions on iht* I'n^^naiticm of ilip sijrht.— Id ^idi- 
tioD to UiA mHONim iitT\i>ftJ}' |ko4nE4>il out, liio rollonrio^ muArki 

1. CfmdUioitt of Light Faajrol*U to tk^ Eyt^ — Dnvligbl* 
owiai^ to it» uildftoH, tmilormity, and •Uttdibcwi, fmnuhisa tii« 
Ufid lEid dogrvo of lUwiuiutioo hvt/i cmtod to IEp funtfCtiju of 

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■nd tamer vrak ioBload of iao iod dvlc-ooknd fuv thi» 

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httttUil I" Iho fti^bt Uisn UtAt of a MMiitilie book, lH^4Mtt« il m 
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ia tfae braim Ute apiaol cuH. or ibo opti« ucffv^ 
nml AmiourvMittt tnm tli* QtmIe^ umbm ob ao m o or dwk, 
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^Vrittlfrs.— The oaoK » Hnwdiaoa cbacvnL IHigaa» of iku> 
ntiiia. o|i4>c ii«rr«s <« brun, or of «»i« Q«i|^bonng Atmctqn* 
iftlarfaffwif witb Uv nvrvooM Ntt|>filu« of Ui» «jo; Uniigttk tf 
tfaa baBM of Iho tavn U a frnqiiMcit mofw In iia chroaio fonnt ao 
alMi k rvrla4itaH nA tlin hana of tJi« bntiiL FnulnnHl biioiv iv 
Tvttora c-l tbo bniiu naj oraie iuvct^msvo oAropdix of Ui« optic 
O0W tbrani^ inaamiiii, or oUicrviNi imw ftff* intb iu ucnuiifa* 
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Syni|ll011bL — Tiintfi iin* viTT TJtriiiiB Aiid iuouiuliuit. 
ptuftehmx Aiuumwio h^ iutliootul hy pttto m tbo forrhnoJ adJ 
toraplM, dinunkluDif oji Uio dijinft*^ ndrAocrrA, itnd ccmhj; vImq 
it IwranwA oofiopMo. TUo pntiont ■«o« bwl ia a Itright Ufcbt, A»d 
obJocU miulljr npiwiur parrortAd, l3«li^ i»ilf partiallj' »eTi, «« of 
an iiiin^.uiMl n>}nv,ttr doiihli^; nr tinfk ImitAti rraut th^ tMd 
vihiuiu uj' doaliij^ duik tjiuttf (mii'^vK v^MtanSfS}, iir JlABlit« of 
light If ihonf be compTL^tc* Ii:mi of Tioiaiv tUo pipoJ »» dflalni 
flsml, itiK*£Miiliifi t4i Hjcfat, boi baftuUfnlly biftdc Aod «l«iTf b«s» 
tho diwAMi btti boon cuUod Gurt<i crrma. Hi* nwrt ourM 
sgnafiConft bto th» ditMitd and ftlu^giaU frnpilf jmd. gMwmdjr, 
vImd Uiii »7<< i» (|iiito hVunL it* nunploiii iouiujIjiUtf. 

AnwutjeiH la iiul [«<Tu]anr to ct&j 114^ o&d lOtty ooosp on mUmt 
nifjidly oqr fjrftJiuiUy. 

Kjiitomf^of Trrsitmeot-— (1) .v**tm- /rWctftoR iv ^rt^^y 

HL<Te. Cor. (ur^pLuir <^littUKis Stmuu, SypbU&i); Phdu. (dubiiitr 
old «^*); Aa-PIiix 4Butr'«biuw): ^moL (iiypt<stt*rihainii 

(3) .llrnijT'- China (loM of Uood or oUmt flnidfj Hu 
(vKOtMiVft ouDUJ bbcr); GffK^thinEt for Uf^ht, Biplopio, 
di|i1]lb«riiio); BnU, (AluinldQg fnini li^Ehtf: Rota. Ahl I 
stniuiiig of tiie »-}^£ Kii|iu. iLwJir^-niotMB); liiUutuu <H«mff- 
f^»); Am. Qtuu. ZiiK^P I'hjsy K-TIyd.. Attr- 

{H) OfA^rJATiniMHftr*.— S|^., Umc., MftcroL, SUycL 
HiA AcM^ttwry voA l^mr^utivu EDuaflurw sm Ui« nam U 
pooijtvd out in thtt lunt Section. 

Xqm^k Vti1ltant4»(— Spots l*eforf Hit Wytti- 

Ucifillltloii, *^Ji ii|r|H>amjio« Wforv tlio viout. pe vl biV^ 
tautAti IT i>i Uliii j^Tftr liliitfs hk*> th.* win*^ of 11 fly: <r ImUo^ 
pftiUDL f^r thrtwdfy Lki^ <f>' V(4h; or if vimvHd tgiiliit * 
wliiU) whII, ur ollsfr 1-Wr aLuJ ttxti' iiU)i<rt, Uwy OpjHHir tut<m^^ 
n inuubvc uf >ii-bU i-iivlw «ilK a iMjnlrd n|>ortiin». 

Iaiisc^i— TI1D «iCEitu^ «pvia«« of tbi>tk« ootdftr k|mc 



ftOAl Ucblt aria b^flly'r^otilalcd rDijaBf;ici*tLKd0Qt aIflr|>;c>crtttiQ 
lrvtt«i 04 TvpliEU atiil Kulcrio; dcraoifad dif^wtuia; Uypociun' 
driaMt; noriiftd MOKilulit^ f>t Ui« ^«cbMikl mtsm froca bm iiM — or 
Sm^f c■rBi^ or Bivnul fitntrwK A hjrpocbonciriaeal pawni 
haviflf 0Dc« iMfldKl Biuiwvh lakm uidi freqveab uotke of tbrn 
ft^ tbffj beootM a mibjod of gte«t Basidj. * 

«r» fntqwafc preoutvutv of AmarmMiH or of Calwftrt. Tbvj v% 
uoffv variow M tiKliQftUiif crgmic «tmgM In tli« aifFBna of 
vUon, vkuo KM(3cUt«l mtUi md impMiiiiuat of Timuo, auil wbvi 
iJtP nuioa in^ not £c«tiu£, bat &»xL Tbo Inttor «ro leooorallj 

TrwitliH-m-— Hvw, B-JL, Cool, Cotii, Mflcc-C^ir., fflna 
Arn-SMory H^'Uiis. — Aj^ iljwtitig mimcm am ditv to mortied 
■Miaibtlilj of ilu* n4uui, Uw IroHtuivut ouwt !>< iiuiji]j iIiiwImlI to 
JatotinjF tuid rasumtig tli9 evcilJac caiii0& If ili^ vft^ htm 
bMB ovHvtrttiiiMcL rr«t w tttmli&J; •aCiro <r pvtU relief froA 
onUtmy dAiLjr ilntmt; d^ily iiiocW*«t» oatof^door «wiiob^ ia 
mmttij f ur m« ^t * ro^inlaiad, UMimihiatf <U«<; jwd b«lhifig of 
tlw a^iv. diiwHl. v>Ui 0M wabir, fur twu ur tbnw mmislAi. Mi^ml 
tiBOB cUlf, If miw«D nro irtvy tronUoMmo. bio* gUmw aliOQld 
b« irum to nudAT Ui«m lew oppswot 

Ihefinitjon.— Opftottx of tbo nyviUUiao km, or it» <«pMli(s or 
Icith, ra«««n^ vhvaraiion tw total Iuhh of vi^faXL 

VAriftllMi. — TlBvr4ib«*f iin> Itu- tiiinJ mid Ibr tinfL Thp hard 
Ctalml M of n gny nr yi4|Dwiiib-|^jr mlcir, mul in nlvMnt 
paculiur Ut lb* otf*^!; nJA OaUract b uf 4 litebli^ ur murt* bluidb 
tiaL Aod bM a vid^^r «irel<\ Tboni lur* alno roci|*pcuihl C4it&ni«U 
doiJiie trotn Urtliy tnwniali(\ ^«»iuimrv: «od fluid- Ibn bulk 
Tans ban a niilky-vhiu- ajifrf<flmh<^s aii-1 otny b* mc\i^ixn1 br 
bp^n^f tmn to nion> witb di(I«rmil jK^liiiciit of ilw lu^X Thm 
^Bil li Que awsl fntqiaeoL for it la ous of ll>» divkgoa ioddnot to 
old aipiv 

Sy nipt Ants, —lh« opacity mmm on In a fp«^n4l iMnBv« fint 
■tfactiog on* «y«, bol aflivwardi tx4b, and Id oftofi dtaoorarad bj^ 








I Ukoiumv o[ ail Hoibei 
mkfl >>.^iBT'Abab k«s, ftiul thi> orutnU purt first . , 

0^e«U &|f|wiir tc Ui« i«tieiit a« if nao throueh k niai at fc^mn 
a>id ft ininu la obHWVDil MOfToniidod bj n lulo, Vuiioa b Ivi 
aJTodod m ■ vbvJi li^t* **>'^ >u twiUj^il, or wbna th* patMit kw 
his tAi:k tu tho wiuduw; f^v, uodof mc^ drenciiidAiuw*, 1Jm« I>*P^ 
diltttm wiiloly, lUkd tba li^^t tcit«^ kI tttv «imuul4<r«<<Kv of tfa* 
UUB, niuoh til low opscjiM thftn t]i» ooDtnv For lUo aa^jMi rvoaDit 
Acnifiiiivi tmi'n>«w« vnim. IIm fttlM>nt tho mm b«4tJM- m ui 
<AJi^ne timn io a ittvw^ dirocti^m. bocftvuM tb» 1*q*. 
mfanmk. ^tastk out uciai|ilir|jtl>' cur^-r tiwi vhrtiana hmnar- Fnj 
fCndnal imr in wludi Lbo tliMniM* m«Mv oo, Uio pwtioat 
liAtunU, omrr mmner, ukd wfj iliffdrtot bvra tbo fixini, 
«toro vtiicb marbi oooaplota Amaxaont^ Indottd, tlw 
nttfvt biiOMiiHi tt> blind but llut b» i»n dfcctiagniitb day Crvei 
night, th«i puritjoii tif tlHi window, tlir vhadov of (VMdii^ cii)^^ 
mod h «b1i* lo ini bia «&/ abuat his Qwo bo(Mi wiUi 1jtU» 
dilfically. Poiu. UreftJ of li^cbl. ifpt/trth ^t^ iixlinto iui£K«<onU« 

Cilllfffta^'nitp EDOflt eodsmoD oim k dttetiv* BOtitUoo of Uw 
tMH» Ml fpon oUl ngfp; dUMmn of Uio^ hidnt^ : «r U U Attribvtnliit 
lu «bMig«i in Uv ilifl|3ar atmoUaraa of Uie tf^K Tbo^ft iafutili 
Cnteract, if nol ca&seniUl, bbwim bo ba MoociAM wiih infknctb 
cooTulnijnPL Uf-roditarj predicpontioQ atankt a so ttiiftfrtata 
infloapnfd, CftUmct iiot i£ifr«(|uni11]r btimf^ foniul to o«nr in 
Wfwnl fiiildrpn at tbi* uimm iumiir. vridimUy ^luiutmf; to aottp 

pmniUimlj i:k llit^ ouLKtUitJoti of tbv< jnrvnln. Thm dukbMi «hi»# 
(■WMita nr*> Jlni oumiov oot lufruqnpntly ^uflvx frout Cttt«rftrt «>l 
oUmt ooBgniuUl dalMta Truamjatic CntAnvi nmna frou w 
isjuty or Crom aiMbaAif%l or ohv-iutvid irritaiiU; vutfCvairf A* 
iiyoM in lb« bot nui, w bt>f>jr« loo bot and bright Aim; kot 
«Dnliiiiinl t>«- of Ibu i-jra imi luu ukuuUi obJMtft, «Ca 

MedlCAl Trtatnient.— It iliA« nut ^twm un|irob*hU that a 
Ui* oMin* i>f tiai* wo nuiy tiud aotat> rdjftblu mii«dv, Ibd wlniiB* 
ItvtkMi of wbidu brfoTv tbo kn»-flb» bu» bMooou «Wvp>nK«M 
ttif nvlofo ita miwpBnnO}, raL-um^t U knr^wti t^i tm a mall fl4 
mjplUMttL It boH aIio Iwvn iinnltkrwil iu trugn bjr adiaJoMtorttf 
mtgu m Uiijo quftutilwe, ur by Uijwtaiit ^i lui^ ibv a^ 


nqct^rrno*— >&i ii*Mo iitei»x ua. 



K|>itoi3irorTrt-jitliliilL— C«tnB,<jar,ttt Icwl* iMonadal uJr«««B, 
bMT* <kflni ro-^lW frx>m Ehi> fi>lLoiri[;if nmmU^B: — BrlL (ftftar 

Oooi, di|i^.. Phut., i4a 

Off m t i nil 3C— tVirrnrliiiii* CaUtu4« mw annubbt to uKLiaal 
trMttUPOt* tint mcnc Twiotm ivqnim Mucb sw^cftJ mvuvM ■» 
«cfr»etk4L Adj opATftbon, bomtvor, 4ioiUd be d rf wr t i j «u h^it^ 
•• tiw ffttBsnt hu lufihil mioo vitb ooa ojn(^ l«it an <iporaCi«ai 
Aotlld prrudnm IndAarBtiUum, iriunli mtght «ttf«)il to ihft oUmt, 
anl tinm butb njtm Us kKL IfW Buffiun On tba Eyn) 

^^^^b HtrmhhniiiPi— Squ III liu. 

^^^^Hblition. — A (XEibditjoci in wtiidi tLi" &UA of c<m I7<i b oot 
V^PHll with llul of the otbrt; tiipiv 19 l.w of hmUMiioici* moflr^ 
I Hivit of tb«* i^v, iml iltbonnnirMfnlervbaoloMd.tlioAtiiuatinii- 
1I u GiJM cctivtr^til; if iHitnanli*, diviv^tit; if cmflnwl tu ntw 
9^ ^OPOocoAari if lh<« aqiuiit dtomati-H Ivriw^-fO ih^ t«u fjn^ 
bnKJt^olftr, Th444 w fiho a prwitticid i1ivi>^)«i iiiUt tbt* p«-r>of[x' unl 
Um «^mfinm<d, ^liboii^li ihv |Atholngy of tbetwi>i« fi<U<]iioft1, and 
tbi> ftimrt: k bat thn |»nviirMr of th» IbUat. Tlir tnwH or 
ooovmirmi is tbn hiuhL imouhoil 

Canw^ — TbrM Mv oocflmminlly olnCBrr* BoBiHinuia llu 
dtMvdfv BTWp* from nn vtiiiv|iial t»it of tii«^ 'T'^ a* Frrvit itnhatiti^ 
tboi» mhit #4Utiit, Ifxrkit^; ni ^\M3im <u Ibv tuJM^ mr r««u, i;ir fonmo^ 
ibA hiUiii nf tnruhig tbi* nri* tti««rd: fl«nf<im«ii ma n auHimDMt 
ol Sflwlaliitaur Mtwilp*; frocn imuikjr, «i of wonnA. Uvtking, 
lodicetftfUir t^M}\ hum \^t^i'iti: fritii iLi«fio8n ul ihm bm&t mid 
Iraaa CMivml iJJ boallk ^S'^mti it oornri m Utf> c»ttr*« ijf ai^ 
4Imi«w of tlk» tnua M awBt b« n^ardMl a* an uiifawM%b]* 
vytspKBL SotnntitivH 11 b oongenttaL In affwl'ponDna Iha 
■uriitiui i» €ltu> |ij [yuiial rarmljWa uf tlw ncfmt twfamiayr- ' (jia 



'i, /-V«Hn fAc trrilalion of WorvtA.'—CttiM.. HfH|;,» btJjiJt- 

Con'ifliv** TrwilBW'lH.— Thtf nvAlma ur irWfpUar tue of Uw 
njti »i1toald 1)1^ ^um^Kil »|^niiihl An nUMUpt may iJbu Im> iii»iln In 
Cdtth:! U*n dt^fomitr bj ciiwiii^ tho tuiLffcotod rjv fur n nb 
titn^ w^try dAy, vrhm tbci otfa^ will look FttiuifbL Tbiik 
miwt hf donn mlcUi^ntly, iir wbpA cunbg tiu» ooin Uu* 
DWj tw fvi. n]) in tlw «>lbnr, Tr* twwnt chjmm, frnu 
WonuB, Wlioo|iio^ CkA%'b, ^natfic or otfaor di«titrtMtfifiMt| tbr 
m&oral o4 tbe ivimaij diMwse ia often flnflcnoi to rerton* tfat 
nonud podtioo of th» «f of^ Cooi^wiiUJ Stnbiflaw eta caif tm 
mnd hjr uiripcaJ ofwraiJooH. 

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oliuuht olwo^Ti bu fbtiod liwi iu Uio miiuutiuir uu«t ur if buUi 
InibtHl, iu tiiu ouo vitL tbo |{n«t«it tivriftliuo, ttov will be oca 
■ukinibltf uupAimioat of tiio Hi^hl^ la chiHrm tlu* iu*j t* 
•om^wlui rncxwd^ by Imidagini; tJu> iitn^^i arn »t«v&1 boivu 
«ack <tny, Ih^r^tiy <v>n:k|ii>LUii|^ ThairUM u>nM> Uia nibor owv 
tw^ )i«iui>urLiuij of Uib Cdwv uf cuonvi^-i^t vUmlwnw v» dtt* 
tKu pn<H«iC(> of hyp«nD«-tiHi^i4; tL« ^qniut ffecwnUy 
<noMO» U} ttbov ilunii^f tbo t^trtr yimm. jU tivt* lir^ ^ffDrl* «f 
MooauDCdaiiML A ptvjptvly iid>u*'li-d |>iir of oonvox 
oun*lUitly worn, iu»y At llaw *1bkv pnm«it Uiu <la*fontiity- 
•ouQ 00 Um- w|tuiU U^\4uc« tm^ or |KnTiuuii*tjtt n mtfiftil diTioi 
of ikb IctuloQ ol Uw oonUoctti^ mujcU ohonld bo 

Cftlljap&— I'bo optii^id tk>frct <tf the ai>of>i« €Afp i* 
aoagBOiUd, ofuu birr»dr1iir\', bol ntdl oftcrtBr fLpi(cu;^*d. Intf? 
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mj U> llrvt 01VM to &11ajr tlHnn. IF iJi«ro b^ mnrfa i«iuim» Oa5- 
gprticn, lIuiL ht mili<rnlrd^ 1hi?^ rr<i»Hlj may nlvt be i;M<d in l|w 
Ibrw of a IHinu 12I> iIte^ih ta half n tuiubkr i^f w«t«r)^ If iho 

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thv ({uitlaum of lui oculM or |]lijriui:i«n wb(» gi^Kt paficMBt 
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Umm dnnog Un da,v. and Klkuiild b« dWDonmnl iu tmt^f-duor' 
qioHA «&c] ifunuB. Agnricrtu^ JubarsBili and I'liyMaAicibft hnv* 
proTodTuj lMu«iici&l iu tiiow cgvio« bj^cmuiiK arclucatico of lli# 
■pam of tho taoat^ of MOoBunodMioa.] 


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of tJ»e ojfdMl, wb(*nr«i it npiMHlfl 0T« tlM vbol» bd, 

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»flMjmi hsA ariitfn frnm ^x[iu4iir« Ld oold. Btf/f«iiMMMt — Btigbi 
n^un uf iJifl iwrt; dngid i^t Li|cbL ^J'>'« — Maoln hi 
fnstk-mii). /fJh<«« 7Wv — KrvTui-o^ntoue ftppcomftoo uf tbi 
foomiUiOiU at •ic&ll ^^woIml Jfrpur JM|A — * N^vcAoetfid 
with mppurotiatL C^mimijm.— duoiiie. 

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vatM. or tbo rarljr iim> gf Uin cold ^ompiVM. Ea|WMU« to «oU 
4nil^hte of uif dliould bn nnkdod. 

HordiK»laiii--Sty«toB the EjreUd. 

DetliilUnil-— AhmII, i^atoi BviJ. wiOi aUfl^l ii 
RjitiptiMtiii. ptQJn-ttUf; trxnn Iku niu^pii ul IIm BjclidiL 

OltlSi\--Hcro(cii« or dt-Liiity. 

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or t«u drojjtt uaj «1m> bo Appiiml locdJj^ 

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a rvnuTMkf* of •ljv«> 

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rMJ iinim f Stytm. mad nptnially in paticnlB at & Houfaluaa 
alattttioa. Thi'y «baakl Iw DdjmDUftmvd for a irtvk each ia 

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gaowjitm> t» fuUmn: — Csk., momiBg aod DJgbL for n w«k; 
tb«o, iJlvr vAiUop two «r thfiv darvp Solpk. iu tbo miiw munVt 
rvf^m'i^ t^<? Ooar>e m often as nfcenorf- 

Aniittan' Troatmenl.— Fosu^nutkica with Iwt wsUr, tad 
if tbitfik Uf uTich infkiciniAl>oo« ■ brottjl lod wnt«T poohico ftjiplM 
owr Lt ftt night If tli*» Slj<« is tnliouH Ia l)r«ttklii|& \i niay b^ 
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mMucjm* u« poof — r y W rMttom tUo ooos^tntioaai ^^or. Uod' 

Enlnii>ltiiu— Intfrslon of llie K^^rlid: aid Kctro|il 

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tad laahtt^ bo ^ to octukJoon ^vit dififijfw^'QuAt* ^^^ nxtftenfc 
irntatiOQ of Uio (^obo of tbo (>v^ afUQ tvftdic]; to Clinaio 
Ophthalmia. It 1% gitnmihf mnml \vy nl<I Piimlunt ar Unuinlnr 
OfifaltuUmui, ma\ iht^ ^oftk^wni iif naini^i!*, fti«tl rhi«4j oucunt 
vuijc^ Uk' lowmt tmuba iff suCM^tj, ebf>«ctttU/ Uw Irnli. 
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bnnt* on IhiT Eacc, or trvtm UiickwEijc of tJ>a ooajoxkobm fhani 
Tm^ OpbthiUtuiA ftuo tbo unit SitrtioQ), 

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to ptotect thii fxponvvl tiuiAMi uirlltfioA, aM<1 to f4f><n|^tMin Oi* 
Uflvkm of tW* trfikulari^ miiH^^la- 

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lotkiti (tfti drofM if C«li-i¥hUa to tvM tBti)jM]xK>DftaW of wnlcr). 
If U»M ^lonaitjr mmlt from n ekstrix oo tJbA «liiMk. aoch m ftom 
■ Bnra or AhvMP^ «m1 rnirglea] m — gun ni bars to bw ailripliKl for 
ite rimviml. Uii« wHl W ou inn^Ilimt t<)|i)rji] appUmtion. AJao tlui 
Aixwaeoffy tnaiacol reooaQCDeulfd m tbe oeil &<ctioa 

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Ifaa »bo** outiditiaaa.] 


TiiR r&ani,T motoil 

Tarsal Oiihtkalnilo, 

Definition. — An infliuiuoL lhioki?iAHl (Hxiditiou o( iha 
j-aiiCtivu. und iwJwijnini'TTt of iU t'iliii, with tlisoiylimHl B«v?rnU 
of Uw nM*iU)niiiLn ^Umls 1^>* c^iUn FirlUr^iw. Ui« aicijmirliv*. 
ihff t-kln ttjM>Ut «nii;«j[i^ irrLliilttjn ^miilnj to Uut friAa ttjttn, 

In UiJ? yoimg, an<1 Uw o^'n^rfifu-ooM lo Uif* li<i« maj n'muin 
jMn, arul ever for lif^^ U {h pt^imlArly Imioc**! li^inr 4ij«a. 

ByiU|il0llts. — Thti f^iutlntiuTjf^ fu» nni)^'h nfid mtnTDts. tfyj 
miiy aofni-tiiuni Iv iI^tl^iM 1];- [he UkivL-, xhvTv la hu ttlnmilaaw 
i4 potf Br<irrt4NL <h> th«t Uio vj<<liil9 atJuk (c!Ci.^t--T ilimDic alrvf^ 
bocomiiv «iKTaA«l vitb iby tuumin, clucAy fMn Um mtnboaAam 
noerottoit. Tbo tsnttl bcmlor Immiui** lludEmtM BUtl n^iuiU-d. tfau 

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lo dwlrcj itiiKh vf thi* »^kiu, nitd rvftit eoiuo ot lUo tar^Ml 
llgtt Tbo iwohI vAriatkkua common to E^^eMiia v* edKwjlJi 
lllil sdiKtioO- It iv (^tiivlly runiiikni to Ihu tipinT licU, 
Kaiw4iTiM* PxtatiwU to ih** Kiw-i>r; iiiul tliu IkIk of Uidi vy 

UaOflPv^, Slmnm, Althtxi <rtx!Tj ctM fiinilptbf** « 
UkbenUnl or an|»iriHt Sercfola^ tolsrgvd J^'»|ihjUk 
tnri>ll<»ii upjTM* ll|iM, boro ««rR, digntivo ilomi^fwikPiiUi, imuA 

fihiliitrK^. or pa%>ii#wH hihI liHnvii<*vi of |}h« hIuii 1\m dua WJ 
lutgr uLVur lui ibi? B«|tiftl of ttur uruptiii^ ft»ran^ iMtpcuv ao, 
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«>j«« ill nil tuihooJthr uttocnphfirD, aa> &1»>o fro^|iiont tMtiM^ 

Trv^EllK'llli -Thv fiUvt TDBiodii* t^n^' Uvrr., Hop. S., CUa 

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] |{r, Hy^lr^. mj«L fltt\. lu 1 Jmcliznof ^^KRiioltiii^ atiiniijl i|ciHiib 
to Im* rriiix'd iiUiii^ ihio Urvd irnupu At ni|flit« oflitf « 
raixiviJ of aU tb« dhd^J worrtion*. 

tn tboM> Oftu* ft conrfut vuuut^tioc of th^ Mroctiou of tli'«3^ 


DUiiittiM or TUS K&U* 


•liualiJ im miuli-. fur U in out Jufo^qomii U- luiU hiidi> mlnwlini 

vith Utpid milk aikI itfjitiw-, r^t of tliu »jf«^ nnd ihf arol<Uiic« of 

bv Uie cftu-M> i^ xhts cuiMtilutuiiAl tk^ijUlj, U nh<ould \» rctwnX 
mn*\ till- i;ocri-nd onMunire* mf[f«<it4d ni tW Bcction on HcrofnU 
«airiM] oitt. Oiui^ of rwudvnni to a van&fv pftrt of tlM 

Tbn tt|>p1injituui at n nispUi ^vrottf to Uio wlpt of Uw> Inna tit 
ii£|[l>t tloM gouL \nivti llvere i6 miidi aj^ltibiuiLiL-ii lu Uw 
nonkiA^ wiUi «ntH «t ikv root of tii» o^vtttalm id tli* tUjtive. 
4Dd ft ie<Mi«rftJ cUuMJUiy Aduditkm of Ui« cyoli<fcs a 9r*^ Snliilivr 
<->' ' ' Mr til 1 HTT. ndipm.) i» luvfnl; iL *1ioiUil b* 

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b probdbtj U» muit cuoiinuu, aaJ ia eifDonllj of \hm 

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rill! rimtr doctok. 

Trpaimi' lit -—Boll or Pal*, for Uia aoioocli Tnrt*<tjr^ KIiim 
V*T,-Vir. fiJT Uh' traiiflriliir: Atiil Art. ur Solph. rucchix»m<i 

Ac<X'3S<irj- TlX'Jl 1 011*11 t.—Tbi* coonkMil dkiHlj- in ilEurlin^ 
port with flonntr An^T-'powdorMl ptivrJi totiooUiA imUUnlitr, 
to AU^rb any Hui-l rluvt icnr oxll'll^ A wtna (foiMli« loMX bn na^l 
<Kv^ft4ioiniLll_v, vlfii th« raiml in invoLvM, lo alhj ll^lilitj m*d tn 
piwtiitt Ui^ ArrtiETiiklfltiufi of itLAtti«- wiUtifi. Gnwc caro idnold 
ftlwaj^ 1>i* uxmxuwd to dry Uia vara aud bnir ol diildnHl «£kr 
Moff wlicd. \Xvi eoEDfir««9iu fnror tho ^pcvnd of infftimwi- 
tioa, «» obo do otDtnKEnto tfrtirrullr; tnit ir^ luri^ fnttoil 
Mlowili^ affiewtiovw m pmooting Um^ can» of Ecivmn IwhiiMl 
*v*: tax gr. Ktnv Prrrr-jp. mliri: «lx onimw AmtigiifL 
toft wni**? bBtb» for.tbti gi'iwnil tnrtaev of the Aki;i, tho 
'PBiftU qnaotitim of tUkeA>ked ^fic^oUblM, anob u Mtiaco, 
CTM^ ei>lii«7, otAt and tho Doir^*Hk<i of a&f donui|;otn4«ti 

1byHlgivlii»w ABil ulh<<r cutAneoii4 affimdi'iiiH tjt tbv rar, im tli«i|f 
whoa tlicw diavuBHi afrc«4 ollirr portiooA of the nldii, 

(2) HAKMxrD CEnrvax 

C(||llxiMfit« or iwr viUL, Ln compoonl of oil. sbninjaix a 
^loni^ ttuiUfTt «oa1w of (T|kidvniun from tha hiung of 
tBiatiUt ftftt] otiif^ HQhdtanoia It DocitaiaH onljr alhjut 1 | 
eiKit of ^irAtiT. lirirl b on)^ very pnrtloJIjr 8o1nb1<«. Afl^^r ntnala 
ioif for M»iu» 1im« Sn Ch!m catiti]> ltd watery coaiiitai'tit |HiiMd«i 
hf ev&t>orntiuu, cud iLua il bvcomva u b«rd mHfrr In •dv%uda|> 
0^ tlk« onnuQ**! pv«in0 to coulftifi a l<*tH |>n>pt:iTtion of w«|pr ILm 
daring tbo ««riior penodn of ljf<\ for it bocvtaoa dnur ond mar* 
briUllL Hw fnnrticffi of Uio ivniminou* gUoili idiH'h mctiHo 1 
«Si Mwcn* to tht 1ji rlimiitalit ti iKmlart whidi will nmd'v lb 
Oaoial plMilis luid ]4^rtui|>h fd.-*> pn-n^t tlio mlnukoo of uimyIx 

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doibwaft Imt dot tho aok> akiw> in. tlw majoritj of cmwa wliofo 
■liiliL n h fr0qiiendT tti^ iuiIa AppHnml okikh-, and nnwl thMv- 
Ibn Im tr«Atud ;iitr $f, iinlom other fljinpii4kEi»i ittdirMto lb< 
ftpfdicntjiju of uUmo- tvoipdiM. 

CatUe^— The ^*timiaoQl^ ftUqtfMl otanot luindMitd ^v «u ^ 
ft "cold," altLoogb traqucnUy tlmro ii fto «v4daw« «lul«^itf IM^ 


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patiaot luj> vaflimid from bdt HUfrii uf tli* ImmI or LhruAL 
In mcitf iTuuH Ll lunj^ I* (ln*4 lik r^tgl^ict fif f.litfiulineM) nr to Uia 
iSNi of tli0 tviiU^il ouil uf ft t4>wv3 |jushit<l bn bv inUi Ui^ ommI, ur 
oitniUr loiHliod of olMiu&g Iba «*r, wbicb tendji W iiujiftct 
MtQDoa or ti> f<xi:tnst itM vvbwj vlcfOMit lint, ia Uir 
[iriLj of CBMi Uio ilBvcr^fT it iwl Bm])!/ B Iw^nl or tdjopAthiA 
k, tiqt a *iff& of mtctiit iEi0iURivntion nf th* tntimuii tnr«D 
liiiiftg tliit moftliiH, ot ot m iluumMHi Blnin uf Um* finnuniiwMUi 

iiilC Uki ontntioii of pvt« of Ih^ organ of bavug otk^r tboa tb? 

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jiiiUtn luiHiitit. nail iKiior aervooa E^rQijiUiii^^vraligUL |piIilkiMt«v 

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IHatni^vKiK — Tim cli«fno9Vv itai^mA of bnirt^ ootiidast, w inbV' 

■mittoot; tlir hvAnnir bt 1^ti<r iq tiw nmiin^ <ir afUr avtin^ or 

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fii^pir ia tko mualtiB, Tho doabntf^ na^r be iiiicr«*aed l>3ra>kl mvA 

Dtntsaom k b«at oflKtcd villi thv rar uurru^imd 

Trmtnii^nt* — It i» cLmbirul wlu^ixr mnlioiitch wQl <Ju w^' 

Co riHtom Ihv aamul (taDCtioon of Uic |fliuiiJ»> but (li« 

mj Iw paltiaiod bj tbo ivinoTal of iht wax The nx 

bcirt nvDovLxl by a cftmrul umo of Uiu ■rrinir^ Uuwnng m ■»&& 

ct vattr. At tJM> tcvnpumtni^ 'jf fnll Hnni) ]i«4l, aIoQf{ Uw roof 

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or wnnn ■ulutiuu uf aodk, jiot m tliv vor at uigbt will 

tbo wai and foHlitnJ^ itfi n^cnuvid- To Adoortaiti Ihn priv. 

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poam!<I loio ihr- flor will ht fcniod br tbn bnit solivnt for liordnnnl 

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Abw.iir4' f>f Was,— Aolpl^) Grapti., or Spoi^, wQl hm fhond 

Tlik b ft very anaiBno. |iHi&f(il. amiI Hincwbat tteriouM dn 
to wtuch iKMao paM>UB MviD [wciUtarlj liaUe^ It w oftw 
nbd vitli botltf in otbor parts uf tiie akin, T1;v fr«(iii«st 
rcocfl i>f abocoHkn cdnaos thit^kQoiii^ of tko widln of tliA 
aad of tb<* drnm. and^ if Uio t«iiMloii^' ti> tlKon u not MvduttM. 
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tfTlrcfliBBtuuv*, Eui in lim nntm* i>r a milwiiy purrin^iv > ciwil«d 
ibitfuu4tl>f«n^ iir nivxUt Uw wbirl of liuay ma^hu*^', Uimv aimI 
nuiular fttiiiMb, wbirb *(i»pi(Dj tbo bfnna^ cl boaltliv |Hv^40Dit 
tiLrtiiBii MEtrtU ft ili]igrM> *it nhwrmnX rtimnUlnta aa tu Mor^tA Uw 
^oll nan* lo uiiwnti*il 4|ukkii«4 of btfo^Qg^ Th«* imrcrtiiuv 

^^bn«>ral49 lor iIm proopoct vE n^xm^j. 

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» fiftUnit ii()l lo llnil Ld lintLrinA-jhjwrv diieklimLIr uiJ jioriBtt- 

ftcJAg •lAAfliOff flMMH, l*T>iO wbOA both VVTB MJ« flflj^lwi, ilY 

iUf 1b«m6c««1 111 n gTt«t«<r or li 


TUB rAJIll.T tHIcrOK, 


Struma, e^. Vht:n. lafrrouK^; 0)nt:i.'S<il|ik (nrrvxptw «iwl {h^- 


2. i^wn t^oM. — Aeoo., l*tik, (rawili; Mm:. K..Hyrfrv?d 
(elmiQie); Diilu. (frtnn ilnnip); Brj. (with Hhwtinafjam ) 

X Aflrrr Frtwn, eir. — B>dl (wUh giddina^); FoIm.. CIiuia, 
Sitlph., Ac PboA. 

■i. »o« Swpp™**!'* A'ruprpGA ahovi, or /^wvAoryv froriL. ihr 
for.— Snlplt, Ho[L »l, Aiir, 

Tk FWn* ffnlni^it TrvtiAibi, win. — Mnra-^Ad, K-.TTv 

0. From Conevs9iotu- Am. (alto ythta U^tdwim v 
pttikt«t) vtUt a cnwIiBfT tobMtioii iti tlio patV 

7. A'OlMM in IJb<t £rrr* (TVnu^ftu AHriitm).— BdL, ChituSiUpb- 
(wtth IV&fiw«s); Nnx V. nr If^. (wflh ttnoatitrfil aiiHit|v«Tntw 
to twuimI}; Bafit (rooHni^ ooofonon or duihI, dollBueo of tiMmn^t; 

Aff«««<rry Mfan«,— If Bcofum u fmuia to an** rrooi » 

McmmUatifW of banlttoMl <«r-vui, tLi* Bbucild ba t«tiM*«d bj- Oa 
i^yiinga lujd wnrn wtvr AU nf|iEttJHl rponndiiw whicJi liuva tci lia 
dropp^ into tbo nit «boiU^ U* iv^bi^irfH], hoiw«TV«r naiAdh (brj an 
TCDomiModed. 8oo bImo " Grat^nil Uintis" followib^. 

lienoral Hints uu AVi^loftK oftlitf Ear* 

(1) Wei ar thiiiip I-jiin,--A frwiiuvt cmw of dismna of tb» 
««r t!i tttf* practinrDf lit«nD|f tbi- bucul and IMI3 of daQdnto bnpM'- 
fvcllr drj nfti^ waaliiDjf. It in tbo biot« nMaca iaj ry to icojud 
a^ainut tbw dfuitfrer if ihcrtt alrrtidj <'3df4 Any dvrbnrgifr fmcn Uia 
vaj- Aftvr liatiung, tb« j;rp«t«4 ettra fltmdd ba takttk to diy Ilia 
bair arul ntm llintvugbly. An a ftirlbfir prfmmdmv & filwfi of 
5ii« liiiMk or 1>kUinj{<|Mi|>«!«^ fikuuM Iw twJaUWl into a cui], wid 
fvdJy btrodnovd lalo tbt* caritr of tli» mr, to abaod^ aojr 
tfBmniikg moiatnrA 

P) Boilflff till* Eai^— i^r«ii*. gyretp fo n^. aad rtham vb^ 
bxva lb* cnm of dtildnin, khcniUI b« awam of aa aondvcii ywj 
ItiUo lo oORicr fktm btownoa tbv 1ie«d cir Uiuii^ tliooan^ luittwlf. 
Hi|jtui i» of Uio in<ia6ftina Jir»ij>i)iir, a nccubrwie wfaiob okxMa Iba 



OMRit or ft ilnuu. Tku Mciili-iiL Biftj bv mcugujud Lij a fti^an* of 
whock ia tb« rar, PsofoMfi, &iul n nlij^t cljscluuv« of b^ood ftom 
tiwi onteVi «&d if C3(ixmincd 1>t an nor bpnCTtlaiB, Um rr<rit nuiy b» 
•MIL Hiiir* illOtlJd bu octQpkte rut Uij k^vemJ iltri, u»rt & 
tnak Ainioi U>Udn i»mL 

OQ Dmhon notSlapidftj,— AjooUmit pant of couNiUnble 
iojl-urtukosui tboeawii^ vbida Acliilil, froai b«iii|( tfligliU/ dof^ 
bs* bttcn tbovf^t lo W vtaptd <v ofartifwt«i. 

(4) Wh CompreAit.- a null «vt oon^mws covvrvd vHk 
dl-idlk or tiffMs wore otvt the rapn o4 the ivck, ha nvimuontiilnl 
fbr OiiLUuiiiuo, ht Miualljr ft{>]i)>oBLilt» id atfuVtiocM of tlio ff«r» 
Q^iMttUj ivkon of SQ obttutato aatm«; hckI if pflnwt w wi Ut 
ilflMBlr for voBin Umi^ will &MiitcirtJj iv1)«t« dttcni^ ■llttMrt^ 

hi» nuil^ baarinff on tba t n^timp t at thn diiiMUAi of tbtv i«r In 
WE] ohmiio jdrortioiw 4>r UtEA iiiTj^iiii, Um Iiai^W' dihttiocui <dx U> 
12z) of Uw diff«n*oL lufdicino* nn* i^miomlly nor* WBaaiao ai 
tb«fi Um towtv ( U to OxV 

ouapter tl < 
diseases op thk kose. 

Ift ft AftAft^p if> wItHi 1h»9» U VUvmiioQ of Ow tDiUMW tD^D- 
fanwcif Uw noNi*, ftuoi vbidi fiirUil. imrulwi, uti«iuiiub uaUj*- 
i» dweliftar]ff«d. Tlu-r^ :- ^-fUm lachrTmatioQ fhjtu oMnioiion tiT 
th* iltK^n U^lin^ frtioi Uip la«tu7nuU gUnd* to tbo MMb 

CuilK-s. I'lMoroil CfttoRit fimn; Sypltttu; OMhsnloftl 
lajtwr; tiwrigti htt^im h. ihm ivi^rik; or U iq&t ftru* fruoQ «n 
B&kiviwu uwsub A viruiNutift cuiiMtJbilfcaQ oil duobl pflhfinM to 




Tr»^1inf'nt.--t1k» diM«Ms fflpm^unr if dimnlr^ b not 
conhL; but iu utMi ciawi ma^- Lu gnnlLy bmM^ti^ ^^ 

^ttrrrim^ ^ Piim Above Uio EtOf«; IhniI ftnd «i:«vnMM lA ^Hj 
novtrilni ditfChArtf» of y(*]loinflb icri**Kj fcDtxi |iiUk " 

Kali Bieh,— Thick, tcnncioti>> itoiDuUfiun blood,*, AMbttg^ 
tiM foimof "^iIeuiU^ pln^" i^x dtL ttomptinu^ rK«]tiin?d.) 

iaSium. — OmtfcMor, Uu« ^JiCflddnriiui Kii-iiibr>tw wtSariff^^ 
potrnl UloorotioiL 

vtfMtim IL»<L buciy Kniciuro of ih* uoml 

vlrif/. .Vi't-Sfi'hililioOva^a; and vbm Uia p«d«(iu hofi I 

jinfrii*ctfn»,— IchcrouA. fortid Mid umIikiicuu diMfafltge^ 
ukriy if tbo ocicaliliitioii id much «hiBrttQrtd. 

Bciig, mod Uanx. ktv Mid to tw Kood r^oiodlMi 

JTiW.-.lfi^f. — The nci» BmrUi, tmd k unrc; loot o* tmnU, 
Wid IncbnmiitJUQ. 

Cjfd. (hv<|ii«QtflDMiziDg)i 0«K fwalMTjr llnw(i 1%yla (ttnoflV 

A<T«.i<w)ry Mmimrofi, — Perfool elNudtMw ol tb# t**J 
pttwagoti 14 iTQf^^-niUw: Uio novo maj 1w» irritifprl trtth tinetinv 
ludiivi (Hj^L Otijpci to edkI^I uoucn* uf wnbarl, tu^scUnic vltL 

KplflUxU— Bleed inc from tho Nwm^-, 

A]tlii:iaglr UuM ix ardtntniljr a tiirlin^ iLrTM^fni, it rw|iiin* 
djjcriiaimtiofc to JBatlt* irljva lo iat^fHn^ nikd vhen to Irt 
«loeti>; for it aiAy be a Mtmptom of tbo tuciA dirmo ooofittei 
l^t cuastjtatioo. 

In vuDplfl ttMR^ KhOtQ tho dJMiarKt> u tntliDjf, no tn-Atn^ot 
^■nwimrr: That Mcgg^wb^l U'Ir.rur U for ca#Qi in vliioh tii«f U* 
ing In p;ha-ui^L% luu^j^cuiiUuut-fl, ufl^rwfltniag, ur iu ^Lk^ 
KrwM frxxa a d^tjtakd vtiite of Ibo ooitft4(iition; for ifaoa 
loaa tuay ba Mvioua, and lodicBtrt n gnivo «jiUiieic c«jfiditi0n. 

SynploillB,— Oiddin«««, ^*^gU) or opprowiofk in Iho forofciiJ 
an«Tii |inmd« tbn nnTmoarluga 0<>iuint)ly uuly OM DOiUO 
blimliL RupioUnvs Uid bUkiJ, iin^'vul nf vMVpliig in fnio 
tbroogfa tlw pnffMrior anm iJiU* tbo fftiwfii, aud tLocico 

poi.Trt^ or Tinr kosil 


oOiM or dn)fw from tbo tiiuA£ ot Um> nij**i KfuHKut* fhjm 

ibtood-wawU, a» III old «g(s favor iLw tlucbuqjv^ 

rM, — UaMM»Tli«|^ fron Uti<riiil Mrttmucil, <jr from 
It ifei^miBltj Hailnl \o |il«tlii>ri<] [wnMDH. 

lAoo.— t'lom a Uuw, TaU, cv plij«ml ^wfftaM-, J^bmIp^ 
Inn* of tbl> tiiLitbUiljv |>fri(jJi VhittK ftfUr (Lv LlvisJiii^, vKmq 
ij-Ci'JtHiirv ll»'rtll)li^Tli» ftppLimti-Mi of *nM wobr nr In* lo 
Ui«ia ft> fir tt Bkitf-I ti»p, or |c™-ji|f b<»i«i]CitaliT oa llv» 

ijiUt. ir, in ftpitP nf \\wfm ni««i>s ttif* bliwtlliig n)CiUfUi0«s ^ 
f liat F^ittuld bit t\A]tA mU< Ui«* ^Lape uf iLt* nuHtri]. buIq- 

tbo UmUie^c EHvtnJ, \a mU> vacb, J Uw bX^K^o-kug o^jiwa Iran 

Bi)ftjn> iitoorting thf> pli^ uiv rkiU of lilfHHl iliitiilil bi 

Tlii* tiit«Uiirtit »4 niTfinajKtiili*) un Iwu ^rottiujji- tbi* 

tin rJhwi* at tho llflinauiriiN nuJ tb* tfup|xirl of thi* >«a9«Ja 
tigbUx-Attin^c p^u^', Tbn p»t»'(jt >Wilc1 br ]4jict4l in tlia 

pwiriHM .(nfvdipptiiBd tu £i|iii4iHift gr Ui (V<u:r«tMaft 

«tid wmtar, ftitd t4tl»> ici' - 1 r^^Mdftdi-,!. - p n 

|iMn»jdarmi4i «X0rtion, fftU|fo», ilchI mnob Mtoofiin^ u* Jr^^ 

' Nf« i««KN», uf ■<f]iani bAtdt> otv tauMUiM liy iimiHaLius 

■ u blMxlifijf fa^jdi (ba aw friH|iMiaU}- ur pprkdic^jr 

cbttcii:!^ ol nir, ftaj ft nutv- or li»* <^»iriL*te diaoge of 

gWftomPy DMSMary to orvrountt Uiw |ii«(li«pu«tiyik 


((t) 0^laUrk<m§ Paii/pi u<» coufKAMl of tbft rlanccita of 
attoeons ttombnuie; thisf vo ftt^r ohnfH-il. of ycJknrvli «olor, 
mniivt of •ffVtfal nft, |><MlttDPululM. |>in)ilaiou« Timtupif MtrttthnJ 
wlli a fiwr ldij(Kl'?i*«4v TtK-ir l^ittiw* ia to xpongy m tu 
uuLUh^ atortHipUtfno lur. wtiiuli nvtiJm thma Inrgiv in <lnn|i 
vHuttbcr UuiEi io diy. l^tUpt of tiie hum nni imoaQj inuMoOi 
ud ol vtmoofl Bun, and tomnkkoM viUatd to iX» biiooiv omn&i; 
gtetit olwtractiaa in Ui«thiiig. After naaftd ib»j km apt to 

(b| FiZivt>ff4 Potj/pi HIV mudi Imm oocimoQi Um^t v« uEltm of ft 

Syiliptointi of Nnnal Poh^ih-A Domd mxidiI iti tbo iNMrn-, 
th» pAiitfo;! an|tiiriv tho hMi of bv^iin^ lud month »'pmi to bf^ 

«lil&rifi<il filvniidl^ uu Uitf iiir«d«nl eidt% and wi kHjUii|[ op tbt» 
bOBAril Um rolypiifl lut^ b«» tfofio. In ooiuhhitutocq of Ibc uLi^ 
Mjmfiitopuj] vhick a Tolj^nk* od««to<ui, it mnj at fimt U* niwUbB 
for n CuUl in tbu UouL But on tJii> uuu butnif viol^nUjr blav% 

ob*truni(^ lo ri'-uti-ii, co:ttrv7 to tLtt qnimL romll of 

TmtmenL Cnk. C, Mfirc^lod, KBIcOt, Pboft., 
Thujit Suig- Oi''^^*"^''^! '^*^ jwwdiffof HnrtcniaUyi, luid 0| 
hiive prciv«it ti»« iBinl MUooHfMful rviuMlSeik Tiuuiin fa &Wf 
jut'iid'^l tu b« blowb ii|' lli« iioainl an a biiiiIT lluuii^ a 

Ii] U)(* dbokv of ODO of tbe abovt^ rT*m«diM rofcwckOP alhriaM 
icE&d* lo ibv iifOMva] ooDrtitoUoci of ih^ |>tfiaci^ a&il it tboold 
mi^ kicitlljr, in a nttOTB ooooBOttmlvKl funn, aa voU atf iiiteniallj> 

In moit c up *w ft in nncracnuj to reauorif tbn-« fin/wtli* bv rtrc- 
leal ntufuiB. Aft/v tb<-ir i:tv]K>nl. rtitntv Aet-Nit. applied bf i 
ioftg flaskfift-hjur pPiMd, and abo cniflKl up. * 

LocMur IVrvet^lflii urthp S«>iem> of Hmell* 

'Dut cucidit>o«i i» |£VM<raIl5 oonMqQNBt on kdoiv oUier i 
aqwcinily ofaroaic Cutarrk 

TkTtlR^flT:« OP TDC IIB4BT, 


Odft^. tnoi^. Brt^B. tiDi) C_*iiIc^C baff^ bcro r w^tpw^WL 



Dlv>«ni*f( ikf the Hi-trt iu4 ilH UrmbrsiiPH. 

IXiaam* of Um twin Avmauad nvocb aitMiiion iri Ui* ji 
dajr, nA Ubly <m wrMtitt ijt xkn fr w |»WKy of OiHir mxiiimiiw^ and 
tl» M?rkjmi ociosLHfQt'uaA they ottmt inroKv, Imt &Wi «9 Uh roHalt 
til (inr iiMir* gi^rfcvt acvjiuivtaiiw wilfa tW arfivi UiUi in ib 

('■1is^74. - Thn mvtt «atDiDai] «awv« of HoMt^ iww igv — 
Kii«<i matin, fmvir in Um joqti^; nvnrwivk <>f mii^d and Indy, 
aiUATij, ttui\ Um hlU-» nvd in tujilitk- liff : ftuil Kitliii'^ 41m«»6 aim] 
AlhiTiiiin in ul^W pcAooik Tb» puCf>iM-v htmI frrqurary of Ihv 
ttttoOiJ <iUi0 uf mti3<B fire «)l)rioOflu Lift* is U>o frvi|nffnUr one 
fwad of fMrp^tiikl exritvimmt* btMaiMHit hurlv <>x />Nn|Hitftiaii, ami 
nulvR* iiwl imnait of pluojtum ur gnin^ Tlu» tUmjuutn thus 
mad* (u Uin iTwr^ftc^iie nri^aa W«vn iU aatritkut, uapair ilm 
atnvrlara. vxl imiivtil Ha action. 

Ttmr'^liK dtfvWM'^i t.t iltf bcAH, Vft mAV aL cncv 4ft1« tlut ftU 
mMmctwtm ■> clutfiwt«njwd tan not orguuc, Uii ofU>n hvaM; fima. 
HooftL mnA itiu> ti> t^viipciRiiy f«tui«, v 1^iiiiiUji«i fnwi d«Aidligr, 
livliXBtfiiMi. VIC On Uw ulkvr IhuhL «■«» uf Mnlihu d^th 

TvJi<*n«l ftnii !ifp r>ifi(iil«7»li]v |^^li';j^l liv jTiilirjiBiii tiinliMiil 



nofflfKiiry, For mtSptidptw nt thp hnnH pimui[ii«nit nn nvvr 
retaedMn, lor allecUotw frotu <>cL»r cwue*. itre pcdotod tui ia 

l^tlnilioii. — Sntklfio, «pTfiT» j>«ro3cyniw of r*in, or Hpacm 
Ml iiuf4^-l>W uT dir^nrmL Ih^H, with n cuuHtrielML bmtimj^ 
tiuu, AoJ iutcUBU ftuxirty. oUicflj^ uociuruig iu Met^ prrwnw cu" 
jkAtft tljo EmJJlo p«nuiJ of life 

^^ni|i1oillS. Tb(? pationt in draxod vUh a aaddco 
|ittitif trUicb cofiU>r« iii Ui« hunrt, niid oqcUid^ ovpr mom tv 
of thp KnfAHiir piiTl.ion of tho rht^^ Qptliii fihtxiklnriinil 
Ult- turn. Ttiert* ih nil A^;4; vtlMl iif MUtfty, fbiiib»*t«v fi 

of liMaDl «lett1K Palintati^ stxt dywpiuM, wo tlukt If wftLkia^ ht 
is tt»poU«l tu slop B£>d IU ou tLtt £r«t object Uiid offon MipfCvt 
BiA M ToniBia*, iMilw tnj «ovar««l with A doxuiDjr poniiiinbflft, 
Tli> |«inxyuuH tuMj tanniiuitp in u f«<v mkintnk, or IM for bcnti^ 
•Bil nr*\ UnIiIi* Ui nvtir iritli iRrrmuind mnwit^, till nt Irnf^ tmm 
pfvit« fjilaL 

raosca^PiWMO of tho Im^fi, at obnbriwtioQ of lh« eorictty 
wlarifijy in oonsoqauaw uf vbi<tli tli^ inHMulaj bbn« of Uui Watt 
Imooiim hnpolrad. Dnilt^r htbch nonditioiu* ft parox^wn nay bt 
liTcM^t on by umT'BitiiliiWt fl.ntTib'iiL disliiiiLiini of tJv^ itoaiA 
tuentxit «icit<iiDvrjL i>r ertsx a frightftil Jtvvuil 

Tn-atimiit liT^a^liiix luliniiiou,'*.— Aa^nitum,— Rmm 
cavw. uwi for ftk'tburio pobouU: wtii^ tbore » a |tn*it mnm if 
Aiffnr«iikiii. «&xii-tj^. lUiJ UiTi^ibbuig^ 

Ifi^ititlU. ~ Cami In cui ftilimiioud ^Aa^ Ibn paruxjvm n«m< 
nii^ frvi(iu'ullv aikI DJiikiiiiU, 

I'rfvfniih, HIoiv, int«nDiu<^t palfl», ooU rrlnmifM^ colA , 

/IrArn^miH. — ICxImniA tl^pruBtt. iw*r*wiAnl l>y Ui^i «Ii^1rfH^M 
innmnMit. tnarl^id dctiilitj^, piite uid hi^g^nl fao^ fivlili- nV|| 
tmiffalflr pulufy aotl tlnad ut taunvilisto (li«tlL Atl in 
valnaMf as nn «;(«*iri fnr witrtlititr off Uh* pHfwcynw 4f 
painful d»<ywKV 

C*ff**u GntiHt.— Wbeu Uittfu ja '' A fnUng ■« if thd btiart 

FAlSmWrt— *«WOOSIW> — riLl'ITAllOX. 


tad niinpnw>«] » wtUi ut IroB tkUd*^ (1^ Sptn); 

^mfru^wA—Yioleot djapiKeiL Awnldiis frotn «Jcwp witb n tmOo- 
tT« ■caiMtkiii, umI drc«df«l najcuiaJi about tbv ht^it, 
Cn^irvnv An'r.^I>r«. Bajnot and HoOwmI ba^^ ttotb rvport«d 
fit Angiui cartel hif tliin rtanHlv. AiUwttgb wo hnvo had 
lionotuk] flxppmuioit willi Uti> rviualj in Anginn, it » c)Dii1itI«m 
gTMt ^htr in thU Icrnlih^ aJTcvtiou 

.VtLT V'oinwvi. Iriili^««iikiu, Uk# oltaokfl t>««i>s atttfadM or 
\knnd bf mtulmoc^ 

SitHtf a/ Amffl. HiU i«i a rtf>viK(ly vidob fcu biwD nvt^f 

lLjn:TL Hiiil wLivk in pnwuuun^ by boiob aiiUianli«A to hm 

naaiP^y par r:dr^■iU^<v tor Augioa iVciom. 

AcCf4S0rjr TraitmiUt. lirnndy or mmo otbcir diflonhlo 

it| in fm|wnit mhaU doAw; a loiffv boi trmi pooltio* ow 

at tbi< liAftTt: ftQid wonntb to ikt* AXtnaiitlML 

Sjrnrop^— -PiiliitiiiK-FIt— Swooninu. 
iH'flnitiuD.- A loNt of inlilimi ojjiI imwitJHr \nmyt, vitb 

t ilUh«K.— Dobibtj tnm «oii0tiluiioEud cwmm, or firooi ki^i of 
Uoud ur uUior ntiiinAl lluiih: «muCkMittl (tisturtuftrvte— fhf^il, 

■nia^ bliAid ur a wo«uikL ilt frum Um tl^clU of opmUiutiA. i4c. 

tvliitumi' of TrviUlBCIlL— t >W the jIL— Compli., MwcIl, 
Anmoo-Uarip,, or At^a If tbn p«bf*Di Iw minl4o 1o BvaUuv aaj 
irf tJw abcm nnumlLn ui tdmiig tincitirv^ i^javiallir that Ant twv^ 
ibey iHHjr Im uclmiruv-lfc^nl liy 'Uftictuitt. At tbo muiw litiii\ aU 
l^bi fikjthiii){ sbuuJil bv IoubvijuI, tbi> pnAifnt vxpiMvd to cool ur, 
iDd cold viter da«littl o& ths fw^ Tli« LniitfUhbla UrP/Atoey to 
tkn IvihtuatRj pct^iito in ft couii>iilivo oiw, amI idiouJU itot, 
ifbCA bo iiitrrfi n*! villi • 

F6r tkt ^U'tfiUt^. — (!faiu^ Am, lod, V«r..Vir. 

Kai'nffiiy /ruin ^/cciMm o/ IJm? A«cu< — 1il<jecli.< Di^i T«r^ 

rrtMfnIivr. RA^fproxim ntwt bo bnd to Ifau cmwtitutioaftl 
■uui wbi^li ckitHv loitiliiig frum triiiux drmautuiDiift, in onliv 



PsJpHatloii ftod ltT«pilAritr of the AttloQ af tlir Hnrt, 

In & tu?(ilthy isooditwa, -m^ arty vc^rc^y watiAAf* of tl»i bpfj1> 
bMit; Uhi FHirFMTtii>n »f noLioo. UioMuiH &* Uidiciilvd b^ «ti|]rw 
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thn [»wiT of Uiv h<>nd' to ilriwr it li U out, UiMk, ^vmIhim c4 
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AAM^nUtration, — Daring; a doddoa attack, a diM» Alumld 

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vliim thmo of \bo imuv, it MtHtitntM % form of i^tli««. 

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CtttMeai. — QeD«mlir, ci.iEidjttE>uH whlcli iwltice kdcw or k«i 
IXnPlUXit dfetotiHon of tli^ vmon, Straiofs "r ortr esnrticin \ila 
portf iDftjr rniM 10 Affiitt of bJood into Ihvta &u4 lead to lhdr_ 
dlMitntjuci: rtJOTtling «««itp«tio(w faixr Uio grvvilartifja cf 
to iiiA kimnr iuitn<miiinh; and rQr1]iir*r, tiw* limglh iif a veiit, 
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Vorioaa seem to be dac to ui bccediU]7 pnxliBpotiiiioaf tlU&'^i^ 



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Ukw« may «riMi fr-'ot Ibo iiiij>i>rf<«rt ^rirciilnliofi iud nntntioii of 
tb« nUn, iHiun/ on tlii^ Uii^^t p^xt of tba oubdda of Uw l»f^ 
M) T1w7 IrapRrltnlo for UhtA or lueg-contiDHfd «nrlr, tttiiig 
usualty aMOcsfttrd villi ujiutUuinmiJ dvbililjr. 

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a|t[ilinl liuuilajjf? is ofli-u a|ivcil&cL ^ £/Aim^ — Oiua part tif Uia 
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«Ql«ffe^ t^i^ ^'^ 1^'** ^f <-^ mofit MMBmoiiilT mf't wrtlt in cbl 
4>»tfict« and cii/tLmriiiiorui (H^ntriMf juuI )il Ui» btlur i« 
•svooiiitnd witli On^niB&L 

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muKiii'timu tiiut^ti-'Ut* rxxikb ur !>1rii(&. itml uliivii buh.U \i2 ^ 
MQtt till* MoJabl^ M)tf< uf liiuv. A ii-coDt writer. Vr, J, H. U i] 
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tint «w«tUitiy lo iaborionu nwupaticcjii in un iiiifnvjnhlA 
nod Id Urn oUMb of nlvittlion tram t]i« Hsa-tipvol 

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ihivmi^h tt]0 rmilm of tho iiutrict. All nWi^ Ili>t lit;* ntrii 
prpvitiU to it* f^atont I'ltPnt : »ni), divrtiritiR ui I'ithm' dil*, 
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ft^r dn^m itj a jitrit of Uiiliug wiuor — afaeolu I1h> secreiUtsL 

6«i« a!rH> S<«ti(>n on " Cmigli " 

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lomovnl, «mit if KlrimiirlibT, thpo di^ ecinv^ud. As ft ruli^ Uw 
|«bml'« i]iii| bJ^uuIiJ 1h< ri»>tncU«il fur Kimn uum* to milk, or uiilk 
■ttd •c^U-wntor, io M|ua1 |in:>pur1ioii4. «lucL i» both uuunAfaiug 
■nd digortiUft, aod luj !>• Ukkc^Q mUtoob ftddiag to Ibo patumt'ft 
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mbif-, <4i iLfi cxjolnuy, (knbd tnvith 1« iwunlij' n lynnjiiiiUmt of 
iliM<(i<?tT4l iL^-e^oci, SnUTTt lunlii^utl Sore tLrout, etc-t U k 
ttW cUai|fTUAL»|p luitl ukK^tioufl diirii^ Uio progrf«» o( tlio cmp- 
tf«av ookancv ami ]Mfti]«tLtiul lorofe; but ia no di«oafrf< ii it it>om 
«0Mkaiw Itiui ia OiiO|fn«o of tbo tong^ ind^^d, that OjDcbUoG 
nmy bo nvn^vM lij^ tbU nytniJ^Ka Hlunn, Sumrtiicni ofTmuiiP 
btvsUi artow frgui ii«g]<«t gl *'**"*'*g tbo xaouUt aitd teedi 
afliv SMMdaw 

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4aM|i;i>«l tn4b, ban] cot^^btiofi ^f liko gojoa^ Inrga dooea uf Mtfcvuy, 
or ctbor Aatvn. A <luw thnon ddl}-, fur «i^t ur toQ cti^A, or «• 
tg^ am raof bv luaewgiy. Ilvpu-S. ot Aa-NU. amy fullow. 




rv»iilL«i troLi |irvvi<Ki4 tiH'rctiruil SfJivuituti. 

Sj'igf^M. — OfTriipiMT br«<fUlii itmpt^^^ only 1f^ oUtenik viili 
mitcli vbato or jtJlow maniM in Uh* n^ottUi and ikront; U*o back 
iwrt of Ui* lOQipw i* I'^iiiifiil, Hnil r<i.-U i^iA-atlva. 

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irbnplpr of 0^0 vrorL AmcDal Tood nboulJ oiiiy bx» iwirfl is 
mo^iffrMion;ftftdUMtor4faaD(!rDoi)tb*l>ouUI t>A rakr-^fnll r ck-bOipiJ 
nt IrUKt twir* a day rttrfanicd CmrtolEc Arid, tliltilj^ wib 
VAivr, ituJtu* uii vaoi41pnt w«sh for tho nxwUi fijff 
tatoUod fntb tctrtid brraliL 



CtQSCS.— Dccaj i« tho aioit cooiuioa pr«<BspOilB|f am*, 
0DddM& (*fafuigtM of tAmporataiv, d«iuigviooijtfi of Mtn* Sg^^ 
orguiis pn^^iinnrir, aeiiI gmftml twd limllh, t^r^ Um iiwnL Crv^not 
exdllng cai]i«K Wb*»ik tb«» C4tnijr of wt dxith liu beeii«'i|ii*i 
bjr cftne«t the ■li'Atul v^i^y in oilremul^r linblu to jjaIu rn.«» ivitliii 
with food, U(|uidii, or &tjau^f lirno air, uiid if tho LrftJUi Iv 
ilD|i«in^ortbi>C4»tTs]}Ma[>f;reutlj'UTitii(^, ndile IdI 
witli aadjiftno |>4it], tnny rtsuli. 

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lo»l jtj-plHVliout, UH*}iiiiuihxLitn1iH>H 1 borowigfaly c k w aw d Ind- 
ttlcfog any nT Uv* fiilbiiriii|[ nfiMHiitv. After thrm ot fuiir 
iit miy iwididiHi Ilath Ihm-r mliiiiiuftrivd witlioul nuUgnliaif 
aiyaa|><i)iiiB. not^lwr nbnald iw ^^livti^l. 

l^-»i]ltlir lihiiniliourt, C'/Kiniouu'ftn. — Tootkub* (nm- 
ifn<i|ch^ Of <iiipjirii>*>wl jH»rs|>4nMUfV ftevfl fiffiwrtiDg l^ 
tMih fivl li(^ AiiJ tjuMs liiH oLnvik* luid Kanw tav 


Ibe a^ h^ Dot very t^-, mut Uil* [nuiih w VHnt^^lml lij- ontiDg 
or 4riaktti& f«p*ciillj b/ winn driobt. It in BoiU^d to chUdroa 
doriiv tevihui]^ with mtcrr, icrocokb, Cce6d diatrboiik 

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OD ovw iM(^ H> thnt it b impoHtibk* to putuft out 0» otwt luoth ; 
fbn pftltw i4i]ft «bouU lutd &rv incrrw«<d br ooBtmrt oT Uu.* umih or 
b)r w«nu or evU niiplkstion^i jlet^muMtiGCi of bloo<l to Uw li««df 
flmbMl fiic«, «j[cni0>iH> seoBitittfiifn to oict^nial iflQprovio&tf, tfwnl- 
Utiir of Uw <di««]c or gUocI*. dt>-nc«> of tko nwciUi and throat, 
loJIraiisaiioci of tli» dvtfitil prilp. 

MirrnriuiL — D*<c«jml UHh\ no1i<al impiii|f nr Inccnliug paiit 
Id tbt* cbi«'J(<t>ofim, or piimi iij:^TiivTk£od try r-iliiij; or diinkio^. and 
flko *t night in bod; poirifl fiflV^tiiig tho ontin* ndn of Uio fiwe— 
cfttendSni; to thi* UimplnA, jj-ljukdn, mid ««r«; TootJuab«> with Snli- 
v«ik«i (fiM ciQu*| hv UiHTtu^M profnw psnfirfttkiiu In b«df 
whidi do tiot nlTurxl r<<!ii-f, 

Oloi»oiV.— rdaiitiuii in tb« tM4h, irith Headache; TWbacbft 
afbiT t*iruf OTAT hi'Alc^ Bbd (akinj^ ool^ 

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Ttl^d «l tiigUl 'Uti* nKi]ad5 may bo «outinnad Ico- wouv tin» 
ftfl«r thii oFtwikin ol |uuii, t» imwront a nt<nnTiui»^ 

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tiOQtf; the utnith Ahoaid be roimhI wiih a naixtare of oao imrl of 
Iho »lnxiK tiiuHunr to About 1«n of wator. 

Hepar Snlj^ur. — Pi^citT of tiw-tli. and >4:<^ty bl««dhig int^M^ 
tam Mvmin. CjuUj Vvk- md Ar. N'lL Hrv fti» ttMfiil in ahnl- 
hr ODoditkicuc 

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•o«w<iaMtt oh;lliiivii»> bnt cot th« montnJ onQftmiaa lod ftun^tiTi* 
fiav to noiM^ lighl, M«, wLipIi imhf^U* !t»n. \ ditkji or Lino iif 
tb> Mmw Unrtonr tir <*f ili^ lin't iliEciiLuti, d[Ji>li4H| lo lki< lixdli bf 
ttftfuu V 11 |M<ir of Jiot tUI Bomt'tiiuaa pruaaj^lj' reli«'V<i thitf 

i-vifhxi. Envy filhvQ or twi:ty luinato* till tho pain 
b uitiiCBUtl; Ut4-ruiuib f^mrj kmr nr At Uoutil 

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Acail Abd rm*«rt«Hl £a thv tuUh. nlll often git* itaiai)dirt4> rvbit 


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Stoi^piTUT Cariona Te«tlL— If ib(^&n(<N b»r«oo&t and 

viUi a AuiuLli^ m&lvriid liy a skUItii] iltvitisl If the pHtieul 
Mifferiiiff houi Tixitbacbiv tlin pain nlKHikl Im iwunvrd lirf 
rtoppui^. Whc'-Ei it in not prniTlicnfJIc to have » toolk vlupjJi-tl 
A pfof(«wioiiAl dNku4, ltd tttrity nbooUl h(> doftik»4 «n4 filiod 
wiiito wai; vlu< ]i, hj- i^xclndin^ tJi« &ti»o«pli«nc air lUitl Ibo t 
Uofi if food, ivi|anU the [irogrras of denf, Bqi a hett^ 
muTVilur«bjHBtu|jpiu|Efur Lii;ti-iinifiHuoaal& is Uiti |in-jMin«l gatia- 
pcrdiN vrbkli^ it cantohy iotrodiiced, afl«7 tiMrout^y dc«ikUtK 
utit Ufeo afTtvtod tooUtf nmy ptomtta it ivr TMnb Dr. Kiiifl« 
rteonuiiinuiii * juU^v luula i>r ««|iiftl put* of c<iUodio(k mod Cw- 
bolic Arail, li» Iv TLKjHi an n " wt/jj^pir^ " f'jr liollow ti^th, 

Extnu'tiim ivf Ti't^lli.— Ill II Cuw ciMw Ui« ofily n-m«(1r tor 
TootluKhu » iMtrnction; tb» u Mpudttllj the Oft*« if tlw deofli^ 
bos poroeoodod eo tnr IM tt> blazon tlw tootL, ronderiag li locan 
Bod vutol»4« Cor mA*ticulto&, pi^JudidoJ to ivijEtU>oni4* tociJi, «ftd 
« a»u» of ofl«mii«'u hrt^tlx Oa thu otlunr luui^t |vot«b]f 
niiMCy-fivv cman uut of ■ lmmln<0, cDiuddtfirabli* titiii-rii'Qi**) 
fiM us ia tfiatiiig tlut tlm most (Lintfv«aii^ cahw of TtA.>tlubctw 
prOBiptlj' citn^d bv homccopatJuc rranndic*. Our Mivict' tht^i^fi 
i» -utfrw extras b tootfi tDoroIj twcnumt it odio^ or Ua* U^^ 
ilocHjr. Skillfnl tmAtmont u jwatdly tnlfidtrA 1o n-mov^tba 
nod, nbwqqootjjt-, lonl and ^iMiral meaHUnw niajr prawoi 
rseonwico of tiw lT04hl«i. 

UeaiH of Prmrn'iition.— Tb» ftuxboo of tbo t««U& i* 
iuportt&t, that tlinr prcatr^tiua te a iaatt«t of tlitf 
manHml I'ho fLr^t t«M|i dfitri-rmfnv Um» nntxiiv of tlift tvAxid 
md pnmuiu BuAq' loiueoJjilitjr fmoi nuljr tinglocl. Pnai 
d«GAj might be pivT^ottsL iu ftre ca.uu out ol t«D. by na 
paMBDH tt thmad bf4wi>Mi ui iufant'fi leoUi, twic4« a wwk, Irom 
lino of Ihpir <Tm|t4JulL PTofiviaoiial incpertioQ ahotild iIhi W 
ionglit bnfom *yta[)(<]nu of tircny prpHvnt th0tii>;^ ^ 1 ifktW 

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Tv^fanUHl u hia miaaiiju, tiuit of savi^i^ tLv< twulk Cl«aaUii«^ 



woU AS ikjiilX Tim U^fik nlKmM b<> k^>t c!(«a by rinRiiLg liio 
witii pufift flold inUr, lunl ImuiJuQg tbA t44<U wiUi « tnod^ 

£iiif4, t^[-«4aJlji ttlivti luiimn] fiH^I lia^ Mmi tnlu<n; aaiI ttJi^liirC 
Ik lQ (iMireauii^iig' «^iiU avividtil TIkt idt^ Uul rn^f|U«cil 
ukinit tbo tM^h is liable to InM^mU* thu |*iuiu iiti<] tfi^ponri*^ 
trotn tti»to#Ui tA orfoeiooqtA, fvr it in octo of UiuU^^t iuif>llti>il» 
rivltjnA){ ihmi tit ii hoahhy roruUtion wbfiQ iht^ nro ■pocQ' 
Uolibi Id hli^vL But «him n 1pti(Ir*rvn- U% th*ny nf tl^i trrtit 
uiiiilUKkBtor/ nrtioti ut lb** giiiiui exivts, a dil'Uift »uliitk*n of 
lolic Aeiil, Kfrrb, or oti^rr drnti&So^ vlitJoM Iki T^<i^larlj And 
/.i:iiwii9jj u^^i Tko babit of (akii;g wtj but mUitiuiciM foio 
mimth ilionM bv fiToidMl, » Iho vipnraiTQ povyir <^f b*4t naj 
|itar« Iho «>QnJn«*1, n'hit'h in ttan Ivctmim Uht imtrk-iLi of dMHj. 
Uw otliiur liAfi>!, Um huljtt of aubjivtfug ibi< ti^*Ul io tlio uppo- 
fotron^ (if lr:i>|r>nuiirfs f» 1:nr mebjij; ic<\ ^., in d1*o to b* 
Clicvii^ or Ki^Mag to(Micci>i ju>d tlt«» KidtritiuL w« cf 
flrinkiiif tr>Ti4 to il'<»tri^jr tbo ti-oth. L^itly, >i4 fcn ilU]Kirt«n( 
nuAiA of j»r*wrv-uj| tlia Mrlti, Di* geibem] Iw^tJi ^boaltl bi tuiim- 
1 111 Ibn Ui;:bLTT.t titnto of inU'^^TH', b/ Urn ow of pUin. noar 

IteflnrlHin. — AhhiuII AIhotw cuutmMdvijr in tlui MiHu't uf h 

i'naj^H.- l'F<uAtJ\, tbt--irTiUtkiD fruau AdvfKj-wl IoiMJl AdoU 
iB»y «tdt« ItiftjuiLUhAtiaD of Ui« do^iUI |Hf>mtc«ixi^ ilu mcHitd 
(codvu of whkb »ro lbi» Jivlivvul. 

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JAVT. trilJi biNiU tiirobbin^p, Aw<lUi:ig, juul tbi' forumtMA of Aa 
j|fcACa« Tbit) Buy b«^I bv nwolutioi:!; 'r it iuav bant Imo tlH» 
1f'^*h| cr orva p<-m>tji;^ tb<> olivrk 11m- t'ltlTmn^ mn wni*- 
tfaSiM gwil, wuno at ni^ivt, aaJ toeawAnt till mrvQiikg bna UkMi 
filArvt, wtvti it lunall^r aImUaa. TluiVn la frwiuinUj MMW fefarflA 




airdliciif of Uut ipinw ami Uifobliiag. iVraoiu v/ho w IJAtiln 
GniD-bcalfl Hh<»il4l continue 11i« iu*o of thU tvoiedj Aa a pn<T«uijv? 
twko u dK]r for a w«i»k or tiA-ih 

^fiott^itnL -Tn alU'niatiou -oKtb Mort. for fnvmcliiiMW. 
fcrih^T eariy. Aeon, ofh-n Hu<<ikH Ibi- dHMiiw %t ih^ ont^ 

tJTViMHti Ut noiiA^ ^^liti 4^ Two or ihx^-v cIom« tuny nullif^- 

Phot^jhdruf. An rio^Il«iit nnxiM^ for P*x«f *rf Uw l««ib 
l)iD Itnrvr jiiw^ luul vht-n Omn UiJU fonn tJi>»r»froiii. 

loniUrr Is fomiii;^); SiL, wWt it litJb buiVt 

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dkii( al«o vbifQ tbt<y bcc<nii<) cbni«ii\ 

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boi Art tua h(» Inniis io iha inflnnnHi giim^ will niiandJLy jpri* rmljj 
If ilw fiwllriifi; tut v*-rv i-Ui^n.tivr, lu^d Hwn* niv iii^liJi of 
JLlvccB ccniuEj^ tbn>ij|;h Ilin clic^l, a )xiiiJli«f of lui#o«d-l 
4ionM bik ■i^f'lijHl til inq>|nmiCioci in ivu1>liAbtvl. lUid 
for a diort ti ri^ ftftortiriinU Tn mmi^ vnM« |i9iMBpt iWSof iDftjr 
ut^ainiHl by Uno-in^f ihm r(vf>IUrig «!« hjou ss it* nb>lf>nr» In 

Ulu»^i1K ^fifluiinmticiii of the Tonmif. 
SvinptotllT*. Hnflt And pain lu tbf> tooffso, which ra|iUjr' 

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ittt, vv&lkirvr, tir apHok; and ttifEocuti^H) m<*iiip iiiuiuiictiC. 

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laoTA fn^nwiUy, uji^pmutaI >^fJivaLio&. 

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Qon^nMnrnrijil ntoutiif^, till n^tirf in obUiitnl. If tbi> iliiiw N^ 
doft to tftrgv (li-Bs.« oi Mvrcui'v, IhOl iJh^^M Ih^ ■lUmftlcd vilb^' 
Ifefh S. Aa-Xit oaO CWrlw V. (u« ftUoiwoftil If thnrr bo lotiHi 
CBclfmAkMU tfveiUt^Ci Afii« kAuuUI bo Rchictod. 

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FyTnplOBW.— Sar«ww* rtiljht bwoHu^, oad 
tonCQ^t imll ri««» Uwn, imti ditf-li&rgn poR 

DiSKAflEs or Tne tbhoat. 

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:a% (ftioimUx oppCBiC<i the luuliur t^elh, txuui Liilii^tvljua or 
tLo irrilAtim of vtaiDpf* 

'TrNllinraL — Munrunua BimcxL (2x) u ircnnrally Ui« liMt 
rasodj, vioppt for p«twuc» vbo ban* 1«pq oroitl^Ml with 
Hmrarj, la Urn Uttfir mfto, Ae^-Xlf-r luih mtKmttllj ^ail ui it 
gRTf^l^s liinuM \vt pr«9mtH<cL Art. 1 biLi bma tnutnl irffontivab 

nd Uu» A««i£ tiiKtuiv ttood M ft wiwb fir Uie i»ottUi ifoat or IVro 
dn^ to « wiovgUn of w«t4srX Am a local Ttwwdj', dihtl^ 
C^itiotin or Ktuin AHil U nlme .if grv^ •ftrrlDB (Aiw drops to 
lulf & liimblvr of «bU^> fur nuaiug Uib unMitk aorenl timn» a 


Nore Thriiftt, 


IMhlitiotu — Shapl* mnnnw cr svelLntf of tJi^ 
^ a acumpliciiCeci t>T Tloearaljoak, Qoiiuj, or RjplulU 
^H rilll^f'.-'O&CAfTh; tho Bora Throat b^irij; ft BiiajilA«xt«fuaoii of 

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^ fnrm dwcribml m lb- lunl BawUtjtL 

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ntw, witltpun on innilVmQg. 

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Bigfat, *»»4inM«i MvnoiipaniKl lit SslivntiofL 

^AnAiutt.— I>r;[M«A, nHi^lmpM. Ami Iwal In lli» Ihroal, vitfa 
I ft cboldn^ f-^nmitiof), 11ij>an<rikm« nr->l fi^vilr ^lipAurbauoAi If 
fiwi «ftrljr* ArxiTL ulixiu wifl pruv^ rmpiiUr rtinitiTv in cftUurluI 
Son« tkrodiL 

Bttn/ta Carh.— If B>-R nul Mitrc. ftrv bwiilMiml; achI if Ihft 
inflftmnsUon ba aHjlii?v| u^ tin* U^imU. 

i>«lr. —If frocQ ft wHtinf, or &\»n tUmpt '^ei^ ^t. 

Al^nmr}' Mi^JlllFr. K^xgiutnl tlmuicliU of cijII vrnJiY, nnd 

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l)u rivin At ImliiiiM whrii fbi* }iiUiprjt hiw not Hffftift Id bft 

to rxu^rool ftir, (Svo Uw tviv fuUoving 3oG4i-,ix>r^) 



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C1«riEyina]i*fi N«re Throat, 

Tbo ftAcctiooa ilMigaati^i l>v Um> ftbo'vo luuna*^ baing 

linuL^ tiumibninoof tUc* fanoL^ oikI pluuxmi; ftfb.Tvv\l-« Coi^ia; 
tioci, laAamnu^oii, or n?UxAlian of thnt mombruM, «bltire*ai 
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jyixi|4ion, nu) U oaopi^ by dvFuobv» iMTv^furevv «" p^tH^ 
dobilityi Ibod nukj bo dotiuru<d ta Ui« «toaiu>pli nod lUidM^ 
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tbo ilof&tich and rinUL^' afi tbc throftt to Utu moulU, [paniiffcDy 
from ruoam of miiraal food, and U fl*i(H<<iaUy UabI* to ocr!itr n 
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paaiuwut ol II««riljurn, aini cuuHi^l« uf L<iii>f S|— imu. t^ th* 

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fmpafMl tBartiffiHoo of food: f^tlog too fh>r|iiaflil]y, ra; on Uw 

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for Btilyk. »hich may HdiuitegtMUf^ly fiillrvw tL 

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of Dior-»: UwtWu; and. Utter, or |«utnd tAoftVi frp- 


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<li£»li>m From tU*&^POt ie!aniliiLir*pcrr4Jon a&J laiky^alftr p( 
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of th^ fuod^ uiuimtt, ur vui»iUu4[ of Mir«> Hdd bJle: rqMi|Hp 
dftlulvcicu^ uitli i.a I'U'l^r rrptvduciioti of tb« frynpCua^; all 
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«a*«» on tbf* li|« or QOAtnK 

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diTiftion 111 ihv tbonik u a iii^^ lytwiilul hU>i> (oi«tirtk i>»<v oxul 
fMfllMt iH^uilitia. X>i|;uHtioii rvutly tniuuit BoJoikiu; ntiij 4* Milid 
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into tl»» wtoBiadit 4« Ui» work o< tbti fomor rftti iwivpr Iv fiillj 
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via<it«aitJoa of Uivlr f<JuL Tbi* Lh^ uf uiodi l» a f»*itiE«it cvum 
of Itiilij[tttiuci« tmi now, Uaiifitlr, Kt-Jwrallx rvin«4iftlJi?; fur wbnD 
tb* ftMvnU IsHb tTP !<:■(, Ui« tUbli uf tfae deatiai tfuppli«» on wilb 
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wilb tliftiwLkib ill lw>i •nny*. (1> By n* diriKOiliti^ Umi 

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daaf^ of 4«Uft]i; UK> uvoIl, h&Um ifa* nMftt b« t&b«a iilowti-, 
fir]i«b<Ht IwCum Uu* iMjicfiUoad of liupgadr ui» Ducu^Jntul/ Apt>L*i 
'Iliu Mm* dmiRiT !■< liii^lf \tt unMi fnim tjn in.-uiy duii««, cir 

»ft«r llz«» imtiiml oppHito mmhl bun 1ji>o4i JolMiid. 

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than tv^^bJn, aiMl it U wll kikowa tbot a ruak stoviavh U aiaafa^ 
muro liable^ ii> lUiuWiLt^v, urul otLer ^rmpli«u!i <jf Jnflig^tion* al 
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|jartalcv of au utU'nunbute cJuirQiCttRr» oa 1m ia !»> dxilit iutarnij 
to vubsnit both on (OuniiU and' voi^abta food; «o that a 
adauxbiru of Isotli t« |in>bably murv 4HUtly di^vvtad ILaa a i 
cr Idh ptcrliMm nun i^f i>it)inr. It in imptatant to rMZw«abf>^ 
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tba Jaaim, tdt»i\\ or m ftJlpmatiou witb «it otbM' fwaaodj- iudr 
ratals to nodvato fmrr niul j^ln- 

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to tJb« abttonwn, M<lTiJow4j-«>iupIoj«il. otA foUownl bv n carefoUf 
^ipbod «f« ft>fii]fTi->#. Tdo ur «ik) aititf tnay b« frmly taiU- 
luawl, Wb^u tb>< LiflnfiBuatioa aabwila^ bD«f-ti% autk-aud- 
ft or N<ia¥i^'a fbriuAououd fowl nmy bv girta. 

XaS FAMILY bOCrruk. 

D J" wn tm ry— BIochI y - F I h x . 

'DefimilioiK— A Mvn\» Umwo^ coMetioK ut TnlkmrKtitfn 
TJloenUioo or Uv> iniunki li<nticnlar aod lobular cImkIb oI Ibl' 
Juiing oC tlw largo uiU«liXM, BtMiiiiML vilb WmifiA. Iollo«rfd I9 
Ivkenxu^ and eoaotf tsiKoo* or Uoodr vtooU 

diwtutu. SiiDplu C4wua occur. 4aJ ran tfasir cotu*^ with litik 
cotuititntionAl difftarbaikcv; \mi iin ncnto lUUck «cmunwbOiw wilk a 
chUJ fir ri^^, ntid in ooon toUowod Itr qwok p^iW* h<4 >fciA 
flaHb44 fRcx^ fiJid oIUd pnm in ih» ]wmd^ thint, rwroil loifai^ 
naoi^a t^nii vmntiting, nHjiing, tnrpgtilBT pain4 ib ll^ aNlmBM 
— lonuiuA— Bre ca|fvriciic»U, And ih^ pAtiiul is utleu tomiadiljd 
bj A venMitioQ M if Uiuiy< wn wimf> excrw«aliiioiiEi matter b 
th« lx»nol nody to Ixt «vikcaatod, wul b^f ia broai^bij iapalWid to 
Atntiii vioUiitJj' to lY^nove tb» irriutioa Tlu«, iJm miM nurJ 
■^Tuptoui uf Dym.'uUTjr, u calkul tifuttinnM, uud sUbunifb 
^adi> t^ 2U to sloul ih fn^{Ui<at aiul uif^'iit, tin* paOnt U luittii 
to |>«w anrthioic cxiH^pt 3 litUo eduoiki luui blood, iJirvilji uf fih 
wLkli llio |)ftti(fE)t ofu-n ihinkK to tw ihf ojaU of hie oim Im 
and, Kiixintiiiivs balU of linrdociAd £v«4i^ ouM flrrbftit. 

vllOrfo to ^JOMt hbtvi. Lj hut ctituttttH the atUri* ajv omtv »iiij 
TiAle&t, th« p&iu Uib)^ Y^ iMevtTv anvnrul the nard ukJ at iht 
IxittiKn of ti^<- bmJc buot*; »oci>v<tiaiv« UiciBOTThaci* oooqjh ftooi ao. 
arter}- bfFi&i; opni«l by Ulon^tico, or Ab«0M of tbo B*«r t* 
Mqool <vf tbn duBMUBK In unfaTOmblo ciuboii, Iom tif xtnaiglli 
diwh ftilhiWt hmnH ami mfud |)u1m\ iiauoiiii uid i3it|imwid 
IMUC^, Uv(* AlxltjQiwt bntaiiLfis iiMffMwUt^Iy bmiimiiitic intlt 
JD^HloffiD of tW iow«r Wwol, bnrain^ bMt, hiccoogh. 
^twatioo of pEBiL, oold iVMbk iihAVpafind iMihtfw, Dvtiriiun 
^LmiJl In fATWnhlA nawH. ibn vvnuigth U tiot nurh TMlaM^ 
whilu irsnulh uiid luuUttin.^ of Um* nhin, aad a tauw natanl 
«h&nKtivT t>f Ui# vTMTiutioctA, iiLdi<:at«< a U^ndtttoj k> p?coT«rj« 

OftDdOS.— ''1 Ix4mt^ Vi^iOiBrx ^ l» oaaaed by ib» mdttm^ 
a |>oaMa In tho bkiod haviu^if a pacnJiar affinitj^ for thu iflaixlttl* 
■tmctniMi tif \bt> Iv^ intdctinAv That ptiMxi I UiUtmn to W a 
makrtA gi-bifnitwl Lei iIm ami fay tbr di«>compiMitiL<i uf tityir 

I'KiLiTxssG-r— riinoxic i>vKc:ffr£itY. 


tOfMtkitM, Nod, 00«lf>n|tl*UtJv, OJV ft CWIM of tl)A diwAAUk. It U 

nlbci thu) uk ib4 »iuat>oik o{ I>>^«c«U«it :^£i|io«ttm to nxtnmo 
ami KbUlftU rhaiiKni i>f Wmprmlnrr, M fro&i limt of (lay U> tko 
cold AA(1 limp of biglil; impart wnt^tr: infiiiflici«4kt pfoUctkxi 
tiA*\ vhI iTfC, nfl ulwptEtg nci thu grmtful villi tlm obalaoiMi 
iaalJjr cov«n«l« Intcmix'nnci-: a jmur iir im^iW tH^U 
Mie> ti IB Uuvefoffv ijfLeu ejtxWmic unotiic ]i«opI«< mlucrtl by 

Tn^lUllieDt. — Aronitnm. — 11 lic4;nU trionptonft AV« vnU 
ttvlDod, Una wuly UM< of ttm namlj i>f1«Q wtmU tii<« iUm*» 
At rtn eNVtfC. Tt>bt>Qlil bn lulDuaisdiinxl wmnnil tiion, At mliirv&l« 

M*rc^*Cor^ — Blonly «Tu«AltunA, iuikwh nkjunJ wilJi Uoi>^ or 
abiK»4i ptv» Uoodj Br>Tvre poia And MraiDinp> bftfoiw, mtil wpc^ 
nail/ vftcr, (1i90lmrgv>: urin* Moapl^bdy »ii]ifwe««d, or pOiMd 
vHh e"nL (fifllicmhjr, wHb ?w<!n> U-iMauttM of Uw libkUtv, i^vkibf 

ivvwart*: firoUiag of tli» Itnm- part of ikn abdommtit wfatdi it 

timt\k i>f l>tf> <^)lrm. wiiT^> ntU^ i-fttiiig; fftinting dnrtiig aUioIs; 
■IraJa rf bkul^ wnivr; viulv&L lvui«aiiu; fmiaoat cttttiog pnian 
with [i£i>diim ill rvetuia uut kfuu; beanocaa and tuuulMUB in 
Um- Ibijclu^ 

AnvAwWN. — Gnut Uuj>tf Ixit poUtrttl drinka lUtJn at ft tiflOfi; 

■i^kium : jHhiH'iil tU'^jnuDk uF lifi\ iiud i« vi^rjr rniltf« bilon 
4iftlli IwLi&g Dk* if tilt* a>->«iiti would l>nn4; dnhu^ Mool, foal* 
iuf of tt«itr*rtiu4k Alimv thi^ n/it;»i; aftrr *hnl, bunutij; tn n>otiUH« 
tnrntWiag kt\ VnoA^ nW |i«1|>kftU(m of tti'* li^^m aint i^tliniiMJoti; 
|i«tiid bm; tiriiut iilTi'iBiirn, gnMHuafa, niid jijdmvI wilb gnnil 
|«ici, Sfpudall^ i(«diGftluI In oonilinilkai vufmUed hy- tveiion 

CbJoeyviU.— Dtlon vv({iupnd ftJUr Uarc.-Cue, myrially «b«n 

na TJjitLt Doci-om. 

pnwinff otiy <iltj«ct A^iuiut Um ftbdoioi'n for relUfi frvHlciB 
sttenpu to wjtuiU bnniJD^ 'iort^ U>o Hkflral rv(n<3ii- 

fpffoeuanlM. — Autumnal I>\«j(it«^, wKh tutttftoa tt&d 
in^ ui»»4iwMk arfnu'nijif;. &iul Colv*: tlio <rv«f-iutkir>a ftrv 
foHid, iiai) aftf7waji]« bluHl/, «oEui>tium luitiTirjif* uwl 
Oftm ndrutUi^viu in nltmiarkMi wiUt Itry- 

thii OTTiuc; ^tttt Ujir^t U^r ]:ir^*t' <1rnughtx of irmtivf. 

IieStttd£»3u^i. — H^t an nnzly Htft^, If Ih* jnlm ftp[ki.>Ar fiit-l iti4- 

totKUvtiom of nlHloQi<Mi on ivwkut. 

A'fU I'otn. — ITifl liM to b« ffi*wi af((*r allo]>aUu<i clriifQeuif*; 

lant ii^iKt<niu<w whidi oiym^ wilh Uirt fviu-iuitioti; jvUn in th^ 
Inck, Its jf H nvt%' \jtn\ivt\. in thi> repon of thi» m:ruiM. 

tool ByaMiUoT'; ircvik, thromly |hi]«o^ cold ostrcQaitiwt 

J^ii^ Tox. — IiitxiliiijlJiry norluiual dindmigiM; imUitig |ioIa> 
In thn nhdrminn; flhuiii^c nniKtnnt urging to fftogt. 

iSbvdbiC rvlt-f-C, v*<]H'<'Jrill;r vfbvrc* Ihf-n* i^ -' ' ' 'inl Uuftlfi^ 

AdrntnigtratUm^^hi ur^gorit rfe&VA a do*» ovrry twocttr «r 
miDatai: in li-v« Hi<ipr«, ><vtvy (lin<" i>r lour lioiuv. 

Chronir IhH'Uli-i-}.— l*io^. Ac-NiL. Bdpb., diititu (3m1c^> 
Vor.-Vfr.^ nDtl Xc-Vhoa.. an? aur c^iif rpintidicfi^ 

Aoc^fiSAry Mcmi^- Tho pali'^t vbooM mnintiuct a ri 
poiltuw in bod, in a w<ill-vt»iitilat«>d mpartiucEjt, luid^ iu 
CT WC t iif« Uin tind-pATi ini^«wd <>f grttiug ti|v Tiocnl A|tplinaii 
AffonI grrfll nlfi^fi tJjo Ix^l of wliich w Uko AUloEOkuU 
IC Uio poioA ftn Y4-r7 m>toi^ W^"** Lot ponltlcm, ur flnnnnh ' 
out of but wsitr, nhivtltt t>o spplioil or^r tbu »t:«loiM»Q, ft poaol 
hot ftniuiol boLiiK r*Hk1y vbuo Uio AvM in tmqdvimL Gnftl NftA 
oftoQ rvHiiltn frocn mji<c4<«in4, if Uiorii bo not Uvi iflodi InflAB** 
tian lu mlmit <if tlio inirxxlucULm cf Uu^ pdi-iua li^W: thtFjaO^ 
bo ftdiaiiuitvnHl ^fUr ^ocU otaciiAlioii if Um^v pr>.>rv triMfaaL 
Tbt ftnt two or tlirao »&)«ctioiiri t&ny oooojt of from hklf & |iDi 



to B f>ial of vana wnti>r. ihe lm[>rr&luu> l<iQ^ nft^rrwnrdA gf^U* - 
aX\^ rmiucMl Utvsl^pQortia injections »ri' ut«o IreqoMiUjr of 
BHTtM. Tkv drink »KoqUI ooiuiUt of cold vabor, loft*t'Wati-r, 
gnn^'BVttfr. Imrii^-v^Uir, uUl, iha di<4 vJiuiiJil to nvlncUMl to 
Mxla-VMior-uul^tiulk,* «rrgiwtwit, cooiv, linoUus npo gnptia^ Wkd 
olbvr lifiiLid fonuji of food — all cold Aniiual fomlAod jitimiiluilA 
abtMliI (m> ftvoidrd; wbon roeoTorr hui cocuodoimbJj ndvuMAd, n&d 
bi «1iroaii- nasMr l»f<f l^ and odi«r nnmul brdtivt i&Mjr bn UIul 
rrvviiltJTe Ve»Alll¥s.— Beuduft atqhUsiw of Um» ooiuLltkim 
ivinlnt out umlw *^ Cab-vb," it ia u Mw t mty pnunpUy La nuput^ 
dktikfM* oEkd boiy Ui« ctBcnoUoaia htna a djnwobvjo paiinbt, and 
to ttdflpt tbn *'\fwamjrf^ nnd ''l^iwaubounrjrUAMuiw*' po«at«d 
oiil rm^t "Ktitiim Fvvmt/* p, S3. 

II rniU— Rapture. 

[>rStli1i0lK -'*L pnitniMott cf fioinn fortlcci ol lli» Jnfaitimi 

Varlr*li?s.'-Tli« fo11o«^itg ara tb» ivwl cowman: — UmfaUJotl 
B«viiiA laakm JtA a|tLif«rwkce at ih» iiaveL imihIIj lu iiifaulili 
lili>; nqpiiaaU iu lij« f^tnu; li*iuuniL aIbo in tba gmin. bnl a litUn 
lovrvr tluw ihf^ iua^ttiual nvi^iti And vcrolid, in tLo MTotiun. 
BvdnciUo Uvnita is ooo tb^it cm* bo roturaud into tlM> alhlamooi 
Irrwliwil^, «aiuiot \m rHitnuk]; ■tnugnlntiid, u h> «on«trMft«d 
thai liui carriitiln nf lJ;ff bonpl oauDot pBMi rawanlat nnd tba 
cirrolaiMA of b1n>l U im|«vJ«d, 

SytDpliTlua t>r SCmil^rulatnl Hithia.' A ixunfol, tniM^ and 
Injoropnwitil HWt^lic^; llaiuloniyt, n»| onlieky Iituu^ with 
iMidli&p oti'intrti^jpiti; il4k-^r«> st ^ to xto^^l, nnd iiinbilitjr to pAai 
v^jtttinf;. un)i.<v4 Uit^v U* fend malu-r tb tlii» Uiwel b4uw (h« aael 

€if ro|ilitrr. If n'brf tv Ijiit ulitAiiinl, tudanutiatiutj ni'Ls iit, wiUk 
^»iiaiitin^ i-icn nf f«iiJi-i-l Diniirr. eKr«iat' piiji^ftnAll ittr\ V^Imv 
^Hb ; wkU Snaltvi m'>iti&datk>n, «ith ciaMtion of paija, lunl d«aib. 
^^^CtfO'^'b-'^Mtl^iM*' of Uici ubdocmrial Wall* frotti dii«aM^ 

I inaKuli-nai* Rtminiii)^, nn iu jiaivis^ ariw* Uifmi^li a aMmIwvv 

I or In n^ln-^iiJi; tW U^wrK 

I Tn^iitltirnt. -No liiD-t nhonlit bo loot in irytnti to |mii£i tba 



cbiHiv ttpwimt* tincl initwnrvii nn din pntinnt hn ^tb titn It] 
iriUiicUt and tbo tJii^b ou tijr niptnrixl aiin floxr^ A Ct/p«i 
iDJwtion vf Irpk] «iU«r Uio ii«lkor lias kiuivm to b« puocnmful 
oawn wtitrh ssnnwd a iMioBt «i«pttet> t^ exupo nf tb< 
Intn Um bvitfil Mog npidtjr foUcn>«4 I7 mnni lA Xhtf mpv 
Boi if not vtiooiwhil. Um putiuDt vhuiilil Iw laid on a ImhuU. 
plncvd u to runu n sUwp i^dtuf*il p)nM% n> tLpt ll)i> pnlin 
feci and kipi w vv«7 miK^ k^xbrr thiui btt bnwJ; lu* jdKWkl 
finaly bold in thin po«titrA by an luvtMani, whim, bjr |ivvaRtt^' 
IliD owoUing, and ofUn vrillioiit luir. thu b4>WD]A wiD fall 
ttio obfut, drawing with Llimi tbn ocKv^^ctiid fnrtintL 
l^^ag Kflmd will Ui tli« fti|pia] of micopm. \tUt 
Um Heroia a tnus ti)i>iUd b« «cap1<jyoil, tift pad of wtddi 
bo of aa o\^ «lia|x^ t4> «wrL a 0uflktt<«t aaoaut of |>r«a«sra 
pnpr«iiLt tha iiubtci|tiunt |irotfTiiioti. A tnutc ttboiUd Imj 
mnrtaotly diirinfi lli« «lavtimi\ &nd a]^dr<*d tpfrmtrifting IVnta tb* 
lioriaoatal jig«tiirp^ Tli« ^in i>f tW piirt on wlucb it 
«bo«Ul lu «iMdjod daily, aad fttf tJm 6r«t fc^ vnoki baliif<d 
£au Ha-i'itSo^wJ ot Hpini^^Lod-walnr, to prwttit 6xaoriatk«i 
tbo furt&attitn of t»iU 

If lh«i ni|)1iiri« iwJki Ilis monnnnw Jiisl rmvnnn(*nd«it. ih*- 
noqpMU vtUuo ivuL-Li bli^uid bs Uiuumliolrly wtit ftv. ■» 
Optration maj bt* nMMvoar^ to mvi> tL« lifi« of ibo |j«iHiaL 
tba Mfaatiaiff AjQUa arul Xux \. ttwtM bo adatioiittvTvd *m 
fiftiMti Off Iwimty tniuutn iu ■ItcniAtioa 


IVAnltioil.-'Fr«qacat i^ioMiivn, 0ttkl <tvaonat*0OH fom IW 
bi^wrla, wiUfeOut loRDioa or ntnu&ioi-, fnna fiuMUooai t 
■UtiotunU dian^M ta ilia «uial1 mtArtiMnp, of a local or cutsu^b^ 
tknal ongtii. 

Buapla frM^WfUi^ tif eractiaUA; tnny cv»t aliilo tiwrr nui W 
fto kwKAa* in tii» qoaairty of f;eco] matbar diiebiuri^i.^ <^ it 
«vtfla b« dattctoot Tnu> UufThon d^peik^ uj^uii dffvi^ 
nlwMTptiua of Uia tntoaliDM, wo that an »«»■«« of matter \ 
tbnin^b tliAin, and Umi b takao ap fur Uia ciDurUiniMii ivf Ibt 
* I'oniUL — Uio iolkmt^ ar<> Unr chiuf: Imlativo tHanbm 


l3fDKlKaTl0Le »W)K — tafFTflK W-ITCB, 

tfnonaqiT. ■timalviittjCT imttiUiii;. or impitm frnd nr cWni: 
tvo iX IndBtnniAtofy IKurliiTfl, frofit cnlil, rokl ilrmk^ 

OT i p ntw uod ftwibttoDiiKl iliMlurevt; PlnntuKi Imtt^tv?*. or dl»* 
diar^^ of nnsJWffwl food from nrvwi of th« digottive ^id 

SittijiloiiN.— NaiuMi. jUlll!1'Il^^ tpipui^ pftin in tki* ko«vJ»: 
faUowml by Ukjoq njiMMNv* vbi<ii nuj' mry tta rvf^vSfi oaivi9l»n«« 
— fatdnir fluid cr wtlury: iit thuir EJilntv—^limrT UlioibiT or 
bl'Vtly; nod in tbotr odorflnd eolor. Knnvd I'io^hp, foul 1in«lK 
mud nrrid ivnoUtinrps mgrnumllj' «i|HiniiddnL Thtveirmlatkia, 
bnNttliici^* ftfhl otbiv fujctiou* any iwiull/ nnnJtrHfvl In 

nr^Hiuu <jf the vUminf li lunj uouininci irritvliiiii aiail Diarrbccft bj 
tb* tBTA qnaatkr rf tbf> dimmt ifitniHrionl, hm thMA r^tilti 
Btfw» cooitiwnly foilkvw tbr Riiztitn» of mivvM kitnln of food and 
dntik in cii« tuvsX 

tmtiy nod imI; fvHl; vtinmid kinds of aboU>&Ji, |r»trrfl or 
iliMAMfd Haiiul food KumcnniB proob baw bntt olton 
farmv^Kvl in il^ priUjir jminuiU thut IL0 Itmh of ifiw4«od knJflulil 
1a nticudwilj aoM Tur hitmnii faiL 

& impum Wtihr. — Thu i» a IVvitfii] cstum of Diftrrhntt. 
W«Ur noDUmitthtrd with M^wtm;*' or M-wn^ eM«** or mUi 
diBMBpOfliftg oiuiDoI uatlrr, IK Hliaitnl rrrimn to «K<r«siuti 
l)timiKM« itAjiMtnltr iu rttopot ri«ttor» to « ongfabortuiod mppUod 

4. Atmospheric Infiumtxn. — ^Tbi> lintt ot Bwuwr, ihn liot 
dajft biii objllj iiiKliU 4ai momintP *>' nmtama* ftiv hi^iooot 
writiflg onaneA of Diarrhicm; ao ta Uia Appboktioci vf oc4d I0 tbe 
|Mti|iiJUi£ bodj, cr tbii vvidikn «'Jif'Hdi)ti of pt<npnitM»L Hgt 
jKflliir i* A ftnvjniitit 4>iriting oitiw nf Dmrrtuiia, tirood, nh Uii< 
tnxniitv Satniittv (licilon. rrcfcBl)lj, to Uu* InfiMnni of llm 



of tw<L <tratttaf^ nnil llw iiDpiirrtlM idik^ Umui raost la t 
riven >ui J Ei^>ntij^ 

&. i/rnfa/ K^wiffonA — Thn deprowujf mflumiMtf of frar 
Mijicty, oir Uio VKflc-nl oicitomeDt of uu^rr* nro ftn|n«At curi 
oaium, ""A <nddou fright, *' vnt** Sir tTbocvOM Watnoa, •■pjcd 
in nun; punvum Um orium i>f thu !»«•)« «» cuvteiiJ^ aa, 
ntadi louro cpiickl/ than, a black djimghL" 

fipaptioni of oUmt iIuh^iuv* oriAUi^ from kxml or C" i 
CMiMif M in £at«ric loT^r; and in H«ctw tttvr, mad j 
trhtfi U Ib mUfd coltiqiiAtive DiarrbcM, bMsOM H ii|ifN)v« U> 
lue-lldi^waUiftmibittaiMwuf UiH Um1.v; u»'bL<cuc Pi«nlicua, ati Iran 

of IhIc ikH in bot wcathifr or tSiirj poowxijf « f{all-«ton»L 
DPfv of tbo bowo^ in n reij oaatmoti prvcantor of <-lBote«, 
llutt difpf<wn U «>pidAtuir. 

Tn'ittipnit.— 7lM-HU«'itipcU>iirT»itl>Jan'hiir>iliTtb^jtotrt 
mcMnreaof U«bi>MbcUuoI Jia^w m ioaqx waj a. a tauhl pri^JniD 
effvd; for tdioiUd oac symjttAJiu Iw tviirioiL ii in too frvijtMiii 
foUtiirnt \yy afopu'v^.^aa of otbwi^ ^^'livci ]ou»0 rrtMnuticat' 
oflonl nliof. Uiuy aboiiM tMl tiu intodnvd with, fur Ihojr tanjr bi 
Kiiuiro'^ mc)d» pf ciirii^ dWiuov llin vncnatiomt ftiUovitig Ihi* 
too fnv» tnilul^fnnrft at tW tabln, or Uuv* of chUdf^n doHag 
beotking* iLn» cf tUiff rl^uuL 

fifc«fS ^"^'^^ rh;U]iHH>, #litTt-riiif(, eoU cnvfifaicf of Ilui kIeiiw 
|ia£ii [q llitf bluiuiMrfa lu^il fioni'K ooUl finvt Biu) haiuK TVo 
4« a Uonll |iirw i/f lu^f fugnr. iir|ii«|Ht vrvry l«ri*tiLj- cr 
nintUo, tut tkrct) or four timn^ If tJiin rcsucJj ftcta «l 
ilooB BO pfocnptlr, niKl i>a tcntl FoUo^ra ha roulicKoiI a9\ 

JHtteantaro, — Dittrrbuta troaa rukl uad wnC jiorijrulafh^ ta lfe« 
ittunmrr or amttiiui; nnptiiriinl ovnaiiUiEntvt, which an atitaj a 
tdlioiu; Lmjiuinnl a|]pvii:i> tiii4 di<}niLion of h]jint«. 

PutsatilkL'-Tnt^iii^ from fuU/ or rfcdi ftinl, Uutfr lart* 
Ihn tnoittht naaa«4, omcUtitntt, nnil o^Eh-U- ]uuia, vpMiBlljr 
nl|{lilt nutfwia PiiLnrlMM, utpiidalU in c^iiUln-u. 

Atit-CnnL — Yt^Xvrj Ilinrrluui, with 4liJ»onkn)i] MUimi^ 


f 'Aind.— Suapio puanur DiarrlaOMi; 6U> ftftn- MitjaK. or iu ilno 
olght, or («rlT momiiig, and «oDtiiuunn uudiitnAtHl fuoil, ]i«blEaM 
or vitb GciUc; bfovmiflh moUocat; f]i»tHUL;r; tbinrt, %ad \oat of 


/pu Trr-t^Miicir — CngliUt CluiUinior SumiMr-dinrrhcMi; tnljum 
«««ni«tlnnH, with tnmlijng and HmHArhfc 

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-with hrfti io Uie flloooacL &u<l a buminf vtVMdAom «n«ttding 
tbi» olTtut oC fts^j^Ui&f* tbu mottoM, wttb i:n[)tiiK or U-ohnj; jmkaa 
in lb* AbdoKW^CL It b mU indkaiUMl iu DUrHiaa wilb totrviaB 
wwakpi—^ tfnmriiitiOQ, ooldtMn of thn ■xtnsiEtiAH, pnllor, imo^Mi 
cAvwbi, fte. li u tbottfbm marv «uilf4 lo DianrbcMi nMocU(«d 
with dMrp-Mfttod dkfAM khui to Kkcrv fouotiocial ^sonW . 

MrrmntiM Cor. —BlUoim «r lik)od^ c4ooU| pr««>dKl bp ooUo 
and fpipin^ ukI toUowud t? paaaftil Anbdng; U«> olij' uctlofwl 
or vnUov xvwlft, 

Rrfomiit, — IMttrrhiMi during tW bnnl of mtmmcr, fnpmMlljr if 
<WQ»ff4 hf oobl diHilc^ or by ntuliliKk ohaoftn from li«^ to ogU 

pocftpflijirnMM. — DvBoaiAric KOd bUiottt Divrban, with pvo- 
Inpao (rf ihi- fnvavL 

jiiirA — Di«rTbln^ with bwtitiif cS ttnccrtjiLiiitj' a» Lu tho |wwnr 
of r><miiii£^ tbii ooDtotito of Iho bow«l 

Vfrntram.- Copmirw ^irt^ Whterr (•rvcwtiotw, Wflb CllBfit 
giwl thkf^t, Tomiiii^ ooldOHn of Uw bndj, Mid rufiftd Mnkiai^ 

.^rfit^PAAft— Chitnin, oihnnMiD^, pdnWn IXnirhcBM, pirtlca* 
Imriy whi<a ihvtr \» m^oJuiilary ttrtkjci of Um bofiubt 

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|VT^ -tip Willi ■ tcnU^v-v Id PtithUiiL JodtuiD U alntt vm1imMi\ 

i->frtiHi.-«*-AiMauuo i^tiMiUi chfonio iKnirbcoa. wlUi tiutUj-iM^il 

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pU» fncs v>^ MNuntjBirw variithltf appotita. It i» cefp«eiallf 
■vfol ill MTof okitM pvmmb 



Diot< — 111 riHMttX oftMB of DiAfrboan, food iliould b» ^^ 
spariniely, coiuiitittug of hgjttt, iLOu-iniUlii^ <igt4C>i-^p»al> 
■iTcnrroot, KTTO W Po o t bineiiiui, N«ftv«t'< Food piV|«i<Mt witk 
P^cU% qiumtitjr of miUi, awl othi-r ^RMrwcxiH imliHiBikOM, 
BbouU \t^ lAk«in ooJ, In cbroai« Difinfatjn, Hm i1ii<« fiJiould 
DttbtUous, but iwdncbed to lli« movl ili|^Ub1i« kimis ijf IchhI- 
mtUt^u, oUJHGrn, pngoon. K^^nbo, and wlut« fah ara |[vncval]y 
■iritaUi^ if ii'jI OTvr^oookML ht>^t [>ovb, mod Vvnl, and u)l ton^ 
fxalioruiif mnaU abunU bv aroddwl 8Uj^; fuuU — amJWTUJt. 
Mfpi, «4c-— luv iiJBufficieut fur jtrulougnj caacsci ci Diuxrlifi^ litttarv 
InproTKil hj lubuixinr^ with tfoocl toilk. Old nrt\ 'irvJl c^oJcv^ 
vitli uiUi, lakiMi dirrHJy it i4 pnparulf is t^soollvtil nofluialuD^iil. 
Baw ur bMlf-«iol»d vgga, and nQhoUaoaka ripo fi^it in modttnttMi. 
may gMiarally 1*a ttik«ai. linetUgiooQa drinka — banljr wainr, 
giini-WAtifr, IwDonwift, li[i«<A(l tm, vt& — w Uia mart aniUlilA 
Frofaably, bomror, tLo tK*"-! ctii^t ia naik-i&d^ijDe-vratOTi it ca«jr 
bo tw*d in loti>^Ab ooDditionfs and aoda nt-atflt 
Mbatitnt^l for lina^ wat«r, lUalricUiig a patient aot^ly io 
dM fa oflMi nloua vulTk'iviii to euro all kiudM of DiantesB 
dvpuiutiiig on a ]MTniinui*iil riircinMT miutv K^pa fn tlw 
CUM tatich tomporuy bcuHit i» t^inni Tb» flfail»*f» milk dii 
tatty bo taki^a fm|iic«Uy aad Id small qwuititi««. 

Ae4^«9£or> Ui.*aiis. -Tlu> oxUoiuiU« vhoutd bo k^ wi 
■id oi|)aK<tiia lo ooM or wot amidDil B«vt) in Uib 
|ii*tun> IB divamlilrt in ariiM i^tMo. S^^ivnt ifHpJiig pniiuf 
bo nli*Tf4 by bfiau*d Aanibrl appliod to tbo abdouMQit ilf^t 
«T«ag oat of Lot vrilvr. A foU of 1uicm<I, fltUoff modanA' 
b^ht an^nnd ibo abdonwti, la ^tk^' <xjR]forbiig, and kaat«aa 
mirPk I'evwoa Itnhlo to Diarrh^r-R mImiqIcI alwvTH wi>«Lr HacttilE 
lAbdoninal-belai Ni^hl uir auJ Luto boui^t iiruOipjuH* lu altAciib 

lb MV^ro coAMt nwliffatA vot-of-duor en-rciBO tibo«ld hp Uk«A 
daily. On r^nofny from DiarrboM, rriaiimo abouid bo ffoanM 
aifiiiiMt by iJiouiiiELH all v-irjUu^ caoAM lu food, clothing, 
Aifniai nunbunuar-, aitd eiAmiiTo or |axiUiagod osMt^un, 
alw bo avvidiad. 

Dcflniticm.-^^olpQt oootnclioo of tbn tntuimlar flbraa of lb* 



chiarily atoaiktl Ui» iuitvI. i«li<»tvd by jinwtui^ to tl^f l]i*« g^Untit 
ikiablift hiioM?!! ugi, Iiih ud bi^ brlly. ur rul^ ixt Us* l!uir. imilhin|[^ 

in ttflSiy- Tbo bovri^ Uir> Knonndlr ixnttttilMtrct but 1b«m in % 
fr»(|Btttil dtwino io n?l>pvr tbutu, ftUlucm^cti littli< ^lOaBito bat flttti»i 
Umt* w no l^mr, ik«* » tho pnb* ov«ia fjot^kub^J. nnloM Aft«r m 
tinft it laoMu— ao from aiixi«tj. Th* pnmxjinB* 4>f |«ib arv 
oviny tu Uw oflurtu of tho hunti uLon* Io lun» divwnwanb the 
»Mi of vcauoUtnl 1^ or faMvi* vbiU Um knuor portiM m 

Ota^dftis.— *Colic U tfcnaotunM mrtwhn far Entarilu, vid Ibr 
Kivna; but it uhj W dii<ingniibi>d mh fotknra: — In CndUv tbvi» 
is »o fmir, uu ACcvWHtwo vf Ike |Kibet do MiiiocM Bj>f«vhu«BVi 
wuirty, tl&o pnia m vcbprwl by p w^w a ^w uid Umitv ui* i]il«aml» 
of mliEKiai fWBipieto tchfL &ti«ntlA, on Ike other hmndt fe 
■ Utpikd with ftfvw aimI «xuen* t«iiilenwH or ihv thdom MU ^ 
liW'ng tbn |»tiMit Io AVuiil d&j^ iiiovmb«oL whtoh vnMikl hfio^ 
into adjoa Uit? ubjuuumd uitsobs, h3 ttiftt bo brraUav bj tb» 
dutft slixici «ad bJtiiQii^ tboto on pafosvou* of wtttro pun* 
tbo* M« no eoiapUiUi intarmuwHirvy Colic nuf 1w dNtliM^nbitd 
frou Qwrtiim bv %h^ tnnxv wtkii nxurt^i in tibo IjiUw d i * Of< , but 
Whii^ ia nlif^nl in i1m rr)rmi»r 

C*iUl:(^?&,— EnroTb of iliH* sudi i« viilb^ a uom of li«t«To- 
gmMtak scriilt lAiUcQaUblo looii or adi) CrrtHe; C6]ii &x>m «v& 
timi or wBin n ' ffW f i d fMBpintioo; vhitibb; CoiwUpalwc, vie It 
aMy ftUik »H»fe» from Strictara «if tb«- ifiiiMitUK. 

Tn^aniltlJ!.— CotocynXA. — Cmtini*. |^[vijf, or inl«rTiutLmt 
paiL^v <TiUuuji:ly vrviai^ witli flatttidpcu or DjuxIuUt foUouivd hy 

ChoMwmitla. In incimoii aud diililreat po&chkig and tvirtifl^p 
pVidi forvDiv of Ui^ bow«U; nnvtfiL 

JSi'n^ r(MBUVT.''Spw<utHtiD AntnliTDt Gnlit^ vritii |sBiD wi if tbn 
U>«ri4«aiid NiuUln w^v |in«o<>l u|>j(i with ncDltinj; iutni&iMit; 
un^fulftnt^ ia tho ttctioo of U^o l<iwi4iH JJm> to ecnwt Um 
Itfotltfntfj b> rvcarT<iuM^ 

/rt'ft IVrviVi^^iir.— S*ri>r* flittthot Qobo. OoUo oflm fiiiklB to 
Ibn n-imvly afli<r Xeik \',, Cojoft. Gbftilk. Itfo-. h«VB Ubd- 

&/fciiAMiHL — Pannymifti Cube, gripiitg, anil wtiMlion a* if a 




of iht^ BbfloeiQo; roilw^A of ffto«s wilU Htrftnuai;. «flfied«Uj 

til* r«9(Hi uf tile iiai\'>l-. cuiuUui 4l«ir« to omcUUt iMul ^xptl 
AaUui topOT. nianbai^eB, frtiffucw, adJ voaknce» in tbi» Ih^: 
hnrd flbJomuo; |>foiMuro und crramp* iu thu uomnrh: r»Mi>f 
lifQiUiig lht> hotly luid dnivriog np Ibv kiwiH; flninlMioo 
ob^nnltf ConftUpKtkrn ; with vitoobi f(}niM«(l lika ■hiv)>'« d 
fBci3 ruifti *l:in pnlf-T Unii^, or jvllow; cold v^Amnitm* mnhD- 
cboty. <4fi. 

I'tfrofrwM. — SoT«ar« ctitnip)- pAitus vitb ooldiiMiKif Ih* wlio 
body; flntoipnt (V.lio, «ppdiiUy In tli** night; fVilic eiT^nJDg 
vliolv bUuuwi^ witli ftwetlLii^ ttml luud nmihliii;^. 

Bftfania, — In kcm »<r<v<r« Colic wlturL in addition to taUona and 
diataitioii of Uuo tHmvK tiKTi' tLR* alivp tAitcbiOf; pnuM tn tb* 
-lidiM or in tba luwvK wiili irnoabilitv. 

OtbiY n*iiiitilifv MmH^ji»i*si nv|Bin>d l u v-" Ooopl ^nmHtnul 
Ciiliot; Mrrr.f 1|hv-^, or Ptilnpk {ttili'triK (Vilir); Dinav (aialdbti 
MMckn, yiiih ixJiiiilUi^ ot FikhU; PuU., Cvdiiii, Rome Um^ ^o 
W9 fiRMTibpd tlw liMVnoiDod TtmeAy vrrtb rtrikii;^ ai)4 pmsMottil 
vwitlu in nn «ExtrAiiu>1\' ib>n»n> And oUtiimto caMv wUoh Had 
TMitMl nmrlv «E1 iht^ hmaI rvuiMhlieA. For Lmd-CoJk^ Mv Ito 

AcvAKwrv 31nin*i.'Hot fluuwU onv tbo 
eofiioiu «ii^tD4 of nam wnicr m ofti-n follow^ t^ 
rab«l Kuod of ti dntnktbt «luirw4«rr ««pi«iaUy ittgrtttUn, 
pnvj kind lUaL Ima biM-n fi>iiiul 1o di»Hgn« wilk ibw |>a|i 
■Jviulil Ih* ii\uidi^L iVrniTB T«abiii*L tu CuUu may tn* livtivlltnl 
trwibif ft pivc« «i flaiiiifl flTtxmd tb« abdmuni. and baviug lb* 
fMt wdll protvctoiJ fnna dampufitHk 

i^d Colk. 

Ca1U»s.**AJ1 tbu imparaUoiui of l«ful da Mit vcjaAll^ fumr 
d«vvln|i«uettt of CoUc tbo (jauilo of ]«a4 and wbilu-load 
ffifjMkAllT ni>t to iiidncv in Hi^ matt dangvfWM taocba I7 «ladi' 
)«4il ia liktrodiuvHl into ilui ffjFi4f«a am ita afaooffptioii W 1 
rv>»finilury A|)p«nvtus a* hj Ibv coulmoetl tnbAkriiou oi thtttl 


vritii tbni fona of tk& puiioai th**/ mt^ in tbi< lialqL of tuiuKi 
fc Ih li wpUittl wfay worlMn in load futm**, hjhI in 'ntiiti- kiad 
^^■rftoriM, paiBtcn. jtotlovs, tyfHStiiabn^ sbd oibM^ «« putteu* 
^^■Hf liaUtt to Ijt«d-ro1ir. Ijf<vt fn^jiimi'. coiawH luv— tmlidKvoM 

Eanft wn|T|M] in titifui]. Winn nwi^ti^iknl liy vngnr-af'lnnd, tbn 
jinlivii ot fuM m Jt«dMi ri-virK or in Tpswb b<>dly ifluotd, 
vnUw vooaaaioMlod by piMaiii^ tliitia]£fa Irndnn i^'pon 
«i«d-a>lki hmM mbo Imoq o h w c^nd i» n>uv foiifHrtg on Ifap 0nlrbi 
bft tu^gblKitli^l f>f thA SmtEbli lAiul-miiiM*s and In nnlaudfi 
\i»X v'tiUr fniui livem nhirli ij^ii^lLiiLlo m b«il-ciinws- 
'rn-atT3M'lll.-OpL, A3na.., Brll., PlnL, PtxJojJi, uv Ac-SttliJi, 

fua fi'^« of 0(n«|ilv4ii n«vmify, rli«ii^i of nompatiim U wnnwmry. 
ii> iin|iortJUil !■> oIjbptti^ Umt Mimr fri<rMSfn nro moelt tnmv fi«(G)j 
tboQ oUioTA, asuX if ocio mtfiBlirT of a famil/ fuJTrr* froei 
fiarvousftMKt and d«Ji«Utj of Ute ny^pvrtrttevvaiUr^ vbi]» 
otkra^ nr^ ia ii|ipar«*iit Li.<tL]tik, Uii< l^luo liwr oo tki> i^nov 
dwuld bi< ktolrtl fur, nail ih*^ Mniiitiott of 1)i« w%inr-HU|>pl^, Aud 
oUuT puMulfJif cpi«Q« of Uttd'iniMjnitiK, cnTi*fQl]y ituiuinrd iiitu. 

^f (.'QibitJ^tJOD -ConlliK-d llowebt* 

t^niliOD.— i. tfoU^etioti or ivjiftetion ot farmwmt in Um 

f»ett0B^tbfi rwiilmiR) nf tb» vnfic^i* pToetnNHi f^nowniMl in 111* 

' noartBltuM^d of cIk-U-I^ — ooOHionlDi; Inv^iliiHl/ iri Uii? i^^Tmut- 

tiutia IhJta Um bonvl, lhcrMifl« in Ib^Lr eonaiilcuei^ wmI oftui & 

— ttartion of foUnwM and toonosi i& tbo bovol end sonoimdine 

['ortfllllMtloti mid PliPijntlvrrt.— Whilffwo admit tfant Om 

in ivit ckvimliln, n»d tuny alaamt itivnnaliJi' ha mt^JNl 

tUTfta ui Bfv ]i^iiut«d out furtlipr ooi yH a t«ikWM:]r 

ia noi fo pxt»jiwl>did aa tnapy pfitvo&a eit|i|K>M'; iodonl, 

tluM findij^irtieHH] atv ifODonlly lodj; liwU, naltttf thvy 

tbooDMlve* by (lurf^tini iur<bciTvr*ii: wkik tb»« wlio fti« 

l>JH?t In frtii|n<»nt atlmrlnt t-4 IHarrlji»a am mixAi di*ilifiili^ A 

\j actioa uf tli«i Umvk Sa no ilonilit dvnirabW m uiwt cwbcn. bat 

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tjor flVAry KMHXtd *\v(. *ir vtoii vKirry tidrcl day, in [itVMOW «fa 
«i]iui]lv hcNtlthTf i>f> iDfnmldn rulu Applying ta «1] pvtvoML 
mL*l vrvMfHAw ^ui\ dujifenHu i<W on thb BuLTJt<t ia 
tolKmely pot-fikr oim^- tbiii iii>«aictit dni^ a»&lribi;tv to b^xftHhi 
Hoi ooi J diahnjf swlm***^ biit aIki oooaetocuUly iii Ik^aIUi, ioajanOAk 
w uD|niritii« ar^ IliAnthy ^ipelM from Uku l>od^, Th# tftUa^ of 
tliin niAy Iw tianly iii*iDiciFiiniU<4l: Xjpi imit^Utm !■> tokvo fir 
a wift-k. ami huwrttr tC^fod xuny liinv bcm tlw bniUli iinrfiuOAJij 
At tbo tfTntitkntion *A tJuii ptriod nry tntich " inpiMi^" wiB 
disdiArgodi «i|wcUllj' after tokuii; jiUap 4im1 caloiDf^L 
Apohmte dnring incli&PaA aro ilIao most jujnnoiu^ 

ft 901^ ot t:lin>iue Coiftrrli ia iikIujahI. atxi tbe tvrx 
■otttflit to bo n>«aov«tl ia nfntv**^^ Ivulokl " ^ J/a^ei^ton). 

Ftu^boa prui^iai>i>J In- dnt^tt in aa uunatunU ouciiUtiCQ, 
althiMi^h l<'TU|^traiy trititif uFtpii fulloiwa lb* Uhi iif n[imt«il% 
t«kd lo flMurXBiuw Ui« |iftrtA on wlikJi tlt«ir larcv i> 
Tho iiktr^tiiud eannl U ivot n mdooUw tuvd 
■ll vkicb cnn t;o fi>n>i>d trliAU'Vor >1 coiiUkidM witbotti: 
H U |i«rt Oif n bring oc^oism. And m^U no form) to ^ro|wl il 
>e<C<ltMilA ou 11t«>tr wny; Dor run HTirh forv* lie Apiilifd wilj 
^iKi|iluii(y. Nut only dum IIm* Inijti^iit U>« of |>ur^livm 
■tnsulntff tbi» liviT «ad ptuicnvn, but «!»» and mpodallj tbe 
IKIDIMVU* PMUViory ifUnnbi «bkdi coivr Ibu cxti!U«tv& »uHm« of 
llw intosCinii) cohaI, f>jtvia^ th^a to potur oQt thoir oouUnti la 
mrJi i-irmdva (|iiaiitilJcw m piTnumantly to vMiki-n aaJ Lmf«if 
iMr funi.'IkiDa, aaJ no |iroi}wvr « f4«te of gcownO duliiUlj. Hw 
UumiAl liCtiDii of lbv> ftloiDnrh ttsid lult^tuial cocal lioiug iHiw 
DftUMOi vomituigt gni-in^ aikd ovoo fwimtng ar« 
fnidttOMl Th« brain nxkd rital o«iwjt>i« ar» dtfttnted, ooMttOBU^f 
lowiiMK of fepiiila vith llolandipl/, alttnuliiig wiUi tuMCital 
flxcitAtoiTbt tmti iwetxiiai i^'ttaln\ily ut tciDpttn 

Azi im]iurtMiri. t'ikl tIH Im ^nvJ vbva pmooa ohd bv M Iiu 

npinl CooMipatkH) a* ft more r^tfolt of olbor caiiac«>— a viol of 

,Manoo tn tlM» gMMTtJ ijirtMa; nnd wtoi gamoral and fcoonlU 

taaaamrw iJull ba diraotiMl In tlw ocRootJng of thia 

L|fa«i ooly adi^uala ineiwti of <inriiig OwMUpattoo* 



muLiUe Uio, in ufUiu fttt cttcctf m ulirukcvd liftv 
wiwn Uirw or four timoa ft vwk i» vuflScwnt I& ia clniniU^ 
Uiat Una plijclolciniaftl f&ot AliotUd b« Iuiowd, &» olj pMiH>&fl of1«B 

gins riM> to wi^ ioroiiivwui>oaa in tlw Rgndy it f» Imi IdH bj 
cJw^^nniai irtaoJiw of divt — bvtUrr, Tnt bftuoo* v4c^, wbich vbiMiId 
1i« Ukfto ft* k^«ly M CAD l>ft digc:*tcd 

SjHiplonts. -H«ftiftcbr*; r^kVAruhMM; pr«MVUO or distootioiii in 
tte aloftiaob ftnd bovrvls; cki]gi&g and rvpMbfd bvtt fnutlcwt #ltoct« 
to Wftnuto tkA eoomtn gC tlw bowl, or crimpK#C«> lorfnr vithoni 
dooirffi [iuUiUjuu or [miu iu Ua* tUxluoieu; T^wA «iii] Vftrioom 
-vnu; tuw^j bnttUuuit <liatari^ eini); deptCMfton of Mud; «4e» 
If ooortjpftticn bo pcnuUnl, it nar bo atUndod with TOftuUng; 

CftOsoft.— Ifl BOtft iMtoDoa^ Cooitjpatjoii ikpiukdM npi^n Mioft 
ffttilcT bfthit in tbo podAiil, tho wif^ntinin of iriikb viU prubfthljr 

in OTiTjr cttMt milfiiW to mmurra Uii> CiUidittiML Hlv fiiUoviiig Ar«i 

ft Crv d tho fualU to qiKolioft. Bc^nUry liali^U; ■amking 
toboecu; drinldne too mm^ bnr, port viiM or t«ftt dMajiMiocit 
UiOftUDliMiTttftMof BDpurftDft dour; IftkJn^ £Md too drjr ood too 
4l«*4l1ii1n tif BiM!milt*{*t vt^goitiN»>«^ n^!*<f In lOiimilliig to Ifao cmUft 
ol lutnrv Ld nitiikT* Um UjvfoJvi Itaa of tuuo in d«o niuaii» lining 
of thn bowl* b^^ou Ui« u^ ol iMircfttiTttL 8omt4iaieo CotuAi]]^ 
tkm m tlift mrah of diBran> Ui otU«r port*— <liffoow of tbo ii^vr* 
bro^ or viitival corU, or Oukr m«iiibnmc«. Bcrv^ ^*^ tlio 
rvtiM^ilf loiuit b« i!irrrt«l tu tbo mi-D of llm djM<«eH% U tiiftt bo 

l^kHkilaln, rnlhrtT Uuui Iu Ui>9 bud|iIii ntmotAl of oiui ot tbv «jmp<ma 
to whk'l] iticinn nf«v 

Tn^Ulll**nl« 'Hirt foJkmoj^ TOBbodins it iboiUil bo illvtuietl; 

iKit iotcodptl uMTOlj to " n«L tt|ioLU Uw bomb^** 

cbmuigwnMit upon vhkb tJio ConntipMioft 

U-ndfiur IrHli^'iilions.— A*MX V<mioa. — CoartiprtioQ occur* 
ru«^ in rctjnpCboQ vrilh oth^t mifooljoik»t htfbiUiAl Coft«t)[intkn, 
irilii rp*qaAt iiwdAOtiul «l!orta lo ifoo]; tlko witii ftstoes, ootft- 
^■ati:^^ ttpoilftnho. iU-haoior, ftod nnm/y ftloop. It b oiproidljr 
OhIhI vbKi tbo ftffvctioQ ii oooMqutfui on IMigwrtino, Ib^t nam 
■f ^kiobf^ toLaoco^ or ooffoe; for pMivOM vbo tobo too UIti* 
opiB-ftir ftxertnM i and fcr vlvdatta ftod Utotmry OMib 



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it^VoafiT. — niHllHMiL TliinViliiri^ rTri^lnfho fftln in llit-> 
oflkolitwi alM> in pttnaua liaviug m louJcuo/ to BlxfUWAii 
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tDf«4arr«h' - ;H4Lliti||{ to iinr [im<3i|«lioQft intl»>Dt 



Prurltiu Anl—ItcbliMrof tbe Aniu. 

Deflnitioi. A ixt-tiliv iUbiuj; of Uii> nii?M, nt ftrrt of 
^Hstnptnoiii* cbajncipr, Imt fttUrtrvdi tiol^iit ftn-t 

S>ni|iNk]il>^ — Cranling. Uni^llilj;, britallni^ i>i-ri>oijH';i 
Um AiiU'*. i.'ftt-u luijnt tJt>«iliJiTHnui> at Iii^Ut* UA Uiv |iaL:riit f^v<s 
«ana iu txyt, &[ul i>rcvi-DtiuiC feli^irp. It is Cn?qtieftUj CuBlpttOKlcd 
Willi w\ ^xociriJtt'>l ur finurnl <viD(iiticiQ of the Hntti. 

('flQ^<4. — IrntalloQ of rili»: WumLH: rwliooJi; baUlnsl 
bddxig itt (i^iiiiiu (ir (.'blortl^ kiiljjfmL-cit ut titorw: mp^irn^xl 
ponfjil, or aity KiiiiLmly-HnikprrAMHl divclurii^ or cnuj 
4«i]|>t«^n^ Fri^tscr.Uy, itrUtn^ of llie aiiib> vi ot)}y ti «r&j|4<«t 
iUiK«t^ nf tiu» litvr^ of Bomo jv^itwa of Uia <ti^fiiciiv4t uppi 
fH|iiH:1iU]j' Uw> recltinit or of M)tiii* |t(irt ui inuuinlLaUi jvgxii 
tbunfto. TJto |iriiuHrjr nuiMi intu^U Uitv^-futu W obviai4iii 

TrraTmf^iit. Stiliik, Ac, N'li., lov,. AnuC. Aiv Tl» 
tion '.'t iIjo itflinvlj mu-4 be enkb^l by lUft (n(M> vf tbo 
ord Ly 1b0 tfyoiptixnii |>n*iHnit lliu loonl im* of iLilnbi Ci 
AnO tfn* ilrojH lo thi^ imuott of witli'r) gi*o<TJLlly g:tiM gn^ 
H|Htily r\^iiit. D^liiio T*'m Ttat^-i t^ « t<itii>n iif flnriu ttuw 
dmcliD^ dilntrt Ai^ Hydrony, oqi» ilr^cluo. uxl ra>«-v«Ur im 
tmneviA bftifl boon foui^I iKj^-faL Hoc "PUcei," *'Wvnii^' 

Prold|>9^ns( Anl-Fmltlni^ of tlie Bowel. 

Th^fltifHon-— 'A pnMniBl^a of \ho tDueoua Soiaff of Uh 

buck vf lUi^If. or m tHL-ciSy ^>;l|ncx^L In m-tcto f«ft<M Uk» {inKniMuCi 
t«kAi ]4iMW Iruni valkifij;, nttiti^, car t-v^D loo Io0|; ftbm<bug, 
tta. onlv Ivf n^JjuM-i) witU tliflkailly. In noapIiciUfid 
liuntiuvi vl tljo iuu--ciiUr niriktiin^ of tlit* iwluiu i> |»rvlm 

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RtnJiii&g ox^rili^ 1^ UiA pmxtini of wnriM, SSiono m tk* l>Miliv. 
vtn OvnonJ liu-ity of i4n:inar« uuiy irrrtliiipow Iv tiia ntiai 
OTt «l mty ntci «ir4pnitai« Uw owb^ft ttlivftdy jodicftlifd. 



Im and, Mpraallv for laf^tii anil cJitidn»o, TW Itulk^^ 

siv — bwiptNil lm^»<1iTHl nr^V'S 1a aUviI, straining, diflcall 

of faai% Ud&ug. aiul Pvt>lu|iw of U10 UrVvi]. A line 

tluic« dailr. kc two or three ^/h; aftervardnt manking &tid 

^^pnctiA (Uliito Pilvi^). mid Pi&nliuit; bnrd, F<Hrutl«<ii nU1'tui><i- 

Stiiphur.—Vov aumW oottilitMiA, 

^^kv: — T1wn4arti of th» Prv)la|vw^ mixl tbo rptnovnl of ihi* nioat 

P^tvrioialy lulhc«ti'd, cwtyiug il bi?Yi»iil Ihe ooolnftiD^ ria^ or 
r «|ilubct(T moKl* of Uui ttnoR, Aa Iodic 'f* ^^ rcxD|iIiunttGK)UQaB< 
I UiB paUoil Uiunld Itadownfuvaaliosi tifli« AfUr Uioa«Ucaof Uia 
bownb, fto Oil to fnvuT Ibn onoapUtio ntoni cf Uw pfotnuWI p«rl 
BiUt:b|( Uia |vtftji, oaii tb^k body gHM-nUj , vrrrr umniiog to oold 
««ter, Kul oocMuuU iti>xyoii» «f culU vauv, tii*I[k U> imfiajt 1000 
to tko rviuod fltrncttim. Tko ()i«it nbonUl t>A pUin u^>] ikf^ir- 
iaUuft, aaJ kH=li»lo BiK-b wiptit* of food ha t^ivif tba lM«lthy 
■■tioi of \bm bo««k I£i m <« tiK*4 rn>cgiM>ntJj- Ibo «»*, ImUgos- 
ttan, CkiQatifatkn* ur Wnnm cntMr lli« c<iiDplainl» tli» tnmtnwDl 
ivoomiuouJnl lu lljit SMiuuia deroiid lo IUa« tliaaanion ilioiilid 

n^lwtAtU^InfliLiiiiiiBtioii of tlitt LlT^r. 

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oTKiiilr^. iLlbtm^l] it i?i TVrir oj[itini.>fi in IrupioiU cliniAUM. 

S>13l1>Ii>ia< — Tlw> diH*ai>n is uuilU; luUervd ib hy nfiorp, 

wb>r4 uv qnirklv fnHoff'tHl liy IbrL akin, tlimit, siul HCmity iiriiw; 

bitlJir lute; |imo itiotu or Um wm ia Iba ngkn of tlu* Hw^ 



ottnoilmg ti:> Ui4k lop of tho rigbt tbiKilfkr; fiUlnMc, trota 
mofkt vt \ht^ <l>V"^f " ^Uu« tingii <tf Ibi' rtmJnDirtin*, «tn1 aJ 
&gf<ttvnil ^auinliueil slutvof ibu tl^i; tin* 1>i4-otLii i rt 

HJiand iingJicatcd iu Ibo iul!&ainmtury ^tfucin^ WLr-Ji 
iliatAH- i» ui \hv iyoQ\*yt lUilt* <.>f ti**' Urvr, ii l^ iuaniii|KUunt byj 

^bwt. ntjdDf tkv 4Njjl4r-tM>ri(\ bHww»D tW >bout<V«' bliulnv tu U 
kiji of thit right ^iniilil&TT, nail htfiiHiini-A clinr" tiu> imu, lutil 

■kin, «<A If til* inliOADrw of i^ glaiul ht* mvcilrvil, iLu |i«tii b 
of ■ iltitl liTtihitn cbjLTnirl^r. if Ha^ ilun prrtHr* mti^io^ »hU 
iufwla Um? uq^&o, Ibo ]«u) itr ^liorp uud WjciubUit^ Ukntrnvf 
put of tlM livor in difVMod, iiu:n^A«rd «oavtion of Uk\ ■■«# 

TvrmitllltioitK— i' Jtraormion^ — JUn » iiubcat«4 L7 ft& 
■ni«4ii7mlMtci <if Ihfl f<4jHto ■ynipcomv, nofilou |«4W|itnitkKi« aftd 
ma Al^unluut dL<]JUHit in ilii* unti^*. '^f. ^tvovpt — ^rHtlrr fLOsi^ 
MmrUom ciuokend in u CTsl, ni uUu« Uown iliffrUHHl. tkn pntimi 
exjimi-vnttif UiroUiuiiJ^ ptdnntiiy »cu«iitjiicm iu ILjv |Ari, wilb Um 
^viuvW nt-iDpLocnii f>f Hc«(><* fivw^* Um» «biMv«vi i1iirtioi|[;i n^ ib«4f 
inlu Ibu fttoiui^cItT (luudi'Cium^ fir rkil<u], or amtivmllf tv |i«dfur- 
•UrjD of llwi iJin^' icr iiliiUHubial mill. & Kn^rr'''«''.MlL 

('4iUS<'S. In iDtlJa till* (liaoQM i» mod fr^tu^l, ffum iUt 
cliihst^ ibi»<l (liK nG4 »ttitiii0 Knffo^iouii cvoiiblut^ob», «u) >■ maiM 
\n tbo mlntiuiM* ol Uu> Uvwi hi tUi* ^^utkUy it arimm rrom Oc41 
ili-rruiM ilepnieiiiian* pntfTiRttry. ilruukpfiiiM^ fti>1 r Uirt iiiai.i>v 
uvl >■ Uwn tuiTtuJlj ibMiti^ 111 Khi* |»rilt>oua] Dtnpi^ni-, nwiwiNii 
PlfHtrilii, uul <aul> tb OilLivnoii to tbo (liaphngm or oiint ftdjucwM 

Kpitonie of TnmtnK'UL— Ann. (f«nr); B17. la 



I tltfVtWtl^H 


1 Lk. 

ti affnrlfd pan hbuQ^I \v oinvmi y/iih two ur Uinw Uiacktwrna^ 
liiini;, iKjibwfjHl out mtUv iiuiuitmun in m liitiim nf bnlf « 
dmcliai of tim t4fcuK tiikctun v( tb« ^xit uf AoouiUim to IiaU a 
piDt oi hoi w«b¥, and «uT>trf>d with oiW"! mlk aod AodimL 

Slmplf* Fiihri£rmi-iit ur llii^ Liit^r — Cou^Mtlon of Ibe 


Symptoms.— £^>llii«* »n tbif hRbt nde* in tUe n^n of Um 

D]ii«i|- uEitatiini vhcm ihn p«rt in prnwHl upon: tlin 4M]ai|]lf«iuu 

i|mlwl; tlieB}ilj«tit« luull>; &uU thi-rv taaybouuwVt Vonul- 
Isag, hg*JiKTfco, loni^or, loHsttiilo, luid 4tr|in«uoii of uptntik 11m 

'Ntraow; extuftuTv Iwilih tarxcih^iu tbv boAl ul tk»viiik 

] i>i(y»<K><i*i ftt tuU<^ of |«niocu4 In tlio niiililto mml npfior 

mjr iczto tlip (milAi UIuuU that iihould tttynr bo pr^etit id U* 

tbo MiMchM viiidi thi> vt odcuUtvd to prcdDoo » cnluDood 

im^iU^i ov mdKiUiy Kabita. Tb^ oofuteqiMm otltm i^ tj»t 

I Jtnr kvosuM babiiiMlty gcffigvd. tbv nnw, or vrva ntim* 

rMoJt iti tlio T ' ' -» ij nur lafgir tutrwi, tnna Umri 

Fanciiun*l dmaii^f^jout, with fmp[v«vw.U srscrriioo. •0Dwtuii4# 
ftMompttuai eoci|ei«£j :LiiM. Unm-diitikwiE uAmi iMttdb 

lo It bAhk contneU'i'i iff Uid li«««; ttOMl carrtK»k or 

bi>1)-tiailtd lifw, toiii Dnr|iii5 niul diwth ivihIWl 

Tn-4tjiit'iiV - T^-jir]iii<j ImlirudiinK.— Avuwmu— iiiiJ*i|p>- 

ptUHt, taerttAAcd n jirtMHUtVi aiuI CouMiiiiatJoii, wUlaout in dm atiai 



W ^14)1 Brr, oftM Actn botte tu ■ocb cajks wIm 

JIfmncnu*. — Dull, pnmro poitLp which |««vwtK Utn |i«li< 
lying long on t|i# righl fii-l**. ritlkyir fTngn of llw^ "wliHi* 

tlio vjnw; Halliw tkhii MviTiti^ tolU'Vts} \iy |«t^i&ci Hrduii 
prnpiratftn; Iom of ii|r|v4i1e; ftAil l«d« iu Uxo niuiOJi; Coiu<tl}i 
tvKi of ibc bowi^U, witb irhito etoub; or rHoxat^OB, 'with hih* 
UH'tiocuL SIcrc t* oivt> of ihi) L«ft hvpabc tncdidna* Ld midj 
tSNMi. But |iiiliit(itrt vlio barct 1h>«ii ^imM Ixf^y with lli 
vlinitlil pwlw-t Hi><|v-S.. iwpiirjally wbmi lbi> ntnniii tkm cJ:i'. • 

l&b% *'KC««^rt> or «timatfl(iti^ food, flo^ntivy hftbtN, or hoi 

ioUf wtlb Con«Up4liun, (L«>f>|i-nid uriiio, fft& Al«4r whwl 

with Nat. V. 

Li/coptkiiunL — SoweUiSB rui«uvd iib9te«l uf. ur a(U--r. Nux T, 
whvb tho laHrr i« iiksnffieirtil: CoosiipaLioiii with ttital«fi>c^; c«i- 

fhamomiUiL— UtMotvt AttiiH» in fomnW nncl HuUrcin, fnaii.i 
wqnmra to cold, or frtvn ^nfffr; nnn<4Mi nr Tnirtiilik|( of blli 
jrfl*l1iiW'(NJulnl tuufnm, am) ?uuit*l:jnv tiilk'ti.** I^a-rrlMtA. 

AooftrfwAa — 8i:il<tcn, Acntfi hilMi'i3iUtw-los followitv ^)U^ with^ 
f«Jjrilc iLlHttmctt'vr ibrouti-ftinff iJjititidtcoF ((OioniDj to Lh> Allt^. 
nutod with ir(»r^^, iuiIm* allofvithtc do«« of Unrmrj bn^^o li 
gitvci, vliirii CluiiA ah'tiM bo milv-liluEorl 

ilxipohi/^ium. -BititnMVtiniiilng, «ihI Binrrfrfca witJi Proli 
niA Ani; liitt'Y UM'-: tWk nHtrs i^Qov c<>iii[iIf*»oa 

rfLr^ritif-tMu- Sm^fv nii*l <hr» <n«>n, wilb filtAiui* 
bnniibK pun* ronullii^', *wl ''Khuu^Ufv; i>iuThci& 

i'h"^iiUmfvt» Mi^u* ^-Chnmit Tjti-r ftrtnipJfcftTt; fhirt, Jul 
i^Ht'-nl lo^i^ur*; tiai:>i^; iltill hfoJanK'; iliH-jt jrc^llo** cuul 
«niiP. lintQ ii&«l fnHtirvH; ci>tu£ipiitr^1 bowvb. 

AB^-XiK or i''»'*' Loii^f-f^^DliQtiM. oi- 

with JaaiMlin% tiuir^ : v if 1ht>T« Ij^ r«*ton i 

ilrMttcA of th» U«vr; Ihn ftimtivr If thnm hn I>mpn-: thii Udfkff 



bHiiniiai AuJ tWuff«t:« r«rM khoolft bu rvntM>TiHl fiir n tiiBi% and 
uamiUiCMjaii ■mmw o^ trwty-tlay lif» vichjuii^ud fur tlvi iutl- 
U>p.ftud wkUl uoorlujili w at lpii»t tb» Joit^ lioujv vf uuiruiuj ajul 
pfajidal oxl»W>tioii AlM>uld l># Abnilj^ad. «mI bh»o ttznm aIJo^W 
tor III* dftUj itdMnrftl of Di-fTUQfl <iiM!n^\ Hk^ pftiBLia ffbonld 

,•• tvr wnn^ IiaIkU ^fUl rtiuli-r a nin« impobilrln: on (1m> 

with IIm tnvdiciiJAl trooUirWit ikkuImI Mtt* will ifowrallj 

iUmnkaU w uifw^inllj A|iprupriiL£^ Tbv font biwuid l« 

Thd AbtUiiuiuAl Coniprr«a u ■ morf tnJMhW «l)nni?t in ftU 

AlTf<4i(xi«i; « ooAii nit bMb ttionjd «li» bo wmI lUily. 

iLng 4-u bonaoljnck ld tliA omvuii^ in IjmudlMkl; ao al«> u* 

The nboTv tcmw ata wbmI to fiJtfcr^ oooditioiis in whi«k mtnX 
<it tfco tlMtin EiU lliiiiti <if tho ludj Iwoonio yallow, M[waia]ly tlio 
«bilm of Uvi (*,(.<■ luul Uki otttmnctira tiMniv uf tbit Imii^. 
Jmiimlitio UoStitt a AViii|)ljiia uf muuo MJubn archrooic ftiff^dioa 

S)mii1iiiu.'^ VrlU'vr Un^ tu^ nf tlui i*kiiU« of t^i rvM, 
Ukitt ctf Ui0 niilfi of thn ikoikt aji4 u^-xi uT Ui» fftni aimI iivc'k, aaiI 

CuUifftl or iWi^hnnrii, luiU atium ilte Uul^ii i tltfi facn vUltkh cr 
dnb-«Mlun*tl; th(*n> u Cvajtii|«U<iai UoaiUiiIit; uaivA^v; |iiua ia 

tttit bvtbg |iru|HTl7 di|pMbaJ and UDdMnauuf irtdiaUuu. 

mm idtr\ a»iudJjr, dtf]«tii«Mni uf iipiribii jivuiU^tu of 

AiMlftlowmwof Uin]>iUMt. TU0 invwEKi^ of Um^cUciw 

lA Uw ocNijlUi^tina Jiml oriiMi IA v^aoy ooQclaava tltft tin* 

l«at la mflariiig frum JuuittlioM, ftoil aot miinilj trami thm 

saUtiwtMH o4 AitiniAiA. Tlte MkUtkiD of niMfi atKI tn tim luiiw 



«buugm it Lo a Jwp-gT««Q eolor- ^"boQ Ui«r» b otwt 
frow a ^1-idoMk tbe mo«l acntft mffmiig i« lailttcn!; Umi j 

mil] htcAnif^. 

('ftll»«i*K. — Janndinv iw |>oltlCiKl ont l^^ TV, BuU, umy 
pnxlDMil in tvo wiiyn: — (]i<0 By mow iui|Hidiiur[-t U> U>a fluvr 
oT 1iil« iulo tlio daoltraani, mjiI iktn cofiMiqumt AbtfnqiLicin of 
TotAinni hily\ nnd (^4^ br <li>l»«tiTo tt>er^4i^fft on tb* part ot 
lEvrr, Hi Ibftt tbft c4>ethlltni>oU of fhv bilu atv nu4 Mfrjwubid 

DanUigviuvuL ui the fniiiHi'.im t>f Lbn liviT UJiitiM<li<il wUb 
MfireUccL of bil«^ ctm;^jU4-Dt or atsocefitborio chai^fA, lUift 
<VTor>, diAtipatiui^ fiU of pKvkiii, o«-,, «r* frpr|nnnt cnmuv; 

Ttitf aou«uJHv Ufls of Cb&uwGiilo tun, Qohiiou. BUularK 
CftlumJ. in mmn fnvnrif vmj nlwa In «itni'>(1 fm a caovt, a^ 
drti^ tiulim ottftntciinn of ilm Mlo iliirt Vnw^an^ of 
«QUr^ wMikb in jvn'^Ekattrj, or ih9 |^wtb of tiuuuts 
otytmiiiou of Um> gnll dry<U: rtro aImo ovvosvond 

thnv, or uT Un^ i^'I^LltW. «n* wiaMkmin AKUiciBtDd ' 

Inliv A l.:a!1 4o&a eoiwUta of til* in a «TrtfftIl3t>rt fonn, Un 

OoB)>ljii]l Ibr A tfiwi, iui4 tt'TraiiMlos ■adJci^lv, and ia 
divliDguklird fniQi r<iti^, Hfiii liy tlin palD8 WiEi|; of « taor# 

Tn^armHit— Ij-adftiff InilinstioiUL— AAWrwm.— JaimJ 
iriUi nj-iDpUHus of lainintlialwjci, aa\ gnml |i«ja m Utn i*i^ao 

«Dr<«; it 14 iMpuciaUj wiluJ nfUir JLooo. 

C'Aifift. — JanDdEr* frnm niiu<Hb raJ a wm t l Mr infltinmi tnlh 
UlioQH rHuTbii'n; Mml vbmi Ibt- diaiviwi ia mUrmitlitiit iViii*' 
mtXf UMxJ, tt firviTHtU Uirt nwnrrviKv of f;al)>al0EM^ 



of tfa» Htoi-, or frccn nnkiii»7 bofaite. or mdiitjc«iM» in 
OrMrniAm if/^, — JftnmlkifN wftk fnin or tPinlivrnwM (n Ibn 

O0]i4c«u, wliituli gro^ ftMiciuittoujc. Iilackub brown tirinai drtjMlioa 
mid tlvspocwkn^; »AiiwlinKii Iom of voico, Congk. md otbsr 
ii)naf4<ilo% or lunllgniint Jniiiiilt<*i^ 

JritrMir-nm.— Mn1i(-lilUjt rOM*^ VttUi tyjitioiil Mj)»plouilW UT 

gPT^t i*niJU7taU>m, An. i« nj^ nscfol Tvr iLv D^|>e|i»m foUoviaf 
ttn w<nl« fiUjicki f'^ Jauu4i«a b«m th» flnw qb» ot Alvttmry, «ad 

Jmitjiin^ linriiig pnrgnuiny. tir faiau Cancw or riUnr bmnr nf 

btrcuU -'^jiJJi : ^: 1 wnlw. wixh n UUi*- mij^: rotolMl np|ili!«; 

\t^,. .,.*'' V. -Fl»iiTw1 «f|niiwioil uTImt immormicti in bgt 
WBi'^r, . ~K n-^iint^ Iaiil JumidieB fniEii tiuu>tivUr 

vifl chrnpM Ooajfi^inn of thn \i\rr rvfininv «l«Q|ff9 of «ir ui4 

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litMta tho «bitMQvti, aiui ioTwta uut sKi|>|)on* the vu««ra OMtaiuiNl 

\V1t4>D t)ii» fllMM* BllAok* pdrtiuiKLl mouan Hi U b wawl 

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(8«v next SMCkoL) 

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ViiriptifXv— The ckiel are F. tiatpifjr, 111 whidi (lua luAflincu*- 

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(■> bar £00«n] licultk. It ia iinpowittiU to 0Tar-«atifiMti> 
iiifliwoe» of indpr^por di«l ia tbo podiMtiock of F«aii> 

Epltonii? of TrwUmimU— I. EoHi^t «ymp4o0u, ttmd 
Ascrma linitf)^,— An>a i\\ alwraatioa wtUi Rbw; Ca&Ui., 8iil| 

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Activity, ood «o ooa|M«ial* Ibrtbo ittportel Mlioa of Uw 
portkAA Hw K^mA TMOoltrit; d Iha aldn, iU Ivga dttklf 
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wtUi Ibe Duorala^ Wli, ijiLvn Jri<;i>i* of 11m foruu) ai«J borunltug 

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tLii wiilitk^u of brAu, flour or udifT iiii>ri!aj{uioi>s inattari^ vrhkl] 
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Id t].f> cMrlioT ttn^a 1^ ilii* itlfJotbLs nm vvtr mwFuL la tbo 
winift*Tii^ »iiAg» Lif l>r.-niUf vtli^-ri Ibr* hiflAztiiiiziliDn i» but BUjdifr- 
al«t, Onrijolin aomI cutiliaitiit (A&-Cnrbat 20 ditPps lard 1 oason) 
Maja ti>r} itrJkmg o&il bjuf'mn nooTcrrr. To rfticvo tlw hritetiom 
BbiiiaUi oijilmHit fOi^iDi. 1 ilntd^ui, Urxl two oancv^) l^ iiivilil* 
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InlaMi, for ivgvCfthln ronEnli; potuii Knlta, «bifh Kn» ahttrMriii,! jn 
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Ut*l Co4-tiviiir oil U ivp^cinJij- rvconnuDdcd 


Itn^ign, A rorQii>oin (Urmwh of Infmnls, In « n^Titn^ MntaodSMt 
cn(ii£4,*iu«it purnkfA itiflaamialiou of Um fllilou nuJ Ium Imou 
tlnrHboiJ m Pcutnlu Eca^mi;* brihodao nritiVK 

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nmkdrctiliir, tlnitoDnil pmitil^ grouped la diMl«Qr*,brriflfr a 
tn mti iij^-t-Ilivir, riinuifi^ lliirk mil nobt yriJowlnh kkIm 
or JOCTttalatiap^; uul sUacks tUo w, aoli^ vcftlp mxI Uee, In 



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aBrfM» in iN>tl &ad Ufb(I«r. It bi t^i? forra of Um U4**«>* Ui 

Tl'^Tlticat — Viola Tno. ficr liiBpt* CtvId Inctcftj Aat-T^ 
K.-BJGb,. Auu-C, or Aiv. WbMi Um wcuUm gvb Uiidc uid btfd 
tb«]r tbooM W wifUTDiid with frpnh tviajr, luid tliMci raDoml Uj 
iDMhiuiof ixmltiOM of brnn or liik»fird-n>MltUidoinjo1ic'nd^ tJW 
Qw-iU W lEi>fit tccMuwl over Uio put lor « wook &f Urwvrd*. Uai(- 
B;<df«rg,-|{iL-diL is la «xo»iUiat Aocd ftpfUtttkvt 8m 
SootioD on " Scmu." 

Acie — Plmplni. 

DcflDiUons, — ^A ciiroiuo laebnuialioii of IW 
gUad* ftml bairfblJidia, diVMtviAd.b; aa 4«ii|>taoo of 
woktt], ftbd boUud ol^TfttioM of fnodonto «Jnv ft&d 
di>girn uf rnliMVK.'* 

Kntiim nnil Vnrif Iim, — TL© word ^ocM^fwiuch ia ill 
proba1)4bty ww fp^ii in error fvr ikonw*) wivt iuUiuird Ui i^jc"*^ 
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bifumig liao>ftUa> ji. t'uitiAi/ti- MoiutiioM c«n«d "«i4jft»-p^'* 
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|vvang pHMu^ bat wntiM^itDiM ow«n ia voviin 1a 
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and, tLc uuxiMC¥ ia red vad iImUmI otot witli parttil«» Um iU>i 


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«pMic ulitfft ho 1*IiA iu «itb r^ffkixl to Falal^if* thai — 

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AuU in a t** vronlfi tlio rosy a|>ol omit 1>© «>! lo 1m a prumt of 
tho fifth |:iiur oC uotvm hj^inat ilitr44ilini.>aL rMVJt^ by tbo fp^' 
trie pMtkm of Uw vif^btlt" 

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mj be iiidoood by vnrJous iuCemftl and ^ilvrnftl af^tckv; hr Ihn 
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flnftbliigK n!tfT fml, «rir,; by L<tirrviitk)ci, irrtifitiEimitctv Cbiuitlpa- 
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nbt^ii pn:tlu<*i'i] tr Alni)bi.ilic UideaUm, {Unjoiitltt uf AnfiJcy' 

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tWtljih^affi. Ill bclilit^ \m tUr lukirau^f g<<i ' 
jittrtA bboiilil bu fti-c|iivfiiJy itAftlivd or dona!' 
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drj^c-^ •oconliug to 1^0 tfiiltcfttions oitoci rvit^V4« ^mlAti' 
Ihumi* llin rmv: Itor,, Suljib., Aqar. Rnm<«l, or Uia Jilut* Ai 

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Utoi HUtkkvn not nwiionfti^ti wk\h HyphillA. 

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8ntPT03l9 — CRILBLUJi. 



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d&MWr Aod bvtio* call ti ^ ' >«i« [tL<» p^rMU^ i« Un* i/'to^ 

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t««of« Utat bud immMiat«>lr Ix-Tunfr bvOQ vu^ in ttkaTin^ pcrauott 
^th "bad diins." lliui m^Uiixl u( tminuiwiod bu bam vtka 
i»>U<i|icl, «ni) wo fall nttoQtJaa lo it to iingg««t Ibo prar^ntivvt 
iiMMi»— Ti£» Um immernaD of tbo ntor in bot w«ter 4uid wiping 
it IkAjtbiimi. 

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UModauQiilyi % rtM^ Itfili^ IMLlcit bi-in^ Aral iiotie<Hl, wbjebi 
after nlflu&g or wrat^luog, nml tk^ lapM of a UtUo tun*, b*- 
<iQfiivi Riacb Euon* truttUiwitEM^ m* tbo full»<*li-t l-iiLltico and 
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ftftpIi'wti'jQ, «'n Ma r<<toinnH>rfil liio followiiij; i<i . t-^- 

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AOtL afirf fir»t wiiAbiftt; iiud '^vJ^ d3>Uig. bptdjr k* IIm 
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Catl«ib^Ai(rid |ur & uciiik M-rc Coir. Int5<w], vbculd lv» apftUfd 
loQftlty, hj iDOAun of iin iilcmiiju-r, Bn^vrttl ltiop4 n (^Ar, for a nhovi 
tifiM [E{iihU.lo<i Uiiiald |in^c»Hb> th» haii of ili» uprq^J 




all/ affodiiif tbt^ IiumIb or ir*^ uttmtM vrHJi kcbioL 

i'liuppi-d IIlL|]'K^'n»«&tfArtioD<tjOiuit«of B]if;bL 
Ikn oif ih» «kiu uf tbr Lu^ of ^h» liAwk wliscli 1i«amn« fti^\ 
cr '* i*hi4i|ipd-*' II otrnrs in fro^lr vt^AtbiT. vZvd it KVai^i 
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or Jbeuil IMkflte ponowt. vrilli a ojiatibitiooBl |ttiiliapu«itina 

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V^Ua «ic(<iwiri> ilrJiin^*); CiuiUi.; Snlfib. Ij^ftt it<^bir^ itv 

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di«dMrs«v B&d wli^n oeeuniDg itx ti&b(«JUi/ dubj^cu^ 

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too ffn^W TWfiiui. 

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a low dJr:li>>fu noonrdiu;* 1<» tl f ' 

form of |i.4i'*M '*««niip- Ar ■ i . l^ 

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In Uw r-' ^ '"' :i}»liuiA itt Ml »!■ 

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Vlcmtnl ObUbUin* n-4|tiim & pckiiUiMt or othnr mill Kf^pticAtaoa," 

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lliis eompfwe hImkiUI b« ftppU«d oq goia^ to kod; ii Wft 
lli« 1«iui>in«iiifa of U)« |KkJt, intproT«« clw untrittoo of tlw 
&Di1 lUmlit^efi Un* leaJfu-c/ to Lbe r^i'tumuilioa ol Cliilbl&iiiA> 

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curuMivia is di^ft^ctiw. n^triUur oxur&r^ ia Ibo opea «ir, tie fne 
m* cf ih^^ vidpiiii^^ropo, &utl wboU«aii>Di mitritiouii ilioL, tt« 
DM0HUU7 to jinvTAtt Uuiir ruoutrvbci«^ Fork, uUad iDust*, 
«11 initaUn^ or iuiii^UbJit artJtd** of toad, ohuuld b« couli 
from tit* (li«i«rj^. Extraott of tcicporAturQ aro to bo KToidedi 
«bo ^d Motto floon. Bod raddraly approacluii£ tbd fim 
«OBuD^ in trom tbv «ot<t, ogr vonxuug tho f»^ on tb« ta4«r, 

[Tincture of B^im^lii, jttintal on Uw pwts, ntomiiig 
mvimut;, »de Dtt ft pr«veciUv^ Slaf^pn^ff tW fMt to ukcimm 
ciioaUtkiik bft* b«<iti faoud of gnwt booviL] 

Ik'flnitio!!.— A Ijrwicb nf liny part ol Uip oiUuimiiu or mi 
tmrfncp. c&uwd hy tL« rtripplu^ ofT of lU propor CQtide cr* 
ep^ltifliuju, cr by the dM4ract4uci of a jioriioD of it* mibvtaBce hf 
duMOM 00- uijary, Llmvottoa ia tba povgMHT* aoftwing «ocl 
dlRi3t4Sffnt«oa of •oeoMiavo la}«n ol Uio nlocMtJ&g tiiwiio^ sdcI i» 
altAiKlnl vtUt « i^vniioii uf [iib, or olhtfr kiiu] of didcbHf){<i 

VarMifA. — Tlui kmJitiic Ulcvr ia dmi iu w^cb Um gnumliiiii 
procoa Kvc« CO BDiuUvnpiodJ f tu repuAtioa; tbo inJUui«d f^ 
Iftbotmd pn;iLfiii,vii]iftrtKl,blM^&£DUt^McvKiMln thin ii 
dinhstgo^ Ui» itkdoLgnt Ulcor i* xiArkvd by an uupo^ool form 
<vgiifiladon, «o RB h) he InmpftMit of bfvJlDig; tfa? Artnlow Ul 
<wti»btA cil « Donow ciuuiapL wiUi a bb^ uiuuoua mutiilnii«v 
producKil ^ -4M vhicb b>iT« doI beiJwl fnun Ibo bottoat] 

tka ^ins^ I ' ir In thni in wbk4i Ui* doelmctiTO 

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X?totf, ttUii<ii |{L-Di<nUy lortiu tm ibi^ lowr (nttrmcibH, it thm 
ooaarvjivncv of a TDiioaM ooDditiou of tLoMi purU. 11i«r» 


nU£ TkMtLt oouroB, 

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vUch tmtun* riit-i Uin nyHt^ni of |inMlui!ia vhirlj« fvtAwd^ woold 
pTDdnoe &.-vio«a dtf4iijb4aMB» ■*Tbtt«ocQlitBtk)ciit nvni FiaUh hi 

pTivniiooi^ UUibttd uilh Sj]ihL]Jii or Sanfnln, <f€ brokM itown bj 
tlho ttioBttiw lua of MriTvijry, or in ytbich Uio blood U luqi 
(itJtD inartinn of ihv iivcr, ikin, nnjl kiilonTK. Tbn porlB 

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V AflTiwtJH) with UW9« tlinii nbort" (IVu/lff. Ulowi 
o«w lhc» mlirnUltttoiia dtirAtAn of tbft tftriiL tuv iD<rn> cBA- 

of tUk«, 

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UHVtMrf. Tloa tufty Im mtwtnlMl bjr lh« fwrt lluU liM flf^^ar- 
«4ioe pn«0iiUid tigr & wank oflim fnruHii* nn mrt4lMil (nft of ft 
}HiN"t,r9 brnllb: a vrnttk or indoluoL Ulorr npkU/ nwniM b 
IuvlILt A»)K<ioii tiay itnpronoictiL of Umi toulitvtionfel pmrdn 
^ Um> pntiont; oa Um oiLtf bao4, a Ivn^Uij novo iPunodiaMr 
twoo na i* iiuloltfcit, or Blonf-hn, wIma tay «iEtrMD# dvpvMiing eoM 
nna wH iuin ofHimi ktn. 

OrJSadoRAft. — runful Uk»r. with atvn^osdiiifC rtifaiaau, 

Siticro, — KiM)f4e Ulcer; tiul is dmXDO Cfta«L 

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nOttilV atxrtoOn^— thie Bicrulh, UuvAt, DOsw vri-a, «!«, li BbotiJd 

m th» oomi ttiftjr t»<3iutil 

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Uu& foiliJ euLUrr, «uki] ofl««i iriUi gEKwra] fauliftfvbl bialUi. 
Dm TvcuiMly tt »|iii«iy}y vnltubk ia irjilcjorft tneont of Umi l«fm 
And aIickiIeI abo b* vand In tho fom of ft l-.^kin. 

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aoptcflcid Clean auii mjn» na Uii> knrar «amttiti^ 

BUI i^^« V SI rnta^v— TK kats k >- r. 


H^L^t Cak^ t\, m- :Vu/pA. — For eoEuitittitionil iil««t«, and lo 
iRiprOTo t!w limlfh. AUi Fivr. Unr (i» « jkuiW^ 

CftrboUc AciU« mkI covi<r>nl with a IttUo Doft Km'ti ur hal vH with 
<KilJ or tcf k) vraU<T, lui in iiiut»t ot^nttaUo tu tbo poiiouu ouii^rod 
vriib oUmI loli* ai^d '^l^t^J' lioand orvc ^/ith n bantlaf;^ Sotno- 
liiiMi it will bo tlminiblo Co uw C&lviuhtU 1oti«x (tbirty Urojw of 
llMtutcbtrvttvn taaeupful of wu£er\ orvuLOb uUivrvoockinff ipiil]- 
catJOD ; bnl in tW Eoajohtj of comm thv aitaplo- w«t«T'drtt«Hng is 
Mifficdou, In AtkliboQ to tbo «boT« tmfttmcQt, ImemUi^ m> 
iDOro or loa« DBooBtuy in nil Ulcm on thu log*, ttoJoM klHioiuto 
TPvit, with tliB nkrvbtkiii uf Uio foui sluvn tbn l4(Viil nf tlw Mpv 
can b« ttoCixtcd Lftcvd ■tocfciagw or ol««tk! ntocldag^ mo ooih 
TDcdtat fabotibitM for tbo biLodo^ unci «i« mof» ouilj Bfipli^d 
Tb» fr^Di>a<7 with \rhicb tho 4r— ingi nboal<l bo ohaaKwl 
d«|>9iidi oa th» unoimt of ih^ discburgti If ih%% h fiOWteaUftj 
they ahonld be dkan^^ octoe or iwloe dml/; oUicnriM Uitm 
four Uuxio H v««k will a>aJlic«. la tbo tfvitUneal of Uloon on tbe 
i«lt lull iudoMJ, on v^vry oibor pari, nttduTijituif dvoaliDtwit. 
■MMBti&L Tbo unclnftuly li^bitn of oioaj perHOitf^ wbo BJknr> 
tbf ir f-^oc anj I*gi to nmiaiii miwuhoJ for wnpla UyvCiiitf', iodMftl 
ftn iicpfHiHit TilaJilv of tlis vkin, wliirh fjiv:int ilnv*, luid Tondflm 
tbcm iliNi^ii>f«bl^ «aJ ob»Uimlo ifi Uknr to^oIIjl ^Vii^lmz^ Uu* 
lowvr OKUwttitiM diulj iH ono of Ui» dcmmI poicii oiiWum of pm- 
TootiB'^ ftod cnniiK tlM iUamm, and rvt^tovin^ tb« lofA ^riUthiy of 

A« Biuch (>]iM> a^r <«t>«t7i>«» »Ji*>ukl Iif^ titkun dmily ju ii rtianwtimt 
vitb Um p«li«iLi'H stxvikj:lbi boLbe Hbuuid iti^ lUiu! tuiurK uor idi 
vift bit lega bao^njf duwn. 

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«odv Mixfiico of (bo tnM >luii fti^il line MjtoitaDWtiB iireolBr 
HiiiHi» wbicb Mi|i]vimt«i(t imp«rfef tlj, anil ontftio* ft eoatnl ■loogfa 
or oom, ahMiog firocn dApont ol nnbpalib/ lvi»pb in Ibo pkrl. 

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tbfr mn of « >|ilii pm; Iba* bardeos, Mid ibe n?d bbiab nroaod 
tebiaodmiv«Atopivp^ ^ afovdart tbo sweUing fidMgM^ 



Airing ^^ ^^ fm-mt.tiOfi of fitin. and tbf> jmn Iicooiba* Ihfnlibmin 

Htlrjil'tioLU jt-ft nil t^nj'jmrtt^ tvnt kIovIt e^MiIii. Bcik uDmi 

luii )ii*»3nL Thri- ^rtrrally occur ixi Ibe Uilck «iluu of iLm na^ 

(<4nHi*K — A dufjrdoftxl c>.^<Lti:>n of Ihv blootV ir<nm tihrntak^ 
ntuB frx^t L(T4tnr(>rk, anxM'tj, or ickiii* QAloiovni «bso*|4wfi0 
CWWiH <»' ^^)*A du^irmiiiiiff in^vttcfw f^manXtr. 

ffwpUibjf* witb InflAmionli on round Uir* e . ,\ ,i ,^bi?* 
Qiftfc u Iknl in tlii> auigv of infUimi&Hlufv uogov^MUMni, 

clro|« of TiiKlure vf Cam|>]icir, ih/tt% of olhp-oi), h tqiMj 
ifcettitii lAf^ FtilL. BUI** Dr. 3kfiiddD0, iU pm giawi nuiy l» 

Hrjutr Ji»iithnri9.'*-Tti tni^'^laia tbe mpfkuraUTe |woeMs and. 
Cf> a f^Trtftt fiti-nlf pn^ivt itn nnlrMjuaufi mbcttaian. 
StfjKVtj.^lDclo7<nil aimI clmxiM Bcahk. 
[O0U ' For l»rcft BcriU 
Ofiva.— In diLlit^HV 
JVjun/ii0L— ItxInmiAlBolK] 

k f«ff]r ^Iu4l)l4> in voDiiiJc^ wkjdi iMbr, ami vbeft fuiij«ui^l fi 
onvM form. An im|II(hkm dilntlon may filw bo vpp&dd 

ifimi/T?*UAi{a1w>C4li\ Mnr J Hiiglmi aUiMb iIial if ILftf^ 
«q>«Jd uul af^tdii, U^ CDimtiliLtioiial Uwlifurf nimy In rjM<cif«l \if 
ccww L>C Kiilfih., AuO UiAi l« fitjklA no ik«4 tur«ttjr oiKer 
dwK fi>3- B^tii ilina [t#]L nri'l Stilj^i. 
G«ii<*nii Tnnliiii'nr.— '^koA «M tUoMnIQng|ioiaiikittdl£t]' 

lug mtl^fHintirLffU & p[>nllin\ cVTrrtnl uttb rTtt-N) eilk. tduiOlfl \» 
Bp^ilnxi Mid n-QrmHl frvtittwUX' uutil iiu|T|im^tiua U omi 
In Uip vArijr M>^ ft ooJd co(D|vn-io BbotiU lio ii«0d. M'bro 
•I* i4 AD >nttv TwiMr, ami Ihv ubiii eorvrtnn Ibm !• y^ry ik 
m fTM ttiriwrtft ttSih a «&«rpkiiifii wiU do|{md MWittL Fiv 
ami tir iwiMiilOmli HP4 An<Xii abiVK 




ftnia inn)' b» pfVTunbHl hoai cumifiK to a brwl t>^ T^utij 
naUikir 11^ nrCnoe ht^ffy Uure or fonr boui^ with tbo tipu of Um 
finipfO wtkd with vpinU of cun]>hur or tiactiiiv of arnica 

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ta^t$t b» illrr<.^p<l to tbi^ o)Ti>rti1uUonal tBtuioMi in mliiph tti^jr origl- 
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In a d'btliUlr«[ »tJilit of (}iit mufltitiition, dm tbo ivntik of tfbrtKife 
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Bflll. Aj>ls \f*'.ti,^ Sil, C^w> V-T TioA-, Snlpb. 

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fpviT. Aooix. QMy prfcMcs folUyn, or l>* oJUniJitMl wJtli «Df dbw 

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deiic««iof Um puiaotiof tbo tontor extautlinc lolho blood; cmvfanl 

jIjha — CootijiiioiH oxtMudom of the wpip^lnmd InflimTOlM)^ 

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or Lcuftd-ofid milk fioallicts vUl ixitt^gattf i>4i£i by idivrmg 
and butoa tbe eun^ lu ttsajr «ft*M the cudiiI^ oolJ waur 
conappwi.U tlio biwt Lof«I ■;)|>tif«Uqu. In MOk#ftt«ni, inetHioiu 
m oneMMtfy; bat m Ibo AlbouM of gmAt t«ciJiioii, w*varo |>*itit or 
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hm wmemtA «vM]r >iz booTBi till Lbo porto AMoai a nwre htfAfaj 

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with ffTiiHt KiKorai, and ■■ a far mfotr uid mnn* rm|nd pimo than bf 
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loB«UMir hj tifbUr apf4i«d broad scripa of ailmifa pbuOcTi lb» 
plaita- abottid bo n<noT«d dtdfyt ^^^ ooy diadurao thai tnajr 
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Beol, Cod'Uver oU, eto. In dobihtalud oaaM, tbo bninJj' 







or noUca&id t^, uuttnro f^DOnUly does good; tnlfm bnajr 
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UtMl nriofflitiiliojm, tr> n^or. 

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mrfocfl of Uw p^ik vitli bununtf \mxK lAil effusuci dF a wroiM ur 
bloodj Add. -nhidi mw* Uw coticL^ into i% blaJck*r. Tbtt wliaa* 
tenooQ0 id DttMiilt'd wHk ffr««l f niu imd thiT>Mim|[, nr^l suppiiTm- 
tiun nndic Iho kkiu nt tbu root of th« nail, wliich oftfia iMtnM oC 
T^idiMVCiii WhltlnWf nr TbnrJil Abrnni. is iiUlftmraiitioii of tbit 
leo^aoiM fSiMlh of ih* fh^rt. Whtm Whiilcm in tualigikant, 
prmu^ oQ 1o tbf* pftfvW^uat ii h MovioUi&m edlnd F^Iod. 

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otli<^ mMliaalM] Injnrr; ih^ jnETodticUin nf potoooowtor wrrX 
maitr into MTOtrtiOM on thc> ftrij^r; Cinii^tstkxtsl fUBonlM-. 

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the Ji^i^r; n;^ tim i^iap4on» incr«*«s Ui«n 19 nrrJliiiic, tcowoiw 
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litv. B new Dftil b prudiicvd. aiul the An^pfr i» vM. Bnt tuid«r 
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boar* or kia^r; Umi Land cboolil bt bcdd in a nuaad puiliins and 
a doMk of 8Elbr*« taknn cnvt}' thnw bnnix Thii4 iU forwaiJon 
tamjf vfti-n bp piniTiint4KL If tbiMO mi^ii^iA l*» ontnin«!inci*d Uv bla^ 
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omcb f^variftbiiMM. orlMI, whon tb<.MnnAi»mati^>iiiAor)'Bp«Aacoil& 
Uarc, He^.-S. awl Diotcinnu &n« bIm geul rvuedia^ 




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b* no ttitpu of ««rlj Bupporatioo, a free inciwuft iJioaU hm ma^ 
to nlfivro twiaintL ATuI pravont Klim^iD^, and, poBttblj, diMMv of 
thi traui In ojwuing Th«oaJ AI m oii k tit* tncukn fth-TTiH 
isiuIa Mncl)>' in Um mhidlf^ liiu^ U> avi^iid tlio digitaJ arUrm « 
na akwir the aid«a of ibe fia^n^ Tba opuiiag mLumUiI abij 
mde brtwacD, bat aotorcTt tli« Jointa. 

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vliidi Uia DoUa fn>«>: it majr ba Ijuhmd by ainular cmnw* to 
Uiow af M'bitlovr. oihI cvfiiicuaUy bj- as tu -tfruving aail, t tr 
ibm nail dnwn to tbn qnicL 

In-j^rowia^ of Uio tukil ifh^firM i'iiiv»Ju'(^J lu-ty ^ 
■ol^timiK it in wimn vnwr. tbou paring it tUia an tba op 
Mitrfans aivl rtaiiii|; It dcvmi aji far a« tnvr Im al Iha ntul^Da jiait 
4«r tbi" i-3iin>niitj, avutilinif mltiii^ tbe |urta «'lurlj Icvivtl lit jinm 
ID, By ibotvi tuflWia U» growlb m <livi*rlpd froru tb* mJ<^^ ihmk 
a tiatl will gvoir luofrl «]i«*f>^ si in tmi uovL VrntnUus ^^y 
a aolvttiott of I'trahkmdo of inm m abt^ of givvt MrviM^ 


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biti--l ^iQ 1l» (Irmii* iu JuluaUotw vbara tbt> pn|>iUm, aub)actadi 
vodoa piwvtUH or frictuot or Ixith, ba«a aaqcirad o&aai 
pr^ifmit^u. It not onlr liui n]«m tb» danul«t bat 
ioio IL A Corn timy ba liiinJ. iXrj, ami sraly; ur. If iiitBatHl 
plaoev irlifire tbn MtcrvtkHiB of \hn akin am nailliifld» ^kA 
•poQ^j. Wbcfi ioAaaiBPolioQ or mtpponiriioii tako* pJaco 
B«ath a Com, tiir (\)rti bv«nmiM axoaatitttljr pttiAfoK 

OaUout; ia A hard, thJcWiad oondttion of tka akin, cuvvnac > 
lat]^ atiaat Uua a Ojan, aod may aoowliBUB bw bhiq ■■! ik* 
ig%MiX of tutb i^tvt. 

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biH Ji UfcTow iimiiia w«i|;Ll iij^-h Uia ic^*; hi 

pradlvfioaitjoci aotD<CiKMa wamua ti> favor tbwr dif«l 

Tn'^llllfiiL — A* aiun n» h C4411 a|ifHMir\ tbr MirrtvUMlInc 
■buLilil U< tciftfUii^L b^ n wiuiu fuut'tiaUi, lb«i banl biM^ of 
CcsD gvoU; votmolvd witb tba ftnei^'mU «r mbm gcdtmimI 

B!CLAi:<;CI> BUBfil — BtXIOK< 


«Ad tb» liiiclt^bwl skill pfttvd oK woQsduiff Xhv ad>a- 

a parU 0» httlv *i ixwFablo. Tbt* Com eliould thrr^ bo tlnmiMj 
vritti Amlm W^ou (firuH^n *\ryp* ot tlMf vtruog tiiu?Uire Ui bill ■ 
vtiniH^liUDftil iif wuLi^n, a&J ddxI mijimiug a |riD04» ijf Aniiea- 
plu4f(r, ur An Aniicnlnl CLmi^ploftLcr, «ppLiviJj ur it luAj Iw 
pnitibod iHth FrmuU'IVrcliW,, or OniitoT oiL Tbo drcfMi^ may 
bo r*<p<4lA^1 eWATtl tiEiitfA, till tbo inconTMui-a^ffi m mtnond. Tbd 
AfUKnttwl imiAflon, or b»lt'pluit4»r, biifiii^ r bnl^ inuirbnl ta it to 
Rw-iw ike Corn, »io a« to prul^ci it From jiresHire^ is ft uwfnl 

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£M»orttllT enitjUkU iiiMl>etuMk Cmknn^ iua> bu julminiBt^nd 
•Tvry momiijf^ aDil iiiubt for A nitric or l«u dujs; 1U«-ii. iifKT 
vaitittg A dny nr \Wi\ Kulphiir in tbit munii rnHimtr, Afti<rw*nl)i« 
if itm'iMar^'i tbi< luurM* may \v rr*i»siUsX 

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«imh1 nldn wilb Uiaq>i>iw4 edtMors liH^n ni^plyiii^ « <trop or twool 
tSilitif^l tinriijri> of AmitA, siirl aIkavh wiMriof* u Ujrer of caHuh- 
woul lH4ifrv«*n Ibn tos rbftik^ififf Uir wool iltttty. 

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Lirit; l>oi>c^ [wlilr cNi tlw U)«aL] oftoQ woitbio^ tb« 
c^iAiiiiP^ of Uockio^ 

Enlnrsrv^ Riirva— lfoiiHiriti«lil'<i Knc^e — Sfntr's Elbvv. 

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Ifliiut iif ityutTTiikl flitii. Tim burBni iDool ooouuutily iu^'olvM] ai« 
til ' lAtmwkl JoqbI of tbt- i^rnA tot\ cftllnl "^Botiiaii^ 

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ton »t<l« to piik -L a^, tridkin. 

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tfVi4lin^ juul r«^i-r; t>ii-ii xuiipiirAtioa iiuy reaultn In cbrouio • 

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of ft IjtfK*^ UTiu^ps ^{TiHlaftJJy furui^. T\m svT.lliiijf m si lir?rt 0OA. 
bat if otfgkwiM. tbo sfto nm)^ tUicb*^, bo i n te wpm ft J viUi tibhik 


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onft Ivuiilis nnd tSn htimii gradnallr paiu Into (I19 form cif ft 
'B*-'n\viiWtk--Afnictt- Cmm iiri«iiikj; from fHrtkm or It 

Uor-irmting jiaEnB. 

fjAiM. — Pnin norM' s*^\ '. aai} ithfa warm in ImhL 

Ltduwu — Cam* oUv. " 1 ii'M, 

/otfi K'n. — <nucci><^ GonitJA fa pftUobU vnbjort to icIaiioi 

A'af/ NiftMod. — Wiili ibnamatir noanjilJciitinn^ drvi 

(UoddfiCT to ^npimniUob); Bry. (Kboolb^f l^^trv't- 

A lolicD oi A«>n, B^IL, Br}\, L«d., RbtiK, Ir^,, Agv., or An. 


Siir^ii'fll TrrathiiliK — If iht* ftbovt» nnidiius iLn- nir*ftc- 
mMfid. Uip lair Mr. Sk^v's plan nuy bo tric4 as r 
vtflot thrr«il of filk lUittUtl bo pniMrd Uiro^mh Uu»t«^L:i*i ^-i 
tumor, tin pffWl of u'hiflht in A fi>v <lAyi^ U vi etni^urt Uii< !■ 

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pna from ihn onicm mml^ by Um tiimlle. OfNXunir iha 
Willi til* Vaih\ ALi>l pAJiilmf; lbi> itBiUi> with h-ltum, K 
a BX«« MMikSatAary <i|wrKliuii. V\'bMi Ibi^ tainor ii wilid, 
» thA most ofllivtnal luKbod, aqiI uni> Mn)tBpaini.>J vHb lElU» 



I><^1lllilioiL— An Aniiug^taiMit of th* bora, nmttUy ott 
motntanuil Joint oS Ibo itr^'nl or lUlla too, efakdly fbt ftiniMr, 
iaoi« or !««■ cWunniv tif Uk-i jfilri 

CftMML — 11m> pcM wiire of nvTow-tonl U)cA« or ftlus^y 
dnotolit^ Ibe gnwl toe tyrwv nr niacin- tbe conttjpovu i- 
wny • afctfp KAi!^ It* ta^^^f on Uh> imuc iidi»of fba ;■ 
IfTvut to», ciQ ubidi tlMT BBnl<w U (ortnnd 

Slrll1|»h»11|^ — PftiO. fMblWrt, ftwl ffWelllDfr iif Ihit 

•ttin HTilHL^Ii'tia nvtiwnl of ttw cnoaix Sbirti]*], bcvutiK, 
pTvrtu* br Aimlibtiefi tbn flymiitomA ton f mu natU p 

ItOniKirn %kUt. — HOLE — VftV 



toot or ebo<v Ux« p»b aabridwi D4'v«>rllii4<«« « ponumotil Bumcu 
bjw bran fons#d» uk<1 EoflAmmatijfy s^naptouw ar» At Ati/ cimv 
liabltt to nmr frmn imUlkm. 

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wann^ propcrlr-AhApvd bmit>. nudbwith tbo inn«r «idvof tbo 
■oJo f^fti^t (roni tlw bw to tliu htx^L If imt4Uyiii bo ftocidwot' 
My vseitod In tbo p«it, ■ vArm foocbiiti iiboaU bo lutnd, ukt 
Aftorwiud A lolkn (tmoily i1nj|« oT Uixctiuv of Am. to lwi> lalile- 
b|juuufub»uf •■alfr^ c-'^ritiiiikoitHt/ a}i|»li>xl ftr tw^u ur Ujhm* dnj^ 
If ti<* |iftUi«t Jt»a tLa U'ttFi i't>j^j'eUltfU Uoilmcj, ItuU abookl 
b* MibititittiML HhoulJ luatUv form, a liv«mMlnwiU poultjoo will 
tw BiQTo mijCaUD: it tbo won liiras H^ffu-S. t&ij b« giran otcoj 
faor bo^in. 

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IH-rfrct itiliH TbfP.^ js uo ag^t coin)>onil.'U <o Yto^.Ttr, for 
Bouiocd or inlliuiioU Coni& 

I^VPHTIoD-— If the AmicA or V*ir..Vir. IoCjOb bo mod imnnt- 
dbitf^r tbo fiml inJlAumutory ■fDB|iti»u> itnuv lud all nnilao 
jB%iwmr » bo ml nn** divutLtiuiiLxl, tbo fbimiotJiKi of o BquIoq rnif 
teaho^vtber iKonmtcxi 

SvTUA— Port-wlHe-!4U[i] — VotheKH Hark; anil Neru 
FlUrb— XdIi!. 

■InlUons.— Kcvua Ih a li/jitfrti^j[ibind outo ol tbo bloocU 
of Uw fJun. foraiiuif oJigbt dot t'lwotBOQi of n brigbi-red 
fftrt«riil)« |tarp^"^ (vcnoiio) coJor, oomp>in£ pa tcHktni of nr* 
fMO Tor^Fi&g from ILa vuo of a pih^« lt«ftd to oooy iadiMu 

KvTOO lulviH U a Nsi^M CDVd'iiad by bftir of tSLrioblo lo&gifat 
KUl, Uko orrtiniiry XmviK ^ liohla to oomir 111 nnr [mil of tbo 

Koni nrv Ufloolly <niicorulft]; tboy 4ro )>OfmJaily cnilod 
*' U'iib<^a morlo ** from o vap]icBitii»i Umt tboy oro protlneod 
<m Ibo obQil bofoffo birtb UiAiujfb oocoo Chlt or fiuicf of tlio 
■wtb^: And >m Tor>>ciily noiunl, twicurdiiig to tb<nr u(i|iAio&t 
tuNHia^lilmiitw^ — "diirrrj,*' •' »»Unwbnrry " or * pwrfborry vtitb,'' 
vie i aiA if (bo NaetQA bo boir^, it io ciil>ii o " iixxM^-uiork." f4cL 

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Uit orcMoiuIlj. mor* MpMkllx «lMtt tlir gnwlh » M aH 

ugr dqgrv^ uf furc«» ^£n*cA«rny Nwi oftan di« awajr wiUujoi 

'riTatlllcnt.-MltAQ tn«liBoat M drRrabl<\ til* ial«nii3 aad 
«iXt4sru«l ii>o of Thuya, m roooBiwmd^d for WftrUf i* M>fliw<luBni 
numAfal* MpvcotUjr (or tv^cqIht Nffrnc Hemixd 
N«Dn mftf bn rvtnornl bj lli» «it1«rBn] iiiH* of KiW^ 
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•nd ODluqfnil pspitlm uF thm cntim wm, doUintl with a olralaia 
of bypCT tr opfeicd nnd bRTiltfiiinl «uticl«T <^edy AflMtin^ tj>i> houds 
•ad heie of yo«n|{ pov^onj!, «p|wftriDjz iind diittppnniin^ witboot 

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doilf wilL lijH lUfttrui ticicLun*; ut tLi^ naiiw time a ^lilalicm (Sx) of 
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«ffppeiall]riioMiMMJ7'wbon tbvW&rtji Appnr id crops. TbisoottrMt 
may to foQo«t*d fof a uH*ok or two» awI if improvonu&t AiutiA, 
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lurd in Ibc* BUDft wftv^ | }[oI« mAj ho r«B]in>ed Lv Um «e^ 

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for iinTUfmaa aivl olKlinat-k WnriH npi^in tht* bsfiiU It U abo 
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ivkOft DiUc 3. AiiL -C. I, tuid Ac. Nit are obo BoiJ tuU'oftccn 

PiiriLsriir DIv^iwH of the Skin. 

in Ui« Section mw WVirm*. ()i'> tn"* n-Titiiai-!i ->F wbich, except 

of Ui«0alps i*gi*<H"rali/ ^•--'.t *m]}' * t fhilith-^u - oi-T[r,i^ ,.u-, but 
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eooBDiw in IjmpbntHT lenkiuit It cotuticAA of ^nrooUr fiauliw 
VttTin^ fron bait an laHi Ut Twnral iachn* in daaiH'fr, Ibr hain 
of wlUufa )(3ok dry, vriUtumL and aa if ttiltbI«L off nt n «ImiH 
tMaiU)^ from Thn n^p 'Hio puMtA it tli'- Arhfwi.m fH^hfintl. 
{jyiBopki^Um i ami in ilhiIiIk in a pxh) lif^liL, a]tjKi<tfiii^ Idea 
ponid«nd volpbur "vtn-o cbloru^jvm bn^ bomi applied 



TiftM dfiMlfUid (AkfpAdo areata or Prurigo d«0ali»iMl 
«Mn of mcootht dnnUr ^leUhtM of perfwi b*klnraf^ i|ciiU |i 
vf wi«b]» Bur- — Iwlf »u iiich ta two toclutt or nvrv ui dUoKiv, 
Atid of vluch tbun- nmy tic atrvrnkli tho dimotfo »« aOMWtiiar?^ ^'-^ . 
in jormif pfTBono, cWtSr ici eirii% bnt U movt ooatama in *i^l <:l 

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oomb Itiiij^Tumv U i:oiDiunDof% wLi-ei Uu> fiLU/iiti i* aImiuI wr«ct 
jTMTB of «^ »ik1 tfi duuinHKunt l>x i^v |irt«oiie* i^f iviull rttM 
or Milpbw ooAonU ^qpfiott rrujO** whidi cioftlwtt Mkd ^vt> nv W 
m JiotJi*jooial> ftppooruio*, or rairuun i»q>M4& It b oonUgteb 

Tiltf4 VMiiojIur {l^iijfriajrM vcriiitxilur or fft/iMHiil) nwjTiiwtiUM 

•wvvth', tAi^M^e I'lc'TAtod. ilr^-. ru^ffk i^tfibM of « Eftwu-ookr 
artM, hotuuwtmt luriujr &t Uw vUgw, lutd fftvm whieli bnuuiy fiuaW 
ou (■* ndibnl olT; tliiiy w^iir on Uii» di«t, iLljdoiti«&, ami &nBA, 
tw^ ill «uw froii] lluit of ■ LwioiCv £n< n-»l pocrn lothoL^if tW 

tinM ratM rarw^UHl DfujilruiT or Liirvr -«piM«. Thm |4vMto 

hi I iitiuTi of tbr* to-lr fuTonklilvi to tbit 

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IrriUtMD of the nldu cauwO by vuinajt |iiiri>r' 
cUmhhI iw ■ pimuDtic diiHH^n Thii< tli«r* it Ui« Ij hi 

by tbn Pr*iimta4 capitis \ha%-llom^t, uAmi noMniati*! w\\ 
£ttH<nui fti».l ollw>r «kiu dtf W tf x; b^ ih* /'. j>ai/wbraniv <kiiW9 
tko«iii*'liiUK li}'/', ivjOiiurji/i tUxt^-VAiKK); \n PlkthiriuM ii 
cUs irr^t^loKMB^U by /*iiiu /TiirfnuM iClai^or^ lui iuMMttf 
Wtnt Ldi)m*s i^bidi cUf<*lly ftllacle> tb<^ Ivw 14- iti^oa 
Utmi, u bWk. <mii»M iFitiri-iai' ittibui^, uihI cvi^q t-'ld^rfei I17 /"Ml 
«mfi»tf Itlv i.<«MuiiHJti llitaft; by Cimfj" (xhn biigh by L^it^hrit 
datfiiMiJifiiiJi iborrnAt-lruKlt M^ii^ in cniiuiNic m fCTWA tti BOtanMi, 
mij'L K>*ltui|{ i>» lo till- tioJir tit iiuuk, Uiuogi i-sODeidiii|[lj BLOttU. 
^idjUtu^* iralrrtoi"* irnl«th>« nf tiw ^Uu, otc; 

l;uiliY IbiM biMul kli<[» cuiMM tmUUoa f^Mii Ihii tfia^ af Waip^ 
lk«>s oUL, Urn traaU&nBt of vbJcb nuy bn tniu^d io 

iron— TJiSATXKAlT. 


tbo BckiQXiAo or Kjh.£4i;c clnoa of parMtie diivwwv, pxceikt irluo 
owociiitAd with truv ddn ditfoosa £i\ui tbvD. oomci ItmiUivqI 
■» cftan Hucendnl 

Strict o-lMiiUoMt tlw» tn«^ "iie of enp iLr;d Mtbor, b • #in# 71U1 
WHO. &ii4 la M^ipv «fl»Hii iDHjr be aIium' MifUaiMU; but if MHxindMi 
l>jr tlifl* tt{f>lHilkjii of Sulpliunvun or dJab* CiLrbolio Acid, dtbur 
a? B lutkn or bj oprAj^ a euro will coftnialv bn offoctcd 

I^iA U tb» bent r6«odj for Uu^womi of tbo ■eiitp, tuid if 

( < i< nniL SiiTph. fJicnilii nlMt U- reiiHifDhprvd fts QmIuI 

Ittumikv, eiiiiibuiMl villi UjrjfiMiiv uiMKunn, lu pnKniriutf wxl 
n-cainias a li««JlJix ocnditioa of Ja^ bIcuv 

i^ur tht mvboralot bead-laon and Uiutr aiU aotiuog iv ddoto 
•ffvirUtv Uuui a tr^ l»« of ouitiDniU oC wbitu |ir«cipiUti> of 
UvnTury, foll/nrnil bj' fp** viiHUing, 

rr('V4-i]livf- MiMns.— K'rfivt h^kbitunl i-lraoliiMwi, imd inopMr 
oU-'iktiotk U> hvolUi. 

8cablf«i Itf It. 

l^'ltflition."A ooatagiomt di nn ap^ eliuiicl««iK*d by a rmA- 
cdIu- imiftSna, |>n-»imiti|C ntuiu^^jui urktiir^ makal |>ubpln, wUit 

iMw?«tiftlJy ott ih** burrowing m tlio tkin of a minnto pnranto — 
Sam^Am hvmtnut or AfAr*t» «nWi, or It«ii-itk«o«l. 

Ii lipnp^U q:ti«k3)' anxiajf il^ dirty, \mt 1»> h^rom* tnncli 1«a 
fhM|aiEiit aoiijag^ liio piur niiKw tlioy liuve (-tijcijml tii>U4irdiet 
Wajulli <dJivub9 Um tail4;% tix^ tbejr sprSttd to uUi^r (■htk'Uts 
lUivpmif imdiir tJtv oaiuv U'lkJuUKo. 

Tlwi nuJcooif of tbo ftjmptania dof^ectdft 00 tbo atunbcr of Uio 
|iAraKit*u prmmc, ih» U^tffh of Uaaa tbo |)oti«<it lLa« b««a aflbotod, 
aiuL th« d^^pvm ik( M'Tifiihililjr li thn »dtui. Tbndavav laaj ootnir 
gn ftuv jKLTi of tbt< liiid>\ l>ut t^iTtirmlJ} ofltcta dtttical* p4rt& audi 
«i tbo tltici «iiu lit iliu iIl-uuw of tbo juidU, tffpmiaJij tba wmLt 
mmI Ifertnun the fkicvr&t tbe laaiaaw, iibd tbu poauw lii t^uldmo, 
tivbattoctastbBinci-rliiivof tiwAoJool Uw fool« ib^uik^a^ 
tb^ paJm of Ui« luixi nn^ mtut iafBctod. 

TruaUuterllt. — tn our nwu pvaction «o bavv fvuid Uid free 



A« triAOcI luiil it* in«. Xhet tLomn^j mh^nug tb» ^rful* 
wiUi ■ofl-dOBp vul wuns wiitrr, tUodt vwd^titf in n bcrt IndL. 
vritfa hot wttAT, a&d w)piii^ iborodghtjr (trf, th» Mf«rtflial 
•Ibto oollhk u remcmd, luail thn tmmws kud |>ttnaiUM 
wpoHfd; tbe ol[iUDfinl ttbonM Uim Iw woU rebhMt ta anil nl 
\0 rraftia do tbfli Iwdjr «!D niglil On tti« followinit nmniiii): 
tepbd bttth, Tisinj; ytUow toapv to v«ifa <iff tliu uintiDeat 1i4l 
owvnifltt, «ompk^« tbo corn If tho npptimlioa of UkA 
isani and Hid aUniioiw b* noi Uuvoogli. tbo [irao u aiw slionM 
re|M«iL«1 nmw or twion. Snlphnr-otnttannt nniit not tw eootin 
too loQi^ otr it wPI pnxtnoD no irritiililf* icUlo of Uii> sldu. wUd 
iMX be mifliikMi for n ponutaano (>f ihf Sit^am. Tbt ftdAcai*' 
tntkn of SulpbuT. ^Lmug t^ ii«» of lli# oi&leimt and fir tvit 
(V tbrw da^ ffahv<(|iu>iHlt-, tn iwnnitnxnilfd. Onuit MshaUuM 
RkiQfi ara [katuniL cuiva tif Ilirk AIL ixitttaialnHtMl lin^iii nSitsild 
bo pvt ifilo hoUioi; vroteri otl>er i^araicate ohould Ikv wi<1L bw^l 
with a Ifroi iroQ, l-^t o&po*od U> liot nir a( n t4.<r:i[H*ralurv tttA \rm 
than 150 d«R. ot 16^ ilui;. Kakr, oqr wdl f(iiiUKftl*d "lUi Um 
vv|M»r of Sulphnr, to dvctmy luur iiMylji or om moomIM i& lh» 
tntcaro of lh4> Udml Tlin ram is nftnn rvtarilHl. and tbt- ilU«ww 
qo OT o j « J U udiiini, by iwglwtiag to aarry oat thaw ntsgoatnca 

IrritAtltiii CaiiHed hj SCittsJnx IniiectH tuid Plftiit4. 

Tho malt ccmamn intmji-ti^nfpt and HU» luv tboaa nf 
irB*|\ Bf«s llijrant, fiiwt and 3fTi«|iukk TfafW^ tboQieli paiufi 
arv out MTioiw rxci^pt vrL«m a te<kdicr part, fir wMtint or lsa.\ 
taat origata of tha body u all^cMi or wtwo Ibr AnJtirJbdtr 
tbo WMUfla hi Ml |fn«t M to prodar'M ^*ri*'nil iif wwyf: 
Una. Tbw a inan luA liMW itong 1o ilforh ^naubnn 
•Wv III bH«; wbru tlid irr* f« i<uti|f Uiv* ooowijiiavm* ai« 
liabAi; Ut liv »rrioa?<; atid u Mn^ In IL^ pliiUT&jt, as froai eiwallo*' 
in^f » ]«Mwi of tHNM-7<tici»li wtih ii ht«^ ortwt^Kl tbtf in, mar W 
yuTf (UoiCWDuv. AIciMjujto *la(^ ar«> poooliarlj fmtatu<|C, aod 
vrbmi notiB-nxu^ ponoo tlio hlixMl, |«i«ltirtii^ Drrvnoa <to|irMrioi 
ami ^[m^i Mirilo imtntiua. Smw- iivivCa, im Hmq^iv^ tr flv 
IVaoluU in lulya&d honik Aarrka, giro fimUi iaon» 
ttod Pirwn fnUU <liritiirb«uoa or fftnpor Ivy tfaair IuUl 



Id bo« conotsm, Tiuicnut other inmct^ b«>u<]M the niiifli|Ul(oi 
n«ii, imd itro HooreM of imUikm and vtnojiiBooi "for 
animal, iiuwrl, <;r r«pti1«>, in tb« wsrm«^ buxl*, ia dMn 
lod for lh» toinrity niiil piigniioiodBiUML'' Tha sat, #«piieUl)y 
ID liliirk anU aiul tbn mrkmeclt, are cionunoa aivl TroiiblrviiiMi — 
Uiv lattnr <t4wcuU]j' on bunnl alii|>. It ntUcka tbo tun ijf imrwjctn 
aajMp, Aod tliiB no tiku4:o4iiiIj that tbt* tJ«^r U not anriJnrDoi) 
Wilfl tbo qtiick IB rooeliuil nnd tJi« blood dovrK. Tbn oydjixiwii, 
■0 vdl B« ill* l«i-n«i)>if )in« bUo liAhla to KQlTirr, nn1«M pnoi«eud. 
TfiMiliKtilngs ■^'i^ UvHV of ithnr plftntA, do oat tiunm mo^ 
dkttubwMw bmidett tlw local imlaliut]. 

TrCAtnient^ -L«iin>D Pdurti^ b Hi^ mo«l BWful reofeedr icr 

ootniuon pUdi^ &q<I bit4<«L U sbonJd bo RpplWl lci««Uj, in n 

dilntod fona— 'tv^ooty >]roipt of tbo tincture to bijf k irirjo glim 

of wttM. Shmild Tj<^. not bo nt hnnd. Rb» or limn-vntfiT mty 

httrab^tVtMl If Euitlif^rof tbrnv r««ipdi<H K'liTatlnlilfs yiff/un 

Cfpa (the common i>cijoq» tlioald bo promptlv uj>plied; a pitcu 

cut off nnd ttt o«>C4> pLft«od on tlf^ wound Indi>i>d, Dr, BiU ow* 

110 other mnnl; tliao this for rtin}^ otc ; if tito pUo» of ooioQ 

tm chnofttHl ttVffoy fcrw nijnnloft. ihij i>atti, ba taj^ dhpinwjwft 

immfldJAUOr. (!iun|ii)L iJao U luvfuL If tbi?n«l» nxicii awpfUnift 

■■juj« sbonid W ^iven. Aoou. wilt ppfwdilr Tdnovr frhrilr hjiu[>' 

^^KoA For Voao«uon» nnd Foi«oflwd \r<nxndis no*> Uj^ nriL 


^^ Ai^iH^flS'Try M*'J»Mir?^ —If n wnsp f* oth*r ctirififlng ■<(>*<<« bf» 
<-nu-w i>f th" tn«iM>% i>uuniiwtio4j niiist Im iuad>* fur ll«» ttlpg, 
tluH VI oftfji loft in 1L« «>otUHl; it pr^s^nt. it mnsi bo rmfnl!)- 
^t^ tiio finffcn otbym pair af JLuspouitod fbrovpsi IF 
"hm dono, and tbo itiiv hm cntevod tlie Mkin pcspun- 
tlttrif, ihp j'mncnro of a ikiibII 1m^ mny bo Irvid: th^ cont«T ot 
1;o1rt iJifJiild Ivt pldAFcl ovi*r ibi4 UTmtwl nrirlnnn^ it, nnd vuiB- 
fLtl jii^^v^urc fiijoiili! In UHxL wLi^n. jinibiUv, tliv ftin(; ^t bo 
4Ktt Tbo wound «IionM tb^n b» vdl vtdpnd to<«tnkCi 
wcok;. tiA ditvotoH lu tlic m<xt Hv«3Ui>n, Aft^r tliin, UftA lotion 
,jdurald bo n|>f)}i«td; iiif, if tho pniTi Iw mry gn«l, liOt fwnag ilj t fc jBi fc 
ltfa«iqttltoi« tdsy bo |in*viTii1«l from trmililtDj^ In tbo ntgiUi hv 
Ing tlttf ptti:iiQtic<i of rabbiittf ft lilUi* npinU c£ ivnifibor on 
baDd» b^foro 0Oin(f |i> rvoL Tbn U mid to b« a Q«rta£a 


TRB riMii^x Docron. 

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Uun tttcttl AM prtAMilioa froia iiuwot MuUoil Hi* luocki 

ancvf 'V twio* ilnili, T]j» CuclnruikcHoA tif hat diauUf-' 

got lid of, it b Mid. bj Uiniiiitr Uw UxUcu of iwo or lbrv«, v>d 

letting Uma ti« ftbo«t; tli* snoJl dritw tba tv«l uwmj. 

iXaciu^ gt-tionil fijri]i|4cEiiiii, *m proytt^ailui^ iudliDuuAlJuu to 
l)*rU of tU bcdj-" 

ftTtinul* — SiLJhki=^ ^niTjii^Ds **^' hy ankula hftfflig 

dtfAttv; hy ilumj uiLiiaI RMitt4>T; by inurbiO -aivntlicjcs; hy tog< 

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fi^qncibi «r* viubomutu in ft Tmriiibl* dqgro*, ftoairdjq^ to Uiclri 

l^lpiks; tiditirv |iroiln(N> liilUnj&tntton n{ iht* UiQf{»; utbi 
iImiUi b/ nUiW imlMJCUllif. Or hy \hv uiLbuulL^ uT dUTuv* InAftBL- 

tuAtioii which Uicx <*^>^ 

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titi* iiork, tmm*il]jit»1y brliini iLi^ hund, and by Umt ^p'WHfql 
tbtmi ftod bnUiant ocdun; ftbo 1v Lbi*ir baring two l*aUi in Uh 

Tn-jitDi(riit, Tl»n iaunodMl* Imlmftil of poiMXiod vooa&k 
hii^ly imporUuilt «»pf«uillT if Untiy fwolt Eruiu IL«> Ul«ti ot 
uanoiM r*>pt Jmi* 

(1) TImi HtkC i>hji.<-t To 1m itttAiiiiiilt^L lA ftmwt of Uw 

,i|ir-ru.*iJ 0^(1 tii0buarl Whii« Uii* U buiii^ doo«, if iMMiMo a 
'•»i?>jii*l i^rvoo •ho^Utl tfxtnut tbo ponxi m soiQiitftod in Um 

(lij Tilt* wmti'l hI»<niIiI t»« xrjt'Lnl wilh all Lho foie* jtiM,; 
gap floquiAuU ■ or if w*a14u Unit -a iuTtwif. nil sttiv 
do it lor hoD. No iUiv«<r MnAat to Ikv [M<rwa Uiiu "^^"^f 

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of ittt Ixrdy 
(S) ALcnboli ill niiy of ibi tnniiB — linuid^. wbbkr, gia* rt<v — 
(li&j( to Dr- HIUS li'^ttinuiuv. rlioiilO In Jmuk Utk^I/ Ii>~ t^ 
it Hi^inyji: ^' Lrt him drink it trevlf. njclU ormoroUft 
ti&Ks oQM £n fifloon ot twputj BiiniitM (oir noM doM» ofteoar^ 
. naifl Mm* spBptooiH of inUmfmioc nm vxpi^iAnaiil * * It 
mnftrlnUi> liotr mncfa alrotio) ft |«1l^it HuTuirinf; trtim Uw 

liVALiii uf till- lCalt]f^^iiLi< will lirar A 1:ttl^ u\rl of leii ^van. 
wbo bjwl Ivna bjttMj \ty k Itattinbnak^ took Qffr Umv qniuii* of 
aitobjc wbislc> m tcHAtiiAn a dftjr^ whCEi bui stii-lit Enin|itu«H 
inUnbo&tioD iiT<*r%> |Trrw!aocvl Sbo n«oTi-n^l ft-oni Ibuo KTrop- 
'loa« ill ■ frtw buuni, :vm1 rtiffepM iwj tncint from tbi» [himoi of iIia 
TC^fMit Tn^^lnocni of oanw with ^liiidtj Mm atuuAruitiA, «ai1 1 
luiT»iicnTL«vid of n failnn^ wb«Q it wfti iubmI rt* h^r* 4ireot«d. 
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Att^tar DfiformUy or the Spfni^— KyphiMiii— LonlfMU 

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dvCnnoity auir aol bocvMou iruniooDt till ft'lalt Itf*. 

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Cftr)i«-i:^ Ami lini rjIlttBiri^ ri<ai(nti«« W ndmii^ Mi^rrU wt inufy 
iDfMt ftppropruki'*: -C^lc.-l'hu--. Cnld-C, A£>>rbaH.,l^L, Ilnp, 
ItalplL. A<M(f., Mot;. «>t£. (Sn> iJ*4 Ilia SMikm itt *" K<nr«la.*') 






Ofu^ tnipoftaol teLortf of tb» UvMumuI is io r«liim» IW |jm«- 
0IU9 oti the disMMd boDM aod cartUaffWi u&d M> »oanmpJiaii ibatti 
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roquirfid. OoDormiii, nnCvitioiu di«t mtut bo ip^pn. vul dokto- 
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to» VBatbvr, witfa toitobl* Pupportiii£ appuatna. «him]d bo 

Lat«i-ml Curvature of ttu* Spine. 

rVfiuilion. — Au iiicJiuxlitJiu uf Lko it|im« frum iUe natural 
ervict form to Uip rifflit cr loft aiilp; eJueflj affecting t«-zu«>(yi froni 
4bo*iL lb«> aico oJ U*a to uxbwu or upwvnlB. A mifrft*uri> m mmI 
to bo nght or loft aoeot\lU^ as tbt' cooroxitT of Ibo nirro i« 
Uvwanl ooo or otbnr u\6ik IIm* i^m» miiiiw a douliJu nirvitturu 

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ioUtfttfd prim&nr; ihm other \^ a ooEnp«nMtoT7 cnrro ia ifat 
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dirvaiiDA aod k t«ni)e<l Mooodny . 

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fitid JitBu twmlinl m ita Uiog luis^ outf of ibei wiUHifa', ur oiu? aidn 
of thn hoHJiu, |iavjvcb^ juid tba ntibt dboulcliT and lifilU bmIo of 
Ifao ciusl art* pn>t«mAliumUy hi^tb and rjiu^iyl, whjJc tfav oppodlo 
8r9 dgpc» Mftd and ttsbcaro^ ComMpuodia^ljf tbn Uft bip pro- 
JactA, and tii* lodo on tlio njj^ht ddn U carrod mtrArdA. 

l!^aH%— Spinal curriUuTi* ai« r»i1iljr prodiio^l, aepeciall; ia 
vmkly palisDt*^ by ixcopatioKui and pwliaaea tLnt Uti. odo aidt- ol 
tbe body KIOTO than tb<> otbMT; bad pcxIniacivlukwiniiLK. irodit^, 
wrrtiiiff/ drawini;;, readinf*, pla>'iiie tbe pfftau, ndio^, oart^iufta 
^ild oQ dDV arra. and iu tho«i«tf<^bio of niftajldcwWot hoodiiraHL 
Ktvci bad puecUmn \a lyiiigr xiftu4{i '^ idaoding am IUbl« to 
GWiM Lateral Unrratorvv All ootapobooa wbicib n<qiiin Um 
nittng of aoo «hotik]«r bUda and arn, aUfaljng al ««aa oft ooo 
1«^ cTCMtD^ ti>p Ifffl. fdttinif QQ o(t» »da of tba eoatt Irantng; on 
on* hip; vant nf aiimtnuDiid opob-air ei«>«eKw; tigTit droww; 
tttji^and bddioM with atffvl* whalebone, or iroodiai aopporlat may 
opnratfl «a ohmm of cvratare^ Ooo lt*e being abortor than tlui 
otikei^ waUcit^ with oii artilkriui 1^ ILp-joint diaeoMv lit*ckaK 


THE rAMILV iMxrroft. 

oibjiUhu owngidkUidiiBi. TIih nuKjiu aptramdi ttf ttUdi 

tbft eonproMibilUx ol tbn inlorvm*1jrftJ traMsnor^ «hi«k in 
«oimMa»Noi tbtU fui iMiiilt i^sTvii^ Iomm aUoqi half jui iA«J> (rf 
b«>igtit afior IwTir^ Iw^ in thn cnxt pMbm* idJ day, «nd 
001 rvf^fn Tt lit) ArifY Iph htiH liMn lylog hi rwl far Mttnl koiBi 
Now 09 i^e umleii tLickuvw tit tbc uit«rr««t«l]ml adbitauc* io a» 
adult i# nboiit 3,Sj& ineboi^ we v*^ UiM tfapj lo4« nmrly <»»- 
«i(^th by tl>4 day's coiuprcflsiou, mod Uw* iMnail nwiltonrrr u not 
moTviEvtl QEiti! mfT«*rboiUTt or imL "Biit If tbe «i4|rti* of tW 
bciiljr fWlU niiM^mdlT on ibfl \iirti4««i ilny nlirr 6aj, it tnivt W 
arkleol tlui( tli>-j w:U Ivcnim ootnprttMad tio dm udn man Umd 
OQ tfao otL«>r; iin<] tlmt if tbcir oloivlictfy bo impairBd, «id Ui^ 
tovadue Bod liKiuu^ilfl bo wi>ftk, ftfnl U>o tmena hoO, ■« iKvy vi m 
jrouujf tMnor>* wlio 1ttT» luit * MLllldacH/ of rrofth ftir, «bot«M«i» 
food, uhI artlTh mnvt^B*. Uea ljil4Tftl dlMortkn will baeon* 
pvnoAxaivt'* f fiiMhop), i-*|ic«ially la & groiiiug. i]eticiU« pvtiaoL 

TmtlUtrUl.- Thio tatwt t>(*tiotboaii5titvtioud«Ml tocoUud 
htt n^W\^\ hy tbf tMtuns i?«tvDt, and cflDM of lb» diteituty. 1/ 
tomaMHI in ivif>l4«t4>il, mrviiliu<>s lKiv»v<i4r st^bt, will nvrtai&iT 
gut «nn«\ fur Uim hrmiiui^ OdTtliillty i>f Uw *|bino iu jonUi, wbil# 
it ufFrnf n UvOTabtv <y;tiilitiuu fur CTjn<i, «<<4iulJy tt-nib to «d w^gr^ 
TviioQ i>r tlio dvConaily it tnMttiftrtiit U ntyltxlaid Faribi>r, m 
hcv<ily of iLo coltuntt jbcnM<4« wilL ^wrs »o tb^ ftfOB f w < l of 
ImprurciiDvnl dJMLQUuift; m Um <amA liia«\ uul for Umi «uv 
iMaoQ, CurMiinn i>f loag «umlta|{ uv I«m IsLrly Ui («Tvur wtvm. 

1. Rrui^if*^— CiUc. l>hu»., Cftk^-C Ac PU»..&i. Sti]|4u 
«U^ RitDninllj. % irtfftk Ainit^ LioraMOii mj W hmnL * 

2. Habits --^'•oociiiB Uiir»nUwi? i* d«4enHj a r>h>ttgr uf h^ 
b dvnnblA^ Wurfcor ■tuilrUioQJdb^ndiiiqtUAhod orUuBim-t^^ 
and nil tn#«*am> fi«* atrtwigUuvutig Um maitibitioo mnpk^^ 
Ouvfiil ftttaviliuii vbuvU W paiil tu «Uitaclo; ommIi iwt *Aiuk1i1 W 
ULvi in llw n«EUDl>Hit lUflhEri^ vo u to tnfat lh» woigfai 
bAftd and piM>iUil«n olT tW npibiiL 

K. Hjjrlnt^.-^OiXMl <U«i iaoliuling in *oai* omw 
oil; pvrvi Air, if i-MrfbLn «mw cw tnmmudn ur; batUag tba 
bottr> «i^ Oipaiblly die b«ck, wiUi ooJd Mlt-wMBt, Jiaikiw«d \rj 

«CftOFC10CS J>lEiEAiiE or T0B tlir^OtVT. 


irlgoniini frictiixi; iiniAttmw iitiitc«K] tjf n Umthat Iw>i1 lo «Wp Oih; 
iwtx lioim for Mmag^ oQ^ rmirii^;; Tono, cfk«jr. ood li^bl ctotb- 
ta^ MpoeiftUy avokUo^ kLot^ lii;iii-1iliui^> bootH, ^Brt^tii, «kv 

Ui« open cir^ or iu n wtU'VocililatM rooio, iiiuit bu ictDlLif^Uy 

pu nn lo bong tin* Jolt ATU nod \t^ iulo pl>\v. &iul \io ouuUi plcouuit 
mlMT tWi iHaMMwv Tiiui in an impnrtiuil put gC Uio inwUatfcU 
TI»o «xorciA«» must Iw |H«Kiiit4>d in foir • oooffulorablft tiow, w Um 
dOMtwl ttlftuew cnn oolf bo grmtlanlty lirooglit «boitt. Tlur 
ptttianl ii6»A) ngnlar Enp^rviKion m c^^rrvrt ib<» wiou* thoilf 

& A|ipliaaced.— "M«cluuiiic«] support" 00 il ia tmaml. U 
Kvooir «vfr UMoaMi^t Ubil l« oflcci po^xlnetive of Ibr ^njnt 
nwulU. UftcbioM tro «urutruri«d «0DD«tliiAf; Uk« Afftvi, tutviog 
ftMMkl bfttid ]Kbwtiig rocmd Uio liip* nrid nhdonkoo, idmkl md% 
iTtttc*b-bQEAL)«iis •*■£■ Tlivaa nttuinr uTtrvriii^' npur ndjwiii;^ o^toct 
ur lwiou« wv»k b}rA«|>fciiili0t, ^n uutfituvtboloMttwuiiitniiiMDta* 
atKl iu>oordiiic to <mt ofaf^rrftUonfl iufcrafiifj tho cnla from wUeh 
tbo |ifttii£bL ottUcni. Tq Hi. n lurUou ^^l tku Uxlv, wUidi oaUim 
iiitaniliKl to be uuMit mobiU^ immtyrtHy in cuv uf tb«sti marbtttn^ 
Qiit imljr iniurfi'jui wiUi 1)ii<» ntupiniUiry imitoiDnnlii, Imt •tw^ittA 
ami itnlirt«{u^&Uy iilutiojr» iBit*c«lAr power, Uint power oo wbkili 
vr» n'ly for mttJnUuiuti^ Ujo ^roei ponCoro vrfagci tawibiMiat in m»- 
pt'iMtnL Vtn Lavo ro|)gttlihd]j ftdriJHvl Ihn mcDOv&l ul lbnA» 
tuiM*biiu«> umI adopi«d mtioanl nMWiarH nnd EreainxMil, 10 ]b(» 
gnwt n-littf ur pottiOM, vul ilititr tni]»e<|u«ui early racuvei^. 
(S»"Fruildm ou SpkoMX CtarutuivJ") 

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tbe i)m<«w amouim ui acttfo Ions. 

SytaplODU.— *nio fini diMiikctm vjvikloiBi «»*-«liftbt p«ii« 
dfaji^y r*l«nvHl t4> tha kaoOf buoMiffM, Mid wowiuml Ttucr* 
luny Iv t'viw slight fi'MwHIr'tr i^ '^i*^ 1''t»^^ K*''^ **' *^^ rvim^dM 
ttre fifi'^r. njifilioil l»'rt% (ml tlbv iliwvifflt t^ id llift Iiijl T)i1m inaj' 1i» 
|ffotud b/ pnsbuig viUicr m £rubt uc bauk uf tLo kup-joiat. ur 1^ 



h«u|, vluiD piiti mil Ixt /uH ifi tbo bip^ Ad tlie dii<i 
tbit atom <tt (iia ttffuctod iidn wuta and booona fUlitiy; Ul* ttab 
U nbrirlniv^cL tdtliiv lif nihra i>f thn wck of tiip Wftn', or bj 
dninii-uiitk of Um> li/ impntii of Uu* Jnint wbd Ooow«tiifnii dkloa- 
tion of ibv jiAul npvrnfd od Um d^r^u -i /WL llK-ne U Innrrinrfl 
foUnou ikboot Uie LmU tile p4iaa taflra m > io eorm^, «ap«n«ll7^ 
■tiiigtdt ■n>dlbar»U9 oftMi (ituliDKxrf tli« limb dorltift 
AIJc«Mi!« fonn. nnil Atlnnranl l>unit on din nsbs or ffnito, 
bvnov det^jr luul itiMlur^ tbtfir coul^mla into Uui WflnaLl 
Wfttftiutf tit tie litAia of tlifl ofleotod «m1« 10 o&A of iLv iHlfl 
qmptonaa of libf^neiA <*f Urn bipu 

TIm> dantkiD of UuidiH«u» fftniki from two or Utrw moDfthi 
B^venO j-mun. Rnt it k mncli modiAnU Mth t» \o ita ili 
■bd n*piitltjs I17 ^iillful UMitTD««it, 

WUiU* Switlliii^ \A Uii> jomts j9 B JjtattJH of ttmU&r 

lV4'Alin''IlT, -'Hio modinnn tikcJr to pn>v«i bcnoinUl 
Aeoik., Bolif Uoloa, Ud|w£^, Attd A», in Ui* fiftrtr fUgv oi 
tUiKi«ip; fnr nfmnl upopUtta^ Ct\C--tXt ^t* An<] I^'>^ Wl 
Abnrvwau bnnt fununL wad mtppnmUoii m tMtAlilUfawl, Ibv 
noDl rvooBuuMidvil lu U>m ix^ii SiM^t&oij iv appropptiftUs. 

Acecsvory 'rmit]m-nt.-B<Mi, mtii tbo li«h in artiviflit 
potlmitfi ftud abwooo of nrticolar pTMsmra^ IW Mlof bMnfC iii\ri>' 
»liljr, th* inrv* tniporunt «b<iKftt: *tuBieftl ApplianoM ni« twe^- 
nry lu Uumrw iL TU» i1m4 vbooUl bn noHmhiajt bDiI tnelad* 
Co4-litvir oit Ihm nir, and At|iuciiilljr a i^iuii2» to lite a«ft-«id|^ 
vrill #3podii4> ilic «um If AbcwM fonn, tbof dbuoJd b« brpi 
frvM from fmtur b)- isuuob of CariioJie whd. 

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rlf^vvti-d -mtlhht a mic or rp* of orv*iDu>^ Ij^pbi ^twl Mii-fibBd 

{fti .IrWhr vltoo Mi ooomtQCMi wilb tbrubli<n|f pftui, IviffM md-^ 
Mvs uul cnvUii^of tin* |«irl; tbm «rtn|rioau ant mnmi fhUlrj 
by w q fpnTtfyw. wlisch U iiuirlHl ti.v im oJUmlkm b tbv wlor 
ibfl ftkln. hmI n cku^ n^ tb-* rbRnarv , ' tbn polo, tfc» 

lirid, Mul tlw Utiiv lev acute, bdt« rmtbvr Ml fts 4 



nrmlfTn of waght nod tAnnoa, " kltatt thk, thA f«rl« Imwmio 
iht^ Ab«ffff«i nni] thD Enrfnm Iwnnmi* fnbe mu ivt*\y uifto:!^! vid 
dieiutegnltHL TIm ttituor twxMUMi xuun* aiJtl uimro prusiiiwoti 
tbe roulvT i>xhit<tls a <lm»ky'r«Hl ur bjtiinb Unl, the cntid uJooratei^ 
tbv cutidc LruntlB, tLbd Um }>uii uocap««L But whi'n? pue b Bunaod 
tiDd»r d«DMt [mchi, or daop in Uio bri—t o; polm. Mid cannoit 
finieUj niaku ibi wny to tba miTf>a\ th^ puin ui noi nil]«nml, but 
murh aggrav||^«l 1i^' Hit* iiicrwiMj* of 4UhUiQtk>n; ^nd the oODMltu- 
tiauttl f«iver aiiU cliiU^ mrv mnch toorv iatflriM-" (£)ncAI)b 

SnctiUtuiD btrUkR Biioaru or Ims miirked B<vunliUff to Um tluttaiicv 
from Utu tforfaof*. Tb» iniliuiuuitoTT Hj^mpujuu of thtv amitv 
Tiuipty nm AltnKftbfT nbMint, ituliaai tlift UiiwtuHi bu fur ijcItuxvicI 
or ncritlcTDtflUv imt*i<«d, 

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Wb«l«W p*ndHl«at iaflami&atnary o&lJurgNsnnt vkd tMhdflRim 
vxut uH[j«wiiLlJjr Lf It can tw trao^ to an fujurj^ ft&'l tlipn^ iB • 
fiiiid pftin R& UDO pftrtieular a^xAt wbidi is inCTBivnl ni niglit 
The lot^ pmiflbffiictt of noolk iiymptiotnf^ in ipito of retnodMVt 
ftUluaffh tlKfo i»»jr W ocomiouaI nnuHMicu^ BlnMMct ct-rkioljr 
todkwtoa lb* axucaocp of a arioattnoribaJ Abse«M ja lhi« boBa, 
arfatoh ofl^n nv|nCTVA mr^uw) nmitfirinH for iu ttAM kiwt nvm 

ifuiHui'iry AbacuM— ^ntbiMn^d brraiM — m 0|]«ctii]]jr ItmUihI of 
ia IVrtIT, 

i 'nn*JP!i. — A h »w*M>ti wilh fov cxocftiow^ nrv iiuLiciilin of 
ftttLviiinfioanl <lT<bilitir, and oru A fifquMiL iMqut-] of low iiibanrt 
inff f^ti>T>. HouufAiiniM tiifty nvull fniui (ilmni. or frori fom^ 
bDiiJp* ifUrLKluod inia iho hkin or tank — s^Jiulnnw tbnrtin, c^. 

Di^itiwiil bozitt. B9> iitAb<d nboTo^ mair catia* Abwow, cv iiiduEi. 
toMtntj otilnn^iat'fit of a pot^ 

K)HFuUI<- of Tmilin«fBU— L Bv/arr Suppmratkn. ^ XtiOii,^ 
B«ll.. or M«im tint MtnnttMj w^ a lotion of tbn nanaa recnady 
■M idiut:iM«ml amy he ivwl IocvIIt. 

S. I^urina AijspMnafton,— H*^-8>* Sil. Ain.. Cliin^ 

:(. Aft'^r SfJiifi^rfMtiitH- —C^k, C, (^in^ A&-l'hc»L, Bolpk, Mio^ 

I^^juUll^r luJimtions. — H^Twr ,VHlj>A.»Tbi« TOUudy pro- 
taotoa tl>H Biiiiininftivu iwurmt in acqIji AImmrkw, and b gamraHy 


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Siii<r<i- — Tanlr, Jong^'CootiDiied. or 
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lfa>0, or nadtnU« it wbuo c-ionam. 

Jtf^fwn'ttj.^l^iDftil Abwr«tc«^ wMli copiona Smhmrtfft of tkkfc 
mftttav; rbilllc^m, n'tih tfairvL uui iMMrlarnA] «fcgr«Twliiiu vi 

BfJIii A wiwa B ftTta^ pain>v hoftilncbo, juwl rondi cubvlitmii 
A'*§wnUmm. — Sovora UumHic |)ua, wiUi cynptoaw irf g«i 

mmt. — Wm^tnsn followjitjf prolonfod iliiHgLW^ 
bcm dxoMcarci dkcfaai|rf) of valtor or blood. DiarrlMcttL, 
jpvoUr mudiiiiw tho cowtitnlitNi dnriog mppmrntJcurk 

CnlftitNt. - Tliin npBodv ^sUtfl Iba fatwling rd tb* Ai imi 
■flw fiijifwriUioo « nmk|kl«4««], niitl Uji« HiiDmaiJOQ cil ilii>i«« 
fimiD Lbo ounetitaLioo. 

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of Hem. with tliif btl^a, fco^l O(;V0TiQ^ it with oilvUk. Tbft 
Ulw^Jng vboitUI Kt rittimrM tvro or Umw timiv « dnf - 

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of OpUUIv, ft lilx^ral fttlovDOoa of ti>jiiriAhiii^ food U of grcot 
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taat^litTJ: oynK forrnvd 0:1 raw or i»oro of th«« tcndoiu of Iho bftck 
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VKuUhr, att>HMli>d with wMikbCMM* Init rmi frotn pain. 

t'nnsV'H^ — F!tCf>f-hM nriioti of iht- U^itlon, or of tli« Pttriuor 
iDiLvli? loniliu^ to the UhkIuu to ^liidi the Uul^Uuu U aUKJutfd. 
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TioUn-pkypt^ in wbon tho mnlaily ho* boni ^ouiincd to tli* bA 
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Bill liny nT»i T i^t iinfm -1 y^\ 'i^^:%<-Ty to this cIaiW of pHlWOItii. 

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wmt hy oon or nior^ rioK-ut l>luit« troiD a tliiclE took lo ni|ilQn 
1hi> ^^ aad CatUMt it«i cvqU*fita to «M«p» iii1<- r' iLading 

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Obttlty— IVimltnte. 

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VmI arouiMl tbe nrg^iw ol tbci body, ««> ns to ^J'tt-^**' n j'-n'Jtkti 
rM ioHnnsmoti tbu UoaIiIi. iw^fulitnMk or itickfurl \tt iiw nij^^t 
It in not a fMT^>rikl4ii fluoditjuii fur ttei»Utm i\iix^u\ 

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«bic4i tbo tjuiintily uf fat ut uot fru KT<»t oh 1o uuvvat to j"-> 

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vucf; rbilLkti-ti Am iiHiaU; fslU^r tliJtTi iwhilt^; «ft«r ilk^ maAMt 
fwriuil of lifi\ M olWtk acrtinmUUv iii cmimdartbU qmrntib^ 
Jti old ^:«<, buv^vQr, Um> ftUifiOM tknotv bimI tbv« fy it c< 
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Fool nch ID h/^vourbouoeoua lauUer; iur ulUMXiicb a ct^iaia 
anounl of siuii food i^ iMCMiftt^ lo ntimtiuii tlio icmpi^rBrtanr ol 
Ibfl btxly, if it be tokc'n in PX<?iaM, tucb itjoonM in oftisa tftoivd ii|) 
«■ C«£. KttM* t)f mind mid pr^pim of liodjr iir4> fymiliEionii Ui|{fa)y 
fAtnrablfi to tbo iomaitvm and ftcoaniLiIniion nf fnt; wcK^rpaH 
ncxii^ljr, fivtfalncv^ ni^j^t-wntebiu^f. «ic. hmtQ n dijvcIlT ojrpoAiU^ 
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mibd in n oocitinaiJ Ikwu*' A «>oinfintjil?lu Unpn«liiro b as 
Inportenl elpimnTii in thf> jwvuiQiriLgQ «f oor|>nl»<f}iv>; It bUImi^Ii 
m liigb Imn [i^Tvliirv Jijl^ iaiI dirvetljr ungt'cth'r l&l* il. in it i»udi- 
lk» lkvo««Ue ki thv foonotioM oC fal, ami ooe ui wLicli Ima b 

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EiMitlj boforv UiA |i«hUef br th* ]iit<» lEr. Bftatlc^ in iho cimpj» 
atniy of liin TttiiutrkAlil** »i\[ii-riMO(Yv [irtinvt Ihnt a |^4ii|ii*r diiit 
alunr- 19 Mul^iAiL Uf rruM^v ibp fxiuditrou, nv itL lie bxig uaiu uf 
0vili^ vitbout tbu ndditiiia of nonsoou^ i)ni4;a, or of thuat* octi^^ 
curctM* tvbl^ il 9 in vum t/> iiMlriMTt oDwwJdf pUvTRUt to Ukcv 
thm cUi«f f^'iitiim in tb» Bunting digtarx i» li>A axcliwion of two 
ilMaentA — «lKrrb imd nii^v- ^ fn^m tbit ii^litiirr tfotl of a wH-tO" 
da gfttllnnsn: — Bivad (4ulw[4 Uift^ftl. iv iHa cmut cnl tvtt m 
oaanDoci lottf). |>oliiUMfS »ir«M iv^Ma. butuv^ M^^Ar^ crvtt&u beor. 

1V«* artiel^s of food and drink «ODtaiD itttvli or M>o6haRn# 
ttttttdr, uidarfitbu cbitt fut-|iroi]udng tttonxfUaf iu our diotonr, 
Mid tn n^Iimpiinh thnmi in ufkn Uxt oadjF bh^aiih t;tvr-tHury U> 
9uai\m tJ>o Umldoou of carpokioaE^ In ww 3r«nr, on tbU diet, 
Xr. Bftaliiig n>i1tipM h» wi^bt fVjrtir'UX puaiuU, and LU l-itU: 
About t«<slTi» iix4i««; fit ili« fiUDio iin« liw MuiMtnmji <vq>cnfti 
InflnniUM ^rm f^n^ily EQ:ti{**tod or idtogvdi^r tMnoivd. 

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iutolf, Panmu «lu nuij diHaa it mirBuuMjr to moko gnaA 
cbaxic«a in tlwir dii^i iJioald ooovnlL a phywidftu. 

"AftArtfiUMforUt^kfTniduicpof tho oorpokn^ HiAfljbimd 


niK FAHiLT nxrniE. 

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Uwh, cunvrt's |>arMu|r-i, titwt ruul; Hu-fy<t al(.«, fmrlt^. t^AM* P^A 
vii^ itiiJ Jitl ewivt wiiw«k tbcttid 1)0 fkTi«i<M, or only l«bn ti> tb^ 

takm to Oi4 »ii<-i>t of HtUbfyin^ a miiunil »g»|NtTii», am Infeo hmM, 
poiOby. ^tan, lyf^K lailk iDucl«nili»l)', gmoi vi^UiLh*. tnrafp^ 
Mnculmt tniiUv ligbt wiunt (u oknt, BaivTiDiljr, bock, dIcll ^ 
ffbciry, bill«r &Ip ia noderalioD, iumI 0pm1& AMMntf«i bn«l 
iJKnikl b* cKouniiDod ffpariikglT, bimI brown btukd U 1o witii«» n«tM4 
bitt4ir Uuia white. Xbo ghUAu bumita pivpMnd fair U]» di 
niAV, im lunonnt of liisar 4Wiropunlivn fhii<doca frotn «t«nill, 
wJtftuUi^MJU.'Jy ojwvt ftji ■ »iiUititulH for brewl ui tlui 
OUfttj^." (r^rj- "Ota Food"* 

Old Ak« Md N<Tnil«* Dwoj'. 

HuBua lifv Ui«y b« diTkl«d itiAo ihrtm gnftl 
|miod nl ()iiTnlopitwnt, iliM of miiUI«i lif«s sniL llml of |'ttj 

Vudi^r Um firrt dinritifi l» Indmlinl tbn ^ImSa tiso* tttmt kikih 
op t4» olaMt Ut^ iw«>atT illtli TonT, dmioK «Licb IW V4*ir«iirim 
C^pwfl sihI tbo*^ of ttm U»w«r Atiinud Uf* u^ oi«noiy«tiii|f, Th* 
entnl niwvoiM wnUmn In mmv hIov in randiioff it* kl|{h««t dm^ 
opnuvit, mill llw> Ivaiii m^wnattf in muiv tivt* IntMr id aniQxnDf 
lb iuuLli&«ra ol organic cuwwtt«ne^ wi4 fuactimtjU |JO«4>t-. 

Hm middle iwiod oC fir»--Mwir«iii ftl>j<rt Ui> iiv«ni;r flf4 
th^ f'liiy fifth YfttT — iHtlM iiaii> UiJit lb" tsHiiviihiAl U 
to lb» |fn»iktrvl jiniunni rrticu Ciilvni&l tftiimNL Tint 
HlQ«Ait« arv nliMirtnl in iim tltngglft fur miu&tanMii|;c 
mal llipii fjuiiiLtw; llm nrli lUiJ idW«rv i]Unjm>>iHi ia ituHi|»liuc^ 
gr liaanUil 1>v Uih ajrntAl Uii-ifort it vseiUft, A\ Ibo fUDu tiiM^ 
tllB vcNB^^i Ar«> goiii^ lLnm|^ IbM i>ilMiuti(ig fw^i^a uf iiulfr 

|YK)r 1l4lll«Mhljlll, !>' ffe)ltAUj |V1^Mh1 wall AQUVlT III HtlflUl pH^llw* 

tifC tli^-iMirlnw Mid U>*-ir c^ilrttu la fnahioatliU lik% or tbr? v^ 
idWftikdbMrt'WvafjE i^rf'ironl t«> an aaaiUond nibbMy. Pi» 

Tb» pariod of doeUao mMf b» ittld to onaa u M aw wb^m tb« AfA 


THi: iMJVKii, KTHCtrK, ifir^nr, iiLooi>*vt!H)ttuL 


ythun i t>¥W 9oC of vilAl «u»ditioQR ooo» itiio ttynn. Bnl tfaofo 
WW i(o thftqt lEnw of tipmnrmlion Untwnvci tlw> f<|¥>rV %htm Uidi- 
caCnl. Cittf QUI- iiiaeoBtljIj gnmiug into the fullmpin^. 

YiHitll ntiil Asre, — ^Akhuucli Uw ucu^iilir uf Uie growth of 
Ui<* oqripuu t& cluldbood Kod ycfilli o0m a sCrildnfr oo&tnist with 
tbnr ckioluM m old aj^ tbutu U. tuj*wUbrfandiojt- ^ faMOitiUiiM 
in tbo difiMtfH of tbo two mtmibiM uf Uf#v li^ tho timt> of IW 
rivuig vLril wU^u^ fno, litfantjl* ConviilHoas adi^ M-niki Couval- 
iiOQv; iDfiuitilo DiMCTkoNk, Ami »onik PiurJMtA; tuttudilv EATtvtu^ 
and MQftlft EeavttA; uno aci>,l dc^ftovLU in cbiJitbood. 4ai iin« actd 
dopovitA in nge* majr bo Mbtiicied tut iUDSinAtotu ol Ut^ roMn^ 
Wane* of Iho diHaflm «ITiM*ting Uie i«o heuvaw of lift*. In Um) 
■<tr1j pMrim), Uio cuovliiiiLiuci \taa u^H n^]iiin<il iu T;f((jr- in ihb 
«lvMili^ it pi loMiig h. 

To iho mmf worldbne. old A4:ir> iv rrpiilEiivn. Dm vht^n lilo 
ktM b«^a spout wiiuit^^ '<yTTor« i^orrpotfid. tbo hc^wt cl^ctptiaisl. 
»&J Uii> iftCAlWiTLsi and iDor«l pownm an^ in Ui« iwoifedftdt— old 
Ag»— 'tDnhrnitMt, rhuCiAiMl. i*]tkvaUHl — pTMetiU a fijjBOUcIo lMip< 
pil^ (UvcrilMxl Mstt "oxfwuut glurj--" A bmuiai btnt^f wbo^afttr 
tol&ilin^t aU tbo diuio-i of lifo, is atHX livitig bi m **KrMio old tt^f^ 
wboa0"f>5n in oot dim, nor lii» ontiinJ foroa AboinL" Uitw ri|>oOMi 
lor tbd fitnm\ tatty wdII ooouoAnd oar adoiinUino imd f^nMrsUoiL 

A boof i^fttvnA^ to tbfl f'ltAagni hbi) dimilRiioita of unvt'ft 
iftai«»hHJ fraoHi will Uttm rd «p|iropriHt0 oooduoiioB lotiik portkip 
of oiir ivtuk. 

Tb» decoy of luitarv b icTttdii«l« 4di1 do«d noi «ftct M tb« 
■ trmjtnr ** of tin? bodv «qitnJlv ai tbo «udd pohod^ it tdpa bnguv 
ui mjtvf kl a oaiupftmlivel? •Arlj, aail ia otbvn hul mittl % eotiM- 
4r«14i- adTiDCvd pprinl ri bfit Tbtv faJlonrrng »nt IttivEtmtmis of 
Ibd cbuigoi vtluiidMrit itpoai old Sf^v and tboj virrdw an Imjior- 
Unt kiflfleowin aMwifTotib^ tbal fin&J ooc wb^ck ia thv oomOiaD 
Kit at baaiimit}'. 

L Thfl Boil««. — Thaae u^bik^u vdiy ebRMMorirtie riiaufpik 
In inlnnrr and vKildbooit Uui mnbitat olamsal ]Mvdarainnt««; 
bflODo WM run i^pLtJn ultj tbi* bunm iui»«o |>liaiit and fnurlwMi 
aonm In Miliilt 1l/i\ tbi' T-?lalivn propMrtitvtit of Uiri* tatty L« 
^f]fo«anit«lj' ^tntKtd m cooMling of on«ilunl of nuiDU] nod 


Tire ykUiht jKiCToik 

ttru-UiircU of mrthv tnnitt^r. In Mliimnicl n^i^ iljtt 
lOAtior u id oxc««ik Tiuh ahmlioti ia tii^r cudijumIjud 
tiiv twAUM vxtivBicJjr bntU* uul Jkibk to fntcturo. Frac U tftts 
era Umu aura oblk|a« ud eoEoBQKauM, itnJ iiioro Lft>f4 to 

LL Tbv* )JiiMl<<3C--Tli0mtuiil>*<«Usaggrt9BlniliiiikjfircTiiist 
flbrnt, of «iucb Uw aiojcliw of tin* Uk1> iui- tHiciijitiu^ an» ni|wUj 
dMtioyt<lli^ ibo «onU«ctii>fk ot Vm mupck*«i but iu vi^urgnA fifk 

tvpixxLuoxL III ^44 ^V| utt Iho cujiitrHf^, Um» dlndDteffA 

mad [vW fmns mi iuaitlBiTixil Bflpfjly i^if tikiudi tbigr itrtf 

b«ii^ DO rmtfTT^s tntumiiir iliiliiiiiy i* ^iduaJjr ♦teiUfei, 4di1 
■tRiUfg'tL Lnit vkiwljr Ami iiuj>»Wi«lJy naUiAid, TUmi (mi 
poTlJo&A of Um miiftftM nn» tdw bnU^ to ««rtl)jr (U>|M>«ti m tbin; 
tbtw lliub* mibiki^( txin«^ Ixvuiue WMikenMl kdiI thmy u« tei 
aUtui tUu^r ul ruplure lE AtibJKtol U> %ay vudxim Ux. 

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b OCM tltoL Uko* plfHTV ib tliu tuaturiBial llu- onnUwl cjr](ft]i 
tifcraotftuoo, Ib« h««rt bteouiM vMbeotxl Cnn& cmito 
ttiid (k|;niMinilloit t^ lU lAmniliir fttfnrtunv lalo Cllt)^ Um 
Ibi pu]j4U>uDm mr** Uiub n-uJco<d ]«tM aud lam «AiMat b> 
tljablotid lo ikn cstrctuitiniL Tbn blood fniliu^ to eoiupilrttt iu 
circoil, tbn biutd* sud foct booocuv cold. Ibv iU«U&« ol tcufcf*- 
tiiro f^mttuailf oxtcading to tiio onnttsl iii^ua of tbm bodj. 
'fids TtHloovd ]Knri'r vt llw Iwnirt, with Um difjjoaitM'n to ttUi«»- 
miUoni dififnltii in lJi»' nwU of ifav blooJ-T—w l a^ rr fa rrM lain 
iho r)i>tt |innitra|ib« wttb ■ubanjtipat fvikillnkUm til ihm vftlws iC - 
tbi< bivt. i> OIK) of tip tioat commuii «jiil IWIaI ctiiuii-n> 
npcMi old «f:vL Tboao cbftn^n o« thof |in>0Md vo 
bidden «ud piifiliw 

IV. Tbe Blodfl-Viweliiw— Ifi tin" «il#til prripnMi of .mm tb» 
nrlArul »j-ataui » Lialil* lo nndn^^ii i-JangM Mliieb m« itiAOB^ 
j«tiljl» vitb Uvi pvrfonQttnoe of tt& iui|iivt4uil fiinrtlmuL Thm 
■rtma* j^TMlndij brc4]cii«> mtitiTtml Ma OMiftO or bony |MUcblV| 
of fpvMor Off l«# vitvut, ot%ua bo oomJukIiIm m tik l*«il to 
of B ^tal cbimct«r l^ dMtto^nDg dw •lutiailjr of tb* 



■ Krtm«] tnbM* sod (knmipD)^ tbu drcnUikm of Ui« Uood id Ui» 
jmttM to «1)U^ tbify ojtidiUTL TliUfe Urn nulnUau at Un* UhI;^ bk 

Uio CiaIb of tlku artcriM tuay ImmI W Uit%r raptuns <v liMonw 
0»iliMa of AMmntfua, G&ii^n<cKv A|x>fLUK]r. t»U*., forma of lUiwffO lo 

te oxw of tbo &K«t frvqiii-ut fuiir«7« uf ^^aUi in ulJ a^^ Tlu^ Ofire- 
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U^y favomUo for Ui« d^volopcDoot of all kuuil» of wykmwww 
1«n4efioi«a to oriEvtic diAooM, wpMullj of ihts bnuK, bMJit 
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hava «itg|p«lnl in tkin Svetioti,' tutiAdal tMat* «IothiD^» food, 
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aj»BU«rod la CMif<litiiix>a Uiau otbun irbo ba^e attaiuej U> tJi« \ffn 
of vuwuly or ap«nrd& 
fiar javmmik muumar of life, buaituaft hadA, or aiivi«t*<v, toad 
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ftrDt!»fMv or by inlcirrupUDg Uio tiinnioD of bmrtbinfC 
Asphyxia, nr Hiff<jciilioCL 

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of bkMkl to tko bofkrt, BJi from « poddoa copioii* iMmoRlift^ ur 
trcm tkiwty Miiag caoim*, m da^avn/t food, or doltctiTo iwwwiit^ 
tiocL ThU In ArundSf Bad ItM flrmptoom uw dimniw* of «Wo^ 
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fffMca^c fi4vyv«i a t£ute of «<iii]K)r> <.<r iiambltiililj to i^1«nial 
imr>miioa!S b £m)u«<^ tho i»f«fnf/a i>l>fojvifc;/d, and through it 
lbs MtTM of re-pifvtioiu w* pemilyiiw!, tiii? rwpiradory kuoto- 

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ftbd th» rMpdrntkxiH hm>nk4<iOnv, imh^ilnr ftn<1 Hl^^ri'imm fn^m 
diniinintinil uMi^fbililT, tl^irllj^p t}jM t»'>^le cf ilving maj \x 
owialoDad by Uorkin^ Hi** puImoriArr Bti^ry, adiI, in couM' 
qttaoEKKi, Mtoppa^ of the supply of blood lo th« liiO0& A 
fbdnow «lot to «vATrto4 LqIo tho ptilmoskArr uWy, and mddflsJj 
nnd oomplttt^lf mm*?!^ irirciilaliou in tb^ }iin^ nr if thfl oIh4iwi> 
UoQ U irirNnn|iI*»ti\ tl»n fuliriit iiuiv surrivi' for ?«<vi-r^ bniinc Thiw 
i» EisUilivEn. Tbo ^inpfoitts Ar« PXtrcEme djo^pCKCA. coeuin^ cm 
•nddonly, mth pallor sod taintDo«L 

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vUdt «^i naa mir UabitelionA, uto tn-er-v^ryin^ (Ji^nntm cum- 
piBMl of tb« fruKnu^ta of pi^e-osbitiD^ ur^uk liriii^^ oal ol 
wliii4i An* cootntnudj >psingiii|t iorth £«ir fuoiLi uf uUlilj^ ukl 
boa'ity. A> Uio Iv^ljr is nvohrod into ito ocifcinid dnnl, nnd Ihr 
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body wfwrH Old by «go, or At Any tliao of iifv* m tbtf rodUt of 

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dttiiofC ^*> ^KO' ^' ><^^^ ^^^- Jv«l tt» tuihw piurkkM Aoid 
dnrinK ioTaucj bofurv Uio lc«th ni){>p«r, mu Ibu Iom of leHiwT' 

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path of *Kf'<]r lint in tha luloptJoQ <if on nlmont «xd<] 
ili«*L M~i» liATu hikl many cn<«i<ii u^^lirr cw ia wli&ri' ' 
OB Uiia poiAi ban bei*& earned oal with Um ni»i 

2. RM»— Thia is oaMnliAl lo tho hvtdih a&d aafetv of 
fnij^U« FruBii' iif tbe a^L 'Did «[>FrlH Niid osarvtsna of Tcrath, 
tliit I'liTttjutifi uf aintiiTi-r ngv. wuulJ fmctum tii» Unih, ni|i 
ttko leudiiiiiaii ju(ttun» i>f tL« iuu^cIa^ or oeciukM a Uunl't 
Id give war. Totho n^cd Jor^-wtatiniu^ «uc<naa am) Uta 
tfH an liii^blr tttiiavtimlil'^ tlii* rnf-oraliva prw^«»«« I'nii^ 
klorU iHirfontit'iL HnpjiJj, Ui^ Miintwa and ntlilitip ^nt 
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tliPj uun Bon4 iuhI aajo>/ a conditwp ol qoivt aad rv|iun naav- 
Mfy to Unf pnaimi waU-bcityt 

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tacDpirattim srs trvqiina^ prariiiiao iliauLd bq nuultt ftir pcv 
tvotiaK tka kigroM of tiav ool4 «aHy-iuomjit! air aiul for 
talokag a aohabla lfl»p«ratiu«i in tha Uidroou thraogb Uwi 
ai^hL Um l«vip«tfmtiuir ol tha AlM*piag apMi^xmL abooU 
kapi at OO df^. to 03 dag., and AiMani«d hf a tbanaom4«tr, m 
Um WfumtUutiB of par«oci» an oat a miBd««it goUla II tya 
aflOEi Lappout Ibat tiui luudy luxuaotair willi Ucalii laktm p|j 



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tha wrtfaUiur thruu^fbuuL ouuliuut^ ^An^tiiu^ A« « ouasnjcituL'o i>f 
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nftB, vith « altittgivL lM«it, |(^>oii tg lx»d urith ft t««a|>«Tftttms '^Jw 
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bail witbunl, hw bewt itoJ bbt 1jir<«iliiu£ tvooli) Biaiunlljr 
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jttaL Iwlunt dnybrrak la uut9 full uf wiuuJni- U> iLt* a^t^i. ab if. ia 
•Im to U» f««Ue i^QpnUly. H^/w otf^a htu^ it l«cci ob«4-rvo4 tli«t 
tfan Hliinff in of x^vt> or imoMdiaiuAy latal nyiafiloniA ha* ocbq- 
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l&Uiti^ «4(V|>; a fM>tiiig 111 Ijuigonr nbetH* otpt tbv fruMv And Il» 
lind form ncUim into A dnooilnm nlvvp. Tbe |{«ti«nl teatiinaaf 
of All ittbo Hato mpmodood vhat U i^ to dif^ aiid hato bwA ablA 
to rvooTd Umr oKpoviMiovs i^qm to prove that d«Atk k augr isd 
MMnpt frnm rU ptln. William HnntAr, in hU Ijwt fncnMOte, mU 
"Hwl T tbtf fitrvn^b (ji ¥rnlt% I utmWI vrtL«t hmt Ms^ and 
delJghUuJ Unto di«." Hariug um viUi ad AOddeoi wliicb tt 
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my fy*i* to Ih»Ii> m^i in nvprlling it: awl 1 biul n wrv^tM pl—iiA 
in tlu< hiAU^t Uivt I wcw immng nvnr " IliiMn at«t*n»ioU Mlf 
Accortl viU) Uio ol»>-mit40fw m^ \tn\^ re|)Mt«d]r itiAdi> ai tLf 
dnitli-lMda of |Hitk«U Pttfitoiui wbo Iiata U«q mi»rkl4U#d aIW 
diwmiQg, Aiiffocalioci An4 rtzAnsli&gt nad tfl^r all ■nnMtioo baJ 
Iv^OTi U>.% bftVA iiMvrtod thnl, aftfrr th» flm tluxtk, tlu^ a^mmI. 
«i>M«i1 ifti pAiit Wbal 10, lbf<Ti<luvn ofU*ci f^ukm of 110 Uib a^ud/ 
of dmtlu » proUibljr pomljr aototutttif-. Aod vaMt "PAwiAf 
llmmj[fa oubirf? to HcniHy," tbo aucao of OvAtJi fci mcAi in Mp§99- 
hAUsioiL Why, ibcDf if thi* ho tru^ ttboakl d<-AtJi W rog^Ardnl «• 
**Ui9 CAp of ttiinblinf(," and th^ oiwnnX bn Aigmilivrd hy Otm hubH 
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d«paniii^ cUf Dfl'Q moffODA Ui« vrait4»ra boriAx) «nfcJi fk«74 
bATCJii pnamtiiig Atrikin^oonttAMn 10 Ibo tnata^ in wludi 
biwnlved 17 naturo and bj niAiL "-Tliln itmh »hl<'b wi^ 
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of -J-.. !..,; ^prtA4(T 

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growth AftJ matDiily; and tli«n i» 4lfM> ^Miga. "Hio c^Etiui 
ptilloAipbtT not only ftubntitA ik{tb rMigiUilfon to ch<* Jcray of tih 

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bijfhl^' f-c^dtxrcHl d ictrTictlir«% (rtamii^ with «viJiMtoCf( of booefi- 
Mat (la»j[Ti, ku not lK«n fountractnl merolj to rive, douriafa. And 
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Whdov, nhick iImj^iuhI luicl nJlivl forth m&n into bmogt m^iili], 
fttMetos. fG«i«d Ibnt nuch a m>ttltr>Q i4ioii)d bo corapamtirftlv vai&f 
Wviog only a dikrh blank at ihe Eu^uaoriol of iU caistmco* XiL 
tbe dlwoJution of our modal fabric ire havi> boon tnei&g its rttla- 
tkmhip u> ofguiin aiil litoi^Dir natiiK, whtcb U a scoeenfOQ of 
ccttwleM cbaugt^ Ttim (u Ihit buii mid iitam, i«boai» aniHUIiitiau 
Ul^ spvctTMCOpO llKA tu rect!Cit j/roT* wridififiill/ ruTisiIrd. lo tlw 
^raiD of MUkd wbiob U vcuU^tl tram tbr fnco of tbo fiurf bi>tiUn 
roi^k b^ form again part of tho bulvnrk of n dii4ant sbon* from 
tfan gijLTit of thn foTiTiit ilcvn to (bn tiny lir.hoa in iho d«lt of tho 
trail — trxxa Uui U^intbui of Uiti iW|iiIowiJ to ih^misntw^ itmujid 

all nra Uidt^r^uiiii^ ttie muio ruuud of coualiiEit (T&:^UotL 

roiit-hoQt Lbe nuivenMs ^ in th« mirTx>c>(mia of buui^h bodj* tko 
law» of dkiuu*^;raiioii and dMay are bdJaucod by thoM of lytNTO- 
diKfion afid supply. Ini^bvidual*, K|»m«^ gv^ioTB, all pau awqy, 
mtkI iuk tvplim^l by ulbf*r^ Iklnirii bmtt^, tbo 1i igbiait organJuid 
mftcbiu<v itM^f fulloAtf tlw TiuivorMd Iilw; Iml mao buasolf la mt 
thus mntabki. The f^ i* one and tho »Atu«, from the mocaacit 
it fiivt Epraiiff into ^xutcmett. Hxat it oxUla ?**^1nTpp~^ by th^ 
pivu^nv chaogoM of tbo f bysiml orgnnism lo whi^ it in lialcod* to 
KOTflj vHdpw^ that it I» indefiendmLof raatin-| sod that It viU 
■urvivo wboa the ]fr«>«iit order of uaturo has pasaed (S. IFood). 

Dniitb, tbnti, U TiMilly 1>nl a tmnftitimia] pnw^M by wbkch tho 
IIlV which UeicIm taau lo aa L<arihly forio ia bruLvu, mid through 

ich th4i #^K>d poaa froot an iiitrodQctory aad iruuMMii Eitabo of 
to oiie that itt piin> vkI imioortal. ** I>(!>ath b a wbilo- 
^rliiff^ aagel, fauiiin^ oa ^th ila vii^{«f gathaiiag na in ita 
fad UhJug II* op into oar cCmdoI raaL" 

" fk> Mm tliit whin i^'npsmnai eaai« %a |o«n 
Tba lan«<McaU««unvui thai tmiBtm 



To thai Dijrioriov rvalm* vlfct^ Vfecli tball tak* 

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Uw rrfTi<i4 t*f ititorraptfd rM|iirmiu<i, ■> in llin ncn ut cltnvi 
Laii^inf{« A rtrtkr at tiKbtauif. ov Luvatbiiig noiiotu Ta|«oc& 

Hymiitcmi^- Thrro is uo brcaiiaag, or Action of Uu> hovl . 
«7«iJiJci uv f-uirmlly tiiUtdowili ibu X^'^P'^ ililJiW; tie jft^n 
oJaQcUmli thi- fitif^i^rv won ooQtnoUHjj tW too|[q* fti>pr«fiH 
brt^'wu tbu iwU^ ami Uw mouth «im1 nottfih m vovarMl wKit « 

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f^KMild lie Ait4<(L<U-i| lo imiaiHlica4«lT, oa Uu> *|iut. wiUir r^ainUi 

hLaqM Ijtf N^cit nwitT, M thi« Mifftiwioii uf itbcmUof^- <»t potv VT 
lo tlM jAlif^r.t U of AM iia|jr»1aiini. ^'Imu ft (Inifhtu^l mwiii 
tojGvci buiD tli« natfT, h(f Bbocild Im Gnit liunvd im li^ CuvtP 
iJtoir iif IL9 coeapv of vaiar frum Uin utuaib luiil tltf^Mt Aftifteiii 
ntfjomtt'tti fibriuld bn Uimi ftU'<mptnl 

Tb* dinrtjoiw for rufttoniig tb« Bp]wrvDtly dood. rMN>i 

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Umos, with 4 r>^ nlUmtiufi** 

Hm poUiU bfr l>n fttii^M kI. nr^ finl. awl 
MitiviiUcMi ot braUuuf;; mi'i MoooocUjr, fttt«r bntfUf^ <ri 
tLw |iruitiotian of wmnnili aiul dnnlAtko. 

Accn>cKi^ uBov?nNa, Bxa 


Tr««tm<*nt to R^iove Naltinl BiTtttlibie. 
iVLK 1- — T*> Miiintvin ti Fiv^ EHlntrtc^^ '>/ Atr into Iht Wii^ 

an i4»lu? tvirid ovrr lli4j Ljii|^^ luml iirjcl<T lh»< rliiii will BnA««r 
on Us bftck oti B tut mit1ii£%\ iDrLinetl n L11l« fram Uio feot upward} 

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ni» uid iQpport tko bMd ujit abuoliiirs oq a ftmtU ton 
ur TuUhI arlifiit »f iltrwi jdftcod nixlco' tint ftbonlikT-hlMlPK 

tKwi of iho pfiti<^t, H]>ovk) KTftsp tiio pfttMci'v ana jnU aWtp tW 

adbtnra, luiil ^ntv iht* nnrw i;i<nUy tad etcmlily U|iiiiard, till tk«T 

nu^Aboix Ibi* tHMul /Uki*< m fof tlw jitijr|Kim of uLi]ii 

tUnwibf air into Um< Iiu^;b), oiul kev%t Ui» amis ia UuL | 

two vcoudn. lie Hboold Hum i\um ilown tho }jttti>^it'« utob, 

prow tii4)tP leoQthr uid fintttjr lor two moptkJ» o^n^nrt tlw 

tiu ohovt {itd* iA with tb» obj0«L of priwinfc lur <;iil uf tlio 

It ftn aaHiAUiil i.»iuisvH(i «it1i l»Ui hmtdfi, flnt. Um tuww 
of the rilw Qml dia)jlinif:xu« wLru tli« iwliunt'n oniL-i u* 
dowo, tbo eapimtion will bu fucitiulni Tbo oqwmtrJT and 
out ransl cnn^fnll; act loi^vibur. 

A> thA |ironiHi of aniilonl nxipmUion U Iftbcrioii** tbe 

operator; bat cLwu^j^ pinery cuvt bi^ riL|iHi. lU^t iii.»l « 
mptrnttjarr uaonmeaL ai^r W uin*^ 

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ui|[)j, tifl<<i*Q linfH hi H mifint^ nnlil n *|MniC'«i 
rHjuro b pvrrrtTnl, {mnii^tiiiti-lj^ uim^i wUii^b noona k» UDtUtH Uti* 
DdOTfeiwrDU 4jf tir<«ILiii|f. uad jirucwtl to ibdnoa cinulatiuu aoi 
mnotfa mnxtf^infr ^ i^^ir r>. 

Ebgold a >varm ImiIIi bo proouroblo, tbo hotly may bn |iltfJ 
tt op toih^ i)*^k, contitminif U> ImitiitAtU^ »i>r«mvatii of bm 
itig. Itai*«f ibit tnHly in tuwiily Buoondft iu a hitUoK |miilkiD, 
daob cuM itolvr ni^oul U>e clw^ oikd foctv oiitl |«ai» ■mdt'*!'* 
Qodiir Urn tiOHk TW [MitAmat Alwald not bo kn^^it bi ■ wntm lott 

tbA abafir ttiffUinl. ■rifriiff U)» maitnla nilh Btmff nr Nmir&iii|p<dalU 
or lickl* Uv tluxuil wJUj ■ fmtbitr. Itub Um cIm4 onid bn 
Vviafch, an<J <la«h coU ooil bi^l wiu#^r df^^nAl^^l^ oa ihfm. 

!n»>«ff^>rtjf to Avdont Uftk luiutl tut pi>na>vitrHLl iti niilit ib^ |<«]i» 
«od bnttbing haT» i*m)«imi1 f.v at l«*fi on lumr, tnr «¥ll otuji rf 
i wUiMw of r*MU*ritAiioii luv uu ivoord, oftftr vrmrol haagm i4 





AnodiftT aetfaod of dEMtii^ utifida] rvsplittlioD i» by ^alhf- 
i^ftn of the iror^tt " Tho oponttor inflotoit tnaa hia own cti«ct ; 
boiwilufU nbltt lo drivn in miic-h mnm Air tiuut ui Bhftilnudjr 
neoeuarjr, jU iuijiiuily w of do great cioikwqiwBo>L Ao emimt 
tanat eaipc}^ 11>i> puiiftirN loogs by oomfMOMMq of tji« thovBZ 
between %i» ioinSlMtoiv^*' — Shnuft Mtdtcai Hrm/mtrmncej'^ 

Trefttnu'iit An4>r tlie ft«>KtorHtlon of Nnlnrnl Breailbhi^* 

Bcuc ti. — Tb Iiviitrt Cfixukttit^n and Warmth. — Wmp tbo 
ftt ilk dry Uaokcta uid cxnnitwacr tuI>Ui^i; tbo liiuba upwimJ. 
finb)> «t>d vOi'i^'ti'iaUy. Ths' frictiori ma»£i bo Aootinn^ nstdtm 
tlw bliwkMi or orirr tbn ^liy <;lot^m^, 

PfiMDcrio Ibii wiunith T'f tha Uuly hy- (hit Apptic^on iif liot 
0AQlMbs bottlM DT rubl>T*r b«g>4 uF liui «atvr, livalvil biicka. etc;. 
lo titfi |)it of tLi* nloaiacii, Uw ma-liaUit betmrni Uio lUii^rs aod 
to thv Hulvnuf Umfooi WnrmdothinvmayfununUyboolitauicd 
traa b/«Ubikn, 

<>a tliA rMttondioD uf lifi>, wbaa thci povnr of BwaJloiritig hu 
FPtnmmL n t«toi|iopjiriil uf vonu wnt^, vinall t|iianlitiw of Hvnn 
wiiM^ wmiu braudj -Aod water, or coffiw, tjMu)3 bv givifu. In 
«aai0 casev^ &» eunm* of bvtftea ivul brubily ia lo be prpf«fTvil lo 
KdminiatTmUoai by \ho idovUl I'bv potivnt UiouJd bo put into a 

On<<bl eoTH in n^ijuixitK ti» nutiiiliiin th* nwliimd ftial nctMROii. juxl 

Id cum of Kiffof^lioi; inmi hnit^n^t the tmlutenl i;? much 
tb» tADBO, afW* tho btxjy hu bwn cot dowo, »id tlw li^tm 
nnxrrod from tbe D^k. 

Wlwb ft etrolw of li^iijiitg Uttn pnxluoed AvplijriiHr tlw* ludy 
vhiHild be ittt-JiTtL fur Leu or UIi««d iu)£ii]Ii<h wiUi ubaailaiico of 
cold -nA«r to pnMDOio reaclioii. Tbe hoAy abould nhvy bu diJi- 
gnttif rul:l>0d. Hot ATiiitciiU rvspdrotiuot elioiUii bo rf«0TtHl ta 
A (TUJTVfil of oUetrkity pAHod thmagh tbg dkort, from Ivwut M 
bftokf m&7 pron h«neAciiiI 

ConriisHlon of th^ Itittin. 

Dcfinllion.^An iDWrniption to Uka fiiDctiiKui of ik<* hrein, 
frook A blow or olbvr ukcIuuucdJ iuji^m- of Uid hpc«d) it may vuj 
ta d(>gr» fruon d •light *itui to extinction of lif^^ 



Syiopiomic. — luMQMtbiUtv; pahfuw; noiillAriBj] 

Ui» pffteerjt, ur mlliuff liis atiuu* VnnUy tit hin «u* (vbiAkn bant 
ovvr> sliuiild bvviT ljf> (loft^^. b» 3inv i^tvn n nurij ASfiwaT, And 
»uoit l>*vDi0i«* jiiM'Eutli)*' «ictuEL Afu.-r B timn, IcKkj^rror Mbortir 
«cc«jt\l]Q|t to ilM itfivonlv ol Um ifijor?, nwrtkm enon^vi ^m, abiI 
r0iiM>ioTV4U'H rHisrri*, nftcfi vith vooiituig: At firrt tbp nartiMl 
IDA/ tut iupnrTtH: it U oftpn Mtmrel dsfn or AVnn Wi>vkii 

Tl*mhltrul. -Inum, PIaw two |>olk*te uikoa Ui0 tonf^ius 
moiM«ii it nitb n f^w droftf of lh«> ttricUm by mmm nf a fi 
ccqflill. •»(! rv>f»«t ihfliiurt t^T^rv h-UTT tir -t^T^ml li/im, 

Anwifinu.^SliDiilil lii> mluuiiihticnl ■Jb-rrmli'ly wiLb Av& 
r^nrr atlttiU Lhv Mtim of cudmcioutnMsek BiU if Ui«n* U> 
fif cm»hml ilintarbeinco^ hMidnd»p, fliis}in4 ftwv, or ollwr 
>jrtu}i(uui» - Aaou. Ufid I^^jLL iilioalil U- aituniAti-tL <ijiL —ti^i 
toroofi Ivnething; conai|MtMfi rooultiltk^ AftPr f^ttiowvk*, 
#flpicK— Dwllrloni. low ur furiniu. A cIohh f*Ti<ry oiki\ twti^ cr 

CriirrnI Ttv«tinnil. — TW p^imti abudd tw plao^ (n ^ 
WArm tt>^L With bit h*-u*i ul lin-l uiodt-mtd^ loir, w»ii w^nvth 
«f|>liiHl lf> hiK ^txtrr^mitM** luid nxiUm On ivt N^fonnl itbottld b* 
Iw liKln(M>4l tu fvt ur drinli; lin miwt iiJb(» in \v%ii ttvy qvivt, md 
qObUvvi'i ^ '" rtnia«i< biiu Wti- ii. Ik 

bi«iliu>'i -Ix^Ttlil bik iiLati'tl n ] ^^ -taliog 

lotion* ft]>|>)Mt kNr|>iti); Uio f«tJoikt at th^ mido Utoe ia a eooU 
ifviil r4XJ«iL wilh thi* li(*ht tnodtfi^L ■it^t noiM^ nnil ^fmytmmikm 
«ihlU imt Hi> iniLtt In* iintW nm* frv lwi> <ir llifv* «Anlb^ 1^^ 

liurns nnd HcaldH. 

Ili'Allitiiiii. —Aft injury prodncvd byndiatnl lii^t 
bc4 li»U. 4ir liy ilJr««t mntN^ ut hat Milki lH|itid iir 

Varii-lW. Hi) Tbr Erip tiiiuntoitB, pnAlnAai^ lonro n-dmv^ 
njij -4Hiti trnaiuallfejf in niwoJuliun, {2\ Uio V«MOAl«<i in vhM 
thA inHamniatiMi l«nd« to xhct «ii>(lfition of c^trtun «ad U* fdrau 
ItM of v^«irl«H, whifh. In vli^d n—ni, «nan liiy fvp and b«*): or 



fhf nlcfn 1iA^ tw*ii: in^ioh InjTiml, iiwj !« Knr'vvfMl hv nTvrJTilitp 
Icvrv. f-lf TKi> (tmif^jiuiia, fi^jcu d«(»lnicinxi itt U)i< ttwitt*^ 
Ilia twt^ly, fJtbonjzb uMially c^it^mtit from poitx, in by fat Uw 

Tbo ouD<titabo&«I diftnrbauoM, and tiw p«iicKb of dMOgvt 

ttts^iwaX on dntp bitmit. biiTPi bstfin diriifM into thrpv ■taffci: 

IVpn^Mon mid magtifitiott, ilann^ (h>« f n>i fcnir or II\o lUn; 

rilh DD mlfuctioQ vf tli» boKd, cAust* <« tbdonMn; tnd, 3. Bo^ 

ion ruid t^xhaitfllOBW wUdi nuij oonliiiut^ from fEi(< M^ooad 

'k to ih» oEoAO. trid aru oftorx Hencjc-rilml «i1h Mpotir^ or 

iKimMT- Tlu- dttiigcr <if hnmn ufti*n (t0>|v«)i]« murv Ufiou tlurir 

lj>i>rlkinl fotput tbao nf«ia Uio depth of tbo injiiry. BmTia ob 

tmtik. buhl, nr nr^k, aiv f at Bton» fx<nLaiw tbon tbcvi* of >o 

|iukl »iiiftit DQ tiii> P3ctr<*mitifVL Childrott Afipoor to inflbr ittadi 

ir* t*>Trrc"ljr fm<n Item* tJian ndnhat 

TriMltmat.' A miMt mi|¥>rtJUJt tA^t to !■]> attniiMO in In 
■r tli« £»iuTv<l i>4rt m\h »otu«t ftuit^Mi* mat«cia] Uiat thai] 
jliidQ MLA0rtt>bwi4% ftir. wbidi nbovM i>nl b* rv»nv>v4<<l tiEl tln» 

iiiutuMidad: — 

1. OirA'/iiT And aii't Oitr* OiX— Onn pnrt i>t Ibn Arid (op 
*l>ar>^l fLir iittvliciiLol nthA) 1o lix portA cr nihro otl » fnaml to 
tni£Llit«1>lo in Tiio*t ««MM<, vligbt or (H-v<*rx [t h dfuiaor. mara 
<}f nif^jciition. «ftd mitfo nx4fain|7 thfta ibob<1 otltfv rnnv^Hiivk 
loj>»r ftf lint jmt on at llM nhunld oot Im» tvidotaI; thU 
inUt Im* ki*|4 p^utml'^) tiv Uij^ n'tno\>ii1 i:if ouu^r ln3«r& fitim 
lo tlm^ M lieii Uw woiind ia biidvO it U tMutlir aud com> 
Ei^ilX dJH'^'^t ""^fli- Ad ft doiiwli^ romtNJT, it ia rcod* 
1l> bi> ki.<f« lUv-AjTA n^ly for buma utd ^ad<^ Jivt Oit 
kic«, CAk-ndtUa. otA. ATI' kept rrudj f or olttor kiodx of M«)d<iaU. 
ftfifitii^iiUivi of n kitkiQ nf Fttirk Tnuw (twnotjr dnjfx of 
Uoctutv to no ouiice o4 wutw) In tbe ftimpltMl cw«v or of 
riifr* (t«^ dro|i« of 11m tiuotur^ tu aa ouMo uf WftitT) 
UbUrs AT^ fummuf-, br iD<«aa of cotton-wuol, ia i>r (^rvAi 
KrvMk jj ftiM M>iuoUiD« ««#raL (A)m> ^udiitiTv 

Z. Afr^j. — U(>iKl<'U wbli't nr browa misp in VRttfT, niid mb U mi 


mt FxniLY Docroi* 

B piviii of lluiii 4I llvt tbi> puii|i f<mna ■ ondicig na ihm Utatmt m 
Uiick 4& fe ^hilUo^ ftai Inr^r thftn ti« wwuiil it la iplimlwl U 
oovw, K> thnt it miQ- Uw movw iiorfocM; c^utlo tiw fiir 

fl. /Vonf or A1iirrA,^0&« of Ui<v*a KUijr W tt>4Ml m a 
Im th» c*TODt i>f estbMr of the AboT» not baiti^ at liuhl ^ 
Ikjor ur Jlii«Jj-fN>wid«rt«d niArdi <liuti](l tw lutif-imi]} »eji1 UiiH 
Applied hj AO oriUfiftrj dreUiEvr, mo as to funu « tLtck ctUf4 
Atlimxtnro viUi tb« flaub disQbuiKvd Irxitii Uil* br>ilu-u mirfM*. 
thiw cxcltkUng Ui* Air; cwl i>fpi<(itL-^l wboD tay portions fftU ttf 
Fkntr bv hovcvwi litfwKir to Ctixl>jli<^ Aci^L au() iln afuv-pu^^y 
jt^ppooMit U tucint dilBrali ^H 

Thti poonbM cl groAtvot taiportoaat uo i pu nwdJAUi npitlu-iOiuQ 
of iho tocttl romodjB oanD|ikto cxiolwoti of olnxvpJif'ric ur, »i 
ttQfrw]iu>[it chniipiig of tlb» diVHingn — uot, uiduvd. oatal 
hftve |j«onino l<^M«<EtHl gr fcHid fmiD tha dindiAryw, A 
pliAogH of iln-wii;^ ofUii i^uiHivt i^^U (lppr»««4oei, aemI liii' 
nvtil of )[>orUott0 ot tLe u^ir bIua. And m> rvtonb tli* cui& 

Hhfci, After tli<» n>aiovitl of tbA lint drMt^aSi akniVA 
OiiindAto uT Ul>o^ihiu> omt^ or a mixture of Vrtim Vmu 
OliTA Oil (oQU pATt to sa), lA A *mtAblu ApplicMtioc Any 
dhMTjg^ nhmki Iw rmni&Ily CMmnrnd, uid tfan |iut» kii^ aa 

Iilt«saol tPgAtewp l , Axovpt in wlt^hi tm m, ia aIwa^a ft u c gn iA r y, 
Aod moAt l>A ioitoil to tfae pArt ii^iipid, jtA oxt^^ot, Aiid lb* wAAb 
InlaaciAl sytnploiAt pTMMit. Aa a (oomaI ^QJl^ AoMtL, aatIj, dtnA 
firut, by alln^iUK f»1rri1ii B>-li]ptiAii9, mJtigiariqf jMun. ADd Enodiff^ 
Atinc rrtbctioji. Ar«L<ciic[itn i> rAlnablo if ulceca funu* or if Uar 
bam inTAfijii n KMEiKTMoiiJi HpfvoATAikM. Sea Aad CaHw V. An 
a1m> OMifiii itt iLu Ittttor OLiuditioci. 

CiMil union— RriiUf. 

fVflntlioiK^Au hi\tiry iulliclrd ua Uw AiurfAcei uf tb«< 
br loocUAuicEd viul«ui:t\ wiUi<jub IahvaUa of Ui4 skta li 
b« eitli<9 Atitclit, invol<nu|C only tit(« tnpiurv of dUAuiH 
RooOA blQOil'Ti«itf»l^ And puiiuipa tbo ti«ni^ of AOflOA 
ftbrAA, <v A Iav)^ Uluod'ViBBid QiAjr tn tomi or nvvn dbij 
boo of Uw iJjihiif^ twii««tJi tlw ikin iua; bo atujvd, a* fnu 
daU forw.vf a Bpt-i»i OAuooA-bAl]. Tbo roiAA r kAb U propcttiA* 

1«I*IIA[S — nUlJH— WOUND. 


abffUcitjr bad to43|ilkXuiaB poaxBfel by t]|o*kao often p«ntiUarauiitt 
duaa^ to lUi undiMiying rtractoiva vbiU it rMnuiw vocint. 

CilE^t^ — A Ulow fnxii n hnrtl, Mui^t lioilyi furaUp jm-ncu* 
lietTvea two focv^ nn a -nh^tl pttwinfi vrt^ a Vuah ^ad enuring 
it; or indirccilv, an wL^n tho htp-iout i« CKmta»cd b; « ptdnoa 

Ti'eatnieiit-— lo tli« lots Bovem lonu of braiaiM, whteb aloiu 
«m- {LnwTJbod fur Wi\ tW olijiNTt hbituld Us Xu vxciia, lu a^>viMUty 
tm pOMib&r\ thn almviituiQ uf i^xlrwoMiU^ bkxxL Tp Ibiti cud 
tb» bn>wd piut ahr^ald bo ruwd, «wl a w«nu Anuca lotion fooo 
poH of U» *in>tig tioctaro to ten oT v«U*v) imiDodiutoly Applied 
by Mttmting lint wilb tbt^ lobon, and covonitg rt witb oilaiik, tD 
oxr1tu]» thi^ nir, Th^ xslito of thU «pp1>«tkvT U noilonbtAd, ftwl 
Lappitj in i>uw bnruuiiU); gi-ut*rrilly nxx>i;uui;ii If Utu pullieui 
ban a |;<pduT|>o?UJoD U> Kryftt^ii'IaBi Ham. bUould bv uwid inftC«««1 
ol AnL lu oofUtUiiouH iiivulvibg gbiidul«r t^UuoiiiriM, u tbo 
tanalo faKvavtt Coui la nooDamccHlocl; or vhva Uw oovwiog of 
boiti\ om of tbi> tthin. Li inn.ilviv1. KutA. WtH<a ji^iit or tandor- 
OUB liO* ■abaidiHL a bouh^fo d^ould Ur apjrlicd. Im^cgImv or 
pvuGtornt wbn« tli«tv >. nny chujco of ^irocariag •btoq^tioci by 
'otbcr mvoiu. ahouUl novor bo mortod to, aa ftir woold tbtu hm 
admitted to tfa« portt tnd mipporfttioa H4 a|\ 

Kt'i*]!) BioHisw — TIlh U di^mlonttion of tht* «JEiQ folk>wing a 
tiniiM% ami u |iita1u(.viI bj *-A^tjihiA*4ilvd bluud iuiJr<r ibufakiiL It 
w fir>t of a TuiibBji ci^ior. Iiut t^w-dJj bi<ajmui black Diuiu^ 
ncoTfffVt tko porta cLaiitct^ linit to a violet ootor — Ibo Udu wfaiob 
^^4"^* tbi> bmiMi boooDuaj^ indivtiuot — aftcnrsrd* to a grmn, 
tlKQ J«lIow ; ntid th mi, cootwr or lubtr, aMSording to thu bvoltJi of 
IImi iiwUvidnal, or Utn <|i]jiintily of btood punmt <iut, tlia difctJuni' 
tkia diaftppAEi^ BladiHfiyo b • codudou iiwtiinw of ooehynaou^ 

Afoioa lotioQ hi» grvoi poir«r lo pravootuie thu condilioo if 
iwed inuaodial*'!/ ntM* an McidonL Whec ^xtriTaiicLMw bM 
alroftdy opnirrvHl, RamamAUa lotjoa (one p«rl Co mx of water) is 

S|tra1n— Strain, 

Definition, — Ajq orontr*U3biaf( of tho iigunKkta uid t«iidcui% 
genaraily witb a nii'tiire of odniu of tbcir filiraa* 



tiotk ol Iiot wtUor, ik« but «« CAa tv Jx^Hio, mitil iJi- 

R loljon at Anm^ Am,, Uhii*. Rut.** nr Hjps^,, nod dvrttfMt 
oil-Htlk, Tbn rpinnch il«<«1 t^ tio luiiua may aIm> hm Ul 

A«iu , ii> fkIUTtt>t>oo with BltttA. tuajr bo ftJindiii«t«irad. wImmi 
Joint boMmvtt ffwuJkni tiuil piioful; «uicl vrbvo ooDitiiiil 
<U4iutw£i«t icItHidii iln- ifijtuy. 

tiuuk Ibe c>ofD|TnrA. ju it nupporU Urn tuijKlo" JuKn^ toettMi. 
doft nvtij with ibit i>n<v»itY for proloiij^ rr«>L Cnriv Ik>Wi 
pikiviitd bo 4>bipfT^ for iHiVfifal w»nk^ &■ Ihf ilijiuj ouv mwiIj 
tv^lridproii Am) Ibofi ih*« ciiffl hnrnmufi flilll^lt MoA 
^imntlj- if Uit^ psli«nt l;ftA a rlifmiDBthi tundnir}-- 

P^lltlUlon.—A «olnt*oci of rontiirait}-, or «f«i«tiai^ 
lUl viulfliurp, (if |iiutH ii^urall^ luiilnd 

WcttiiidH nm lJkrTii«>d iorfswi wbm nuido by da«li-nil 
Imtlnuu^^ntfi; piuictimnl wji^u th^ (ti*|fth «i4><t^4 Lk«? t>t>«(llk m 
ual^: Jjb^'yTnafx^ wliMi Uia jwrtd a» Iutd jumI Ui^^ lip« of 1^ 

ftUii aj|<! tint II ;^m-4lt<it woi:ni1 i^ t<tm-*l |M-rvi<miTi£^, wb«i4i lb* 
ili(>t iy kilgi<il ID tbfl pnrt: |>^rfiiimltfi1, wbm ll |iahH<« ilj-ii 
mill. acronUD|: 1o lav, buru^ 
Tr"*4MiuriT."Ti»* ^t4lcrw]l^£ «* tup cii 

^Trrv'f tfif hifvdinff.-'ln ttuMi ciuh, Ibn <'■.' f |b* 

k«ffj4ti^ thn btaodin^ avrho* apfiofiBoid, Um ippUcvttoo nf lubC 
loodivfitfi itfuBrum, «ad tbit i^j iptDtinnrif thn ndgan of Ibn «onnl 
«iU vnllkw A CfttebitiiU liA'^t\ Ifutk to iimwt bwraicrlMf^ flii 
c)i«ck Mipfiomtioa In «0Tff^ wooiMb icToWing utotnm» th^ pvrti 
Bliould bf> liil'l ^pea by a sargauo, oxii] tbo wouikM 

2m! - - TV rrmofTOl of forri^ bcuffoL— Dirt, hnir^ fflw«. 
ol hlooii. t-tr.. nb^mlil be apMilUj- raiMTvi bjr Ibo fl&|{vn, ft 
w' *piiti|p* luiO vatf- 

8id — Tobnmf ike ir^Mrrd pari^ *ji/« miet apj^-Mttom.— 

)i«41 lb* 



amxrnlnr fltinw litplr topn>V(»atu>injiWoiim<xi«hniilLlb(>r«tat^, 
or diiiik^l. luul flflor Ibo fitJvr^ vC lU'i noiuid liavo tern ftcciiTstoljr 
odlibtoiJ, Llitfv lEiLi^l bo ki>)it HO lit- bCri|M vt A<UiiMT» j4ofltcr, ftrA 

pluttor woold ba bH^flUrieiil, klilcUi>i ftbjtilil ^m M]||Jup.vL 

Atlu—To promote otfAc^KHt, — To Mviuit thin, Uia pjirl litjuUl 
bo k>:j>t ttt PMti A(id if Ibo injnrjr U* iu>von\ Uin juliv^t sboaU 
roQiuti iu l><si 

&Ul — Wki*n a wcHuut i« <lruA9od, Miy oooo m Qv«rf Lwcuty tour 
honr%, A ng or »pODgi> Wottod with vrvm «%ior «boQli1 1h> IaUI 
Oivr Ui« drmraug. to Uiat it naiy 1» rMmitnl witbuuL Ibu rUlc of 
tlktoripiDi; lli« viufiipcnrft vrLjrh may haw partially unitAl LotiuCia 
nmy qIUq bo r#tic^f^ by r>ra«oTiQ|f Ui« oil dlk only, aq^I d/oppinig 
loboQ o[i tiw rmg or lilit, or |x>tinag it cm by taMom tit % «pOOO« 
and th«a rppbcing U»» oil-^lk 

dtb. — 7b controi daMQerov^ bU^mi^ na Croo& a hfaHT|i 'cutting 
inatnuueut. Wli«u btood Aomv iu a eti^aity vtrotm, EUid i« diivk> 
colored, it ia from & Tciii. aad taiL gouvrally b« diociod by 

oppiviujc «^^d M&t^r. and 
i-xptnifif; ibi' cut idirfM^ (o 
Ibv rukt air, Itnt if larga 
^«ia« bv* vouudvJ, tbty 
^lonld bo ^otoi'twt^ wiUi 
Um lingarc, or by a tiuidnj^ 
A tern Uuckii«««v« of ti(if«i, 
wilb »ioad> nuuinflMioci, atv 
moro offldoot tliaa beapixig 
OD a lofij^ i|aa&tiiy, Brigbt-ml bJixid, di>irici)f m Jt^a. Is artvriiU, 
aixl ffimiJar ivoaeiM m\b% bv ailoptnl aa Ju«t p^jirLt'.^) otHt aaUvtf Ibp 
b)(^4lingbiik«iicw^iiv,fii wbicboMia bani&ur'Ui^^f tJiooldbotuid 
found tliu Itiub lu^r tliv* nowkd, aiid br4wiwa il and tbu bi^nrt; a 
itick Inserted uud^^r Urn baadk^rvkief uod a firm ocoikprpivi ornr (bo 
CPiowof tbttbkK)d Tvwrl; tWi^ckf^boiild tboDbcMifX^ltriffb} 
Qjtlil 11 tAo\w tbo circtilatioit, aud, «oiwo(|ti»Uy, tko btd^diti^. 
fiat tttmb ra««tiw am ^(ily tAUpoirary. n4 woiuided artoric^ of aba 
mqttira to be li^iuvd by a dur^-i^xi bi*fcirv 1>1iv<ttti){ am ba 
fMrmaoaiUJy arT««Ud. If no DutpH>u con bu uUaiiuxJ, a tlorgr 



' With B«|x.^g 

ntiuiifniLtilur aluiald gn»4> U>i> wuiitidf^ Aftitry vkb 
foroepA, Aitd <]r4W it pliifbtlj a&d g«aitljr forward, »o tii*t it 
MAuvlj tin) by okibdv of a «tnirij{ li^fatnro of nlki or bwnj 
DiAy bn Armrfal bj twistio}; iho pemI of Ui* mitoiy rotuid 
roinul midl it will not nnlwifi: itMilf. Tb« liiltcv intttb<Ml j> 
Qitnd kv>»ioiL 

7UL"Slioiikl a woiuul or bntiso bo followtnl by cucmLitntMioil 
diaLQrbaDo^— fa^Tvr. oliim mtd ibrobbioK i& Uto p«rb>^^»terail 
madioiM* Bhonld bo adnUDUtorod. 

Ara. (u prv^tuvd foi* iutc-nml qh>) aud Aeon, will fpovndlj 
mn?L tbi* nH|iiinTitiiTatji nf mic-b cvmh, And ulunild tv« aidiiiinti«tfr«d 
«vi!ry tLrro btium, in AlU'n;ikli<ti>a for fHr^-erid tiu^vdii or if iW 
injtimd part Ix* wry paiikful nnd Bwtdlon, with MOgtv^vo IvMi' 
ubo, ^XCf Jkil attty bo oIu^haIjkI wtik Acr>ii.; or nith B«fl 
vtImo mppttradtm iji «4ab1iBbft1, or Ski-, wbdo tlM 

Cai^«— Tbo Uc«tBU»l of (liu vaii«ty of v^>aAd9^ 

«ix0p iM KPiwrally •iinpJtv Tlut ftdg^o <if tb" cut «liaitid 
b0 bR»elit lopftfa^ aad Qutintainod iki by luumw atripH of ftd£» 
taT9 pl«At«r; tbifi, if i]«>owAftry, a bandag* i|>p1>#d otw tb* 
plwtxr. In hio or llnvo dajn ih* plMlwr nbocild \m rwonl 
vritiuul dUltirliujf U>h uoIuh, ami nf|>liiiW l.<y nw. It bu««*K, 
inflnnuuAtii:^ aad pftia oonir, Um appikttiioii of lint, afttmM 
vriUi ddtvulnltt tolioo, ooTonxl witli oJ-wlk, abd a baiwla^vftf 
aU, it tttemmry. 

Tll-ntinrnL— Aov fornix body la tlte flab— tflaae, a 

pwihla, \yy tbo Gr^rv or by fom>pa| or spotig^ aud valnv if A* 
wntod ia hmntfid 

FftlTljC" Bmlir* iu tlif EjT,— If aaiul Uim. or baii^ »■ 
bitwri>a tbo lid* anil XUv f^Iobp, th<*y ab^nild \m raaonvl taiBifr 
at4tty by batluaie tbi* ry^; but if tbn pub-fjLUOD ^r»a^ ba i imiiw I 
ia thin manciN-, tliv pya ahoold b« fi^ntly ir]jH<-) vtitii a mA, 
Miral bondkjirrbiofi int wilb a f««lh«r, or a html brtalln n 
eumI, lb** tvii I'lkik Miis Il«*M by Ibn fliiKvir aikd Ibninik 
of tli<-vt WAV'S viti a liitJi* j^v^fT-vormDOih Um offoi^liu^ » 
Hiay KiratTally b#» rvioor«d. 


-bSOKEX BOKfL 410 

If tfmflU pvcCMi of diDi or iron bccouo lii«d iu tbc ^^nt pwt oi 
tbo cj(^ tluMr aliould U^ nunt cnn>r[ij]r pickcJ out witb a iu>odU 
or th» pc4ot of n laiuvt If tl]« tctrudor bo in Um nppvr ciy«lidi 
thfl tid iihciaUl \w nrvflrUnl 

MorUr or liii]<» in mpidK cWtnictiviT^ If wen ImmedUtely, Ifa* 
«j« flbonlil bo vnu^LV*] vith n t<^pid lolntion of Tisvcfv (oim* dnxn 
to t«N> ouucm of vralcr), Tbo lide Abould tx^ i^voted, and ctcrj 
particle of bmo maored Oraina of gmipowdtfr w^y bo keootviI 
wiUi plfuti lopul wHti*r. 

WLfn th« rL>ri*i^L IkhIv ih rmiiDVwL « vrnikk Ami{%-| lutioa iilxiold 
b« Applied to tbr «jr» ^ mnma of lint or mfi )mr*n, ntid cowrvd 
to fTtvvDt otttponitioiL 

FoiriiTB BotlitN in the Ear,*-P««j^ «ioii«<4. kIbic peDoU, 
^M><beitds ^t>li>s f^^- '■'V •om^tiBim fon&d in th* e«ir pfteuff*; 
or «ciUoft-WDol vhirh hw beva for^t^n, or n jwrtloii of wfajrii 
ofilj hiu bmi n^oiOTfd. is occukuADj tad mih. If punQiUml to 
renkBin. Btich miImu&dm rarolj^ ooouioa aay nAtoword oFympioaa^ 
sHboogb U»y titf/ couliA^iu a lonj^ licin. till nnoafriac** in tho «*r 
lettdia to an •xtminittioQ of tbo tnbn Xtij £iidi bodjT e^oold b# 
rrawTvd m g»ntly am poNtlhto, nltb^ 1iy >^nj;lng the Mr wfth 
warm WiOflr. or tAber nupSe uwaeul Au iimvci will UivUuilljr 
nireai if & Urop of ^wwt oil be l«t dmp icto tho m: If tli* 
Ibiviga bcdy cannot bo muclTl^d by ifp&tln moanji, tfao cBao ihonld 
b* Rubmittod to A knrft^iMr hi tbut a carvful ainnmnlko tony bo 
titadtf by nwvitf of tlie var'nprciiloiD and Ibn aid of mnUgbt or a 
laiit|v Thm rautmiDstion i» jtocernvrj tta two iwi^oiift; for 
■Uboogb ■ fnnrigii body, if porowdrxt, Eoay ^injpraUy L« ae«o 
vitboot Hicb m^aivi, i^till tbv abMboo of mcdi body ttnnot bo 
iOrmed witboot a cocuplet^ «splorttiOEi of tbo tuba. Fiuih«r, 
tnsUnooa ofuo oecnr £» wbich ciirgeoiM aro n-qnvoled to wedow 
ft foriHgn Inly kIivu uixtv i^xiHla, nni) a pn^iprr I'lamhiatimi with 
Om Mprcnhuu woQid prrvrcot aa injndiciooa mcddliog witJi instril' 
cwntii. A lato «nuDent bonpital mnpooft is aaid to baw dr«gfc^ 
out llio litUc botuM of tbi> Mir («f<t/Na«) whUd attanpti&g to lad 
a aniall rmil, wfairb wan not in tbo «>«- at «U! A Cftrwfol oxplo- 
ralkKi of tlie oaanlt aa abOTiii aii^fi^txd. would bavv jurvtroatad 
Hncb a trnoviA i^ractkal niut«ik«. Aiij porecrine ur inflammHtofy 
•ymptom tlial louy oqku bom tbo fort^gn body^ or Uw attampto 



Krwtun*— Brui4>ii Bono. 


Jw 00 Umj i ttu ntfH into piAaaufpaaaX Dt cam 
bouw ■vcm Dn««wai7 in tbin worb^ iu> ft i>iir(EC4)& it 
Josl At bjuiH, aimI il k itncofuxry to bo pra|Kiniil to ovt UIl fiqrghsil 
AltviiiUaiv CAD Lk» luuL 

hjivi&g f«Jt or bi-ttnl it [?tjui>i bv mioji^ Ueiforimty. onck nn 

or ftboTtoQiug; b)* tbo fact UiaI if ilio ii|i|>tT ifOil of tbi^ bufw 

hM ftnijy l?y tlw hiiid, tbo lowur ptrt hat bi» momd ii 

vjitlj^i ulsj by ai ffntiti^ mnnit f^nT'/fiLB), vltieb toAj bw 

lliu brukm cauJit w nibbnl n^UJiL mdi oUtvt. Fnrtbt't 

irill bo paio, loew of pnr<(r of lUo broLi<u p«^ (UkI otW 

lotnK Fnvc<iiro ia wuct to bo n&ifio wfa^u ttjore ia 00 

U)» fileiii nvaiaunicau&g vitb it; cumpoiiDd hWd tbaiv £• iDdi s 


QlinM. — Uii^LnaicJ violimoi 1% ibo ttxnt fitv|iUiT|U; txii aok 
cnlar cootinctiixi 19 Miiw<iiB<ii & cna»<% Old AgKb MnM> iImviuc 

rcodtir bouM ItnlJa t<> fmcinn^ frcim trifling t«iLHVb 

tjnDlinlUli<Tl¥altiiE>iiL— \ Iin44>ii k^ittMiiliI i» tmUra^ 

tbo vlwlo u(if> bj » liAifilk^rrhM i^ lb* vikV nuA Alxm 

bttlov di« kuue, bvforo Ura pftUoUl 10 muovi-iL 
A ErwUitvil ami ret|ttjn« Ui* imiMtdiBtv soppon of m 

vbkh mmy bo uiub bj • botidfcareUof «ul fwcUbml 

Bnikiu nliH rocjiiini n 4aQUf^ baudogv, nhxit Ia-d hvul* 
rouiiJ tLe ckw4t ^fUt bliutilili.T utraiio to Idki* il ujk A 
tifbt tiUi^it l»&dft|{« l«ttWAtt tbi» loonotnt of Ibn cb*^ 
ItnoLUiiiig, «mi ifl a groai comfcst lluad Ia botUv ibaA 
•A il b iDorv oUfllic. 

Tb» |iatiutiL miut t« tbotttl e«'*^fl)i iukI k[iorinJ cam Ukmi in 
|mvvut ibv LnAoa buim tioic triuf,' fon^iid Ibrun^ tbv Ai«b wvl 
aldiL H» ftbooJd bv )>Uond o<i ■ otrHcbrr iir Ltlcr, umI tebr« I9 
Lm bucuu, tiv to ui ba«|ittaL A IkUat tumy b« ummW of a eunpU 

fATiniTK — nvKH-KSCKTio^^roirtnxK 417 

|l6Ul Wkd R bovw cloUi ar tapck: ptod a iLicir n;*y itm" th<* 
porpiwi Plnriiig Um on ihio, rni-l nnirytng tkim hy two im^ k 
mivli tii*4tvr Lbnu reuJorAl lu ft c»rt or ciurriaj^ iL Im my^timnl 
livt to b^ i« ■ litiTTv. ns ixn iojury u ofl«4i crMlly af^srAvn*^ V>' 
0wl«mK«8 vr loO bnrnTxJ n^Mirmrvh. H Ih.Mi it nurgcuri >* tnlhin 
modoimto clikUibccw fttii>r tialdug fbu |>isti«cit no iM>mlati«LiJii w 
liMvitiK it j» tM-tUr lu wait a liUin*. vo thnl Un uu^ *ujwrinlanit 
tb» immug. 

Wbab tho imlioot Lm tMwiii i^nc«d i>n a fina bnl or mt ln wy 

ulft <if tlie bo[iitf talo c1i*m aji^nMit^t^ii. au*l ui Uh-it ii&lorail fcimi, 
Bi^ LATinjE ilobe this, cuiiatAia ibfca mx ukJ at m4. UIJ &m 
nnicm lia« lttlit*ik plfico. To maiutmiii tlir prop^ vliftp^ and Unictb. 
of tliif UmL\ baiiid«|7A. Hplicfji, and Mvfr ft|>panAi» juv roqurvd. 
IjilUA can bit fUxMi, binn-vnr, beyostd n nMm«Jj' toDponry nttnng*- 
rAiraiti milil lbi> Kiitiifipain nfrivfA, im ihnu* cwm can ntil^ l«t ]tfO|h> 
•riy tnint^ bi- a ]>rofiNmoti&l man. 

Exiifttttfitioii of tJif MuKcleH- Fat&ftte Ortr-eKerttoii. 

iVfliiJilctiL^A conr1id<Hi <>f lbi> miHtnlHr «T*«tcfu hidacod bv 
ma unnluB dnutt (4i iU »lrtu^^ 

TiramieilK— If the tt^vt \v dwollrci *ir ^tlifiUinnl. « Uie iwUw 

0c1i<> nftfT inUkiiiir. n wnim f^xittwlh mny b* tml, to wbiHi ft 
of lb« BtruRg tirietam of Ara. bftM boon nddod; tho 
bITotcM Ib ofl*n Jmmi>dimt# nod pMrannMit II tbf- haivk 
vrfMfl arlii!' ftatt vCBCpwim <« inuQCUf^oaipd «iiMt£ua. t>ii«y max 
Im* biitbi<J ill nbotti a jiict of wnUr, U> whicL Lwtbtj or Ibirtx 
drops ol Am. bavn boon nddiNJH If ncciMMnr, ia oofr or tvo 
Htm tbi> a|>f>lictiilJon may lx> r^pootocL In miuffiiUr fnlifiio 
fhvu 1oD|( «io(MinTUMl or futTAm iki^rtiim, alT^clinif Uiu bi|v^ Ibigb*, 
Me^j n b]|>-butli, Ui wliich a iliai-bm rif tbi* fltruig tioiiuns uf Ant- 
baa Inmvi aikM, in nn fjLfvJIeDt rvtnnly, 7%^ potiriit iboald 
lin in the bnth nbont fivr» miniilcif, M^batcTcr Iditd of both 
iumhI, and to wbptovfv jMut a] tt vboQkt bo vanu if luod 
in lb0 ^nniiif^ or K»a nft«r oicvtiuo, bat mid tw Itfpid in tha 


TiiK wiurLJ iiotrroit 

fAtiffn«\ trt-m wLaiAwr otosfr Jt8 pcHwr to ftid Ui» pmIowUom oI 
«ihuM«id iBiisfife U tml^ wi>n>bvfnL 

nfMat oolf AbonUi b<» lokcn; a Foil kottvy muttl mj^bt c«eMm 
vcriooft embqiimiuitfot to the dij{cftdvD oticbd^ •* Uwy •q«»% 

VThvfi it b kiHxwij liifil u U«i]«teriOQ0 polMUiuoe bu 
«w«lJowi«.i iiA Am-oie ttiul fjAluM- milMnt povObM. Ofnom, poimm 

tl«klliig lb* back of thm ihn»t with a fualfaar or tbc* fib0v: 
tbfci fAi). Ijj Um) lulmiuiiilntkm uf an MHntic. 

Kni^tk. — Tbit MVitdttx 131 A oociTnDi«JiiiiiaiT|«c, lur ji l<J 
tiMyipoociful of in«RUrd in o toncit|ifa]of vpfawoMr; for nu ^1 
— A dawrt-gpooafol in a brMUfvt^npriU oE Wftlvt. Thib ei:a) in 

uf wnna w»t<T, »ti m Ur M&jitf Uw M^miicdt tm axajMMj m 
pomiblL-. Dui if ArM*uii!, ur Tutar Emt'tic; be Uiv poiMNi, no 
wtim fnidjt abooUl bv n^i^, ^ Ot*^y Uact to umtmuw tb* acjlivilj 
of Uur dmj;. 

A List of FoImmu ami Thfir Antldoien.' 

f& fvr c?m»r > CvbottO Acid ^ 

8uHk«* nilf«. — InuonbAlftly A]j^\y All^Liirv aburvtW vnmad, 
obtttMn tbo wiMuid UicrwigUj' luid coutrro* with ettbrr uf tfa» 
ainfrAl adda; in tb« nbitfice of ■un«ml tetdv applj ^bvaif 
c«t4>oli« itcuL Utvo inhtfiuiUy, vitbcr brmiuir or vbiMkjr ia 
(|iiAMili<Hi <jr ApprvcUblv dew* «f ara «piri1» of mmMiiiL 

BiU*» of Rabid AhiidaU. — ltDmnitiAti>W llgsbilifl 
ibe WL'iiud luliiiitA f}( lii. ti^A ihwn t-uck out Um «d^mI 
CRttUifiri* %t ustf1^ wilh vitbor of lh«t niwrat «cicU (lutno aait 
prdmbliT^ or wilb Aolid mliBtv of vtlviVp Wbtm nl 
oQCQTi^ puiiLlicit t<t IcH^ np MpfMimiDci. BaUftdoofUi mit»l ci|i 
■uj Iv gfmn In MUftU ilovm (hifcrDAJlx^ flv inib1b« 


A iMrr i>F r<)ieo3i« asp tbbib AyriDOXEa 

HlmtiDpiiiu (iNufa Arirnrnm) in milk lA ftlkifiMl to bu^e bwD 
Hipcmufidly employ^ in Ui« MAlmdnt of hyttroplhoU& 

Poison by R<H^ail(l lii8CCl&.— Apply BpmtootGaniplior.fttim 
■aiDOPtt, MtomUd »a)ution of InccuboutA at itoda. or u «olnUoo 
fij pi'r cpfit) of c«r4)tJU *oid 

il>ilnili* omiIoi'lll.^F<»r poiwotiing I17 It^dnUa of dilonJ, 
Qive sUtxiK <^:A^ »r vtinalM^ loduM fttiiftciftl n«|>initkaat 
ftpply ctoolhat}-, tod givti pft1i«ot faot lioth, or p*ok. Empk>y 
ctomMb'pasip, B&d g]v«> niamouiA, CaATWa imd ntryrhnia hypodvr' 

Thf^ ArialK. — For ptwonuig by Hfilpbuxia muriutic, and lutric 
wad*. Oire fmlj ot Uic corbonAtcn cf litur foLfttk or wbiUog), 
WftfpMiM, faodn <w— Lirxg or l>Jikini; aoda). and potftu* i«U. Urtor) 
ID miUc, Of, in ■oaan mucilA^Doxui drink. Ju uuto of puwouiDg 
bj Diti^o ftcid ^ro cnrboi^tPH of limn and noitiiiMiA, biit do not 
^vo ^'^tlicr ojirlnnwtefl ol khIji or potnMO. Iii thn rtt«i*cic^ of 
tiwvp, ^ivi? ptruuir AOipffiuLs plfttft«ar Irvm Uiv walll^ Jiiiswd t<^ 
btKHwd ocl, BmMTt ur oLive oUi com-iiMwl j^niul* &iid ImitIoj whUit. 

i))iitUIL For T>o««ouia2 ^y cipinm fuiorpluit): Ctoslonuich' 
pumix (V giTV (in «ni«itic of xinc 01 ma^urd WACor at ofiiMX Giv» 
Infmion of (itmng <ykffM^ nr a Holnltnn (if vithnr tJumin or gullin 
QirUL Qiv^ of llir tiuetutv uf BoUaiUm:iii. HyT>cj autitk in Hlxn- 
muomnj (30 tv W miEaia^i ba Ibe nr^rucy of Ulo c<vw di^cuuidn. 
"CDlbiiL «U7<tIuuii. iLihi atrupin tnUplk bypodcraMiU43fll]]r (1-20 
^. Atntpiik antaifocki^v 1 ([t. morpfaia)^*' Ki«p paH<>T>! wtilking, 

aiid ^\^<tlAtii Ibu IngH «ith 4 «04 doltlT lu |iri*irpQt ijmp. Apply 

tdtfWirity (famdic ciirnttiL) to t]u> njiian. lodvoe urti£cul re^* 
nitioo luul ^iTt^ ftimiUimto wL«ia rvqutred 

Aln>lu>l. For pobotuag by Bpir]tuQiii> Itquorv mkIi m br&CKty> 
wUlttky, |-iD, vCo.; (iivu fiwly of waah uiuCard i*at4iri or of a 
■ohaion of loJpbaU^ of xiik<^ (1^ ur 20 giH> or XtaUt omtttie ^1 (o 
3 gnt). Apply cold ilixicbu Ui tbit hrftil, jviid in c»qt of gtvoi 
of Ibu «ttrri»itim yram floiuipU jwJ fnoUoo, Ija mutism 
Mnttooiti, di|ftt4ili«, imd caJfeui ar« to b^ ffiToa LypvdttT' 

f^tncliiiuu— For potenbtg by dux tonues (inycttiiui): Gif« 
«a Mnnlic uf Hiit|ihate of adwr. or iiue Atoimu^fa-pamp Oim acilii' 
tion of toimtc ur tfitltk ncid. Qiw fall domm uf cfHoiLj wboci 


required. Give bromide of potassium io large dosev^ Girr 
chloroform to diminiBh tetanio spasmB, particularly of th« glottic 
Give Htimnlanta if requii^d- 

The treatmeat of cases of poisoniog must be considerable 
modified according to the nature of the poison, and a medical 
man ebooJd be summoned immediately^ while the tem|>omy 
measures juat enggwted may be resetted to until be arriTea. 




Pvibeify b ibo jieviod in vbieh t^ i^^taI flcv«1of:^ivfit vtJ 
KTovth of the ^mah- 1»tv im> fv odTuiEaod ftn to nxutor her 
(«i|iaUo of bluing cbiUnm. 

At lbi< hji|]nmc{i rf ptiliiTl/ m xtrikinff diivn^ U i^fffttind in Hut 
gto^rt^ ^pttmL TUd [ndlvii, altliough foj frooi Uriug yvi Buturv^ 
w)ar>;««w im^ u^tw OQ ita dintuictivo jicstinl clurvcUir; Uit br«Mfai 
booQiDo Timnd«d uxl fnlL «d4 Mteblisfa Uinr ooooMclioti «ad 
mnfilb; wiUi tJM umali; ib^ Gh««l, tiiio»t trm*, a&il, IndimJ, 
|]|o wbol^ tjodj^i acquire Uie ooutunr of a nu«« tufllTit^ Jevetop' 
nkHtiti Qie Inir ifrowH murv lEixiiriAiiUiri Qm Hltin InooiDW fruUi 
ftnd UooaJlif. tiw Y-ji<« lull aiA u)t>]Jowi and tl»^ wbufe fipm 
m ^ iuum thai ol«fpiicv df nymuHrtryi Uk* oomplcixioEk, that Hooco 
of Li<nl(b lujd bovity, aud i>«fb CMiftm^ ikod action, tluit plaf of 
mrAllcrt imit nnotim, wAtA Uut ifuUfu^hablit fnopfiiliuMi of 
ftctiim* idiicb am to bo foiui4 in womAU aIoov^ 

TbU <^«ii>qiinlton of atbn^ikin* which toarta ^bt 0|mx1i of 
pnhfriy » iK> (loubt dwi^n^ io mibiMrT^ tiM» jxvpoAt of ft]I<ri&jt 
ih^ 4ifipn*kf< «ni. Ami M> f^kmrtng oti^ fS^'*'^ objooi for vUob thin 
fawMk* WR» iTMteil — Uitf rvjinxliuliuil of Uw fiiwcit*. 



palwtv irft intrinw] ot^M, orrrnring e<f>f«kllj in lb" nririw 
t;tvni3, wUidi tion \jveumt9 fully 0rti4m>Ml, bulii s> tu id£i*»d 
acttnij. In ttbcH, tb^ wotsaji bu doit, mm n raliv ar<|QD*ii iW 
pcmiT to coiiosiTe. 

Thf* mind, too, at thin pmod. fiT^^^ mfidly; Uk«> taonUl «Ti*r 
tty fiailargflit. U>a uunifiiiAtidti li«>mnMt more ftTkLvtil lb» ovrtuo^ 

Ac pQb«rtj ajTuucmt no niutb«r BbuQU i»o|[Uri U\ imfh ta 
tUu^gJUor to ^xfwob i\w chttusv ivliiob u about v» t^kr phob *- 
tbftt liw iUvi ft[»|>»raxico of ibi< OHivtraAl Ikw mj- o#4b^r )» 
«n«i(iKl ifj tbv alomi nainnUf foJt «l «>invtiai>^ li&tbnrUi iiMf* 
pnTHriicrd cir UukiHrviv dut bj tbn iliuipvoaa Ap|ilk»bnc» b: 
wbicb in bitr igoonooD aba tBft|- «xbDtn«ia«i mavtlj nwirt. &AV 
yonuft vofnim r>«vr Um doTf»lo|uui'Ql cif ty« fiindioa wilb ^ori 
diqgiMfl, tbnt tli«7 pzpon tbouMhM ««rria«tj <^ par|>aMlj i4v 
iog lb» pvrlod loroZduul wi^of ttM> doM b«Ukft iirothviaa^ 
of bttfifjmhloii. Mid Ibu flivltj bri^uo ilWuilttt^l nwnstiii&liga 
timl jp-niuiir«d ilMvoltk U«aj sodi iu«b bftTff icound wribia 
Ottr own <ixpvrif*oov:. 

Thi* Function of lifnstruttlon, 

Tli» nMBvitriu) ttaiction, wliii4i t^ rartnuMlj t^fUfd 
pfinnK <aUinMiiio« tir ooqrw, U t<ttM of Uw triLitf. inaimrUttl fiwr 
tiuUtf of Ute iMiMile or|pukiut«oii, and eQa*lityt(<s a ftttl imaililj 
cntttft It mumCa of an o^iubitioa ul Mn^ptintinu ttudt dmdj 
IrcoD Uw body of thv ut^-ruM. \k» awraifit qtuuibtr t^iiiiK Er«t 
Poor to nil OQni'm a1 vncb |>f<fiod. luid U nIMidiv) br a tfmtftitt^ 
■tabi of tbn itb<nn« fA-iirii^ aoil f^K^ti^XJOk iv|puw AilU<aci 
lL« diMJiai)(H jjnHH^A from Ibn nu^u, Um* fuiicCiuct ili^iviH^t* 
IIm> ovarii*- for tbo rtiiitialn^ nnoraao^ fco- iu fiivl apfvtanK^ 
fcrr it* nf[«llnr iv<Tiirrf*iL<%s ^"^^ ^^ ^ta duv pfrfortuaiKv. l\f 
«oiin« of ibi> WMDAM rnroni. in tb4» mJtjciriiy of i|lMabn•^. ^iiw^ 
tmuiy flL){bth day, tbH rm^ ilay txt wLic-h it bad u|i|iv*aniU Chu 
wnnkH )irt*ifi4i(i*lx- Tbt duiution of a meaainml {wnotj van«> • 
dUTmohi fwrvMUi thf> moBt ctjuraoa aod uonoal bf ing abcml tf^ 

Hi* iDKiitniaJ flnid b nlfanmalpd from lbi< uUniw 


U cDDflId«red hj scan** t» a trut* beovtioci, &ml bj' oUier^ oa » cUs' 
«bwg<» of pniv bIrxtX Hie i4lt<T opioioa iit ihe ourrv^t on& 
T1ic> diBCtiA/g^ n btooi), BAiJ not & i»»n> tw^rdioa. It is prctvfiUd 
frocn oosgntating hj h^ng h\vin\v*\ wiikt ihtt aod ■aontiitfi ot III* 
nttfTUS anil tft^iu. Tbn akUttUoM ot h >«iiAt1 qiuuilicv of BaMki, 
(AkurpbiciriOf or of atiiio?i lOij mtuX lo t^icary bluoiV will |m-TPDL 
Urn con^n\»,^oa, mhI rvoirr it Biuiilar iti it* profurtic:" ntid it|i|««N 
Ukoo to amivtrTml hloxL Itt taifo*^ hivite-vrr^ in v^i^Ji iho dt*- 
«3in^ in Ba pmhiHi tbnt a pmiioii af it» onngnUting cniRtitiwot 
>-tl)^11tinti— ivrnpmwillti^ii intnrmlittirAwith thf* jiru) f*<n^fni, 
dob are funi>Ml Ttnm it n|>p^rarT* tftnl tm4*< im>ii»lnMl liAwj^ 
nocoiDiitneil ^\h tin* rAirnuiny nd^t iiU'riiio tttA t&jr^'^ M^rvtioio, 
ie Jilcc offdmary Ni.->1, ami i-'imhI!) i>Ar^li? uf tfoai^aliiMi: but 
UkAt Udon itufuifUiaurly blriMk^i ititli 11ii» a/b'tiX HM*rt-tioit. it !■ 
«iuib1i'(l to |»4n uir iij ail iminUTnTptnl o»iin>n An^ Iim* m^ 
be btvanrrwl (mi' 'if Ihrw vrvn lurd limrfimit nontnijuK^'^ c>f Uut 
Ovotor and lV(^*t^>-r of all, wLicb w> fnvuvTullj oirit^ liM 
ini&tlfT inMl odaiirattoit of tbn phyv^iolofipBt If tio mob add 
aoIvQBtu tbut of 1b(* vii4<i(ia out tol. ib« ^<«^*ulali.'0 uii<fiKtniaJ 
Mood wontd, ia «or>ft*|fictiiw of iU ivfudirb-of^'. U* jifwrfrirUvl frou 
IHuadaij nliwg lhi> tihginal cuinL and wuttld ibnn bnmntv a n>am 
of |Kitrid raiUMr, f<nLi4liiig oocu^ii*nc«a vbich vtictiiKL Ix* Fi-arfvl 
in Uri> Pxtn^p. 

Two ocidft vnia lo bo oqs^eioUy avoortd by Ibis faaoboot-'frti 
Uw r*1M of ilwfc j,'»-n»*nil ty*iiwix. l»y iW <1iAob«rg« of i»u» Hi|>«r- 
aboniUiil lilnm] inbtrU 'litniEi; ]irt<^iiiiiiry Iti ap|ini]in;\ln] li> ihu 
fiiruittUoci aud £T«>wUi cf tli^ tijstXin; 2nd, a TicarioiiH Bali-tfuclMn 
of tli^ EwxviM ttisHiKi, tbm phicldirm foisak) diaslity- Hie mod- 
«r& dL»i-trmi<, hi^wAV-cT. Ib tbnt i»c*[wtraaCiiOft lokna plac« wbm tbd 
tirvm. not hntit^ b<M>n ittquivftimtAd. vuidovipcMiM dc^'itvTiitiQCi, aud 
fa ftt^l olT with im mrajw nf NiVid fn^n Ibo n)«igna4«id tt>4'mA in 
Biiflfcieiit >[tJ4iiUty to ntfio^v* thv oongvtkJotL 

Fir^T M( n still ntjoii. In tLie «ijuntry tbo niort conunon tiwc 
Ibr ttua oTVTtfrvrrro of Ibv first monstniaiion ia trora the twt^tftb to 
tba alxtwiiith TMnr, altboa|;b ibo a|CO ia litbls lo eonvidriiiblo 
rariatkniK In bc< cliinalm it outmopiiiCt* mt an iMirl)i*r, in nold 
clImalrB ill a taL>n* advnncwl a^pn. TJui uccfinvncv of loKiwtnBi- 
tiou in thi* t^mitry niu> nr tn-o, or •roa tlinv jt«r> oarUor Ihaa 


niK riaflitT tmrrOR. 

■U*T ia 

ftuAlrWcilJy uucxinmi^i to Justify mf^liral iiiuirfiweauv whuo ttat 

CftiM hchI litrv^ towoA Uiun m tJit> ovxintry. It &1m> occnn 
dAii4|bl<^fB of tb(» ricli - wbo Iutu vtvrj oonfort nad Ij 
^wtf^ii^ wh»ob DOonata ui4 r«luw, or «KCila«^ftl li^u 
■Ofliaha Iwtuni It doc* m Uidbo uf Uw iodaslriuDa «iIabib uf Uw 
CMQiiMBiitx iu llw inoit ttjmfnrtflhtvi iiinrauuMiKnat; aiui foU Icmi 
Uva iih>DtKK tm Ui» ATwrif^ Moro it ofi^JMi* id Uw p«rMt 
dMMt. It» cttrlicr oceom«kie« uuwf Um wi>11^vo aIi> Hawoa, and 
bUr ftttkong tlio poovv«t, il« wMtiftiw vnotig woiotfo in lli* m- 
ugf Htllll^ Knd tu ttalin* aIimmw anvmg iho kivrcr muuDaJi^ >*<oi 
lu ioiliiTfttv tliAl Lhi- fuuoLLuu ux^ bu dtto u> Mitirvatkiti iriciJ— t lu 
civic lifr-atHl « liitfblf crtificMd pUIa of audct^* «nd aoi 
actunt i«oc«tfNly <4 tbo orniuiiMiL 

It U *iUiahtftoriy »»laMkhpd, that in twgrycwwitiy Wild' 
tbi* jHiriod fif Ihn fifvL jomutnLhtian mnj Im mtnrdod, ia 
rauiv nviiv^ Biii«h iMiyoaU tbo BTwri^ a^^*, oftni wUbvoi |ii 
£ng iU^Kftkb or oilior incottvoaaoima Indvad. lb* lone it 
bo poctlptiiMMl Um 1mm wUI bo Ibe tbmo^bt vu Um) TM«culftr 
MrvDoa viwrgT' ttlivb fir» ««s«ntul to the oooKiluUiMMi al tb* 
foitAivtvi ol nulrilioa and ipowth. And it Kbcrald b* bono to 
mind tbnl Ibir pnuiuituv uouuMiitiu mf tm-Uf^niaiiuu 19 whmM ov- 
t«iii Uk bs foJliTVixI by iLa patIj' diB«p|iFikru&oo i>f tbu fuDrU^Li 
PtoUkUy tbf* uiMt vvicoiMiful luodo of iit«t>iiieiiit£ jrouu^ UdMit» 
to brm^ tbijia ov Im- loword tbo |wrfi>cti(Hi of wcwMnhoad m 
|)OHtiUv bi>foro tJ^- nj>|)4Kimiic» of Uv m>*iiHM^ at Uttat imlil ih< 
dEHittwvitb ut ilfivttuUi JMT. ^Vitb iluu olijvvt In ii*w. ib« luiU>A- 
■Og MlRifnOiufiH 4ni ofKfn«l: 

HinrA for I'lvvnitiriir l<m Itjirly Mi'iiHlnt«tHiii.— Tb«»» 

uf l)ul lAtiM. nB)]i<c;All/ mill tbu .vUlitufa ui miutjud^ BLuoJd b 
MVDiOi-it: ftlH) iudol^iwtcv in Ibu ilm of bot, ifdc«d« uui iliwwilat 
ind fifhl nihd drinks: livinft iu oraHtHOlfld ur bftdljr vontitwifd 
nkxun; KKOuwuii^ dpudiii^ nurrt-nwliiilff too jdikIi i«ttim, 
J«lv b^nri: 0moh lubild ukI uidot^fnaoes lend to oooft3ii>n 
ciomit f]rv(|iMid« MpioiH «Qr nrogiibn* mMEulnmliiitv 

Tb* odoeMico uid gvaitfil hnhila ol our pfn^MOl a«iAl 
Uw fmjUMitly |)rt>bu«> niir-Ji k pr^M&iuv iijkw ltb> IU«1 (ti 


fln>DEH XSXffT&U&TlOX. 


periuU W autkupiLbnl in Ui4L wLicL viiuuUl |itDtuUo iL 
]iH*n, MDtt kiHa, fofUMC ABili**! l>*la>v tbpy Ivat« iHrbLui. Sni^fa iw tiir 

<>u ih^f nltiT build, mguliwbtwJlhT ootrnpntiou of botii UMbO^f 
ui>l tii>.t uufid; tlM> dftily OHO d ouki baUavv or coM «poogiag o*«r 
t^ imnro wwfooo of tL« body: trwi oxareiw in thu opKi ^ir: «mI, 

h'Vi u«, ootTeo^ uul ulrt^holto fttimuiAritA, UtaA lo tliebealtliy and 
liiglMBt devdojmuut nf tlin Frmdji* funti mtd rotmliUitiuiL 

MUhlrn Mf-ii8lrilillioil.^lt i^ uot nhrkir^ lwiwo^«. Uioa tfaU 
fnnctioti £Ki<raij»>M gntdo&ltj octd iu luinuouy with ihn chimtfrn 
divcnbnL M^itwtraaUoii way ocmir fur Uhi fint tUDO prntoiitiitoly, 

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aatntitifig in lonii^ B)M4UkC«« W aWiliii^ doodiutE* «ad UMini; for 
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